"Know Your Stars: Phineas & Ferb Edition"

Rated T

Disclaimer: I don't own anything associated with Nickelodeon and Disney or the shows "All That" or "Phineas and Ferb".

Notice: The bold italic letters will be the Know Your Stars announcer talking, just to let you know.

Chapter 1: Phineas Flynn

Out of the abandoned studio came an empty set surrounded by colorful lights. The studio resembled the "Know Your Stars" sketch from "All That". The first guest happened to be a tweenager with a Dorito-shaped head. By the indication of his familiar orange hair, the guest turned out to be Phineas. He sat down, looking very anticipated.

Know Your Stars... Know Your Stars... Know Your Stars...

"It's good to be here, folks! I cant wait!" Phineas said as he rubbed his hands in anticipation.

Phineas Flynn... he's in the tenth grade!

"I think you have it all wrong there. You see, I'm still in the fourth grade." Phineas corrected the announcer, "Besides, if I were in the tenth grade, I would have people taller than me kick my butt. And I don't want that, so..."

Phineas Flynn... he likes Isabella!

"Um, okay... first off, me and Isabella are just friends." Phineas said, feeling a little blush in his cheeks, "I'm telling you, it's not really like that."

Are you... are you blushing?

The announcer knew that Phineas was blushing like the entire red light district. Knowing that Phineas was indeed in love with Isabella, the tweenager shook it off with impressive results.

"That's... that's none of your business."

I think you're lying...

"Like I said, it's none of your business!" Phineas said with a booming voice, "Can we get on to something else?

Okay okay! Sheesh! *muttering* Lousy Dorito-head...

"What was that?" Phineas responded, feeling suspicious of what the announcer called him.

Nothing. Phineas Flynn... he and Isabella like to do it allllllll niiiiiight looooooong!

"I'm telling you, we're just friends!" Phineas cried out, "It's like two brothers/sisters getting along together. Heck, maybe guy friends, but me and Isabella wouldn't do anything sexual together.

You know you like to stick your log in Isabella's fireplace!

"Okay... I didn't want to know about that..." Phineas said, feeling a bit disturbed of that sexual pun, "But I still like to wait until I get married! Even if I did, me and Isabella would still be friends and nothing else, you hear me?

Now you know the Isabella lover, Phineas Flynn!

"No, you don't!" Phineas cried out to the announcer.

Yes, you do!

"I'm telling you honestly, that me and Isabella are only friends!" Phineas blushed once again, even though he was refusing to admit it, "And did I hear you calling me Dorito-head too? Because that's just plain offensive to me! I'm not gonna stand here and let you poison the good people of Danville with these lies! Are you there? HELLO?"

Phineas sooooo likes Isabella. I just know he does.

Next up on the chopping block, the silent yet smart Ferb Fletcher. Stay tuned next chapter!

P.S.: Just to let you know, these "Know Your Stars" fics are pretty much fun to do for me. So far, I've gotten Total Drama and My Little Pony versions done, and now... I'm here to do Phineas and Ferb! What do you think about this idea? Feedback is always nice!