"Know Your Stars: Phineas & Ferb Edition"

Rated M

Disclaimer: I don't own anything associated with Nickelodeon and Disney or the shows "All That" or "Phineas and Ferb".

Notice: The bold italic letters will be the Know Your Stars announcer talking, just to let you know. BTW, this part will feature a sick, disturbing scene. So for those of you daring to read what's down here, don't say I warned ya.

Chapter 13: Eliza Fletcher

There was once again another unfortunate victim entering the studio. With her extravagant British accent, some brown hair with a short ponytail. Complete with a pair of black shoes along with a pair of rolled-up blue jeans which are rolled up and topped by a white buttoned-up collar shirt with a brown belt and a black jacket, she took her seat. It was Ferb's cousin, Eliza.

Know Your Stars... Know Your Stars... Know Your Stars...

"Sorry if I'm a bit late. Someone fogged me with laughin' gas on the way over 'ere." Eliza chuckled a bit, "Let's get started, shall we?"

Eliza Fletcher... She's a limey.

Hearing this unbelievable lie, Eliza managed to let out another chuckle.

"Oh, that's nonsense. I'm actually a gentlewoman. My parents raised me that way." Eliza replied in defense, "I've learned good manners and I'm very lady-like, so I'm comfortable with that."

Eliza Fletcher... She moonlights as a Futanari model.

"Pardon me, but I hardly know what that is..." Eliza said, feeling a little uncomfortable, "Can somebody explain it to me, please?"

And then, an backstage worker approached Eliza and whispered on her ear. After that, Eliza's face formed a disgusting tone. She felt like she was gonna be sick.

"EW! Are you insane?" Eliza exclaimed angrily, "I would never do anything such as... that! You must be one perverted wanker!"

You can't prove that.

"Believe me, ya wank your own sausage if you 'ad the chance! That's why you're a wanker, hence the name!" Eliza exclaimed, standing her ground again.

Eliza Fletcher... look under your pants.

"Why should I, wanker?" Eliza scowled, crossing her arms.

No reason...

"Fine..." Eliza sighed.

Eliza then got out of her seat and pulled down her pants... only to find a disturbing sight.

"What the-?" she said in surprise.

Eliza found out that she was wearing a plastic real-life dildo. She was trying to get it off, but to no avail, it was stuck to her like glue.

"How the hell did ya put this on me?" Eliza shouted to the announcer.

Oh, come on... you all know that your parents raised you to become a Futanari model!

"I'm a gentlelady! I'm not whatcha call a futa!" Eliza shouted again.

In the process, she tried yanking that thing out of her waist, but she failed again.

"Great mother, can somebody get this bloody thing offa me?" Eliza said, trying to get help from backstage personnel.

Oh, let us help you, Miss Fletcher.

Regarding his words, a band of robot hands managed to grab Eliza Fletcher on her legs and hands. She tried her best to get free, but it was useless.

To add insult to injury, the fake dildo hung out in full erection.

"Somebody get these bloody hands offa me!" Eliza shouted for help.

Oh, that won't be happening!

Proceeding through his evil words, another robot hand came out and started to stroke Eliza's fake dildo furiously.

"Leave me alone, ya bloody hands!" She yelled helplessly, but then she started to moan unexpectedly, "Ohhhhhh... you won't get awa- Ahhhh... away with this..."

Her words made the robot hand stroke her fake dildo hard. It was almost like a jackhammer hitting the pavement. Her helpless moans increased loudly as she was nearly close to reaching her climax.

"I'm gonna kil... ohhhhh, I'm gonna kil..." Eliza moaned, trying her best to threaten the announcer, "Ohhhhhh... dear god, I'm gonna...! I'M GONNA-!"

After one last stroke, fake cum started shooting out of the fake dildo that Eliza was wearing. The aim and accuracy was very geyser-like at best. She was blowing all over the Know Your Stars set like a beached whale. Eliza was now crying for help and yet there was no one who can save her.

The robot hands finally let her go to the point that Eliza was now laying in a stream of fake cum. She was panting and breathing out of control as if she had sex. She looked pissed off that the announcer did this to her.

So... how did it feel, Miss Fletcher!

"How dare ya use me like this!" Eliza exclaimed madly, "I oughtta sue your bloody ass for torture! Where are ya, anyway?"

Now you know Eliza Fletcher... gentlelady by day, hot futa at night.

"Okay, that does it!" Eliza shouted, finally having enough of the announcer's bullshit, "Cum down here and face me like the bloody wanker that ya are!"

I would, but I rather not be poked by your large penis. Your mother and father raised you as a shemale that way.

"I told ya! I'm a bloody wo-!" Eliza shouted in defense.

But then, she was cut off by what the announcer said. She looked down and realized that the tall dildo was surgically planted on her.

"Wait a minute, this thing's real?" Eliza said in shock, "Did ya gas me in the limo and plant this little sausage on me? That's disgustin'!"

Eliza once again tried to pull the real-life penis out of her, but it was attached to her forever. For the third time, it was hopeless.

"I swear, when I get this... 'thing' off of me, I'll take ya bloody head off!" Eliza threatened to the announcer before she shouted for help, "Dang! Can somebody get me a surgin' here? I'm afraid that if I pull 'his off of me, I'll bleed! 'Allo?"

Eliza as a futa? Sounds a bit disgusting, but I guess that's how the announcer sees fit then...

Next up will be Irving. Until then, stay tuned. ^_^