While Kitty and Kurt teleported, Scott and Jean got in that…car of his and Ah took one of the X cycles, helmet included of course.

Now that Ah think about them Ah actually feel sorry for those bastards. Back in Magneto's and Mystique's day they were a real threat and now they were just petty criminals with quite a few ex members to their name including me. Now it was Pietro who was leading them and it was only two out of 7 times he actually showed up to help his two remaining comrades which led us to question if he was planning on staying with them much longer.

Toad and Blob though. Those two are inseparable.

"Rogue? Are you ok?"


Ah quickly turned ma head to ma right to see Jean looking over the passenger seat at me with concern. Ah wonder what's got her so worried?

"Uh yeah Ah'm fine why?"

"You just seem distracted and you're riding a motorcycle."

Sigh that again.

"Don't worry Ah'm fine. I rode these things longer than you know."

She then just mouthed "ok" and sank back into her seat.

"You better get ready. We'll be there in 5 minutes." Scott seemed to look like he was going through all the possible scenarios he could think of as he stated this. But what was there to prepare for? It would just be the same routine with these guys. Ah'm just a little surprised that Pietro seemed to finally clock on to that.

Suddenly Ah was surrounded by grimy apartment buildings and graffiti. Whoever decided to open a jewellery store here was askin to get robbed. It wasn't even the brotherhood they had to worry about.

Ah was snapped out of ma thoughts as voices echoed through the streets and they were just gettin closer.

"Hurry up Fred, someone's coming!"

"Alright!" "Jeez. How much of this stuff do we have to take?

"Just enough to pay for Christmas!"

Suddenly there was the sound of Toad counting to himself in quick succession

"Yep! This'll do let's get out of here!"

As me and Scott turned a corner we finally saw the two figures of Toad and Blob with their backs to us. Both were holding two full garbage bags in each hand. Stopping where we were Ah removed ma helmet as me, Scott and Jean ran towards them.

"Freeze!" Yelled Scott as we stopped to a halt. Way to give away our position!

"Oh crap!" Toad immediately threw his hands up in the air as he let the bags drop

"Look officers. Maybe we can cut a dea-"

As he turned around a look of disappointment and disgust struck his face.

"Oh. It's just the X Dweebs."

Blob soon turned around as well still holding the bags as he look angered

Scott held his hand up to his visor staring intently at them

"Stop what you're doing and get out of here."

While Ah was debatin on whether to remove ma gloves Jean looked ready to hurl something at Blob in case he made a move on us.

"Stop what you're doing and get out of here!" Toad mocked as he put his hand near his eyes to mimic Scott.

"Or what!?" He spat and Scott's expression didn't change one bit.

"You of all people should know what." Toad still didn't flinch. They haven't seriously forgotten the past 4 years have they? There was the familiar sound of Kurt's teleportation behind us and Kitty, with an oddly shocked expression and Kurt soon joined us. "Hey!" Kitty attracted our attention noticing she struck one finger towards Toad who looked pretty confused now. "Isn't that the necklace I put a reserve on?"

"What?" We didn't notice it before but as we all looked at Toad's index finger on his right hand and we could see that there really was a silver object with a medium sized pink gem hooked through his finger. He probably decided to hold on to his favorites much like the other rings and necklaces he had on his fingers.

"Oh yeah?" Toad suddenly got a mischievous grin on his face. "Well it's ours now!" Before we could say or do anything Toad threw the necklace up into the air and quickly caught it with his tongue… and pulled it into his mouth making a gulp sound. Ah looked at Jean wondering if she was actually here.

"On second thought." We turned to see Kitty with a look of disgust on her face. "I think that thing like just lost its value."

Ah didn't notice it before but Blob looked like he was going to explode even more by the second so Ah trained ma attention on him. He was slightly huffin and puffin now. "Come on!" He shouted looking extremely red "We can take em'!" He dropped the bags and charged towards us roaring. A large rock made contact with his face immediately smashing into pieces. Ah realized Jean did that. It didn't seem to hurt him but he immediately stopped with a shocked and confused expression on his face until Kurt suddenly teleported on top of his back. "Sorry big guy! Lights out!"

"Wha- HEY!" Kurt used his hands to block Blob's vision while Blob was flailing around almost falling at some points. "GET OFF OF ME!" Blob made a reach to yank Kurt off of him until Scott shot an eyebeam at his feet causing him to fall backwards as Kurt leapt off of him and landed perfectly with his feet on the ground. Blob got back up growling as he left a huge imprint on the road. Ah noticed Kitty was running towards Toad so Ah joined her leaving Scott, Jean and Kurt to focus on Blob.

"I can't believe you ate my necklace you frea- AH!" She was cut off as Toad shot his tongue out and wrapped it around her leg attempting to throw her towards a building. Until Ah stomped ma foot on it.

"MFFFFFF!" The tongue was forced to let Kitty go as Ah kept it pinned. Toad's eyes started to glisten and he almost sounded like he was choking as he desperately tried to free himself. He looked in dread as ma eyes started to glow with Scott's eyebeams and shot one at him letting him go just a second before it struck him. With a yell he was sent towards the concrete wall behind him and slammed into it backwards. He groaned in pain as he lay on the ground with his tongue laid out.

"Ow!" Ah quickly turned ma head along with Kitty to see Blob rubbing his eyes after getting struck with Scott's eyebeams. With strong concentration Jean managed to use her telekinesis on Blob's legs causing him to fall down. As he got back up she used a knocked over street lamp to wrap it tightly around him. "Hey!" He yelled as he tried to break free. "Let me go!"

"Ughhh" We all looked over at Toad as he climbed back up while retracting his tongue back into his mouth. As he saw us with a look of fear he immediately started to leap away.

Scott immediately took charge. "Don't let him get away!"

"On it!" Kurt immediately gave chase as he ran and teleported right in front of Toad.

Toad yelped as he was startled backwards. "Surprise!" Kurt threw a fist at Toad's jaw as he slammed onto the sidewalk on his side. As we ran up to them Toad was groaning. Realizing who was missing Scott immediately surveyed the area in anticipation for him. When no sign of him was there he looked at Toad with a steel expression. "Where's your buddy?" Toad looked up at Scott while rubbing his cheek where Kurt hit him. "Pietro? And why would I tell you dumb dumbs?"

In response Scott held his hand up to his visor looking directly at Toad. "Because then I won't use this." Toad yelped as he threw his hands up to his face in horror and then waving his hands in front of him. "Ok ok! He's at our place! He planned the whole thing! It was his idea! Now please leave me alone!" He leapt away passing Blob and Blob frantically followed him still tied up. Kurt motioned to chase after them but Scott held his palm up shaking his head as he quietly thought to himself. "It looks like we're going to have to pay a visit to Pietro. Me, Kurt and Jean will head over to the boarding house. Rogue, you and Kitty report back to The Professor. Just tell him that The Brotherhood were up to their old tricks again."

"Right!" Kitty made the US Army salute while Ah just nodded. Ah was slightly disappointed he didn't choose me to go with them but at least Ah didn't have to see how they lived. While Ah did used to be one of them it wasn't for that long.

"Ok everyone let's go." As Jean, Scott and Kurt made their way to his car me and Kitty headed to the X Cycle. After climbing on I put the helmet on and Kitty got on behind me.

"Um, Rogue?"


"You didn't bring two helmets by any chance did you?"

"Just keep your head intangible."

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