"I wonder why Yuki hasn't come down for dinner yet…" Tohru pondered, scooping a good sized glob of rice onto Ritsu's plate. Kyo and Shigure exchanged glances. "I hope it's not because he doesn't like the dinner I've prepared! Oh gosh, I should have thought of this sooner! Poor Yuki, I'll make him something better right now!"

"Why does that damn Yuki get special treatment?" Kyo grumbled, swirling his leeks around with a look of disgust.

"No, I'm sorry Kyo don't be mad I just thought-"Tohru started, but Kyo slammed his fist on the table.

"Shuddup, will ya?" He barked. "I'm tryin' to eat!"

"Don't let grumpy old Kyo bother you." Shigure moved his hand to shield his mouth from Kyo's vision, as if that small gesture made his words completely silent to anyone but Tohru. "He's just upset because he missed his nap."

"I am not!" Kyo snarled. Shigure simply tsk tsked and waggled a finger at him.

"You should be more like little Honey out there, sleeping the evening away!"

"Yes, I should make him something for when he wakes up, too!" Tohru exclaimed.

"Yeah, why don't ya just make everyone something different? Then everyone'll be real freaking happy!" Kyo growled. Tohru didn't quite catch the sarcasm in his voice.

"Well, if that's what you want Kyo, then alright, I guess! What will everyone have?" She smiled brightly. Kyo opened his mouth to argue, but a rapping at the door prevented him from uttering even one irritated thing.

"Tohru, care to answer that?" Shigure prodded. Tohru soared from her chair and evaporated into the entrance hall to welcome the visitors. She opened the door, and was immediately taken aback by the sheer amount of people on the doorstep, their silhouettes outlined against the dark, stormy twilight.

"Good evening Madame-" a dark haired lad with a cordial smile and glasses was interrupted by Momiji charging into Tohru's arms.

"Oh, Momiji!" She cried, wrapping him in a hug.

"Hey, Tohru! I've had the weirdest two days of my life!" Momiji announced.

"Tohru," a tall, imposing boy with tousled black hair stepped forward. "Mitsukuni did not come back to me because he has grown to love you. I have come to ask you to fight me for him."

"W-what?!" Tohru squeaked.

"Please excuse him," the dark haired boy that had first spoken said quickly. "Allow me to introduce myself and my companions. My name is Kyoya Ootori, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. "And this," he gestured at each of his comrades in turn, "is Tamaki Suoh, Takashi Morinozuka, Haruhi Fujioka, and Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin. And it seems you're already acquainted with Momiji."

"Oh, yes, come in! I guess you're here to switch Momiji and Honey back, right?" Tohru stepped aside so that the host club could file into the parlor.

"That's right!" Tamaki put an arm around Tohru. She began to stutter and blush furiously, not only because a random stranger had put his arm around her but also because that random stranger happened to be wearing a skin-tight, obnoxiously colored jumpsuit. "Now, princess, if you'll please escort us to Honey."

"Sempai, I think you're scaring her!" Haruhi scolded, brushing Tamaki off of Tohru. She gave her an apologetic smile. "Sorry, he's a little… Weird. But he's harmless, really."

"Weird?!" Tamaki cried. "You think I'm weird?"

"Honestly, Sempai? Yes." Haruhi giggled and avoided Tamaki's tearful gape.

"Hey, who the hell is out there?" Kyo emerged from the dining room and stopped in the doorframe, his face flitting between totally enraged and confused.

"Good evening. My name is-" Kyoya began his well-practiced introduction once more, but Kyo cut him off.

"What the hell are you wearing?!" He demanded.

"Well you see, my friend, we're on an exciting rescue mission!" Tamaki explained. "And what's a rescue mission without cool matching outfits?"

"I don't know," Kyo scoffed. "Less embarrassing?"

"My thoughts exactly," Kyoya nodded his approval. "Now, if it's no trouble, could you please direct us to Honey? We would like to get this nasty ordeal over with before the storm worsens." Kyoya smiled pleasantly, although his stormy gray eyes revealed his impatience. Kyo's eyes found Momiji for the first time, and he greeted him with a sneer.

"Yeah, whatever, he's right in the-"Kyo was suddenly stopped by a deafening cracking sound. The power went out with a whoosh, and all was dark.

"What was that?!" Tamaki shouted.

"The lightning hit something. Perhaps a tree," Kyoya sighed through the heavy darkness.

"Oh no!" Tohru wailed. "I hope that if it was a tree, it didn't fall down and block any of the roads!"

"We'll check," said the twins in their usual perfect harmony. After a bit of stumbling around, the door opened with a creak and the twins slipped off into the night (perhaps to touch each other).

"Yup, a tree got struck and hit one of the telephone poles, and they're both lying in the driveway." Hikaru explained once both twins had come back.

"Yeah, it's pretty bad… I don't think we should try to go home tonight." Kaoru added.

"Oh, Kaoru… Are you afraid of the dark?" Hikaru whispered, tracing his brother's spine through the shadow.

