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Chapter 30:Silent snow

After 2 weeks Hiccup finally had everything that defined him rebuilt and refurbished. His fire gloves were the one thing he was worried about the most. At times he felt like it was becoming such a big hassle for him because of the fact that it was hard to just wait for Toothless to shed some of those scales not only that but he found out that he only reason they were able to be burned like that was because they were coated in some of toothless' dragon smoke when they fell off. That was really going to get annoying to collect from Toothless. In reality he wondered how the smoke got onto those scales in the first place.

That aside he got his uniform up and ready for any future battles he would have. Every single cut and slice was patched up and now he was back into his favorite armor. Hiccup wasn't wearing it at the moment, because he still had more work to do with all of his other assignments. NightBreaker was fully refurbished into a very powerful blade. He really did love this sword. Since refurbishing his sword it has been with him almost twenty four seven. Over the weeks he had not heard from Astrid nor from Cami. Good thing too, considering he did not want to get involved in what recently happened any time soon. In the cove Hiccup had successfully built a nice little house for himself, Vixen and Toothless.

Vixen herself had shown to be very strong for a fox. One day when he decided to play with both Toothless and her for a little waste of time. She surprised him by quickly running behind him and successfully knocking him off of his feet before she jumped on him and nuzzled and licked his face. Toothless also joined in after that by licking him all over. That day was great for him considering Vixen was able to take him down. That act got Hiccup curious into thinking that he might be able to make a saddle for toothless where she could take over and both can work together in case he was captured, hurt, or separated.

Since it would be three weeks before Snoggletog, Hiccup had to get to work on other assignments. Assignments like making the sword Cami had requested and creating a Snoggletog gift for Chief Thunder. The assignment for Cami was going to be a hard one to grasp. When he last remembered her she was the complete opposite of Astrid. Astrid had agility yet even out the speed by controlling a heavy weapon such as her favorite battle axe. Astrid also wore light armor for better movement to allow better use of her speed.

Camicazi, however, preferred the company of a lightweight weapon with a heavier amount of armor so that she could actually even out her power with agility. The lightweight weapon that comforted her the most was the natural sword. Hiccup did think that instead of making her a sword, and the fact that Camicazi's father trained her himself, Hiccup thought that maybe it would be a good idea for her to bear the arms that made her father both famous and feared. Cami would always dual wield, so for a nice set of weapons would be the twin axes. So that meant he would have to make two pairs of twin axes. One pair of axes for Cami, and one pair as a gift for Chief Thunder.

Right now Hiccup was working on the axes for Chief Thunder. He was hoping to give it to him on the day he would arrive for the Snoggletog celebration. Instead it would be a lot more eventful if he gave it to him when they would have the Snoggletog dinner in the great hall. It would actually make it a lot more eventful to see Chief Thunder's reaction to receive such a gift. Not only that but even though Hiccup and his father still haven't really seen eye to eye, Hiccup would create a new war hammer for his dad Stoik. Maybe later for a gift he would do make something for Astrid, but right now he had this to worry about. Hiccup stopped hammering away at the first axe he was making for chief thunder and turned towards the outside of his forge. Outside was a sight that he forgot he used to love seeing. The snow was falling towards the floor slowly. That was one time where he would love the snow when it wasn't devastating winter.

Vixen was outside running around with Toothless playing with the falling snow. Sometimes they would try to catch the snow with their mouth's. Sometimes Toothless would throw some snow at her gently and she would dodge before she would run behind the cover of the fallen log that had always been there. Once toothless would go there Vixen would jump out with a loud yip and use her small body to flick some stacked snow onto Toothless for some much needed revenge.

Hiccup smiled as he watched them both interact. Looking at it now he decided it was time for some much needed rest from all of the work he has put into the forge. This forge was one of the best things he had ever done, considering he gets to control all of the steel he wants and have lots of time to himself without Gobber giving orders. Speaking of Gobber, Hiccup thought about visiting today and giving him a hand with all of the orders he might have today. Matter of fact it would be one of many times today that he would visit the village for more than a brief moment. Hiccup wanted to see if the other children his age have actually gotten along with their dragons or if they are having trouble with them.

That and he wanted to see if Camicazi had actually gotten a dragon of her own even though a few weeks before she wanted him to help her pick out her dragon. Now that he thought about it he really didn't know if the other students even took time to learn the gender of their dragons. Well he would have to see for himself.

After Hiccup put everything away in the forge he walked outside of the forge house. He put a roof above the forge to keep the winter and snow from putting out the fire. So now he was ready to go to the village. Once he walked outside he was met with a toothless snowball to the face and Vixen pushing snow off of the roof onto his head the moment he walked out. The end result was Hiccup on his back with some snow covering his face. Vixen jumped off from the roof of the house and ran towards his face to lick his face.

When Hiccup managed to get Vixen off of his face he got up and prepared himself to go to the village. He was not going to wear his signature outfit yet because he wanted to make add a few more pouches on the leg area where he could keep a small dagger in case he would ever need it. After he made sure that everything he needed was with him and NightBreaker was strapped to his waist, Hiccup turned to Toothless and Vixen and gestured for them to follow along.

