Sitting in his executive office, Gohan Son stared at his computer screen. It wasn't as if he was busy or anything; more so he was bored with there being nothing to do. There was only so many cat videos that he could watch before even HE became tired of seeing them.

As if Dende was looking down on him right at that specific point in time, there was a tell-tale noise. It was that of his desk phone. Thanks to the caller ID function on his phone setup, Gohan was able to tell that it was his assistant calling him from outside of his office. There was no doubt in the mind of the black haired man that it was some additional bit of work that was going to get piled onto his shoulders.

Having done everything that he needed to do for the day, Gohan wasn't all that keen on doing more work. That being said, he knew that it could potentially be something serious and not to mention rude if he didn't answer his assistant's call.

"Yes Miss Sprouts?" Gohan said after he had pushed a button on the phone system.

"Hi there sir, a letter has just arrived at my desk addressed to you. May I come in and deliver it to you?" The response came in a crisp, professional tone of voice.

There was an audible sigh that the assistant could here and she seriously hoped that it wasn't directed at her. She had a great job and she definitely did not want to stuff it up!

"Come on in."

Slightly nervous as it sounded like her boss wasn't in the happiest of moods, miss sprouts got up from her seat and opened the doors to Gohan's office. Seeing the look on Gohan's face almost made her chuckle. "Here you go sir." She said as she placed the envelope into his outstretched hand, waiting for a response.

Taking a look at the letter to see who it was from, shock appeared on the face of Gohan as he was not expecting a letter from his old high school. With this taking a little bit to register in his mind, Gohan spoke up to his secretary. "Thanks for this Brussels; oh and by the way, you can have the rest of today off."

Just like the one who gave her the rather handsome salary, Brussels was surprised. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, she immediately gave her thanks and left the room, shutting the mahogany doors on the way out.

Focusing his attention back to the letter in hand, Gohan looked back at the return to sender location which was indeed Orange Star High. Deciding to open it up, the man read the first line out loud.

"Dear Gohan Son. You are invited to the ten year anniversary of the 774 graduating class on August the 7th…Oh that's in two months' time, that's future Gohan's problem to worry about." Little did the demi saiyan know how much time would pass before he remembered about the event once more.

7 weeks later

Having spent enough time in his laboratory, Gohan thought that it was high time for him to go and get some lunch; of course this was a saiyan sized lunch or enough to feed a small African village for a week.

With all of the food now packed away in his stomach, Gohan made the journey to his office and sat down in his chair. Knowing that he hadn't gone through his emails in a while, Gohan set about doing just that. Seeing the title of an email as high school reunion, it made Gohan realise that he had completely forgotten about the event.

Clicking on the email, he saw that there was an RSVP date for the event which was today. It sent off a chain of mixed thoughts through the mind of the saiyan child although the prominent question was… Did he really want to go?

For quite a number of people throughout the world, high school wasn't something that he enjoyed at all. He was constantly bullied, didn't have any friends that he could rely on and an overall definition of anti-social child. It was this that made Gohan have absolutely no qualms in not moving onto Orange Star University like most of his classmates. Instead he had chosen to go back home and study at the more prestigious University of Fire Mountain.

It was only when he graduated from high school and went off to live in a dorm at his new university that the shy Gohan came out of his shell and developed from an eighteen year old teenager into a man.

Looking back at his time at high school, there was really only one person who was nice to him and that was Erasa. When he first started high school she designated herself as his first friend at school to which he was grateful of. She showed him the ropes of what it was like to attend a school. She was never patronizing or mean to him and was always kind to him.

Over time though their friendship deteriorated which at the time Gohan had no idea what the course of which was. Looking back on it, he put it down to himself for yet another failure in life; this time as friend. Whenever he spoke to Erasa after he had settled in, she was polite but the slight teasing followed up by a hug was gone. It was as if the two of them had drifted apart.

Thanks to his childhood or rather lack thereof Gohan was highly critical of himself and put it down to his inability to trust people enough to open up about himself.

This was pretty much solely due to one person who tormented him during his only year at Orange Star High. Videl Satan.

The girl was the daughter of the man who had stolen his credit for killing Cell. Even now, the world thought that Hercule was the man who had killed Cell for the simple fact that he didn't want to open the can of worms. The amount of press that it would cause not only for him and his family but also for his company wasn't something that he was willing to jeopardize.

