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Chapter 3

Quinn slept fitfully as nightmares about her fight with Rachel swarmed in her subconscious. When her alarm went off at 8 a.m. she almost threw it across the room. Heaving a sigh, she tossed off the covers and tiredly stumbled to the bathroom to get cleaned up and ready for church.

Fort-five minutes later had Quinn in a dark green dress with a soft cream-colored cardigan and black ballet flats. Her hair was in loose curls around her face and she had applied a minimal amount of makeup. She was putting in her earrings when the smell of breakfast wafted up the stairs. Quinn checked her reflection one last time, before grabbing her purse and heading down to the kitchen.

Judy looked up from the frying pan that held the scrambled eggs. Bacon and waffles had already been set on the table, along with some orange juice. She smiled at her daughter as Quinn moved to set the table and get the coffee.

"So how was the planning session, dear? I'm sorry I got home so late, but Patrick took me to a show in Akron and it didn't get out until almost eleven." Judy spooned some eggs onto Quinn's plate and some onto her own.

"It went well. So far I have narrowed down the venues for the reception, I booked the church and the minister, and I scheduled appointments with some caterers." Quinn tried to refrain from devouring her breakfast. She had been so busy the day before that she had missed dinner completely.

"Wow! You've done so much already?" Judy beamed proudly at her daughter and turned to her own breakfast.

"I'm glad I could help, Mom. I got lucky though. Rachel came over to help." Quinn flushed at the admission and at her mom's praise.

"That's wonderful, Quinnie! Rachel is such a sweet girl, and so talented too." Judy hid her delighted smirk with a sip of coffee as she took in her daughter's expression.

Quinn sat in slight shock at her mom's praise of Rachel. She'd been prepared for a frown of distaste or even a reprimand for hanging out with that 'Berry girl.' The last thing she expected was a positive endorsement. Deciding not to answer right away, she quickly finished her breakfast and helped her mother clear the table before heading to the church for Sunday School and Mass.

Rachel's alarm went off at 7 a.m. sharp. She hopped out of bed and quickly changed into workout clothes. After grabbing some water and stretching she climbed onto her elliptical to begin her workout.

As her muscles began to warm, she began mentally planning her day. Sunday was her only day that had a somewhat open schedule. Her weekdays were filled with school, voice and dance lessons, and glee, while her Saturdays were usually spent with Finn. Since her botched NYADA audition, however, Rachel had let some of her lessons slide, opting instead to spending more time with Finn. She resolved to get herself together. Quinn had motivated her to get back into her training after their argument the day before.

As soon as her elliptical workout was complete, Rachel pulled out the yoga mat and stretched out her body with a short yoga routine. After a quick shower, she changed into her 'weekend clothes'- dark skinny jeans with red ballet flats, a white sleeveless shirt, a red cardigan, and a blue scarf. She then headed downstairs to make herself and her dads breakfast.

To her surprise she found both of her dads flitting around the kitchen, absorbed in making breakfast together.

"What's all this?" Rachel laughed as Hiram grabbed his chest in mock surprise. Leroy picked her up from behind and tickled her with affection, which only caused her to laugh harder.

"We've been so busy lately that we haven't spent much time with you," Leroy said as he put her down. "We thought it would be nice to spend the morning together before I have to leave on a business trip."

"That's great!" Rachel smiled excitedly. "What activities shall we do today?"

"After breakfast we can go to the grocery store and the mall and maybe an early movie. Your father has to leave for the airport around four." Hiram put the finishing touches on the fruit salad and brought it to table along with the pancakes.

Rachel clapped her hands together. This was turning out to be a great day. She had put herself back on track for her life plan and was getting to spend time with her parents.

Because the mall didn't open for another hour or so, Rachel and her dads did a few chores around the house to kill some time. Leroy picked up the living room and started some laundry while Hiram cleaned the bathrooms. Rachel cleaned the kitchen and picked up her room. While organizing her room, Rachel came across a picture of the glee club at Regionals. She unconsciously traced over Quinn's face. Their confrontation the day before hurt her heart and she wanted nothing more than to go over to Quinn's and apologize. She decided to go over the Quinn's and clear the air, while her fathers were at the airport. With that plan made, she scampered down the stairs to head to the mall with her dads.

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