Side by side, Vixen, Toothless, and Hiccup walked together towards the village to pay everybody a visit. Once there the first place he visited was Gobber. It had been a while since Hiccup had been to the forge and the first thing he saw when he walked in was Gobber struggling to keep up with the amount of work that was piling up on the forge. Well mostly struggling, but the disappointment was that the work had started to pile up. So instead of greeting Gobber Hiccup put on the blacksmith apron that he used to wear and began to help Gobber with sharpening swords, refining war hammers, and balancing war axes for everyone on Berk. Gobber was surprised at first to see Hiccup pop out of no where, but smiled when he started to help him with the Forge and the amount of sharpening business that had started to pile up. So instead Gobber told Hiccup, "Thanks for the help Hiccup. Matter of fact I want you to take care of refining swords and I will sharpen them as well as balance out the battle axes." with that said Gobber got to work on his side of work while Hiccup worked on his assignments.

While he was sharpening the swords Hiccup looked towards a desk and saw that his helmet was here. Hiccup had been looking for his mother's hand me down helmet for a while at the cove and here it was the whole time. So while he was sharpening he turned towards Vix and pointed towards the helmet. With that gesture she ran towards the helmet and grabbed it before she turned back around and walked towards Hiccup. Once there Hiccup grabbed the helmet and put it on his head after Vix let go. Hiccup with the helmet on his head Hiccup smiled and got back to work on sharpening some of the work that he was tasked with.

The whole time Hiccup helped it was spent in silence. The only sound that came out of the forge was the assistant blacksmith and the head blacksmith working away at the steel. The silence would only be broken by the villagers who would come by and request their equipment fixed. Since Hiccup decided to help it had only been a matter of time before they were both done with all of the piled up work.

After they were done Gobber turned towards Hiccup and said, "Thank you for the help Hiccup. I thought I was going to spend days trying to do all of this. Now I can get to work on the decorations for Snoggletog. You can go on and do as you, your dragon, and your fox pleases Hiccup. I'll take it from here."

Hiccup nodded and gestured to Toothless, who was laying down where Hiccup was working, and Vixen, who was laying next to him, that it was time to head out. With that the trio walked out onto the Berk to see what else they could do.

Hiccup then went towards where Gobber used to have their meetings. There he found Snotlout, Fishlegs, Astrid, Camicazi, and the twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut. All of them were there trying their best to get along with their dragons. Snotlout was having trouble the most considering he kept trying to command the dragon as if he was the leader rather than actually try and befriend it. Astrid was getting well acquainted with her dragon. So far she the Nadder had already shown that Astrid is her rider. Ruffnut and Tuffnut were more butting heads on who owns the Zippleback. It really made him laugh considering it was the same dragon with two heads. One of the hardest things to do is to get these two to work together as one dragon rider on this dragon.

Fishlegs was the most surprising when it came to his Gronkle. The scene he saw was Fishlegs hugging his Gronkle. Both were happy and the Gronkle completely bonded with Fishlegs. To the side he saw Cami just sitting there bored. Not only was she bored but she was also a bit envious at the others having their own dragon. Cami wanted her own dragon. Hiccup took this time to come in on the others.

As soon as Hiccup approached them the dragons were the first to notice. After the dragons turned towards Hiccup, the future riders also turned towards him. The first to greet Hiccup, were Astrid and Camicazi.

"Hey Hiccup," both said in unison. Hiccup smiled to them both and gave them a nice nod to signify a nice greeting.

"first time we see you in weeks Hiccup. How goes the forge?" Astrid asked.

Hiccup turned towards her and said, "couldn't be better. Now the real question is how is everything with your dragons." he looked around to them and saw each and every one of their dragons. The first to respond was Cami.

"They are going to need help. Snotlout here keeps trying to pick me up using the dragon as a wingdragon rather than actually take time to get to know it. Fishlegs has bonded with it but hasn't tried to even ride on it. The twins here keep arguing on what pretty much everything about this dragon. The only one that is pretty good with a dragon is Astrid and her Nadder. And me, well I'm still waiting on you to get me my dragon," Cami responded.

Hiccup turned towards everyone and said, "have you even thought about naming your dragon? Giving them something to respond to is on of the first ways you can establish a connection. Now it only took me one incident for me to come up with Toothless' name and since then he knows what his name is. Not to be conceded, but I so far am the only one here that has had the most experience compared to all of you."

The first to respond to that was Snotlout, "Hiccup we have been with our dragons for more than three weeks while you have been off into the forest doing Thor knows what. So I'd say we have more than enough experience with dragons." Hiccup turned towards Snotlout and said, "the only experience you have with a dragon from the weeks I have been gone is the fact that you were able to ride a dragon in completely different circumstances with a rush that didn't give you enough time to even bond with your dragon long enough. Now if you think you have enough experience then my first task for you is to climb onto your dragon and fly towards that mountain." After he said that Hiccup pointed towards a large rock formation towards the ocean. Once the message was passed Hiccup turned towards Cami and said, "since we haven't gotten you a dragon yet Cami," he paused as he climbed onto his dragon then turned to her with an arm gesture and said, "hop on."