Every single day of his time at Orange Star High, she belittled him and tried her best to intimidate him into telling her his secrets. Because of his lack of self-confidence and inexperience in dealing with situations like this, he almost gave in but thankfully the saiyan pride kicked in and made Gohan refuse to bow down.

Her partner in crime when it came to making him feel subhuman and like he wasn't even worth being the piece of shit under some cockroach's leg was Sharpner. He was the high school Jock. He was the guy who got the girls, had all of the attention on him all the time and made it a routine to feel good about himself by putting others down.

The only satisfaction that Gohan got from high school was the fact that he survived the ordeal. It made him become who he was as a person and him for the real world outside all of the bullshit surrounding high school. It pushed him to his studies because since he didn't have any hobbies at the time, it was his only escape mechanism since he had given up training in martial arts.

Thanks to this though, it allowed him to complete his Master's Degree in both fields of Medicine and Business respectively. The day that he graduated from university with Honours in both o his courses was the happiest day in Chi-Chi's life.

The money that came with opening his own pharmaceutical company was an added bonus. I guess I did alright Gohan said to himself mentally as he looked around his office. Black marble tiles contrasted with the white furniture and glass windows. His fifth story office was on the top floor of the building that he himself owned outright. It overlooked one of the natural lakes and parks that was on the outskirts of the Fire Mountain CBD.

It was at this moment that Gohan realised that not many people in the world could call what he had on par with what they had. This was the tipping point for Gohan as a smirk that Vegeta would be proud of appeared on his face.

"Miss Sprouts, I will not be in for the rest of today and next week. Sorry that this is short notice but things have come up." Gohan said after pushing the button which was sent the message directly to his assistants phone.

Surprised by the sudden order from her boss, she quickly replied in a professional tone of voice. "Sure thing boss. Is there anything else that I can help you with?"

"Nah that's fine. I'll have my business phone with me so if anything moderately important comes up, send me a text message on that and if something very serious comes up, call me on my personal mobile. You will be in charge of making sure nothing out of the ordinary happens."

Writing down his statement word for word, the lady had her orders and quickly went to work informing the rest of the company of their bosses impromptu break.

Almost as if a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders, Gohan had a sigh of relief as this was the first time in over two years that he had taken a break from his hectic work schedule for some time to relax. The first thing that he did was take his tie off and release the upper buttons of his dress shirt. Leaving his suit jacket on the back of his chair, Gohan made sure that everything was where it was supposed to be and headed for the exit doors of his office.

When she heard the noise of her boss' doors opening Brussels watched as he left down the corridor. Ever since she had been hired by that exact man, she found one of the perks being she got to look at an incredibly sexy man. Oh, If only I was five years younger.

With Erasa

Deciding to take a break from formatting the schedules of students for the upcoming term, the blonde haired girl chose to have a look at her emails. It was then that she noticed an email about the reunion. As the event was her brain child she absolutely loved the fact that so many people were coming. Of course there were people who had decided not to come but she knew that not everything would.

Finding out that Gohan would be coming was excellent because she hadn't seen him at all in the past 10 years. There was not even a text between the two. It really would be a 10 year reunion unlike a lot of other people who she had kept in contact with during her time outside of school.

Picking up the phone at her desk, the blonde haired woman dialled the number and pressed the call button.

"Hello, this is Videl and you're speaking with the Satan City Police Department."

"Hey gurrrll! How's it going?" the ever present bubbly voice of Erasa came through the other end.

"Hey Erasa, not much, what about you?" Even though Erasa couldn't see it, she could tell just by the change in voice from her best friend was happy to hear her.

"Oh nothing much apart from the fact that I found out that your husband is coming to our reunion!"

"What" the short, sharp and precise response and the bubbly blonde new that she had caught Videl's attention.

"Come on Vee, don't play dumb with me, we both know you know who I am talking about. Your sweet innocent dream guy has just said that he will be coming."

"I don't know how many times I told you this Erasa but I never once liked Gohan in high school. The only reason why I was so curious was because I knew that he had secrets and he could have been a dodgy person. I mean no one can be that nice all the time."

With a triumphant look on her face, Erasa knew that she had this won. "A ha! I never said it was Gohan that I was talking about did I?"

