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Previously on Come Alive

Over the next few months, the woman named Maria worked us like horses in the field; trainin', defendin' our territory, and killin' to survive. Sometimes I resist the need to feed or I try to. I still wasn't close to perfectin' the workin's of my gift, as Peter calls it, and after a couple of days of 'resistin'', I fed like a wild animal. Major sometimes helps me with my gift and gives tidbits of information that aid in my desperate need to not be what I am. It's only been a few months and already I can't take it anymore. Major says that if it gets too much for me, he'll help me out by takin' over. But he doesn't want to do it too soon or Maria will take advantage of me. She does not yet know of my gift or the fact that I have Major at my side. If she did, thin's would go down hill faster than you can say 'trouble'.

Ya have tuh endure it for jus' a few more months, Jasper.

I don't think I can do it. I mean, a couple more days of this, and I am goin' to lose it. Don't you have anythin' to help with this?

No, I don't! Stop bein' such a damn pussy an' grow a fuckin pair! Ya can't have me helpin' all the damn time, Jasper! If I help you every time you got yurself in some kind of bind, ya won't be able tuh do anythin' for yurself. Buck up, boy an' learn tuh do thin's on yur own. Don't let Maria tear you down. That's what she's doin' tuh everybody, ya know. In another seven months, ya will be stronger an' faster than everyone here. She'll keep you an' then that's when shit really gets fuckin' tough. You think this is hard now? Boy, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Peter Pov

Throwin' a newborn's head into the flames, I looked over to Jasper. He always had this hard look about him but I know what was really goin' on. The only person that's really keepin' him together is The Major. I let out a sigh. Thin's aren't goin' the way they were supposed to. The end the year is comin' around I'm startin' to worry about our plans.

Stop yur incessant worrin' 'bout The Major an' worry 'bout our mate!

I jumped slightly like I do every time I hear his voice. I had no idea who the hell this voice was and he wouldn't tell me a thin'. He always told me said somethin' about my mate or The Major and then goes quiet for another couple of weeks. The last time, he slipped up and said somethin' about a Lieutenant. He cursed real colorfully when I asked him about it and then went silent again. This is the first time in months he's spoken to me. I had also gotten flashes of a newborn that was gonna be created a couple of weeks from now. My 'knower' said that it would tie into our plans but I don't know how the hell that's goin' to happen.

"Whitlock, Mistress Maria has sent for you!"

Both Jasper and I turned our heads when our name was called. I wasn't always a Whitlock; I used to be a Cameron but since we were practically brothers, we decided that I would change it. It fit. We were feared all over the camp, bein' the only ones to survive our year mark over and over again. Jasper is another thin' entirely though. He passed the year time and time again but every time he got stronger and faster. The guy was a fuckin' ghost when he moved. Just when you think you had him in your hands, he would strike like a fuckin' snake and knock you flat on your ass. The only person that could last longer than a full minute was me. Occasionally, a newborn would last about forty-five seconds before they froze from Jasper's teeth at their neck. All in all, Jasper was a bad-ass. Amusement trickled through my conscious and I snapped back to reality to see Jasper smirkin' at me. I nodded slightly and we followed the newborn to Maria's tent.

Maria's Pov

As I walked around my camp, I couldn't help but feel pride. I worked hard for what I had and thanks to Jasper I have the most controlled newborn army in the South. I stopped as I watched José train a newborn and shook my head. I'm gong to have to do the end of the year culling a little earlier this year. These newborns are getting sloppier and slower as the weeks pass. I have a battle with Suarez in the next few months and I can't have these worthless vampires ruining the chance to expand my territory. I walked back to my tent and let my guards know to call Jasper and Peter Whitlock to my tent. They will be the ones to sort it for me. I wrote down all the names on the list as I waited for them to arrive. When they are done, they can train those who I didn't pick out. Though I doubt there will be much left, if I don't have enough I can just change some more.

I had often thought about the demon, Major, that I had summoned a decade ago. He had warned me that he would be back and I hadn't doubted him for a second. But that was ten years ago, surely he would have forgotten about me.

