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It was the night of the Mist Battle when Hibari found himself sitting on Cavellone's lap, their tongues dancing for domination. The skylark ground his hips experimentally against his partner's, enjoying the small groan he elicited. He felt in control of this moment and that was what led him to summoning the strength to want to go further.

Standing up, Hibari glanced over his shoulder at the red-faced Chiavarone Boss, silently telling him to follow him into the bedroom.

The blond didn't need to be told twice; he stood up and followed eagerly, the bulge in his cargo pants displaying his want.

The raven closed the door behind them before he crawled onto the bed, knowing he had to take advantage of this moment in order to truly heal from the damage his father had inflicted on him. Cavallone also understood this and was doing his best to comply with his soon-to-be lover's wishes.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Dino held his arms out, inviting Hibari back onto his lap. The teenager did so, rubbing their crotches together once again.

Dino ran a hand down the side of his partner's body, slipping it underneath the hem of the shirt. He could feel warm skin beneath his hand, scars marring soft flesh every now and then.

Hibari didn't seem to protest so Dino joined their mouths together once more as he slid his hand up to rub against a perk nipple. He felt the body on his lap tense and shiver, but the dark eyes that stared into his own were full of lust, no fear to be found.

The Prefect bit back a soft whimper as he felt calloused hands touching him with tenderness he had never experienced before, bringing out pleasure he had always been denied.


The two were silent for a while as Dino laid by Hibari's side, not touching him just yet; he could never be too sure if cuddling after sex was something the skylark would want.

To his surprise, a head of black hair rested on Dino's chest, onyx eyes closed as Hibari's soft breathing indicated he was relaxed.

"Kyouya?" Dino raised a hand, running it through the younger's hair.

"Don't get used to it, omnivore," Hibari mumbled. "Your chest just happens to be more comfortable than the pillow."

Dino smiled to himself as he followed his lover into sleep. Looks like I've somewhat tamed the savage skylark… even if he won't admit to it…