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Chapter 26


It's been over two weeks since I've heard from Edward. I'm so worried about him -he didn't sound like himself. He sounded rushed, like he was taking a risk by calling me.

The thought that he may have risked his life just to ease my worry is driving me crazy. It's all I think about, I know all this stress is not good for EJ.

I am at my thirty-seventh-week check-up and staring at the nurse who is taking my blood pressure with a look of horror on her face.

"Is it high?" I ask. I can't seem to calm down between my parents showing up and worrying about Edward.

"I'm sure everything is fine, but let's see what Dr. Volturi says." The nurse smiles at me and then leaves the room.

Esme holds my hand and smiles warmly. "Try not to worry, Bella. Everything will be fine."

We're interrupted by Dr. Volturi entering the room with a grave look on her face.

She exhales and looks at me with sad eyes. "Bella, your blood pressure is high. I want to start you on treatment and this should be your last week of work. If Monday or Tuesday could be your last day, that would be best."

I squeeze Esme's hand. "The baby's fine, right, Dr. Volturi?"

"He's a little big, and your blood pressure is starting to worry me. I want to go ahead and schedule to induce labor on March fifteenth. I want to monitor you very closely so that preeclampsia will not occur. Our goal is to keep you calm and healthy for two more weeks, but he still may want to join us earlier. You're already dilated two centimeters."

Tears fall down my face. The pain in my chest is so prominent that I can barely breathe. I feel like I've failed Edward and EJ. Esme hugs me to her, comforting me. Thank God I have my small family or I would fall completely apart.

"Everything is going to be fine. I know Edward being gone is very difficult for you but I'm going to need you to try not to stress yourself out. I'm just taking precaution to make sure the baby's lungs will be fully developed. Mr. EJ here will be a healthy baby boy. I want you to wrap up everything on Monday, letting your job know it's doctor's orders. Are we clear?" She raises an eyebrow.

"Perfectly," Esme says with a look of determination.


Monday morning I stand in front of my boss, Caius. He is very understanding, knowing it's doctor's orders that have me leaving work earlier than I had originally planned.

Everyone in the production department said good-bye to me later that day with cupcakes. Carmen knows my weakness for all things cake. They even had a few presents and a large card that the studio made with my name on it. Everyone signed it with well wishes to Edward, EJ, and me. I'm so glad I decided to take this job and meet all of these wonderful people.

After one of the guys puts the last of the baby presents into my car, I call Edward's phone like I always do.

Like all the other times it goes straight to voicemail. I take a deep breath and leave a message.

"Hey. Today was my last day of work and they threw me a mini baby shower with cupcakes. Wasn't that so nice? I have so much to tell you. Your son will be born on March fifteenth. I hope you're here for it. I love you so much Sarge." I end the call getting choked up.

Before I'm able to pull off my phone rings. Seeing Angela's name on the screen, I answer it having the call run through the radio so I can drive.

I pull out of the company's parking lot and start driving toward home.

"Hey! How was in vitro?" I ask.

"Cross all fingers and toes that one of the eggs gets fertilized," she says sounding hopeful.

"I will. What else is new?" I ask.

"I have something to tell you, but I don't want to upset you." The phone goes silent.

"I'm driving. Should I park the car? I ask getting a little worried.

"No, it's not that bad. Just …" She takes a deep breath. "I know how your parents found out about the shower and where it was."

"Oh?" I say a little shocked and wondering how she knows.

"You know Momma likes to give her opinion freely, and every now and again she calls Renee to give her a piece of her mind on the situation. This time she felt the need to forward her the baby shower invitation." She rushes the words out, sounding afraid of my reaction.

Mrs. Weber is a force within herself, so I shouldn't be surprised that she sent my parents the invite or that she sometimes calls to give my mother a piece of her mind.

I take a deep breath in. "It's fine Angela. You and I both know your mother can't be controlled."

"I know. It doesn't make her less annoying to deal with though," she says.

I pull up to the house, parking in the driveway.

"Okay, Ange. I'll call you later. I just got home."

"Great. I'll keep you posted on the egg. I have a good feeling about this one!" she says before we disconnect.

I really hope this round of in vitro works for Angela and Ben.

Esme and Carlisle come and take the presents and cupcakes out of the car while I sit on the couch. The television is on CNN and the screen is filled with some hostage crisis in Colombia that recently came to an end.

They sit down on opposite sides of me.