The List:

Kristen Lauser

Mark Hanlet

Adrianna Ross

Rick Edwards

Ashley Lautnor

Hannah Cyrus

Jackson Stocker

Lisa Wilson

Jasper Pov

Walkin' to Maria's tent had me thinkin' of all the events that led us to this moment. I didn't want to go along with it at first and defended Maria. I was confused and I was a first year; I took everythin' she said to heart until The Major mentally put his foot in my ass and told me to snap the fuck out of it. He told me that she was tryin' to mold us into killin' machines to get what she wanted, that I had a mate waitin' for me and in order to get to her, I had to go through Maria. If I didn't do this and she was done with us after we fulfilled our purposes, she would have us killed. She didn't really have a conscious for anythin'. When Maria wants somethin', she will go through anythin' and kill anyone to get it.

Over the years, my frustration with what I am has more or less gotten the better of me. Sometimes The Major's pep talks helped; if you can call them that and sometimes they didn't and I slipped even more into the darkness. That was when The Major would take over my movements the tiniest bit. Not enough to alert Maria but just enough for me to keep functionin' like I was supposed to. It was that day that Peter told me that we would never get out of this place if I stayed like this, was when I snapped to attention. He said Maria planned to take over the vampire world and if this is the way it's gonna be like when she does, then it simply cannot happen. That's why she must die. That's why she will die today. This ends now.

Maria's guards were standin' outside of the tent when we arrived and as I looked at Peter's determined expression, I knew that that no matter what happened, we were gettin' out of this alive and Maria wasn't. Lookin' for Anna, I realized she wasn't there. I sent Peter some anxiety and frustration; she should have been here by now. He sent me some mischievousness and excitement and I smirked. This was gonna be interestin'. Some months back, The Major had told me that we were gonna get a surprise and that we were goin' to need a newborn to do it. Not just any newborn though, a fresh one; that means that they still have the blood in their veins. He says he needs them strong and ready-to-go. So, a few weeks afterward, we discovered that Anna was the newborn we needed. We had no idea-well, Peter did and I didn't-what was goin' on but Peter assured me that she was goin' to help us escape.

"Let them in." called Maria from inside the tent, her voice sendin' shudders down my fuckin' spine. I really hated everythin' about this woman.

Peter and I stepped through the flap in the tent and stopped in front of her desk. I purposely kept my eyes away from the side flap that lead to her 'bedroom'. I learned that lesson the hard way. I swear I get a headache when I think of her hands on me.

Okay, waaaaaay tuh depressin' tuh think 'bout! This is s'posed tuh be a happy day! Think happy thoughts…

You know, the first time you said that, it didn't go so well.

Oh, quit yur whinin' an' listen up. I am goin' tuh take over when ya get started.

Are we goin' all the way this time?


Am I gonna be unconscious in my brain or somethin'?

No, we will switch places in yur brain. I will give it back when it's time; jus' make sure ya let what happens happen.

Alright, have fun then.

I intend tuh, Jasper. I intend tuh.

"Hello boys…"

Here we go.

Here we go.

The Major Pov

I took a deep breathe an' chuckled internally when I felt Peter's fear flare up. It's real damn good tuh feel fear but I don't want tuh feel it from 'im so I sent 'im some calm. When he relaxed, I turned my gaze tuh the woman who was goin' tuh die by my hands. This is the second time I have seen her an' I don't plan on havin' a third visit. She looked up from what she was doin' an' her fear had me grinnin' like a mad man.

"Hello, Maria."

"Major Whitlock." She said shakily. "What are you doing here?"

She had gotten up from her seat as she spoke an' backed up tuh the far wall. I stood still, though. I wasn't worried 'bout her runnin' away; I could catch her easily. I smirked at her an' sent her some terror. Her entire body tensed an' I chuckled darkly. This was tuh much fun.

"Don't worry 'bout that, Maria; I have my ways. Now, tell yur guards tuh stay outside an' this will go a lot easier." I said. "An' don't think I don't understan' Spanish because I do an' if ya give them some secret code, I will know an' ya will die slower than I'm already plannin' on."

