Of Mining and Monsters

I emerge on this path of green grass,

Up above the bright sun, it doth shine.

For awhile I sample the feel of the breeze,

And for a moment I lose all track of time.

But enough lounging about, there's work to be done,

And from building, I shall not refrain.

So with hands left and right, I head for a tree,

And hit it, for there's wood to be gained.

So I keep mining away, the sun starts to sink,

But despite all this wood I want more.

I mine up and down, to the left and the right,

I tear up the valley's whole floor.

And soon the sun sets, darkness enters the world,

And something hits me from behind.

I turn and I scream at the eight legged beasts,

Spiders, advancing in line.

I try to flee, but it's too little too late,

The spiders, they feed tonight.

Flesh is torn off, venom enters my blood,

And soon I lose all will to fight.

But there's one beacon of hope, one final chance left,

And thus I fight through the pain.

Cast out my mind, see the mouse of salvation,

And choose to load up a new game.