"Mark my words, if it were ten American students instead of Colombian students we would've heard about this from the beginning," Carlisle says angrily.

"Don't get too upset, Carlisle. We want a calm environment for this little one." She rubs my belly.

"Mom, it's fine. I'm sure Dad getting upset over the news will not cause EJ any stress." I pat her leg to calm her down.

Esme picks up the remote and switches the channel. She's been on a calm trip since my doctor's appointment. Her overbearing ways show me where her son gets it.

"I just don't want you to watch this stuff. The news is too upsetting." She stands and smiles at me. "Dinner will be ready soon."

She leaves Dad and me alone. He flips the channel back to CNN.

"I've been watching the news so much lately in case there's some word of military involvement. I just would like to have a general idea of where my son is." He reaches over and rubs my stomach.

"Me too, Dad." I smile at him but it turns into a grimace when pain shoots up my back.

"Bella?" Dad sits up and looks panicked. "What is it?"

The pain passes but I'm left a little winded and worried. "It was back pain, but I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" he asks.

"Yes." I give him my best smile.

We eat dinner and talk of our day. Carlisle tells us how his day at the office went and Esme talks of how she's ready for spring so that she can work in the garden.

After dinner I talk to both Alice and Rose. Alice is going crazy over the wedding and wondering what size dress I'll need. And Rose is getting through her morning sickness like a boss.

The rest of the night I have small pains here and there. I go to the Internet and I discover that I'm having Braxton Hicks Contractions. I go to sleep knowing that all is well with EJ.


I wake in the middle of the night wet all over. I can't believe I had a damn accident in my sleep. That's never happened to me before, but again, a lot of new things have happened in my life.

After getting out of the bed, I start walking to the bathroom but then I'm hit by a contraction. I grip the edge of the bed for dear life until it passes.

My heart pounds in my chest, and I start to panic.

Edward's not here. I have no idea where he is. Just as I'm about to go into full freak-out mode another contraction hits me, letting me know I need to get to the hospital.

"Mom! Dad!" I scream because right now all I want is for the baby to be okay.

Footsteps alert me that they heard me. They burst into the room.

"What's wrong?" Mom rushes over.

"I think my water just broke." I tell them breathing through another pain.

"Okay! Esme get Bella dressed. I'm going to call the doctor and the girls. Bella should I call your parents?"

"Yes, that's fine," I say not really caring.

I said I would think about allowing them in our lives. They do have the right to know that their first grandchild is about to be born.

"Dad can you also call Edward's phone and leave a message?" I ask him while I grip Mom's hand.

"I'll call Edward first," he says rushing out of the room.


"Fuck!" I yell as the hot water pounds against my sore muscles.

Emmett and Jasper and the other guys are all taking a shower before we jump on our flight to the states. This was a rough one.

When you hear hostage situation, you hope that means it will go quickly, but fuck if these fuckers didn't have other plans. A group of Colombian college students were taken hostage. One of the students was the daughter of a high political official and that's the only reason why we were sent in. It took us weeks to find their location. Once we found them we had to be careful not to lose any of the hostages.

There was a break in rotation where I ran off with the satellite phone and called Bella. It was completely against the rules but Jasper and Emmett and I needed to get word to the girls and I needed to know if my son was all right.

We were able to save all the hostages but not without bloodshed. Thank God all my guys got out alive. We are a little banged up, but it's better than the alternative. Now we're at a base and getting ready to get on a plane back to the States.

My phone is currently charging. The guys and I all agree not to call the girls; we're just going to show up in Seattle. I don't want anything to fuck this up.

I get out of the shower with my skin scrubbed clean. I wrap a towel around my waist and walk over to find my phone fully charged. There's a shit ton of messages and texts on it and I'm suddenly afraid.

Sitting down I listen to my messages. I'm shocked when I hear Bella's voice giving me little updates on her and EJ. My chest grows tight and tears fall as I listen to her go on about food, his weight, him giving her heartburn or a hard kick to her ribs.

"Sarge! You need to get dressed." Emmett's voice is loud.

I stop listening to the messages and go get dressed so that I can get home to Tiny and EJ.


After we are off the plane, it takes a few hours to be debriefed and discharged. I'm a little pissed, it took that long but it's protocol. Once we are all done, Jasper rushes to get us a vehicle.

Taking out my phone, I see there's a missed call from my dad. I listen to the message, not believing my ears. I'm about to be a father!


"Emmett! The baby's coming! We need to fucking go, now!" I scream running towards the doors.