This got Astrid's attention. She turned towards Hiccup and saw Cami enthusiastically jump onto Toothless back and latch onto Hiccup's waist. This got her a little angry. Astrid did not know why, but she did not like the idea of Camicazi holding Hiccup like she is now. She shook the feeling off and jumped onto her Nadder and took off towards where Hiccup wanted them to go. The first to get there was Hiccup. While the others struggled to communicate with their dragons. Snotlout almost got burned by his Monstrous Nightmare because he kept yelling and hitting it.

Second one to get there was Astrid who had her eye on Camicazi the whole time. She didn't like at all that she would keep holding onto Hiccup like that. Matter of fact she felt like she had to approach this soon.

The next to get there was Fishlegs, Snotlout, and the twins. Once there Hiccup looked at each and every one of them and said, "Now that I have you here I noticed that you couldn't get your dragons attention when you all were trying to ride them. Now the first thing I want to do before we do anything else from here on out is I want you all to come up with a name for your dragon. One that can bond both of you together. Name based on what you see, or what you have experienced with them. Now the first one I want to come up with a name is Fishlegs." Fishlegs looked surprised to be picked first as he thought deeply on what he wanted to name the Gronkle. He did not expect Hiccup to choose him first.

After five minutes Fishlegs turned towards Hiccup and said, "Hiccup, I'm sorry, but I can't think of anything for him." Hiccup nodded and said, "It's alright Fishlegs. How about this think about anything you have been through with the Gronkle before or after the incident on dragon island."

Fishlegs looked down and thought real hard about incidents that have stuck with him about the dragon. One that stood out was when they were fighting the Red death dragon. When Fishlegs lost control of the Gronkle he remembered falling towards the floor and somehow surviving the incident. What happened after was the moment they hit the ground the Gronkle fell on top of him. It felt like a giant lug of meat falling on him and he had to lift it.

Fishlegs then thought of the perfect name for the Gronkle, "Meatlug. How about Meatlug." Hiccup smiled and saw that Fishlegs really put thought into naming the dragon. When he came up with that name the newly dubbed Meatlug jumped slightly for joy at having a new name. Fishlegs felt the reaction and said, "You like that name? Don't you... Meatlug." the dragon responded with another hop in joy. With that Fishlegs wrapped his arms around the head of the Gronkle that was to be his partner now.

He turned towards the twins and decided to get them out of the way for now. So he turned towards them and said, "Okay. Next is you two. What are you going to name your Zippleback." as soon as that last name came out of his mouth Both immediately screamed, "Barf/Belch." after they said that they immediately started fighting again on which name it should have been. Hiccup sighed and grabbed his head as if a headache started to pop up. Cami then started to massage his back to calm him down which was helping. However Astrid almost immediately reacted to the idea that Cami keeps trying to snake herself all over Hiccup. Vixen also started to rub her head against Hiccup's to calm him down.

When he turned back towards them he saw that each time they said their suggested name both dragon heads responded to it. So to quickly end their quarrel he said, "how about this. Since it's the same dragon with two different heads, how about you name the dragon head you are riding," Hiccup said pointing to Ruffnut, "Belch, and you," He said pointing towards Tuffnut, "name your head Barf." with that they agreed and Hiccup sighed in relief as they both happily enjoyed their twin headed reptile.

Next was Snotlout and he waited for him to respond. Snotlout then said, "Hookfang." Hiccup chuckled at was a bit surprised at the fact that he had come up with one so quickly, but he wasn't going to question it and instead turned towards the last member of the dragon riding group. It was Time for Astrid to come up with a name for her Deadly Nadder.

He turned towards Astrid with a smile and said, "Now Astrid. It's your turn to come up with a name for your Deadly Nadder." Astrid smiled back at him forcefully even though she couldn't help but stare at the way Camicazi was still massaging his back.

After a while she turned her attention away from the person that kept feeling Hiccup up and thought about what she was going to name her new partner. She thought back to everything she could remember fully as something that could inspire a name for her. The more she thought about it the more she remembered when Hiccup was hurt. The time they went all the way to dragon island to save the many Vikings of Berk that could have lost their lives that day. The day she almost lost Hiccup before she could get to know him more.

She thought about when she was on the Nadder and they flew as fast as they could through a cloudy storm and loud rain. This Nadder flew through a storm and flew as fast as she could to get Hiccup and Astrid through a desperate hour. That desperate hour could not have brought the same results had it not been for this Nadder.

"Stormfly," Astrid said. A lone tear snaked its way out of her eye as she remembered that day. Luckily for her, none of the others had seen that tear sneak out. She quickly wiped it away and said, "Her name is going to be Stormfly." After she said that she turned towards Hiccup and smiled while some of her hair covered the eye that let out that lone tear. The now dubbed Stormfly shook her whole body in excitement at the sound of her name.

Hiccup smiled as he saw the amount of emotion pass through the one eye that Astrid did not have covered. Now that they have the name business out of the way it was pretty much time for them to learn to bond with their dragon's even more.

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