She got up an' slowly, while keepin' her eyes on me, made her way tuh the flap in the tent. "Dante, Jake. Stay outside the tent until I say so. Better yet, go and hunt."

"Yes, Maria."

When they were gone, I turned my attention tuh the man next tuh me. "Peter, stan' front an' center."

"Yes, sir,"

I looked 'im over as I kept my senses on Maria. I had respect for Peter, he had stood beside Jasper for almost fifteen years an' still tuh this day, he is as loyal as a friend could get but little does he know of the power inside 'im. The Captain had decided tuh talk tuh me exactly after I had told Jasper that we needed a newborn. He said that he wanted out an' I told 'im he could have Peter, who would take 'im in stride after he got over the shock as Jasper did.

What do you mean? You gave him Peter? Is he gonna be the same as you and I? And how did The Captain contact you?

Yes, but his 'knower' knows nothin' 'bout it. It doesn't even 'know' that somethin' big is gonna tuh happen. The Captain is a whole different person an' therefore does not register with Peter's gift. The Captain…he contacts me when he wants tuh an' usually he doesn't. He would rather talk when he has a body. His words, not mine.

"Now, I'm sure ya know 'bout the others, correct Maria?" I said.

"What others? I only know of you; you were the strongest out of the three. I did not need The Captain and The Lieutenant. They are weak compared to you."

"True." I said, playin' along. I felt fury an' then shock from Peter an' smiled. "But if ya knew enough, ya would now why it's extremely dangerous tuh summon even me, yes?"

Major, what are you talkin' about?

Ya will see.

I turned my attention tuh Peter an' started with the next phase of my plan. I sent 'im some submissiveness an' watched as he dropped tuh the floor. His neck was bared an' his eyes were on the floor. I heard a gasp an' my eyes snapped tuh Maria. I would have laughed at the comical look on her face if the situation was different.

"What are you doing?! No one in my compound bows to anyone but me!" She screeched. I was 'bout tuh silence her but thought better of it. Instead, I encouraged her.

"Really, why is that? Is it because ya are their Mistress? Because that's what it sounds like tuh me." I said as I started pacin'. At my words, Peter started shakin' an' pantin heavily but Maria was oblivious as she kept rantin' her mouth off.

"All of them belong to me, Major. I changed them. I feed them. I fill their every desire. I am their Mistress and they are mine." She growled an' I stopped.

"On the contrary, an' correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's Jasper who changed them, takes them tuh hunt when they need it, he trains them. An' I'm pretty sure Jasper is the one that they listen tuh, wouldn't ya say, Maria?"

That was all I needed because jus' then, she did the most retarded thin' she could have done in her sorry excuse of a life; she lunged at me, claws at the ready. I stood, grinnin' wide, waitin' 'til she was jus' out of arm's reach before I moved. But before I could, Peter snapped up an' grabbed Maria by the throat. I could tell by her emotions that Maria was terrified. As I looked intuh her scarlet eyes an' saw the reflection of Peter's face, I could see why. Peter's eyes were flat black, no whites.

"Captain Whitlock." I stated.

"Major Whitlock. It's real damn good tuh see ya after all this time. Tell me, where is The Lieutenant?" He asked. His voice was a lot deeper than his usual with the rasp tuh it that made 'im what he was.

"She'll be here shortly Captain, although I feel sorry for the person that gets tuh her first."

"As do I, Major. But personally, I feel sorry for the bitch in front of me even more." The Captain snarled. Maria's emotions started swirlin' 'round before she settled on desperation an' deceit. I love that she doesn't know 'bout my empathic skills. "Who the fuck do ya think ya are, summonin' demons all willy-nilly? Are ya fuckin stupid?!

"Please, I was not the one who ordered it! I can tell if you agree to let me go!" She pleaded, deceit pourin' off her like a fuckin' tidal wave.

Lyin' bitch!

"Don't fuckin' lie tuh me, Maria." I growled as I got in her face. "I will rip ya tuh shreds where ya stan' if ya dare tuh lie tuh me again."

"And how would you know if I am lying, Major Whitlock? I am telling you that Aro Volturi was the one who ordered those vampires killed and you call me a liar?"

