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The Poll I have regarding the Triforce of Courage has ended. The winner, taking Reviews and PMs into account is….Zelda AND Max. The reviews kept Max tied with Zelda…then I remembered that the Triforce of Wisdom was spit in two in "The Wind Waker", but I digress.

I was just listening to music from the "Doctor Who" series and had a brilliant idea.

What if Lily Potter was not who she seemed? She was, in reality, The Master. Now, Harry Potter-her son-has inherited a TARDIS gifted to her by the Time Lords for her help (referencing the Doctor Who episode "The End of Time".)

On his way to Gringotts, A will requested by "Lily Potter" has the goblins take him to a "special" vault left to Harry by his mum….to awaken his Time Lord heritage.

Let the drums begin!

Harry Potter and the Sound of Drums

Chapter 1: An Inheritance from Lily

As the cart from Gringotts twisted, turned, and swerved across the tracks Harry Potter reflected over the information that he had been revealed to him over the last couple days. He was a wizard, apparently a rich one by the amount of coins in the Trust Vault his parents left him. He had, according to Hagrid, survived a dark wizard's attempt to take his life that had killed his parents.

Even as all these thoughts went through his heads, he noticed that instead of heading back up, the cart was heading deeper into the bank. This was strange, as Hagrid had collected…..whatever was wrapped up in his pocket from the supposedly last stop. "Here we are" Griphook-their goblin escort-said, "Vault 410*. A vault the late Lily Potter requested Harry go to in event of her death."

Harry climbed down from the mine cart and stared intently at the large, iron doors to the vault. Griphook took out two keys and handed the smallest one, a plain bronze key, to Harry while the goblin placed the larger key into the door and watched as the key vanished into the door.

The doors swung inwards and Harry slowly crept into the stone walled vault. It was…plain…that was for sure. There was a red, square, six-by-four box with windows on each side that had a black bar over the door with the word "POLICE" on it. This was a Police Box, Harry realized. They had been used as stations in Britain where a policeman would stay and someone could quickly contact him, but had been removed from use by the 80's. Why his mother had one, Harry had no clue. The only other thing in the vault was a small coffee table with a beautiful silver fob watch sitting on it.


Without warning, the doors to the vault slammed shut, locking him in here. Harry ran to the door and tried using his key, but it did not work. Fearing that he was trapped in here forever, Harry ran to the police box, hoping to at least call someone to get him out. Finding it locked, Harry placed his key into a small slot under the handle and unlocked it. What Harry saw astounded him.

There was a massive white room with silver hexagon designs and doors. In the middle stood a circular pillar with a hexagon shaped control panel with a small glass cylinder with small, red pillars in it. (Think of the Fourth Doctor's TARDIS interior). Flipping a switch on a panel, a transparent image of a beautiful woman with long, red hair and the same green eyes Harry had standing there.

"Harry, if you are listening to this than the worst has happened. I have died….well, permanently this time. You need to learn the truth." Harry just stood there and listened to his mother's voice and took in her image for the first time of his life. "I was not born Lily Potter nor was I Lily Evans at first. You see, I am an alien from the now non-existent planet called Gallifrey. I was known to our kind-The Time Lords-and humans alike simply as "The Master". Now, at first I was a male. However, when the planet was time locked to prevent us from losing a war with the Daleks, I made a deal to sacrifice the Earth to bring back our planet. In return, I was gifted my own TARDIS, that is, Time And Relative Dimensions In Space."

"However, I was stopped by my old friend The Doctor. Also, a trap at the last White Point Star was set up to eradicate me. However, I was not cunning without a reason. I used that TARDIS to escape and forced myself to Regenerate-that is, change my appearance." Now Lily's image started to pace. "Something went wrong and I regenerated into a girl. It was not unheard of with my kind, but it was very rare. I then used the Chameleon Circuit to hide my Time Lord persona into a fob watch and was adopted by the Evans family."

"It wasn't until just before I became pregnant that I opened the watch and became The Master once more. By then, we had gone into hiding and were well into the war with Lord Voldemort. As a Time Lord, I could see through time itself and see the past and possible futures. What I saw did not please me. Albus Dumbledore making MY son a lamb for Voldemort to slaughter so he could be defeated. MY son being fed love potions by his wife. MY son being mistreated by my sister's family AND the Wizarding World alike! No. I couldn't let this happen….with The Doctor and I being the last of our race. I set up this vault."

"When you were born, I secretly took you into my TARDIS and put you through the same procedure I went through and hid your Time Lord self into the fob watch on the table, which I had once used. Afterwards, I took the watch and the TARDIS into the vault and instructed the goblins to bring you here when you visited the bank for the first time after I recorded this message. Afterwards, I will go through the same process I put you through, and place my Time Lord self into a plain pocket watch. It, along with me, won't survive the attack. I have set up the TARDIS to take you to an untempered schism. Look into it. From the time stream I have planned, you will have the same exact response I had to it….you will hear the Drums. Carry on my legacy. Become the new Master." At this Lily had apparently walked away from whatever recorded the message, because her image faded before her head leaned back at an angle. "Oh! I almost forgot! Don't worry about regenerating into a girl. I took care to prevent that from ever happening again in my descendants."

At this she vanished and Harry looked at the spot in bewilderment. Gallifrey? Regeneration? Time Lords? TARDIS? He had no idea what she was talking about! One thing was for sure, though. The answers, if there were any, were in that watch. Cautiously walking over to it, he flipped if in his hands, admiring the artistic circular designs-Gallifreyan Language- on the cover.

Pressing the button to open it, the watch popped open and a golden mist flew into his eyes, nose, and ears. He could feel knowledge he didn't know entering his mind. His body felt like it was on fire and….was that two hearts?! His scar oozed black blood and faded. The watch slipped from Harry's grasp and fell onto the floor. Harry heaved over and kept his eyes closed. Suddenly his emerald eyes snapped open and he gave an amused smirk.

"I understand, mother." Harry said, eyeing the TARDIS, "Voldemort believes himself superior. He and that old Goat who calls himself the Leader of Light have never met the truly superior being…The Master!"

Chapter end!

*Please note, the numbers on Lily's vault WERE intentional! It is the combinations of the numbers "4" and "10". The two incarnations of "the Doctor" he forced to Regenerate.