Prologue: First Encounter.

When Dino first laid eyes on Hibari, he was honestly surprised to see such a loathsome look in those cold, grey eyes belonging to such a young boy. It was a disdainful expression that should be reserved only for those who had suffered greatly, a look the blond would wish upon nobody.

Keeping his composure as normal as always, Dino's hand travelled to his whip, stroking it calmly as he spoke; he had to be ready for an attack from the volatile teen at all times. "So you're Kyouya Hibari?"

From what Dino had been told about the black-haired boy, it was no surprise that he was instantly challenged to a fight, the teenager attacking with pure instinct that could easily have been mistaken for bloodlust. Or maybe it was just that; bloodlust, nothing more and nothing less.

Should Dino be worried? Perhaps. However, he wasn't too concerned with how the fight would play out; as Mafia Boss of the Chiavarone Family, he was confident he would be able to handle anything this kid threw at him.

The blond was skilled enough to dodge the majority of his opponent's attacks, throw in his own, all the while noticing just how empty those eyes seemed to be; filled only with what he deemed hatred – anger, perhaps. But if that was the case, why would those two emotions be directed at him, someone Hibari had never met?

Were those the raven-haired kid's reasons for fighting? The reason he had become so strong, pretty much impossible to beat from everything he had been told? If so, why did that look exist upon such a young face in the first place?

Dino couldn't help but feel hurt knowing that this boy probably wasn't as happy as he should be. Did the younger have friends? A family that supported him? Unlikely; just from a glance he looked to be the solitary, antisocial type.

If that was really true, being Kyouya Hibari's teacher wouldn't be an easy feat.