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Chapter 1: The Announcements

The large plain white room was filled with young people, chatting amongst each other in a dull roar while waiting with great anticipation for their next test as young grim reapers.

As they were the new graduates, passing the preliminary test before graduating school, their next goal was to survive a year of training with a private instructor to hone their powers before taking the final test to see if they were ready to carry out their existence as Grim Reapers.

There was not a single young adult in the room who wasn't anxious about whom their teacher would be. The "A" grade students would usually get the better teachers, then "B" grade students, and so on. And the better a teacher you had, the better your chances were to pass the final test.

William was by far one of the most anxious of the students. He was good at words and numbers and office kind of work, but put him out in the real world and he didn't have a single clue on what he was supposed to do.

He loathed himself for being a "B" student. He was smarter than probably 75% of the top students, but unfortunately he didn't have the fighting skills to prove he was as strong as them. Heck, he hadn't ever even picked up a real scythe for crying out loud!

The students have no idea who their teachers will be, and while most of them were okay, some of them were horrible; one way or the other on the scale. Some teachers would sit around, completely ignoring you for the full year while you struggled to understand anything. Others drove you into the ground with their teaching.

A whistle blew and with practiced and rehearsed accuracy everyone lined up, first according to his or her grade letter and then by his or her name. The teachers filing in as the students hustled around with silent panic

William pushed and struggled through the crowd to his spot, trying desperately to be perfectly in line like he was supposed to be. As he ran through the rows he spotted his open gap, speeding towards it and slipping in just as the doors closed.

In front of him stood sixty reapers, all talented in their field and all waiting to train a student to be as good as them.

"See that woman in the middle there?" A boy leaned in next to him from the left, nodding towards a tall, thin reaper with long white hair. William found her easily as she was one of very few female reapers and nodded back to the boy.

"That's the Silver Heart Reaper. She's legendary!" The boy's hushed whisper was excited and terrified at the same time. "She's supposed to be the hardest teacher around. Nobody's been cleared by her to test in the last 100 years!" William's eyes widened, as he knew that in order to even be allowed to take the final test, you had to be cleared for testing by your teacher.

"If I have to train under her, I won't even try- I'll just quit right then and there." The boy shook his head, obviously hoping that he wouldn't have to hold true to his word.

"Congratulations to you all!" The head reaper of the organization began talking, making both boys snap their heads forward. "You who have passed the test are now that much closer to becoming Grim Reapers!"

The students and teachers applauded, more out of politeness than anything as the fear in the room was growing with slow steadiness- everyone wondering which teacher picked them to tutor.

"I will now read the list of pairing for this year, once you hear your name, please find your instructor and follow them." The man pulled up the first sheet of paper.

The names echoed in William's mind although he never heard them, to much in a daze of worry to care.

The boy from earlier bumped his arm and he jumped; worried that he had missed his name. He looked around before realizing that they were calling the name of a boy second to them.

William nodded his thanks for waking him up before looking around; a chunk of the crowd had thinned out considerably as the "A" students had all left with their mentors. The Silver Heart was still standing, waiting for her student ominously.

"Adam Habell." The announcer called, waiting for the tall, bulky boy to step forward. "Guy Helier."

A tall, sly man stepped forward, smiling smugly as he waited for the student to approach.

William noticed the female reaper glare at him indifferent loathing, eyes flickering with anger as the man shot her a flashy smile before walking off with his student trailing not far behind.

The announcer waited politely for them to leave before calling out the next name.

"Alan Humphries." William's neighbor stepped forward bravely, squaring his shoulders although he was even smaller than William was.

"Theodore Eudo." The announcer nodded toward a slightly aged reaper coming forward on crutches, one pant leg swinging loosely as he came forward, a welcoming smile on his face as he waited for Alan.

"It was nice meeting you." Alan smiled and bowed quickly to William.

"Yeah, you too." William nodded.

"Hope I'll uh," He glanced to make sure his teacher wasn't getting mad. "See you around."

William nodded. "Yeah." He smiled, seeing that his teacher seemed to be even happier that he had to wait because his new student was talking to a friend.

Alan nodded goodbye before running up to his teacher, bowing deeply before slowly following him out of the room.

"William Spears." William felt his blood chill, breath stop in his throat as he told his legs to step forward. With much hesitation they did so. He tried to be brave like his newfound friend was, but found his body slowly shrinking into itself.

The announcer glanced at the list before looking back at him. "Constance Abery."

William felt his heart start beating again as confusion-replaced fear.

The announcer nodded toward his teacher.

One heart beat.

Two beats.

Three beats.

William's eyes followed the man's nod and felt his heart freeze over from the ice-like substance his blood had turned into as he saw the female reaper step forward, gazing coolly at him as she waited for his approach.

He swallowed hard, unable to get his feet to shift as he stared with apprehension at the impossible teacher. His teacher.

Slowly, after what felt like a lifetime, his feet started shuffling forward, eyes locked in a terrified fix as he watched himself march to what could be his death.

He finally reached the woman and looked down at her, surprised that she was only about 5' 4".

"Come with me." She turned sharply and started walking, quickly leaving William to hurry jarringly after her as she headed out of the door.