Grumbling into the end of phone before answering, Videl eventually spoke up. "Fine then, so what? It doesn't mean that I had a crush on him in high school.

"Of course it doesn't sweetie, all it means it that even after ten years of not seeing the guy once, he is still the first thing that comes to your mind after all this time." Videl could tell that on the other side of the phone, Erasa had rolled her eyes. This in conjunction with her condescension made the black haired girl pissed off.

"Is there something that's actually important that you have to talk to me about because I am busy with work at the moment?" Videl said with a huff.

"Come on V, you're so uptight I mean you haven't even had sex in a long time. What's the problem with thinking a little about the opposite sex? Remember how absolutely adorable Gohan was when you had him wrapped around your finger…" Before Erasa could go on any more, the conversation ended abruptly with Videl hanging up.

With Gohan

Having gotten away from work, Gohan knew that he had to go and get ready for the reunion. The demi saiyan had decided upon throwing the fact that he had made something out of himself in the faces of the people who had made him feel worthless. Of course he would be nice to the people who were nice to him but in reality, that was only one person which meant he was more concerned with being a cunt to everyone than making sure Erasa had a good opinion of him.

Going into the staff car park Gohan got into his BMW 5 series sedan and headed towards the upper class district of Fire Mountain.

Parking on the side of the rode, Gohan couldn't believe where he was. All of his life he had never been the type of person who would visit these areas of town because he thought that they were pretentious twats.

Right now though, he didn't care. He wanted to make a statement to all of the people attending that he had done something good with his life. The first stop for Gohan was Giorgio Armani. The most important thing when it came to making an impression was the way you dressed.

The seconds that he walked into the store, Gohan was greeted by an attractive younger woman. With a prepared smile on her face, she initiated the conversations. "Hi there sir, how may I help you today" she said as she ran her eyes down his figure liking what she saw.

With what could almost be patented, Gohan unleashed his smile onto the poor girl and she was nearly in a quivering mess on the floor just from the sight of it. "I have my high school reunion soon so I need something that says that I've done well for myself haha."

Nodding at that, the blonde haired girl replied. "Okay there are different standards for what you can wear. So is your event at your school or is it in some function hall where it will be much fancier?"

As he hadn't taken any of this into consideration, he was glad that he had come here to get some advice on how to dress. After all, he had never been the biggest fashion guru going around town. "It's going to be in at our high school so I don't think that it will be all that uptight."

Taking this information to heart, the store assistant thought for a moment on deciding what hopefully Gohan would buy. "Okay then, I can easily work with that. So what is it that you need, just a certain piece of clothing, an accessory or an entire outfit?"

When Gohan told the girl that he needed everything, her eyes lit up with Joy as one of her passions was making people look the best that they could be. It was then that she told Gohan to wait for a few seconds before she came back which he was happy to do.

Coming back to him, she handed him some clothes, told him to get changed and come back out so that she could see how it looked.

Doing just that, Gohan changed into the clothes and came out of the change room. The blonde haired girl definitely liked what she saw even going so far as unintentionally licking her upper lip.

As he was more concerned with his own appearance, this was something that Gohan failed to notice. "Wow you look really good!" she said with obvious enthusiasm.

"You think so?"

"I know so!" as she said this, there was a big grin on her face. "Those close look like they fit perfectly."

Taking off the blazer, the action made the cotton top that Gohan was wearing rode slightly up on his stomach revealing his eight pack. The sight of which made the shop assistant gawk as she had never seen someone with such defined muscles. She was giddy and there was a tingling in her stomach.

Slowly turning and looking down at himself, Gohan was pleased with how he looked and knew that it would turn heads at the reunion. "This looks great. Oh and do you also have some casual clothes that I could wear." In hindsight this probably wasn't the smartest thing to ask if clothing stores had different varieties but this was his first time in a store like this so it was excusable.

As if it was a theme for the day, the blonde haired woman's eyes widened and a slightly more than friendly smile appeared on her face. "Okay, can you please go and change back into your other clothes and I will be back shortly with some more clothes for you sir."

Nodding, Gohan went about his business. When he came back out, he distinctly noticed that the girl who he was with had hiked her skirt up and pushed her boobs closer together and adjusting her shirt to make them look bigger.

As the duo stood at the counter, the girl was processing the purchase, she made a split decision. Pulling out one of the business cards, she quickly turned it over and started writing down a set of numbers.