A loud crash sounded from behind us, dust flyin' every where. A body flew through the openin' an' hit the opposite wall, goin' through that one as well. What followed next was the deep growl The Captain an' I had become accustomed tuh but made Maria's fear spike an' The Captain's lust to tuh astronomic heights. I smirked as I soaked it up, knowin' exactly who was comin' through that openin'.

"Look, Maria. There's someone here tuh see ya." I said cheerily. Rapid footsteps sounded from the dust cloud an' I stepped outta the way jus' in time tuh see a whirl of red hair before Maria was on the ground writhin' in pain; both of her legs an' most of her hair was missin'. I turned tuh see Anna in The Captain's arms as he held her back, a clump of dark hair clutched in her fists as she fought tuh get back tuh Maria. The Captain was whisperin' comfortin' thin's in her ear an' purrin' as I pushed calm intuh her; she turned an' smirked at me, throwin' the head tuh the body intuh the corner of the room. Her eyes were as I expected them tuh be, flat black, no whites.

So is this the surprise you were tellin' me about?

Yes. We will need her when we leave this wretched place.

You're not goin' to tell me why, are you?

Ya know me so well. It's not like I know anyway.


"Hello Major. Long time, no kickin' ass, don't ya think?"

"It's nice of ya tuh join us, Lieutenant Whitlock. Indeed, it has been a while but don't worry; I'm fixin' tuh remedy that right now." I said as I stepped toward Maria, who was tryin tuh crawl away usin' her hands. I placed my booted foot on her lower back, smirkin' when I heard the crack of her spinal cord. That won't be healin' for a while now bein' that she's already lost tuh much venom already.

"Before I continue Maria, I want ya tuh think 'bout yur statement then, I want ya listen tuh as I tell ya that Aro Volturi was terrified of me from the very first time he summoned me and I threatened his life. He may have bound me tuh 'im but I could smell an' sense his fear every time he was in my presence. Where do think that scar on his face come from? Did ya think he got it in a fight? No, it was me. I stormed Volterra when ya tried tuh 'sen me back an' I got loose. Did ya really think that after I was done with Aro, I wouldn't find a way back tuh ya?"

Maria's spiraled deliciously from fear tuh panic tuh intense pain back tuh fear again. I couldn't help it as I got angrier because, in my mind, she deserved much more than what she was feelin'. I was also surprised that she didn't scream. I tilted my head tuh the side a 'lil bit as I sent her some heavy hysteria, watchin' as she tensed jus' a bit an' let out a high-pitched giggle before she stopped an' the pain came back.

Shouldn't she be a 'lil bit crazier from what you just gave her?

Yes, she should. Somebody must be blockin' her. A shield…

I sent mass lethargy throughout the entire camp an' heard as all the stone bodies dropped tuh the ground. I stood still for a moment an' then…Ahh, there ya are. Jus' behind the wall of this very barn. Oh, ya're confused, are ya? Not for long.

Well, that's not very smart. If you wanted to catch them, they wouldn't be able to get away.

If ya're a shield, then it doesn't matter; especially if ya're a physical an' mental shield. I wouldn't be able tuh get tuh them or sense 'im which is why he's still alive an' awake. He's also confused an' a newborn which is fuckin' up his concentration.

Ohhhh, I get it.

"Captain, Lieutenant. There's a very confused vampire on the other side of that wall. When I say so, why don't ya give them a major welcome?" I smirked.

"But 'a course. We wouldn't want them tuh feel unwelcome now would we, my dear?"

"'A course not, my love, that would be jus' rude."

As she spoke, she walked tuh the wall an'…

"Do it now, Lieutenant." I said lowly so only she could hear, senin' the same lethargy but in a quick burst. It was jus' enough for the person tuh wobble a bit; it wouldn't affect them because of their shield. With a speed that I was proud of, The Lieutenant punched through it. When the debris an' dust cleared, I laughed at the sight in front of me. In her hands, she held a burly man twice her size. What really pulled it off was the terrified look on his face. His scarlet eyes were focused on her face an' I could imagine what he saw. The Captain was on his knees in laughter as I was projectin' my feelin's.

"Bring 'im here."

