Author's Note: The chapter lengths will be getting slightly shorter as I plan to make the final chapter of this story meet up with the chorus of the song lyrics which are the chapter titles.

"Hi mum, this is Videl. Videl, this is my mother Chi-Chi." Gohan said as he introduced one lady to another.

"Hi there, it's nice to meet you. Gohan has told me a lot about you." Videl said with a forced smile on her face. She was actually incredibly nervous right now. She had never been in a relationship where she actually had to meet the in laws.

"Well I guess my son conveniently left out the fact that he had a girlfriend when I last spoke with him… Sorry, I thought I taught him better manners than that." Chi-Chi admonished whilst fixing a glare to her son.

Videl smiled as she saw the interaction with mother and son. Gohan hadn't been lying when he had said that he had a strong willed mother. This just made Videl even more interested in the woman. Her mother had never been in the picture since her 7th birthday so she had been devoid of a female role model.

It was why she had used Ms Anonymous and Bulma Briefs as her role models. They were powerful women in respective male dominated industries.

"So what's for dinner mum?" Gohan asked, hoping that he could use this as a way to get a conversation going.

"Come on Gohan, you know the drill. Pretty much anything that you can think of is on offer for dinner." Chi-Chi said with a frown on her face although the way her eyes lit up with mirth showed that she liked Gohan's almost childlike curiosity for food.

"So how's your restaurant going mum?" Gohan questioned to which Videl's eyes widened slightly. With Gohan's mum being a chef then that meant that dinner was going to be good.

The mother of two became animated as her son asked about her pride and joy after her children. "It's going great. We are full all nights of the week now and we are so busy that we have a month and a half long wait for a seat on the weekends.

"That's great mum! Finally other people are realising just how good of a cook you are." Gohan said with a big grin on his face. Chi-Chi blushed whilst Videl was focusing on the way her boyfriend acted when he was with his family. Just from this amount of interaction, she could see that Gohan was much more relaxed and open. She liked this Gohan and she hoped that it was the one that her boyfriend would be now that they had made their relationship official.

"Speaking of food, let's have dinner before it all gets cold. Videl I must warn you, you're in for a sight that you will never forget." Chi-Chi said to which Videl smiled.

"I saw Gohan eat at school so I'm used to watching him eat ridiculous amounts of food at an inhumane speed." She and Gohan hadn't discussed whether or not they were going to mention that they were already living together.

Chi-Chi's nodded and filed this information away for later on in the night. Nothing more was said as Gohan and Goten got stuck into the food that was on offer.

Videl was at a loss. Sure, she had seen Gohan eat when he was by himself and she thought that that was as bad as it got. She was quickly proven wrong though as she watched what Gohan was like when there was competition for food.


After dinner, Goten had decided to go meet up with some friends to which Chi-Chi had let him. She wanted to use this time to get to know Gohan's girlfriend better and having Goten not around would make that job just that little bit easier.

"So where do you work?" Chi-Chi asked, striking up a conversation with as they did the cooking utensils that wouldn't fit into the dishwasher.

Videl looked up from the sink. "Oh I work for the Satan City Police department." Videl said with pride on her face.

Chi-Chi liked what she heard as it spoke volumes on the character of Gohan's girlfriend. You didn't join the police force to make money as the private sector variant of said job paid a hell of a lot more than what the government was willing to pay you. She was doing this because she wanted to help people and that was exactly the type of person that Chi-Chi wanted for Gohan. "That's impressive. Are you a field operative or behind a desk most of the time?"

"I'm a detective so I do both sides of it. I process information at the headquarters and then I will go out and search for the criminal once enough evidence has been piled up on the culprit. You know it's funny I guess because all throughout high school I had this crackpot theory going through my head that Gohan was saiyaman. It was there that I developed my passion for solving mysteries and it lead me down to becoming a police officer." Videl chuckled at the memories of trying to unmask Gohan as saiyaman.

Chi-Chi for her part chuckled uneasily as Videl didn't know how right she actually was. She always thought that the gimmick Gohan used to fight crime was stupid but she was never going to tell him that.

"Hahaha, that saiyaman sure was an interesting character when he was around." The mother of two said as she didn't know what else to say. Chi-Chi had no idea just how much Gohan had told Videl and considering the fact that she was the first girl that Gohan had brought over, Chi-Chi didn't want to say anything that would cause her to run away. She was still very much interested in having grandchildren to spoil after all.

