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Jewlbunny: Yes. You'll hear about him seeing The Doctor-but not the other way around.

ultima-owner: Or wood.

ReflectionsOfReality: Interesting idea!

WingedSeerWolf: At the time, it was late where I was, but I will definitely try to add more detail and length.

DZ2: The Master in the "classic series" of Doctor Who (from what I've read) had a total of 3 TARDISes….two of them were stolen from other Time Lords after The Doctor disabled his. The Chameleon Circuit always worked….but I figured the Time Lords won't expect "magical places" like Diagon Ally-so the Chameleon Circuit won't work in magic-rich places.

El Santo Verdugo: Yeah. Time travel: very…..wibbly-wobbly as the 10th Doctor would say.

geetac: Thanks.

Hypnosis Writer: Actually, Rassilon's signal did that. The drums covered the signal.

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tgiw: That was something Lily (or The Master did). However, in places like "Hogwarts Express" or "Hogwarts", this TARDIS, thanks to it being an older model, won't be able to calculate properly and revert to its default disguise The Master set for her son: a red Police Box.

Masked Man: Then here's the update.


Harry Potter and the Sound of Drums

Ch 3: Hogwarts Express

In a compartment on the Hogwarts express three girls sat in relative quiet; two of them were blonde and one had mousey brown hair. The first girl was blonde with grey, unfocused eyes and a butter beer cork necklace. Her wand was tucked behind her right ear.

Her name was Luna Lovegood; heiress of the Lovegood family. She had been born earlier than expected and thus started Hogwarts this year (unlike one Hermione Grainger-who was born after the Hogwarts school year started and had to wait an extra year).

The second blonde girl had intense blue eyes and a scowl on her face. She sat glaring at any boy who looked at the group for too long. Her wand was in her hand, ready to fire a spell at anyone who got too close.

Her name was Daphne Greengrass; first-born heiress of the Greengrass family. She unknowingly was also building up an "ice-queen" reputation as well.

The last girl-and only girl without blonde hair sat looking at some of her text books. She had been close childhood friends with Daphne and even though she was a half-blood, she was still well protected from the pureblood bigotry in England by her closeness with the oldest Greengrass heiress.

She was Tracey Davis.

A weird groaning, wheezing sound filled the compartment, and it was not caused by any spells, and the girls looked to the doorway where it was the loudest.

A red six-by-four box with a black strip of paint and the word "Police" in white on the strip seemingly appeared out of thin air and landed in the doorway of the compartment with a loud "THUD".

The door opened and a boy with black hair and round-frame glasses covering emerald green eyes stepped out, wearing a black robe with a high, red collar covering the back of his head. He was also the same age as the girls-a mere eleven years old.

At his sudden appearance Daphne narrowed her eyes and stood up with her wand pointed at him. "Who are you? How did you get in here?" She snapped at him.

The boy, however, was not paying attention to her, but instead inspecting the red Police Box.

"Really! What's up with you? Couldn't you pick something that fits in better with the surroundings?" He asked, tapping the box.

Tracey looked at him if he had grown a second head. "Friend of yours, Luna?" She asked, having picked up on the grey-eyed blonde's unusual habits.

"I've never met him before." Luna said, her unfocused gaze falling onto the boy, "Hello Harry Potter."

Now that name got some reactions from the other two girls. "What?! THE Harry Potter" Daphne said in shock, nearly dropping her wand.

Harry turned around and asked "What did you expect? Winston Churchill?" He asked; pushing his glasses back onto his nose and sitting next to Luna and pulling three objects out from an inside pocket of his robes.

One object was his pine wood wand, which looked as new as the day it was made. Another thing was a long yellow and silver object that ended in three barrels with a red glow at the end-his Laser Screwdriver.

The third object, however, was very intriguing to the girls. It was silver with a red base, and what looked like a red gem sat on black metal at the other end with the silver portion overlapping part of the back section. (The Sonic Screwdriver used by the "War Doctor" portrayed by John Hurt; Look up "The Other Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver" for its full appearance.)

"What is that thing?" Tracey said, eyeing it as if it were the wand of Merlin himself, "It looks like a metal wand."

"Close" Harry said with a grin, "It's a Sonic Screwdriver. I tried to build this tool into this Laser Screwdriver" Harry said, holding up the yellow and silver object, "But it overloaded and fried itself every time I used it. Ended up building them separately."

He closed his eyes sat down, tapping a fast four-beat rhythm on the table.

"Will you stop that?! Just because you're Harry Potter doesn't mean I'll let you annoy us because you're famous!" Daphne said.

"Yes! Yes!" Harry said with a huge grin on his face "Finally someone who stands up to me because regardless of my fame. You'll be surprised how many people would bark like a dog just because Harry Potter asked them to."