Lt. Whitlock's Pov

"Sir," I said as I tossed the fucker tuh The Major. "Here ya go."

I snickered internally as he slid a couple feet on his face before he slid tuh a stop in front of 'im. He pushed the piece of shit tuh his back with his finger. "Jus' as I suspected, ya're a shield, aren't ya?" He asked, his deep voice soundin' throughout the room. I smirked evilly when the newborn didn't answer; it's time for the fun tuh start.

Hey, what's going on here! Let me out!

Shut the fuck up! When I am through with this body of yurs, I will leave an' ya will die. So unless ya don't want tuh make it worse, shut it!



"Look, boy. I am goin' tuh tell ya right now. I…don't…like…bein'…ignored." The prisoner's body spasmed an' I knew that The Major was usin' his power. "It irritates the hell outta me. So, I will give ya one last chance tuh answer my question. If ya don't answer…well, we'll see what kind of a mood I'm in."

"Got it?" I barked. He nodded.

"Good. Now, are ya or are ya not a shield?"

"Yes." He said. I held back a laugh at the crack in his voice.

"He speaks." said The Captain in mock-shock. I snorted.

"Quiet, Captain."

"Yes, sir,"

The next thin' I knew, The Major snarled in his face, lookin' sexy as all fuck. "Ya think that's funny? How bet I show what I can do with vampire bones? That shit's fuckin' hilarious tuh me."

I caught the end tendrils of fear an' knew that it worked. I hoped this didn't last any longer than it had tuh. I really wanted tuh get the fuck outta here. "Ya see Maria here? She's in real big trouble with me an' my friends here for doin' somethin' she wasn't s'posed tuh. So tuh have ya protectin' her makes me a bit upset, ya get what I'm sayin, right?"

"Yes, sir,"

"Tell ya what. I want ya tell me everythin' that Maria has been plannin' an' I will make yur death quick. Do we have a deal?"

The shitface opened his mouth in shock then closed. Shit, there is a lot of thin's I'm findin' funny at tuhday, isn't there? I can't help it, though. This is jus' tuh fuckin' hilarious.

"Ya want tuh tell me what ya're thinkin' bout over there, boy? Because judgin' by yur emotions, it's real good an' I wanna hear it."

"You can…feel…emotions?" rasped Maria.

"Shut up, wench!" growled Captain Whitlock. He kicked Maria in the ribs an' I pulled 'im back tuh calm 'im down, rubbin' his shoulders an' back soothin'ly. I really need tuh get outta this body an' intuh a new one, one that will suit me perfectly. Accordin' tuh Peter, my mate's rational side, it will be a while from now.

The Major Pov

So you gonna explain what's goin' on, Major?

The Lieutenant, The Captain an' I go back a ways, Jasper. We were created 'round the time that Aro gained power with Marcus an' Caius. After a time, Aro decided that he wanted someone tuh guard his precious castle so he had someone dig up an old ass scroll that had the proper words for someone strong enough tuh keep out all intruders. 'A course that would be me.

Of course, cue eyeroll.

Shut it. So Aro decided that he was goin' tuh try an' tell me what tuh do because he assumed that he owned me. Wrong choice, that. I attacked 'im an' at the time, he had the scroll in hand an' ordered me tuh behave an' obey 'im. I had tuh do what I was told because of the scroll but inside I was livid. I don't bow tuh anyone or anythin' an' he wasn't an exception.

Technically, he was the exception since he had the scroll…

I said shut it! I told 'im that when I got loose, I was comin' after 'im first. He was gonna beg for death before I gave 'im the mercy of burnin' his ass tuh the ground. Five years later, he told me he was senin' me 'from whence you came' an', for a moment, I was overjoyed in a twisted way. He didn't know that once he released me that I could come back in spirit form if I wanted tuh an' boy, did I want tuh! I let 'im believe that he was senin' me back an' when he did, I set tuh work assemblin' The Captain an' his mate, The Lieutenant. I only needed them; the others were weak, unable tuh fight. But 'a course, thin's didn't go as planned as Maria stepped intuh the picture. She had somehow come across a vampire that could transport an' had 'im steal the scroll an' bring it back tuh her.

