Minna-san Konnichiwa!

The Truth About Pikachu

Disclaimer: No way in hell would I own pokemon.

Summary: Pikachu is a human- turned pokemon . But one day the experiment, which the scientist used to turn her human broke loose. Oh my god, what shall she do?


I am Andi Kenis. Currently known as Ash Ketchum's pokemon Pikachu. And I used to be in love with him before we even 'met'. Before a freaky scientist turned me pokemon with an experiment.

That was 4 years ago. We were 6 years old. Me and Ash met at Viridian city. Where he used to live before moving to Pallet. We had just move there, and it was a new place for we came from Kalos. I was so desperate to have a friend there, then I met Ash. I was so disappointed that they were moving away, thus the fact I disrespect him the first day.

Chapter 1

this is normal POV. I only used Pikachu aka Andi for the intro.

"C'mon Pikachu! We're gonna be late for the festival!" Ash called as he was running towards an alleyway. It was a long time since him and Andi parted, so he was at ease a little bit.

"Hey Ash, wait up!" Misty yelled. While pikachu was scurrying towards his trainer. "Why would I? You're the slowpoke!" Ash joked the orange haired girl. "Oh, I'm gonna kill you, Ketchum!" Ash felt a killing intent radiate from the 'tomboyish mermaid'. "Oh, crap. I'm gonna die! Help me!" Ash cried. He began running even faster. "Holy crap. Holy crap. Holy CRAAP!" the 10 year old chanted as he ran for his life.

Eventually, Ash bumped to a twelve- year old girl. She had blue eyes and short blonde hair tied in pigtails just like Andi used to have. The girl looked troubled, worried also. Very worried. He wondered why. Ash looked behind him, and pikachu jumped on his shoulder. He looked back again, no sign of Misty. Thank God, he still had time.

'This girl..reminds me of Andi..' Ash thought. He was really worried since he was reminded of the day he left Andi. He tried to shrug it off, but he cannot. It hurt so much inside. Maybe helping will help ease the pain.

"You look worried. Can I help you?"

"Worried, kid?! Worried !? I've been dreading for 4 years! Four friggin' years, kid! The certain day I lost my younger sis!" the girl snapped.

"What is your name?" the young trainer asked. "Angel Kenis." The girl muttered. 'Wait- Kenis- this must be a mistake!' Ash mentally denied the unconfirmed fact.

"Well, what IS your sister's name?"

"Andi. Andi Sarah Kenis."

A/N: I am aware it is short and sorta crappy. Just the lack of inspiration. No worries, I will improve. Oh and NEVER forget to review, or else I'll 'kick your stupid sorry asses'. Sayonara, readers!