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The cat was not black this time around.

Also, it was one of the strangest-looking cats Kagome had ever seen, including the demonic ones she had come across in her feudal journey, "Are you a friend of Yoruichi-san or Luna-san's?" She asked curiously.

She doubted it though since Yoruichi and Luna at least looked like normal cats and this one certainly did not. It was even wearing yellow gloves and had purple tufts on each ear and her tail!

Blue eyes stared up at her in a very wary manner, "I have no idea who Yoruichi or Luna is," The white cat said in a snooty voice, "I was observing you and that little brat boy."

Kagome frowned a bit, "You shouldn't call people names," She scolded, not liking the cat calling Souta a brat, and surprisingly, the cat's large ears drooped slightly at her tone, "What's your purpose in observing us?" She asked and paused for a moment, "What's your name? My name is Kagome if you didn't already know." She smiled warmly.

"Of course I knew that," The cat sniffed, "My name is Tailmon. I was observing you and the little boy because I thought one of you might be the eighth DigiDestined."

"DigiDestined?" Kagome furrowed her brows, "Do these DigiDestined have anything to do with those monsters appearing in Odaiba?"

"You're smart for a human," Tailmon smirked and her tail swung around lazily, "You might just be the eighth child, even if you are a little older than the rest."

"Just what is a DigiDestined–?!" Kagome sighed when Buyo attempted to drape himself over the white female cat's back. She blinked in surprise when Tailmon hissed at the feeling and let out an angered cry of 'Neko Punch!', knocking the amorous fat feline off her back.

"Maybe I should get Buyo neutered."