Luna's eyes seemed to glaze over as she turned to Harry. Without realizing it, she uttered out four words: "Gallifrey falls no more."

Harry's eyes widened and he paled at what the words meant. 'The Doctor did something. I just know it!' He thought.

"What did you say?" Tracey asked, shaking Luna slightly-who seemed to regain some focus in her eyes.

"I hope there's pudding. I love pudding." She said.

'In her eyes just then, I saw the Time Vortex in them before she said those words.' Harry thought, 'But why? How?'


After a long trip where they talked about random things such as Hogwarts Houses, Quidditch Teams, and-on Luna's suggestion-pudding, Harry pulled out the Fob Watch and gazed at it. "We'll be at Hogwarts soon. I best leave and let you all get changed."

"Yeah. Whatever" Daphne said with a small smirk on her face, "get out of here before I call the aurors." She joked.

"But why?" Harry asked, "I have a Police Box, I'll just step inside it and arrest myself."

With that he dashed into the Police Box and shut the door before any of the girls could look inside it. With the groaning, wheezing sound that they heard, the Police Box vanished into thin air.

"I hope we see him again, I quite liked talking to him. It was like having a friend." Luna said.

"Luna, I think all four of us have become friends at this point." Tracey said.

Luna smiled at her and wiped some tears from the corner of her eyes.

(Inside the TARDIS)

Harry quickly changed into his school robes and then pressed some buttons on the console of his TARDIS.

"Okay, I've set it to drop me off at Hogsmeade station with my luggage and Hedwig with me, then it will teleport itself between Hogwarts and Hagrid's hut.

Hedwig clicked her beak at Harry.

"Well I would let you fly there if I was allowed to, but it's a rule first years must abide to."

She let out a quiet bark.

"Yeah, I know it sucks, but you'll be able to fly there next year after the train ride."

Hedwig's head perked up and looked around as the TARDIS control room seemed to fade around them.

"Well, there's our stop." Harry said, as he was left standing with Hedwig's cage to his right and his luggage to his left.

"What the bloody hell? Where did that thing go?" A man collecting bags said "How did you get out of the train already? It just pulled in!"

Harry let out a sigh before pulling out the fob watch and shaking it back and forth in a hypnotic pattern. His pupils became slitted like a snake's as he watched the guy's gaze follow the watch.

"You did not see a Police Box." Harry said.

"I did not see a Police Box." The man responded.

"I got off the train to avoid being mobbed by Harry Potter fans."

"You got off the train to avoid being mobbed by Harry Potter fans."

Harry then snapped his fingers and his pupils returned to normal.

"Got off the train early eh? Good thinking. I wouldn't want to be pushed around either." The man said, "Don't worry about your bags or owl; it's my job to take them into Hogwarts. They'll be in your room after the sorting."

"Thank you." Harry said, walking forward a little bit, watching the large figure of Hagrid slowly move towards him.

"No more will my fate be decided for me. I AM THE MASTER of my own fate!" He said, facing the starry sky.

"Well 'ello there 'Arry!" Hagrid said, following Harry's gaze into the sky. "Watchin' the stars already 'eh? Well then you'll like Astronomy."

"Muggles often watch the stars and wonder if there's life on other planets far away." Harry said, earning a confused look from Hagrid, "Maybe one day Wizards and Muggles alike will know the answer."

"Maybe…." Hagrid said in confusion, before turning and shouting "Firs' Years follow me!"

Harry followed the half-giant, ending up walking next to the three girls he met earlier.

"Well funny meeting you here." He said, gazing at the watch.

"Hello again Harry." Luna said, playing with a cork on her necklace.

"No more than four to a boat!" They heard Hagrid shout over the crowd.

"Well how fortunate for us." Daphne said, "We've got Potter. We won't get any Death Eater children or Dumbledore supporter's children trying to recruit us."

"Well then, best be finding a boat. I don't want one with a leak in it." Harry said.


Upon their arrival at Hogwarts, the first years were quickly ushered inside where they stood facing the doorway to the Great Hall. They could hear the sounds of the older students talking to each other.

Upon being let inside by Professor McGonagall, they were told to await their name being called. "Well, this sucks." Harry said, "my name's near the end". Turning his gaze to the ceiling, he was instead greeted by hundreds of candles floating in the air below what appeared to look like the sky outside.

"Hey, nice design! Wonder how they did that?" Harry asked.

"It's bewitched to look like the sky outside. I read it in Hogwarts, a History." A girl with bushy brown hair and buck teeth said.

"But what spells did they use?" Harry asked.

"… idea…." The girl replied.

As a pointed hat was lowered onto a stool, Harry's gaze sharpened and he whispered one thing.

"The sorting has begun."