Jasper pulls up just in time with a military-issued vehicle. He notices my face as I jump into the passenger seat throwing my duffle in the back.

"What's going on?" he asks as Emmett gets into the backseat.

"Bella's in labor. Fucking drive! I don't want to miss my son coming into the world." I bang my hand against the dashboard.

He takes off like a bat out of hell and pushes a hundred all the way to Seattle. We try several times, to call Rose, Alice, Mom, and Dad but no one is answering their phones. Thank God I know that Dr. Volturi is associated with Northwest Medical Center. At least that's where we were planning to have the baby.

"I'll try Rose again," Emmett says picking up his phone.


"Ahh! I want Edward!" Bella screams for the millionth time.

We're all in a hospital room. We've been in here since two in the morning yesterday. Her parents showed up out of the blue late afternoon, but they've been sitting in the lobby ever since. Esme didn't want them to upset Bella. Either they have learned the error of their fucked up ways or they're some damn good actors. I'm still not sure which one it is.

Bella is at her wits end and ready to deliver. The last time the doctor checked her she was only dilated to eight. Two more centimeters and they'll rush her out to the birthing room to deliver EJ.

I'm so damn excited; it's like EJ's a part of all of us. I just wish Edward were here for Bella.

My hand goes to my own stomach and I rub it, smiling. I don't know how Emmett is going to take the news. It's his damn fault—waking me up in the middle of the night by eating me out. How could I think while he's doing that? I just jumped him!

"Rose, can you get more ice chips?" Esme asks.

"Sure thing."

My phone vibrates as I'm walking out of the room. That's strange it's like four in the morning. I take it out of my purse and look down to Emmett's name flashing on the screen.

I answer it quickly and walk out the room not wanting to alarm the others.

"Emmett?" My voice is just a whisper.

"Rosie! What hospital are you all at? We're in Seattle and going to Northwest," he shouts out.

Dr. Volturi passes me and goes into Bella's room.

"Yes, we're at Northwest … You're in Seattle? How?" There're a million things I want to say to him.

"No time. I'll see you in a few minutes. We're exiting the highway."

My heart stops.

Just as I'm about to say something, orderlies rush into the room and then Bella is being pushed out.

"Rose! She's at ten centimeters! EJ's coming!" Alice says excitedly.

"Oh God! Emmett, the baby's coming we're on the fourth floor! Hurry!" I say, hearing Emmett tell Jasper to drive faster.

Edward is screaming in the background. "Holy shit! My son is coming!"

"Emmett? What!" Alice asks yanking the phone out of my hand. "Hello?" she asks and then a huge smile breaks out on her face.

This is going to be one of the happiest day of our lives.


I jump out of the car before Jasper is able to bring it to a stop. Taking off at full speed, I run into the building and rush to the stairs. I take the stairs two at a time all the way to the fourth floor.

Thank God I'm in fucking shape.

I burst through the doors, and rush up to the nurse's area.

"Isabella Cullen? I'm her husband. She's in labor!" I say, yelling.

"Edward!" Alice runs up to me. "They took her to birthing room three."

"Where the hell have you been while your wife is in labor?" I look up to find Bella's parents glaring at me.

I don't have time for their shit or to wonder why they are even here.

"Sir, follow me." One of the nurses hurries from behind the counter and rushes down the hall.

I hope I'm not too late. I want to be there when my son is born.


"Oh. My. Fucking. God!" I scream as another contraction hits me hard. "I want to push! I want to push!"

I don't care if I sound like a crazy lady. This shit hurts! I think that damn epidural is wearing off. I need more!

"You can't push yet, sweetheart," Esme says to my right.

Her and Carlisle are flanking me as Dr. Volturi and her team prep for EJ's arrival. I was moved into the birthing room fifteen minutes ago.

"I want Edward," I cry.

The continuous stream of tears falls without my permission.

"I know." She gives Carlisle a strange look.

Another contraction hits and I squeeze both their hands.


His name floats through my mind like a healing balm. If only he were here with us. I want EJ to be able to see his father's face when he's put in my arms.

"Bella!" Edward's voice seems to be just outside of the room.

Of course I would hallucinate while I'm in so much fucking pain!

There's a commotion at the door and next thing I know Carlisle is replaced by a very bearded and weary looking Edward.

"Baby, I'm here," he says kissing my face repeatedly.

"Edward? How … Oh God!" I grip his hand hard.