"Okay sir, how will you be paying for this today?"

"Uhh just cash thanks." Gohan said as he pulled out his wallet. Opening it up, the checkout chick saw the amount of notes that was inside the wallet and couldn't but gawk. It was the largest amount that she had ever seen in real life.

To Gohan though, it was nothing. It was not as if that there was ever a chance for him getting robbed given the fact that he knew how to use Ki and bullets had absolutely no effect on him.

After having paid for everything, the woman placed all of the garments into premium bags, the lady placed them next to a capsule and stored them in a capsule.

When all was done, there was only one thing left to do. Leaving forward to give Gohan a good view of her cleavage and handed out the business card. "If there's anything else I can do, don't hesitate to call me."

"Haha, I'll be sure that I'll call you." Gohan said as he pocketed the capsule and turned around heading for the exit. Once he was outside of the store, he got into his car and started driving.

Of course, if he was in a rush, Gohan knew that he could fly quickly to where he wanted to go next but he liked driving. It wasn't the thrill of it because nothing could beat the feeling you received in the air couldn't be matched. The real reason as to why he liked driving was because it was the feeling of normality. So many times he felt different from society because of his rather unique heritage but doing something that everyone else did made him feel just like everyone else.

Driving to a premium car dealership, Gohan knew that people who were well off liked to show off their status in society. He wasn't normally into this but since it was for showing all the people that he had done more with his life than what they had, he was all for it.

Like the previous store, from the second that he walked in, he was greeted by a sales representative. This time it was a man in a suit rather than a cute girl but their end object was the same; to get as much money out of the pockets of Gohan as possible.

"Hi there sir, how may I help you today?" As car sales were involved with higher amounts of money compared to fashion stores, there was a higher degree in professionalism and as such, Gohan was greeted with a slight bow on entrance.

Just as he was taught by his mother, Gohan greeted this older man with a smile. "Hey, I'm just here to get an upgrade."

"That's great to hear! May I ask what type of car you are looking at getting? We have many types ranging from SUV's to the upmost exclusive of hyper cars. Here at Prestige Worldwide we cater to all desires and budgets."

Thinking about his decision for a moment, Gohan came to a conclusion. "Well you can't really use the really fast cars properly with all of the speed limits and they don't bring anywhere near as much excitement as flying does so that rules them out of the equation."

The guy listening to Gohan thought that he was a pilot. Little did he know that Gohan piloted a machine without an engine.

"I want something that has class, sophistication and that timeless look that everyone admires."

As the words of Gohan came into his mind, the car salesman knew the perfect car that fitted exactly to what Gohan wanted. His face lighting up, he replied with barely contained enthusiasm. "I know exactly what you want sir, if you will follow me, I will be happy to show you." With an expectant look in the eyes of the salesman, Gohan nodded and followed him.

Making their way through the dealership, they stopped at the front of a certain car and Gohan couldn't help but whistle. What was in front of him was incredibly clean. Liking the look that his potential client was giving the car, he decided to explain a bit more about it.

"This right here is the epitome of excellence. I couldn't think of a better looking car on the market than this one right here. This is the Aston Martin DB9. Go on and take a seat and see what it feels like behind the wheel." Doing just that, Gohan opened the door and just by the sound, he was giddy. He was never someone for high end cars but there was always start for everything… right?

"The colour of the car is called Frost White whilst the interior is called Obsidian Black. If I say so personally, the colours contrast very nicely."

Gohan didn't hear this though as he was more focused on the way that sitting in the driver's seat of the car made him feel. It made him feel like he was a movie star or a famous singer. It made him feel like a superstar and it was exactly what he wanted.

"I'll take it."

With this being the fastest sale that he had done, the salesman couldn't believe his luck. This client hadn't even asked for a test drive! "That's great news. We can have one delivered to you in three weeks.

"No I don't think you understand. I meant that I'll take this specific one."

"Okay then Sir but that is going to cost you extra."

"That's fine. Money is not an issue." When he heard this statement , the car salesman couldn't help but grin. He had just made the easiest commission of his life.


With the window down, the sunroof open and with his aviator sunglasses on, Gohan drove on the highway and headed home. Yep, this is the life.

Author's Note: I know that DBZ has hover cars in their timeline but for the purpose of making it easier for readers, I decided to change that. This has no other impact in the story.