Chapter Two: Finding the Truth First-Hand

Hibari Kyouya had been resting peacefully on the roof of his school with his fluffy, yellow bird sitting on his shoulder. Without much to do today, the raven-haired male had thought a sleep sounded nice. The only problem was, his relaxation was soon interrupted by a loud blond who quickly accepted his challenge to fight.

While Hibari was a strong fighter, invincible in his own eyes, he refused to acknowledge that, within seconds of the fight beginning, he was already having trouble against the blond; the older male was not only fast enough to avoid his attacks; he was skilled with the bullwhip he had in his hand.

Backing off, Hibari tried to assess the situation. He understood this stranger was here, trying to recruit him for a mafia or something similar. He also knew if he won this fight, he could decline the offer. However, if he lost... he would be forced into something he didn't want.

"Already tired?" the blond laughed to himself as if he thought his question was funny.

Hibari narrowed his grey eyes. He raised the two steel tonfa he had in each hand into the air as he prepared himself to get back into the fight; he wasn't used to losing – especially being taunted by his opponents because people were usually too scared of him to want to risk further injury.

Angered further by the thought of being underestimated, Hibari ran to the taller man. He had managed to land a hit in the other's ribs, but the bullwhip lashed against his cheek, drawing a stream of blood.

The blond grunted. He reached up to hold where he had been struck, wondering if his rib had just been broken because it sure felt as if it had been. The student was vicious enough to know that he had hurt the other, but what he wasn't expecting was for Dino to chuckle.

"Nice hit, Kyouya." The Chiavarone Boss grinned before he regained his posture, keeping his feet shoulder-width apart to brace himself for another attack.

"Don't call me Kyouya." The black-haired boy was finding it harder and harder to contain his anger for this interloper; how dare the man come up here and act like they were friends? Hibari didn't have friends; he only had people he could use for personal gain and then abandon. Enemies? Lots of them. But friends? Never. "It's Hibari."

"Maybe it's the custom here to use family names," the blond started, his voice oddly soft without a hint of amusement in it now, "but where I'm from, we're more personal."

Hibari couldn't believe what he had just heard; had this person just insinuated he thought they could get personal...? A loud growl he didn't recognise as his own filled the air as rage overwhelmed him; he would never allow anyone to get close to him, to get personal with him. People were not to be trusted. The only one he could rely on was himself.

The blond was almost unprepared for the sudden burst of speed the other acquired, and he had only just missed a tonfa to the face as he stepped back, countering the smaller arm with his own. He was too shocked by the way Hibari's attacks had suddenly turned feral to be able to block the other arm in time.

The older male felt a pain shoot through his face as the steel tonfa connected with his cheek, but he couldn't allow it to stop him; he had to win this fight – not to get Hibari on their side, but to try and understand what was going on with him because someone with a normal upbringing should not be acting this way and something must have happened to him at some point.

The pain was intense, the shaggy-haired man knew, but he couldn't stop now – not when Hibari seemed to have lost control of his senses; he had to stop this before it got out of control.

Barely dodging the next attack, but not fast enough to avoid it completely, the taller male winced as he felt a burning ache in his shoulder as it was hit next. He spun around to face the rabid student and raised his whip, striking it towards the other.

Hibari snarled as he felt the pain of the whip cutting through his skin, but he could barely focus on anything to truly understand his torso had been injured; it was as if he was losing himself to a darkness within him, and not only did he not know how to stop it from overwhelming him, part of him didn't want to stop it.

The blond, seeing the way his opponent faltered slightly, took the opening to wrap the younger within the bullwhip, restraining him from further attacking.

The prefect snarled and struggled against his bindings, but it wasn't until he had tired himself out did he finally concede the defeat. Panting slightly, he dropped to his knees once the bullwhip was removed from around him, too tired to truly be angry; he couldn't remember the last time he had lost all control like that but, every time he did, he would return to reality tired beyond belief, an exhaustion even the most intense fight never brought him. Trying to liken his feelings to something seemed too much like a weakness, so the raven had never been able to explain how he truly felt at moments like this.

The blond approached slowly with a smile on his face despite his blue eyes watching cautiously in case the other attacked again. Kneeling beside his defeated opponent, he reached his hand out, intending to introduce himself.

"My name is Dino Cavallone," the young man explained. He hid the hurt from his face when his friendly gesture was ignored, pulling his unshaken hand back to his side. "I come from Italy. I mentioned to you before I am the boss of the Chiavarone Family. We are allies of the Vongola, the family we want you to join."

As much as Hibari wanted to refuse, to say he hadn't agreed to such a thing, he was just too tired to even open his mouth. He instead stared at the older male with a blank look, just wishing he could go to sleep. He could hear his bird chirping somewhere, and he could only wish at that moment that he, too, had wings so that he could just disappear.

Dino didn't let the silence faze him; he kept talking, hoping the other would respond to him at least once. "You've got a few injuries, Kyouya. Would you like me to take you back with me? Some of my men can give you medical attention."

Hibari's eyes closed as his head shook side-to-side weakly. He wanted the taller male to leave him alone, humiliated as he was with this defeat. He fell limply to his side, and his grey eyes stared at the bird sitting on the fence surrounding the perimeter of the roof. The yellow fuzzball chirped his name happily before it flew over and landed in his hair, plucking with its claws to make itself comfortable.

Cavallone wouldn't allow himself to be defeated by the sixteen-year-old; he would find a way to get the other to trust him, even if it took a lifetime. Reaching down in an attempt to bring Hibari to his feet, he quickly recoiled at the startled hiss directed his way, noticing the way grey eyes scrunched shut in what he knew was fear.

Did Hibari fear him? Why? He was just someone who wanted to help; was there really any reason to fear him? He was sure he had gone overboard in trying to convey his kindness; why was this boy the only one to reject him, treat him as unkind?

"..." Getting to his feet, Dino stood, understanding he wasn't wanted here – at least not now. "I'm going to buy some lunch if you would like any."

Hibari showed no acknowledgement towards his elder, he instead reached up to pat the yellow bird now sleeping on his head. He shifted so that he now rested on his side with his back facing the taller man, and he closed his eyes, just wanting to sleep this humiliation away.

Dino gazed at the boy with a soft expression. He understood he wasn't dealing with just a rebellious child; this was someone who had been damaged – but in what way? Could he do anything to help? Would Hibari let him help...?

Knowing that pondering these unanswerable questions would do him no good, Dino instead turned around, leaving the school roof and heading down to the front lawn of the schoolyard. He didn't know why, but hamburgers with a side of pineapple sounded good to him.