Thankfully for Chi-Chi, Gohan came into the living room right at this exact time. She quickly had to wipe a tear of happiness away from her eye as she saw Gohan lean over this new girl's shoulder and give her a peck on the cheek. She was beyond happy at seeing Gohan finally having someone that he could share the rest of his life with.

The trio of adults quickly moved their conversation to the lounge room where they sat down. Gohan had pre-emptively brought over multiple glasses of water and sat them down on the table for when his mother would no doubt faint when she heard the news.

"So how did you meet? Was it instant attraction at first sight or did it take time for the attraction to build up?" Videl blushed as feelings and acknowledgement of lust / attraction were things that she wasn't really comfortable discussing. The fact that it was with the person who was essentially her mother in law made it even more awkward and embarrassing.

Thankfully for Videl, her other half took control over the situation and spoke up. "It was when the gold fighter showed up and my first day at school. he had just left the scene of the crime and I was passing my way through on my way to school when Videl blocked my path demanding answers on what had just happened."

Videl was surprised that Gohan remembered this. If it wasn't for him jogging her memory, she would have just said on him joining school on the first day.

"I thought she was cute when she looked so angry and fierce but as time went on, I found myself getting more and more attracted to her the more I got to know her." Gohan conveniently left out the part that he hated her guts.

You could easily hate someone's guts whilst still wanting to fuck the absolute shit out of them because they were hot.

Videl blushed when she heard this and slightly retreated into the dress that she was wearing. She had no idea that Gohan found her cute even back then when she looked absolutely hideous wearing that bed sheet and spandex shorts.

"She's much better when she is embarrassed and blushes though." Gohan said with a grin on his face as he gave a quick peck to the cheek of Videl.

Chi-Chi, as she watched this occur had stars in her eyes as she was already going through the minor details of Gohan and Videl's wedding.

Gohan and Videl locked hands, looked at one another and nodded. There was going to be no right time to drop the bombshell that they were expecting so now was as good as ever.

"Mum." When Gohan said this, Chi-Chi came out of her little daydream about watching her son getting married. "Mum, there is a reason apart from you meeting Videl that we wanted to come over and talk to you. There is an announcement that we want to make."

The heart of the mother of two started beating rapidly as her mind tried to process all of the possible things that Gohan and Videl could announce. The first thing that came to mind was that the couple had gotten engaged and were going to get married.

"Go on." Chi-Chi said with baited breath.

Gohan and Videl shared a smile with one another. "Mum, Videl is pregnant and we are expecting twins."

The second that the key word was mentioned, Chi-Chi found herself lightheaded as she processed the information. "G-g-g-grandkids!" Chi-Chi screamed and them promptly fainted with a smile on her face. To Gohan, this was the best smile that he had ever seen on his mother's face and was happy to know that he was the person making it happen.

Videl meanwhile had rushed to the side of Chi-Chi and was already in the process of checking her pulse.

"Gohan what are you doing just sitting there! You're mum just fainted!" Videl said with a look of anger on her face.

"Oh don' worry sweetie. Whenever there is big news, mum will always faint and in a minute, she will be back to normal. Trust me, I'm a doctor."

"You're not a doctor, you just create drugs." Videl said with a grin on her face. Gohan used the "Trust me, I'm a doctor" in any situation even if it had nothing to do with health.

Right on time with the prediction of Gohan, Chi-Chi slowly started waking up. When she saw Videl who was looking after her and Gohan who was still seated, Chi-Chi remembered what she had been just told. "You're pregnant!" Chi-Chi screamed in utter jubilation as she got up faster than what Videl expected and gave a big hug to the mother of her grandchildren. "This is wonderful news!"

Videl returned the hug but it was a bit weird seeing the change in moods from Chi-Chi. The hug was broken as Chi-Chi ran over to Gohan and embraced her eldest son. "I'm so happy for you Gohan!" Chi-Chi sobbed into the chest of Gohan.

"Thanks mum. It means a lot to hear that for you." Gohan replied with a little bit of water in his eyes. After everything that he had been through during his rather harsh upbringing to say the least; the person that had always been there for him no matter what was his mother Chi-Chi. She was the most important person in his life and there were only two people as of now that had a chance of equalling that.

