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Chapter 1: Prologue

Quin groaned and threw her hand up in frustration. Time was running out and the days on her calendar were mocking her. It was just too hard to plan the perfect wedding. She had enough going on in her life at the moment, but she had found herself unable to say no when asked for help. Her Glee mates were no help either. Santana was too caught up with Britney, Finn was hanging all over Rachel, Blaine and Kurt were always unavailable, Sam was busy trying to chase Mercedes, and Quinn didn't really trust the new kids to give her any decent help or advice. She heaved a sigh and reluctantly turned back to the wedding plans, rubbing her temples to ease the headache that had suddenly developed while she tried to find a decent starting point.

It suddenly came to her. Music was the best way to get started. She had all the singers from New Directions to help as the band, although she made a note to make sure that Mr. Shue would not be rapping. There was no need to terrify the guests after all. The blonde tapped her pen thoughtfully against her chin as she booted up her computer and scrolled through the music in her iTunes.

Thirty minutes later, after thoroughly searching the music on her computer and on YouTube, Quinn had an organized list of music for the ceremony and the reception. She then turned her mind towards the invitations. She groaned once more as she observed the rather large pile of samples that she had to go through. "Aarrgh! I wish I had some help with this!" she complained.

*Tap, tap, * Quinn looked up just as Rachel entered the room with a large beaming smile on her face. The brunette was carrying an oversized bag and two steaming lattes. She handed one to Quinn and sat down in the desk chair. The diva immediately began rummaging through the bag and pulled out several binders. Quinn smirked when she noticed that each binder was meticulously labeled and organized. Typical Rachel.

"Ready to get started?" Rachel smiled at Quinn.

"What are you doing here?" Quinn looked completely shocked.

"Helping you of course," Rachel said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Why?" Rachel quirked an eyebrow at Quinn's apparent confusion.

"You mentioned earlier that you were going to be working on wedding stuff, so I thought that I would come and lend my expertise in the matter at hand. I have already assembled a plethora of materials and colors for the decorations and invitations, as well as put together a wonderfully romantic list of musical favorites for the occasion." Rachel rambled nervously.

Quinn mentally face palmed. She didn't want Rachel's help. It was bad enough that the wedding materials she was buried in reminded her of the upcoming mistake between the brunette and Finn, but being around Rachel meant that the blonde would be unable to vent about it when she was frustrated.

It was on the tip of her tongue to say no, but Quinn made the mistake of looking at Rachel's hopeful expression. Her Bambi eyes were pleading with Quinn for acceptance. Quinn sighed, "Ugh! I guess you can help. I have some conditions though." Quinn cut off Rachel's gasp of excitement. "One, no show tunes. Two, no argyle. And three, I have the final say on what stays and what goes. Deal?"


Rachel smiled brightly at Quinn, who couldn't help but return it. The blonde reached back to get her binder, while Rachel stood up and began neatly arranging her own binders on the bed. Quinn gaped at the sheer amount of information that the little diva had accumulated. There were seven binders, each one labeled and bursting at the seams. She scanned the titles apprehensively. There was music, invitations, venues, decorations, dresses, flowers and food.

"What the hell, Rachel?" Quinn huffed. She had already been overwhelmed with choices and this was NOT helping!

"I thought that you might find it easier to go though if everything was organized. I have spent a great deal of time and effort to put together an informative collection of everything to do with weddings. I would have put together a power point, but I realized that this might be the better way to go as there are some things that cannot be adequately portrayed on a computer screen"

"I already have to pick from too many selections! Now it's even worse." Quinn fumed. "This has to be done soon. The wedding date is July 4th and it's almost April!"

"Calm down, Quinn. The sooner we get started the sooner we can give your mother the wedding she deserves."

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