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Prologue: after death

For years he had been looked at as nothing but a failure. a bad omen to everyone around him since his birth. Hiccup looked up to his father, sadness etched into his face. He feared the pain of what is to be when he has to be raised by his father alone. Tears streaming down his face on a dark and stormy day in Berk, he looked at the coffin holding his mothers body.

His mother had always been there for him since the beginning of his days. She had always taken care of him and never let anyone try to ruin her baby's happiness. Whenever Snotlout was always picking on his she was always there to relieve his pain. Sometimes she would even go to Spitelout, his uncle, and give him a brutal beating about how Snotlout treated Hiccup. Most of the time she would completely destroy Spitelout's pride every time she would have to get involved. Now she was gone, and all he had left was a father who, since his birth, always looked at him as a mistake.

Hiccup couldn't take the pain anymore and ran out of the Great Hall with tears flowing down his face like a waterfall. Hiccup ran while he held back the painful sobs that threatened to come out as he ran through the village towards a cliff near the end of Berk

Hiccup kneeled down at the edge of the cliff and looked out into the horizon. Rain poured onto his face as thunder rolled among the sky. He finally let out the sobs that he could not hold back anymore. He released all of his pain out to the world that would be the only thing to hear him. Hiccup hoped that this was a nightmare as he looked up. All he saw was the droplets of rain dashing towards the earth, and the dark clouds looming over the sky. From within came the thunder and lightning striking among the earth in a sad and lonely way. The storm itself was the only thing that tried to give hiccup at least a little bit of comfort as the thunder, lightning, clouds, and rain cried with him.

He stayed on the cliff kneeling and cried until he couldn't cry anymore. He stayed up there sobbing until his voice finally broke. For hours he stayed up there until the pain brought him into unconsciousness. The last thing that had finally left him that night was his voice. No longer could he be able to speak. No longer could he be able to tell anyone anything himself.

Stoick had finally come looking for hiccup. For a while he had been looking for hiccup since he saw him leave until he found him on the cliff. Hiccup lay on the cliff asleep and heartbroken, and for a moment Stoick knew that his son was not going to be the same. Stoik picked Hiccup up and cradled him in his arms. He then carried him to his home and put Hiccup in his room on his bed. When Stoik left to go to his room he took one last look at Hiccup before he closed the door and went to his room for some shuteye from this emotional day.

After Stoik closed the door, Hiccup lied in his bed as one last tear left his eyes that night. That night Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third became Hiccup the silent. Forever cursed by grief he will not talk again.

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