She brought me back an' started usin' me for own selfish gains. Then Maria got power hungry an' wanted someone stronger.

Oh, no she didn't!

… …


Did ya jus'…seriously, Jasper?

Okay, I'll shut up now.

Thank ya kindly. Anyway, she wanted tuh 'sen me back an' I had jus' 'bout enough; she didn't have the sense tuh bind me tuh her like Aro did so I grabbed the scroll from her an' burned that shit. I had already memorized the lines appropriate for summonin' the other two but I would save that for another time. I practically broke the doors tuh the throne when I attacked Aro. I tortured 'im for a well with his torture devices before I permanently marked his face.

Make sure The Lieutenant gets her retribution, Major.

What made ya think I wasn't goin' tuh?

Just make sure she does. The way she was goin' to die makes me angry for some reason.

I hear ya.

"He's right, Maria. Ya should have thought 'bout what kind of power ya were dealin' with before ya did what ya did. But trust me, ya will spend the rest of yur existence regretin' it."

I turned back tuh Mr. Silent. "Now, ya're gonna talk or do I have tuh force ya?"

"Before I speak, can I have a request…sir?"

I raised my eyebrows. "A request, ya say?"

Turnin' tuh The Captain, I asked 'im, "What do ya think, Captain? Should I?"

"Well, I mean, we are killin' 'im afterwards, Major. We could give 'im a last request, if it's reasonable."

"Lieutenant, what are yur thoughts on this?"

"I agree with my mate. Although, I do feel bad for 'im a 'lil bit. He didn't know any better, remember how she treated Jasper? She told 'im that there was no other way. He only did what she told 'im tuh."

"Gettin' soft on me, mate?"

"Don't worry, my love. I try really hard not tuh be." She purred. The Captain growled an' his lust hit the roof for the second time. Not really in the mood, I doused them in emotional cold water like I should have done the first damn time.

"Major, what in the hell is wrong with ya?"

"Excuse me, Captain?" I got up an' looked at 'im, eyes narrowed. "Ya wanna repeat that?"

"Come on, Major. We've been locked up for so long." She said lowly as she walked toward me. She raised her hand an' ran her finger down my chest. "Don't tell ya don't remember the good times we had tuhgether?"

Her hand on my cock…

Her walls squeezin' the shit outta me...

Get her away from me! I have a mate!

Ya're right, Jasper. But ya do realize that yur mate isn't for another…what? Seventy years? Do ya really expect me tuh wait that long?

Yes, I do.

Well, ya can expect all ya want. As the lovely Lieutenant has pointed out, I have been locked up for way tuh long. Besides, ya're not gonna be the one fuckin' her, Jasper. It'll be me.

I stepped forward, grabbin' her wrist. Growlin' lowly, I flipped her untuh her back an' crawled on top of her. Keepin' her arms above her had, I nipped my way down her throat. She moaned an' pressed her hips intuh mine an' I snarled at the friction of my cock against my jeans.

"She was planning on trying to summon you again, along with the others."

I stopped, turnin' my head tuh look at 'im. I raised my eyebrows an' lifted myself off The Lieutenant, chucklin' when she groaned in disappointment. I glanced at Peter tuh see 'im zip up his pants. The Lieutenant, with a snarl, kicked him in the face for interruptin' us just as Maria opened her mouth.

"You dare to betray me?! I made you who you are and this is how you repay me?! You will pay for this!"

"Ya won't live tuh see that moment, Maria. So I suggest ya shut the fuck up an' savor every precious minute ya have left. An' ya." I turned tuh the Shield. "Ya death will be slower than yur Mistress' if ya don't start explainin' yurself."

Bella Pov...Finally, right?!

Finishing my chapter and saving it, I closed my laptop and got ready for bed. Working my cramped fingers, I grabbed my towel and made my way to the bathroom and started the shower. I moaned in relief as the water hit my tense back muscles. I had been bent over that computer for the last half an hour, writing my Fanfiction story. I loved what I did and I loved the feedback that I got because of what I did. Some had even suggested that I start writing a book and I would laugh but now that I'm really thinking about it, I don't think that it was such a bad idea.

