Hey guys! So I know I said I wasn't going to do a long story, but technically this won't really qualify for a long story because I think it will only be 1-3 chapters. But I had this idea and I couldn't resist. So lets do this!


Jinx's POV


Duhnununa dunahnahna.

I open my eyes and groan. I turn over and turn on the lamp. I cringe at the bright light, then grab the Titans Communicator.

"Darn that stupid ring" I say. I turn it on and Robin shows up on the communicator.

"What do you need Robin, its-" I stop and check the clock

"-2 in the morning." I say grumpily. He scowls.

"There is some trouble in your city. Wake Kid Flash up and go get whoever it is." he says.

"Robin out." I sigh and turn off the communicator. I roll off my bed and get dressed. I walk into Wally's room and shake him awake.

"Wally? Wally there is crime going on and Robin needs us to stop it." I say groggily. He is silent for a while, then groans and flips the covers off him. He sits up and rubs his eyes.

"Get dressed." I command and walk out.

2 seconds later he is walking next to me in his Kid Flash uniform.

"Why do we need to do this!?" He groans. I roll my eyes.

"To protect the city. Now come one." I say. Before I know it he picks me up and speeds us to the crime.

Mad Mod laughs evilly as he stuffs money into a bag.

"Stop Mad Mod!" Kid Flash yells as we take superhero stance. Mod just laughs and pulls out his cane. I throw a hex and Kid Flash runs around him, taking the money. I do back handsprings and backflips until I reach Mad Mod. I do a kick and kick his jaw. The force sends his body back and his cane flies out of his hands. We both run after it. We both grab it at the same time and begin to pull for it.

Suddenly, Mad Mod smiles. I suddenly feel scared and he presses a button on his cane. I feel a feeling go into me, and I black out.

I wake up and see Kid Flash over me. He looks relieved for a moment and I see his mouth move. But no sound comes out.

"What?" I say, then gulp. I didn't hear myself say that. My eyes widen and I put my hands on the ground to keep myself from falling over. Then I realize. I can't feel the ground. I can't feel anything. And I can't smell the weird smells of the bank when I breath in. And I don't have that weird after taste in my mouth that you have when you wake up. I can't even feel my mouth.

"K-Kid!" I say, not hearing it. He tilts his head and says something I can't hear.

"I-I can't can't hear myself or you! And I can't feel my mouth! I can't feel the floor! And I can't smell anything!" I say, freaking out. Kid Flash looks as freaked out as I do. He picks me up even though I can't feel it and we speed off with a wind that I can't feel either.


Kid Flash's POV


"She's lost 4 out of the 5 senses." Cyborg says, making my blood run cold. After I got Jinx to the Titans Tower, they took her into the medical room to have her scanned. All she could do was look around with wild, scared eyes.

"W-What does that mean!?" I say, freaking out.

"It means she has lost her hearing, her sense of touch, tasting and smelling. Meaning she can't hear anything, she can't feel anything, she can't taste anything and she can't smell anything." Robin says.

"B-But how do we fix it?" I say. Suddenly Mad Mod's face appears on a medical computer.

"Hello my Duckies!" he says.

"I couldn't help but overhear your conversation, and I know how you can heal your girlfriend." he says laughing. I run to the computer screen and shake it.

"Mad Mod what did you do to her!?" I yell. He only laughs.

"I did exactly what your friends said I did. I removed 4 of her senses, only leaving her sight. I figured it would be mean if I removed all of them." he says.

"Anyways, this is how this will work: You will need to get back one of her senses each day. Meaning you only have 4 days to cure her." He says.

"What if I don't? Then what?" I ask, scared of the answer.

"Then she will be stuck with whatever senses she has left forever." He says, laughing.

"H-How do I get them back!" I yell.

"I made this fun for me, so I might as well be involved. Each day, starting tomorrow I will give you a riddle. I will hide her senses in different places, and the riddles will say were. When you find the sense and touch it, it will return to the girl. When you find the 2nd to last sense, you will meet me at the bank where I took them away from her, and fight me to get them back. You will need to retrieve it before the clock strikes 12. " He smiles.

"I will see you tomorrow." Then the screen shuts off. I let out a frustrated scream and throw the computer on the ground.

I walk over to Jinx.

"Jinx I know you can't hear me, but I will save you. I promise." And even though I know she won't feel it, I lean in and kiss her." She doesn't respond, but I didn't expect her to. I lay down with her and the Titans walk out, leaving us it peace.

Ok that wasn't as good as I thought, but anyways. This story will have 5 chapters, including this one. Because I will dedicate one chapter to each sense, and then the ending where they fight for the last sense. Anyways onto the question.

What sense should be first? I haven't really decided on this yet so I need input.