"Your mother and I will wait outside. Son stay with your wife," I hear Carlisle say.

"We love all of you," Esme says walking out of the room.

I want to say something but at that exact moment a fucking ripping seems to be occurring below. "Ahh! Shit!"

"Let's go people! EJ doesn't seem to want to wait now that Daddy's here!" Dr. Volturi yells out.

"It's okay baby! I'm here. Fuck, I love you so much, Tiny." he kisses my sweaty brow, and I'm so happy he's here.

"I love you too, Sarge. Oh!"

"Bella, I need you to push on three. Ready? One. Two. Three. Push!" Dr. Volturi commands.

"Ughhh …" I push with everything in my being.

"Good! Okay on the next contraction on three … One. Two. Three!" Dr. Volturi yells from her spot between my legs.

It's the worst pain imaginable and I swear I'm going to fucking pass out.

"Come on, Tiny! You can do it baby," Edward says wiping my brow.

"Ugh! God!" I push until I can't push anymore.

The room is silent and then a loud cry fills the room.

"Here he is!" Dr. Volturi says holding up EJ.

"You did it, baby! My God he's beautiful." Edward kisses my lips. I grip his hair enjoying having him at my side.

"Here is your son." The nurse places the baby on my breasts.

"Our son." I look down at EJ and kiss the top of his head.

Edward takes his little hand with one of his fingers. "Hey little man, Daddy's so happy to meet you."

I look up at Edward. "You're really here?"

"I am." He kisses me and I lose myself in my happiness.


I sit on the bed next to Bella with our family and friends surrounding us. It's been a crazy few fucking hours. When we first got out of delivery Bella's parents tried to see her and the baby but I shut that shit down. I don't know what the fucks been going on in my absence but I didn't want them anywhere near Bella and EJ.

After they left with a 'You can't keep us away from out daughter.' Bella and I caught a few hours of sleep. The baby slept in one of those plastic bassinets by our side and I've never been so fucking happy in my life.

Edward Carlisle Cullen, still known as EJ, to not confuse the two Edwards, is the most beautiful baby I've ever seen, with his head full of reddish brown hair and crisp baby blue eyes. He weighs eight pounds and twelve ounces and is twenty-one inches long. It was Bella's idea to give him my dad's name; she said my parents had been a godsend to the both of them.

"I can't believe I'm going to have one of these in October," Emmett says gazing down at my son.

"You are," Rose says from his side.

"Okay, you two stop hogging my nephew." Alice takes the baby out of Emmett's hands.

I laugh at her crazy ass as she smiles down at my son.

"They'll be next," Bella whispers next to me.

I look down at my beautiful wife. Her hair is in a bun on top of her head, she looks exhausted but I've never seen her look more gorgeous.

"We'll be next. As soon as we get the all clear I'm knocking you up again." I kiss her lips.

"I don't think so, Sarge. I will need at least a year and I need you home." Her fingers run through my beard.

"I'll be home, baby. I promise." I kiss her again, not able to keep my hands off her.

"Okay, you two, we don't want another grandbaby so soon after this little guy." My mother takes EJ from Alice. "We're going to leave you all so that Mommy can rest."

She passes me EJ as everyone says their good-byes with hugs and kisses to Bella.

"You did a great job, Momma," Jasper says kissing Bella's cheek.

"Thanks Jazz. I'm so glad all of you are home. It's just so overwhelming," she says while one of her hands pull EJ and me closer.

She hasn't let me wander far from her side.

"Edward, just call when you want one of us to pick you up. Dad can drop of your truck if you want," my mom says.

"No, I'm not going anywhere. I'll stay until Bella and EJ go home." I adjust EJ in my arms.

He's starting to fuss and I know Bella is going to have to feed him again. She gave it a go directly after delivery. The lactation specialist was really helpful and now Bella is an old pro.

"Sarge, you should get some rest," she says trying to be strong but I can see that she doesn't really want me to go.

"I'm good here with you two." I pass her EJ and bend down to kiss her lips again.

"We'll be back later today with food," Rose tells us, leading the group out of the room.

Alone at last with my family I pull Bella into my side while she feeds EJ. He latches on like a champ, greedily sucking. Bella's hand strokes his head and I bend down and kiss his little foot.

Looking down at my wife and son my heart is filled with so much fucking joy. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Sarge."

Our lips connect and I wrap my arms around my little family. Everything is as it should be … Fucking perfect.

The End.

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