The thing is I only know how to do one genre of story, Twilight. I mean, the whole series was basically my life. I had everything that said Jasper Whitlock all over my room except for the bed and the floor. I had a Jasper T-shirt and Jasper mug that my best friend had gotten for my twentieth birthday. She and I had gotten into a fight over which one would get Jasper but she found Jacob so everything was cool. I mean, it's not as if we would have broken up because she liked Jasper too, right? Am I right?

I finished my shower and dried off quickly, making my way back across the hall to my bedroom. I put my towel over my door and opened a drawer to get my comfortable sweats to sleep in. I sighed as the soft cotton caressed my skin. Sliding into bed, I pulled my cover over my cheeks. The last thought I had was that I could wait to publish my story tomorrow.

I got out of my car, feeling pissed as all hell. I could not believe the audacity of Edward! He had the nerve to tell me to stop writing, something that I enjoyed immensely. He had walked in my bedroom this morning to see me on my computer and said, and I quote, 'shouldn't breakfast be on the table already?' How dare he? He's already on the fuckin' couch because I he came home drunk the other night from some bar he went to after work. Who the hell does he think he is?! He can get his lazy ass up and make himself some damn breakfast! This one morning when I wake up and I don't cook, he think he has the right to chastise me? Well, I'm sorry if I'm doing something that takes all of my attention of you, Mr. Cullen!

I stormed into the building, clocking in and stalking the rest of the way to the elevator. My anger momentarily dissipated as I saw something I really should not have seen.


I stood there, stunned, as the doors slid closed. The last thing I saw was his smirk as the elevator dinged and started moving up.

As I sat in my car, I marveled how the day flew by in a blur as I tried my utmost to keep my mind busy. It was so vital that I actually decided to do the work that was in my IN tray for at least the past five days. As I sat in my car, I couldn't help but look around the parking lot to see if I would spot him again, if I really saw what I think I saw or my mind was slowly losing control of itself.

"Isabella, are you okay?"

"AH!" I screamed as I spun around in my seat only to freeze.

'No, no, no! I could be seeing this! He's not real! He's NOT real!' I thought frantically.

But I couldn't help it; I stared helplessly as he leaned forward and folded his hands on his lap. His blood-red eyes stared intently into mine before he smiled slightly. I shook my head and backed away into the steering wheel. He just sat there, gazing at me.

"What do you want?" I asked, my voice shaking.

"I don't want anythin' right now, Isabella. I'm not the one who needs you, Jasper does."

"P-Peter, right?" I asked then mentally slapped my forehead. Of course his name is Peter, stupid! You're the one that named him! "Um…no offense to you or J-Jasper but your not supposed to be real so…"

"You're right, 'lil bit. I'm not real but I will be. You just need to keep writin', you'll figure it out." He smiled before he began to flake away like the pages of a burning book.

When I got home and got to work, my computer was blank for the first time in months. It was never blank when I was typing or creating new characters but it was. Blank and irritating the shit out f me. As Peter's words floated through my head again, there was nothing I would rather do than hit my head against a wall for even considering the fact that I had actually taken his words to heart or that had even talked to him. I must be crazy!

You just need to keep writin', you'll figure it out…figure it out…figure it out…

Knock, knock, knock...

I jumped at the opportunity to get away from the hauntingly blank, white, screen. I raced to the front door and yanked it open to reveal my best friend, Charlotte. I smiled and sighed internally in relief; finally, some reality!

"Hey, Bella, What's up? I came by to see if you were okay. You were like a hurricane in the office today. I ain't never seen you that busy in like, forever, sugar."

"Hey, Charlotte, I…uhh…I'll explain it later. Come in, you want anything to drink?" I asked as I closed the door behind her.

"Ah, sweetpea, you know me so well. Why don't you pop open that bottle of champagne I bought you for you birthday a month ago? I spent good money on that so we might as well not waste it, huh?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'll go and get that. You stay here and I will be right back, okay?"