As much as he loved Videl and Goten, his mum took the top honour and only his children would be able to rival that.

"B-b-b-but what about marriage? I thought that you would wait until you got married before having kids Gohan." Chi-Chi said with a big frown on her face. She refused to believe that times had changed.

Gohan didn't particularly want to go into the marriage part as it wasn't something that he and Videl had discussed. He especially didn't want to discuss it in the presence of his mother. "Mum, this pregnancy wasn't exactly planned. The condom that we were using at the time broke and Videl got pregnant from it."

"And what about the environment that the kids will be growing up in?" Chi-Chi asked with a hard edge in her tone. She didn't want her grandkids to be growing up in a broken home where they would constantly have to cycle through homes because neither Videl nor Gohan were together. The thought of them being apart and having the kids associate with step parents was simply not an option.

"I admit that we weren't in a relationship before the pregnancy but the more time we spend with one another, the more we find liking each other. We started dating a while ago and I don't see us breaking up any time soon." Videl rested her head on her boyfriend's shoulder as he said this.

Much of Chi-Chi's anger at this was really worry taking a different shape. She was speaking from personal experience about raising kids in a broken home that has no father. As much as she loved Goku and knew he did things for the greater good, she had to admit that he wasn't the greatest parent.

When she had heard the quote "the needs of the many outweigh those of the few or the one" Chi-Chi had never felt a saying put into words what she felt and what she assumed her children felt when it concerned Goku.

She was just worried about what would happen to her grandchildren and she only wanted what was best for them. She didn't want them to go through the upbringing that she was forced to put Gohan and Goten through. Of course she knew that Gohan was going to be a part of her kid's lives as she had raised him well but there she didn't know Videl all that well.

If there was a fight and the two of them broke up, the strain that that would put on their kids was not something that she looked forward to at all.

Now Chi-Chi wasn't naïve enough to think that her son was a virgin so there was always the risk of something like this happening. Videl who had sat back down linked her hands with her boyfriend. "I know this is not the ideal situation that you would have liked. I'm not the type of person to have a child outside of a marriage but we have to make them most with the cards that we have been dealt." Videl said to which Chi-Chi nodded.

She didn't like the fact that her son had gone and gotten a girl pregnant before getting married to said girl but she couldn't control that now. For the sake of her unborn grandchildren Chi-Chi knew that she

"You're right Videl! So have you two thought of names?"

The eyes of Videl and Gohan widened at this question as neither one of them had put any thought into what names their kids would have. They supposed that they would have to know the gender of the twins before coming to a decision.


"So that went well I think?" Gohan said out loud as he and Videl lied in the spare bedroom at Chi-Chi's house. Videl hadn't wanted to fly late on at night despite the speed that they could travel at thanks to Gohan.

Videl who had pressed on the chest of Gohan nodded. "I guess as good as we could have hoped for. Your mum seems really nice though."

"Thanks" Gohan said whilst offering a smile. "I can tell that she likes you because you're not afraid of speaking your mind and going after what you believe in. She would hate for me to have a girlfriend that was subservient." Gohan said as he ran his hand down the back of Videl. His hand had made its way past her top and was touching her skin directly.

"I am happy about that. I don't have a female role model so I guess that I got my toughness and aggressiveness from my father since he raised me by himself." Videl mused about the past.

"My mum was similar. My grandmother died shortly after my mum's birth with cancer so my grandpa was the one who raised my mum." When Gohan said this, Videl instantly felt a psychological gravitational pull to Gohan's mum. She grew up in the same scenario that she did. Chi-Chi would know what she went through and would be able to help out a lot.

Videl leant up and pecked her boyfriend on the lips before resting her head back down on his chest. "Good night Han." Videl sleepily said

"Night." Gohan responded without thought as he too closed his eyes and went to sleep.


"So when do you want to tell your father that you are pregnant?" Gohan questioned as he knew that he was going to have to have a conversation with the man that stole all of his credit.

"Probably when I am at the point I can't hide it. I still hate him for lying to me about Cell." Videl said with a visible frown on her face.

Gohan didn't try to convert her into going and seeing her father. He didn't particularly like the man either for all that he had done and said. "I need to go into work today but I can use the multi form for that so how about I take you on a tour of our building?" Gohan questioned to which Videl nodded. It would be nice to see where Gohan worked.