Naruto of the Red Sands

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Chapter XX: The First Blow Against Orochimaru

Kawa no Kuni, Orochimaru's Base

Another scream. And another. "Zankūha!" Perhaps that was why? "Gotenchi Yaiba!" (Five Nature Blades)

Mito's children were murdering so many Oto shinobi. Nearly one hundred had fallen to the duo in a short amount of time.

Elsewhere, a certain blonde Senju had slammed her fist into the ground, killing a dozen men with her personal earthquake.

"What the...?" Guren said as she felt the ground under her feet moving. "The hell is that..." she stood from the seat she sat and looked out the window. She saw smoke rising from the western and northern sectors of the base and some buildings shpwed extensive damage. "What is going on?" She asked herself, not expecting any kind of answer.

"Your little sister is fulfilling a promise, Guren-nee-chan." The crystal user quickly turned around and laid eyes on a smiling redhead.

Faster than the Kiroi Senko himself, Guren had wrapped Tayuya in a hug. "You actually got help, Tayu-chan?"

"Course I did! Shithead-sama himself is here! Apparently, the Kazekage is my long lost cousin and I'm an Uzumaki now." Guren's eyes widened.

"Akasuna no Naruto is here...?" She whispered unbelievingly. "My Kami... this base won't last five minutes."

"Uzumaki Mito is also here and so are Subeta and Zaku. Oh... and Senju Tsunade as well." Guren backed up with widened eyes.

"All for me?"

"And Yūkimaru. We're on our way somewhere else right after this though." Tayuya scowled. "Konoha tried to trade my family's land to Kiri for an alliance so Naruto is leading us, plus the other Uzumaki after their battle in Kiri, to Uzushiogakure so we can gather all the clan's thing from there." Guren nodded.

"So… why don't we have some fun before then?" Guren asked as her fist was covered in purple crystal. "I've been aching to teach these men a lesson… and I think it's time for class." Tayuya smirked and nodded as her eyes flashed a deep blue color.

"I think… you are right, Guren-nee-chan."

With Kimimaro

"Orochimaru-sama will not like this…" The Kaguya coughed into his hand. "He was right. I must inform him of the Kazekage's new intent." Just as he was about to turn to walk off though… a wall of wood suddenly appeared in the direction he should've gone to get to Otogakure. The wall sprouted out both directions and extended in a curve until… a thick barrier of trees had created an isolated arena of roughly one hundred and fifty feet in radius.

"You will do no such thing." He heard a voice. Kimimaro knew who his opponent was now. "A new puppet in my collection is the place you'll be headed, Oto-scum." The Kazekage jumped from one of the trees with his red and black staff in hand, two hands sticking out of it in a handseal. That must've been the Shodaime Hokage's puppet. "You will die today for your Master's crimes, Kaguya Kimimaro. Then I will use your body to make a puppet which will be part of the team I kill Orochimaru with."

"You will have to defeat me first, Naruto-san." Kimimaro said while creating a set of two katana-like bones from his shoulders and rushing forward. Naruto twirled his staff as a scythe formed on the top and a naginata on the bottom out of youkai which hardened into a product stronger than steel, just as strong as the Kaguya's bones. In a blur, he was gone.

Kimimaro brought his bones into an X to block the naginata in his direction quickly. He ducked down then as Naruto jumped up and would've slashed at Naruto had a wooden arm with a small blade protruding from the palm not come out of the staff and blocked it. Naruto landed and smirked as his trench coat flapped in the wind, revealing the nine fox-like tails of steel contracted underneath to appear as nothing more than a belt before two of them shot forward only for the bone-user to parry them.

The Kaguya then was forced to block, dodge, sidestep or parry nine tails at once with only two blades. This is bad… he thought. His mastery of puppetry and bukijutsu is so much that… can I defeat him? Without any movement at all, he can control limbs of many puppets from inside his staff and nine constructs of steel simultaneously. I'm sure he also has a way to counteract my Curse Mark if Tayuya is fighting on his side. My Juin is useless against a kage-level fuinjutsu master if not grandmaster. Kimimaro narrowed his eyes. But I must win! Orochimaru-sama must not be failed!

Kimimaro suddenly shot forward in an amazing burst of speed, parrying the tails as they went forward to him. None touched him and he was within twenty feet of the Uzumaki Kazekage as he held up his fingers and shot bone shards out of them. The puppet master simply smirked and another hand from one of his puppets came out of the staff as well as said puppet's head. Kimimaro's eyes widened as the puppet of the Yondaime Kazekage opened its mouth and gold dust came out.

The Kaguya tried to stop, but it was too late as the gold dust shot for him and surrounded him before encasing him in it so tightly he couldn't move except to breathe, and even then it was barely.

Naruto smirked and his tails retracted back into his metallic belt before looking like a simple red obi after a poof of smoke… a simple Henge. He walked forward and the blades on his staff shimmered before disappearing. "Your mistake, Kimimaro," he began as each step seemed to take hours to the slowly asphyxiating boy, "was thinking you could take me. Thinking I didn't know you were here. Thinking your bloodline would outclass my kugutsu, bukijutsu and fuinjutsu. It is not so." Only a quarter of the way to Kimimaro now.