"Not if you're with me, Hikaru." Kaoru buried his face in Hikaru's chest. Suddenly, a beam of light cut through the darkness and shone in each of their eyes.

"Is everyone alright?" Shigure asked from behind his handy-dandy flashlight.

"Yo, Shigure! Gimme a flashlight!" Kyo commanded.

"What happened?" Shigure ignored Kyo's request.

"A tree fell on the power lines and onto the road." Kyoya enlightened Shigure.

"And who are our visitors?"

"We're students from Ouran Academy." Kyoya spoke up once again.

"Okay, everyone that is not a Sohma or Tohru should go on home!" Shigure encouraged.

"I assure you, we would, but unfortunately there is a tree in our path." Kyoya pushed his glasses further up his nose, even though there wasn't anything to see but the white beam of light cast by Shigure's flashlight.

"Oh, well I'm sorry to hear about that. Have a safe trip home, now!" Shigure said brightly.

"Shigure, I think maybe we should let them stay here?" Tohru didn't quite understand that Shigure was just being cheeky.

"Why, that's a good idea, Tohru!" Shigure exclaimed. "Alright, how many of you newcomers are there?"

"Including Momiji, there are seven of us," Kyoya squinted as Shigure shined the flashlight right in his eyes.

"Well, that may be an issue…" Shigure acknowledged. "We only have five bedrooms, and all but one of the beds is taken. Sure, you could sleep on the floor, but unfortunately it wouldn't be very comfortable, considering Ritsu accidentally incinerated all of the blankets…"

"He did what?! That damn idiot!" Kyo bellowed. A faint screech of 'I'm sorry!' rang out from somewhere in the distance.

"We could just share beds!" The ever naïve Tohru smiled excitedly. "How many of the beds are there?"

"Seven, I believe. One is mine, one is yours, one is Yuki's, one is Kyo's, one is Ritsu's, one is Momiji's and one is vacant. This could be an issue!" Shigure chuckled.

"I'm not sharing my bed with anyone!" Kyo cried.

"Now, let's see… Who, besides Kyo because he doesn't have a choice, is alright with sharing a bed tonight?" Shigure inquired. "Remember, if you don't share a bed, you'll have to sleep on the floor with nothing to ease the solidity."

"We'll take the empty one!" The twins announced.

"Alrighty!" Shigure was enjoying this a little more than he should have been. "Now, Kyo, could you go fetch Yuki, Honey and Ritsu, please? Here, take one of these flashlights."

"Yeah, whatever," Kyo snatched a flashlight carefully picked his way through the darkened area and back to the dining room. "Yo, Ritsu!" He called.

"Oh, hello." Ritsu stopped and looked into the ray of Kyo's flashlight with a butter knife halfway to his throat. "I honestly don't deserve to live anymore… How could I have been stupid enough to burn the blankets?! Oh, I should have known that flame-cleaning method I found on the internet wasn't trustworthy!" He sobbed. "At least now we'll have another spare bed for our guests, with me gone!"

"Ritsu, stop being an idiot!" Kyo snapped. "Shigure wants you in the parlor."

"Oh, okay, I'll just have to cease my wretched existence later." Ritsu sniffed. He placed the butter knife back down on the table and rushed out of the room. Kyo rolled his eyes and went to retrieve Honey from the living room.

"Hey, Honey? Ya in here?"

"Kyo-Chan…?" A hiss emerged from somewhere in the pitch-black room. Kyo shined his flashlight onto Honey, who was still curled up on the floor.

"Yeah, get up. Your dorky friends are here."

"Let me sleep for five more minutes!" Honey growled.

"No, ya gotta get up-"before Kyo could say another word, Honey pounced on him. "Gyah!" Kyo yelled. "Get off me!" Finally, after about five minutes of mercilessly beating Kyo up, Honey grabbed Usa-Chan and grumbled off into the hallway. "Damn stupid kid…" Kyo picked himself up off of the ground and brought his sleeve across a bleeding lip. He decided he would deal with Honey later and instead made his way up the stairs to the bedroom he and Yuki were forced to share (although they made sure their beds were as far apart as they could possibly be). "Yo, rat!" He called once inside.

"What is it you want?" Yuki said slowly. Kyo brought his flashlight over to rest on Yuki. He was standing by the window in the darkness, his silverish hair disheveled and his violet eyes dejected. Kyo looked away. He didn't like seeing anyone like this –even if it was his worst enemy.

"Shigure wants you down in the parlor," Kyo grumbled. Yuki nodded gradually and trod after Kyo.

"Alright, everyone," Shigure began once everyone had gathered in the small parlor. "As you may or may not know, the power has gone out."

"I think we're all aware," Kyoya murmured darkly, but Shigure chose to ignore the sarcasm in his voice.

"Good, that'll make this a bit easier." Shigure clapped his hands together. "Now, for those of you who weren't here before, a tree fell onto the road, blocking Honey's friends' path out. In consequence, they have no choice but to stay here for the night."

Chapter Seven