She looked at me for a minute before she shrugged and made her way to the couch to sit down. I wasted no time in rummaging through my cabinets in search of the bottle of champagne and at the same time trying not to the think about…

"Hey, Bella, do you mind if I show you somethin' real quick?" Charlotte called out.

Thank God!

"In a minute, Char, just let me find the…glasses! Ha!" I said triumphantly as I pulled the glasses from the high cabinet. I own you, cabinet! You are mine! Fear me…if you dare!

I poured the champagne into the two glasses and carried them to the living room where Charlotte sat with a laptop in her lap. She was typing away as I sat the glasses on the center table.

"Whattcha doin there, Char?" I said, taking a sip.

"Oh, I just thought I could start my own fanfiction, you know, like you do? But I don't know if it fit right that's why I called you in here. I need a Beta."

"Sure, I'll help you, Char. Here, let me see what you have." She handed me the laptop and I sat and read through it carefully, looking for any errors.

"Is there a theme that you're going for, Charlotte? Like, which genre are you doing?"

"You really gonna ask me that question, Bells? After every Twilight movie we've seen together?"

I laughed. "Right, silly Bella,"

"Ya damn straight!"

After I was done with Charlotte's story, we drank and talked about our days and then our lives; all the stupid stuff we did in college. "So," she said, leaning against the arm of the chair with her legs sprawled over mine.

"What?" I asked warily. I had a feeling what she was going to ask and I was afraid she was going to think I was crazy.

"What's got you in such a tizzy today? You look like you had seen a ghost."

More like a character that I had made up. Who wants me to keep writing and I have nothing to write because I'm scared it's going to come true; in other words, nothing.

"It's nothing, Char. I just feel out of sorts today."

"Don't forget angry." She said

"What? Why would you say that?"

She gave me 'the look'. You know, the one your best friend gives you; that 'you're shitting me, right?' look?

"Okay, look. I don't know what's going on but I've been seeing things since I finished that last chapter for my story last night." I stopped there and moved on to the next subject.

"Edward's being a complete asshole, coming last night-"

"What kinds of thin's have you been seein', hun?"

'Well, I tried.' I thought.

I sighed, her soft southern voice calming me a little bit. "This morning, I saw Jasper before I got in the elevator and then in the car, Peter…" I trailed off as Charlotte got up and walked to the door.

"Charlotte, I'm sorry if this a bit too much and I…" She came back and placed her hand over my mouth.

"Bella, you're not the only one. Give me a minute, I'll be right back." I nodded, completely confused as she walked out but left the door open. I could see the tree line across the street, the bushes that were just out of reach of sunlight, Jasper, The birds flying through the…

Wait, what?!

Eyes wide, I stared as Jasper brought his hands up and made the number eight with his hands and then turned, walking away and not looking back. I could see his back as he did so but when Charlotte blocked the door as she came inside, I looked again and he was gone.

"I got it right here, Bells. Look at this." She placed a letter in my lap but I was too busy staring at my front door; as if I could see through it to the other side.

"Bells? What's wrong, sweetpea? Did you see somethin' else?" She asked. I nodded, too frightened to speak. "What was it?"

"It was Jasper again. He showed me the number eight with his hands before he disappeared." My eyes stung with unshed tears. "Charlotte, is there something wrong with me? What does he want?" The tears fell.

"Hun, I don't know what to tell you other than if you ignore it, it will probably go away. But then there's this…" She gestured to the letter in my lap.

"What is it?" I asked, wiping my eyes with the back of my hand.

"This letter was one my nightstand next to a white magnolia… Bella, it scared me a 'lil bit. How did this person know that my favorite flower was a magnolia? Nobody knows that except for you since…since my Mom passed." Her voice caught slightly.

I rubbed her back as I read the letter:

My dearest Charlotte,

I can not hope to express my sincerest apologies for the suddenness of this letter but I needed to speak to you. There are some things that I cannot tell you until it is time but this I can. You will go through some things in the next few weeks that no other human will and Bella will at the center of it. You must help her as she makes her journey, using her gift do so. You must be her adviser in hard times to encourage her when she feels that all is lost or when she is scared to go on. It is vital that you help her or all else will fail, along with the human race.

I will see soon, my magnolia,


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