"You called the wrong man Master. You could have been a great ninja of Sunagakure or Kirigakure… but you chose to be loyal to a snake who has more enemies which outclass you than I have puppets. You have strength, cunning and potential… but none of that counts if you follow the wrong master." The redhead smirked as he rested his staff on his shoulder. "And now… I will use your own body as my puppet to destroy everything your master created." The hand of the Yondaime Kazekage tightened from the staff then, making Kimimaro gasp. "Not this way though…" Suddenly, the Kaguya dropped to the ground, coughing terribly as the gold dust retracted to Naruto's predecessor's mouth and said puppet retracted back into the staff. "You will die another way."

Naruto held his hand out and blood-red strings of youkai materialized before yanking one of Kimimaro's bone swords out and Naruto caught it in hand. He held it low as he walked closer to the most loyal servant of Orochimaru and kicked the barely living Jounin-level teenager in the side, making him gasp in pain and fall to his back. Naruto then twirled the sword before stabbing his staff into the ground and kicking the other bone sword up where he caught it in his other hand.

He smirked as he regarded the creature at his feet. "You're dirt, Kimimaro. Your master, the man you follow blindly, betrayed my trust. I do not easily give out my trust and only one chance is what you get. That's why Orochimaru will die. But you follow a man who would do such horrible things to the innocent without a single thought against him? No… I rescind my statement. Your master is absolute filth but you… you are worse than that. You're the bottom feeder that survives on that filth, never caring or thinking of what you're doing. For that… you will… DIE!" And with that, Naruto stabbed the two bones into Kimimaro's torso. They punctured the boy's lungs in such a way that he wouldn't die automatically, but rather, he would feel his lungs fill with blood and choke on his own, short life.

The Kaguya immediately began coughing, a spluttering that turned into spasms that wracked his whole body at once. Naruto's cold, violet orbs regarded him with distaste up until the moment the coughing started, signifying the death of Kimimaro.

And the birth of a new puppet.

Ten Minutes Later, With Temari and Kagome

"Someone's coming." Kagome told Temari. The blonde looked at the little girl. "Um… nii-san says I'm a… sensor type, whatever that is." The ponytailed Sabaku nodded and grabbed her fan, opening it slightly when several figures appeared. She sighed in relief and put her weapon away when it turned out to just be Zaku and Subeta. Immediately after, Tayuya and another woman who Temari supposed was Guren landed. Then Mito and a boy who must be Yuukimaru. Finally, Tsunade was there in a swirl of leaves.

"Um… where's my boyfriend?" the blonde asked referring to Naruto.

"Naruto is… finishing up." Tsunade said with a shake of her head. Suddenly, everyone heard an explosion from the direction of the base and they jumped from the hidden location Temari had been. The Scorpion Summons disappeared as they left but the three clones followed.

The sight was… devastating. The base had been completely obliterated. None of the buildings remained. All the corpses were mutilated and spread over the field. In the center stood Naruto with his staff held high up and two hands in a handseal outside the staff but still connected.

The Kazekage's puppet retracted and said teen pulled his staff down until it was to the ground and slightly leaned on it. The others of his clan rushed to his side and saw henwas smiling. "One hase down..." he said a little weakly.

"What did you do?" Zaku asked.

"I used a full set of youkai strings to enhance one of my newer puppet's abilities. Her name is Bakuhatsu and she possesses the rare ability to create constructs of explosive chakra. The true Bakuton. Whereas someone like Deidara the Mad Bomber can infuse explosive chakra in objects and make them detonate on contact with another object, Bakuhatsu can cause actual explosions with her chakra alone without the need to infuse a medium with explosive energy."

"You used the Ichibi no Jutsu (One-Tailed Technique) on a Bakuton puppet!" Temari yelled. "You could've been killed, you baka!" Temari glared at the redhead.

"What do you mean, nee-chan?" Kagome asked.

"By channeling the Kyuubi's chakra through my strings, I can give up to nine puppets a tail's worth of youkai." Naruto said. "This vasfly increases their jutsu's power and chakra pool. But... Mari-chan is right. I should've been smarter than to use a one-tailed Bakuhatsu. I'm sorry."

Temar looked in his eyes for any sort of deceit and found none. "Just... be more careful, Naruto-kun. I don't want to have to explain to Suna and your other girls you died because of a stupid mistake on your part." Naruto smiled softly.

"Don't worry. I won't die anytime soon." He reached out and placed a hand on Temari's cheek, eliciting a blush on her part. "I'll live on for no other reason than my family. After my time in Konoha... I'll make sure I stay part of this family forever." Temari smiled back to her boyfriend. "Especially my girls." Temari's blush darkened considerably.

Neither noticed everyone had left to go forward, confident the lovebirds would catch up. Naruto leaned forward. "I could never leave the ones I've fallen so in love with." Temari's teal eyes widened even as Naruto's lips captured hers in a kiss that weakened her knees. She wrapped her arms around his neck in an attempt to keep her balance and he placed his hands on her hips.

As they separated, Temari placed her head on Naruto's shoulder. "I love you too, Naru-kun."

Original Jutsu

Ichibi no Jutsu- One-Tails Technique. Naruto uses yōkai instead of chakra strings and his puppets gain jinchūriki-like power. He can distribute the nine chakra tails of Hitomi the Kyūbi across up to nine puppets with this technique. Potentially S-rank but labeled as a D-rank jutsu because it is a jutsu derived from the Chakra Strings and is untested in battle. Creator: Uzumaki Naruto. Users: Uzumaki Naruto.

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