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Last time, on the 4 senses: The light faded and I smiled.

"That was totally an indirect kiss." I think. Then I don't feel as good because I feel the salmon coming back up.

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I groaned and woke up. I don't remember exactly what happened after I started throwing up, but I don't think I stopped for about an hour.

"Welp. I'm never eating fish again." I say. I realized I was still in the same room and my I cringed. It was filled with puke and half eaten fish. And the smell... I was going to throw up again just from the smell. I ran out of that room and to the Titans Tower as fast as I could.

When I got into the tower, I walked into the medical room where Jinx was still sleeping. My eyes soften and I walked over to her. Her hair was down and spread across the pillow. She never wore PJ's, just these black and pink sweats. The blankets were kicked all the way off the bed. She was on her back with her left hand over her stomach. She was just so beautiful... I sigh and sat down next to her. She didn't stir. I started to softly pet her hair.

"Oh Jinx... I'm so sorry. I can't imagine how scared you have been. I... I love you so much. I know you won't hear that, but I know it will register somewhere in your brain. I love you so much. I felt tears go down my face and I put my forehead on hers.

"So so so so SO much." I say softly. I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep. I woke my eyes only to see pink staring back to me.

"Had a nice sleep?" Jinx asked. I nodded in response. She smirked.

"You look awful. And you have-." She stopped and grinned harder in a more snide way, "dried throw up covering your face." She says, nearly laughing. I feel heat rush to my face. I run to the bathroom at super speed, wash my face, and am back laying next to her in a few seconds. I gave her a seductive smirk.

"Do I look good now?" I ask on a piece of paper. She just smirked.

"No." And she starts laughing. I scowl and turn over.

"Awwww I'm sorry Wally" She says, hugging me.

"Do you mean that?" I ask on a piece of paper.

"No." She says, then cackles and jumps off the bed. I sigh and get off with her. She walks into the bathroom and I walk to my room. I walk in, and nearly scream.

"Goodness for a superhero you sure are jumpy, my ducky." Mad Mod says. He seems to have made himself comfy on my bed. I scowl and cross my arms.

"You didn't scare me, I was just... surprised. Anyways why are you here? I already know where to go." I say. He jumps up and walks over to me.

"When." He says.


"You know where, but do you know when?" He asks. I scowl.

"No I suppose I don-" I am cut off by a piece of paper being smacked on my face, then a sound meaning Mad Mod has left. I growl and peal the piece of paper off my face. I look at it.

"You have until Midnight of tonight. I decided to make things funnier... for me." I read the next sentences and felt my face pale I put down the paper.

"Jinx.. I promise I won't fail." I say, then walk out to get some breakfast. But not before looking at the paper one last time and thinking of what it said.

"Instead of, if you lose she will just lose the current senses she has, she will lose all 4 senses again. And it will be permanent. And also: you will work for me. And you will never see her again. Probably should have told you that first. Anyways, You will arrive at the place I took her senses at exactly 8:50. Giving me time to monologue and all that. Then, at exactly 9, we will start. I will explain what you will be doing when you get there, but you have until 12 to get her hearing back. If you fail, 4 senses will be gone again."

Time passed too quick. It was 10 o'clock, then it was 1, then it was 5, then it was 8, then I had to leave. I spent the whole day with Jinx, which I haven't been able to do lately. We talked(well I wrote and she talked.), played games, took a nap(snuggled smiley face) and other things.

"Wally?" Jinx asked while I painted her toenails. I paused and picked up the notepad to my side.

"Yeah Lucky?" I asked.

"Why are you doing all these things for me? I mean you touched every object in my former house, you traveled the whole city without seeing anything, you even-" I cut her off by kissing her. She squeaked and turned red. I pulled back and put my forehead on hers.

"I did them because I love you Jinx. I know that because of your past its hard for you to see that, but I do. I love you. And people who are in love would go to the ends of the universe for the people they love." I say. She nods and we go back to what we were doing.

I look at Jinx. We stand on the edge of the island. The wind blows her hair as she walks forward.

"Kid.." She says. I silence her and pull her into a hug. I don't need to say anything, the hug says it for me.

"I will defeat him. I promise." I feel wetness on my shirt, but she pushes me away. She quickly wiped her eyes and smiles.

"I know you will defeat him... You have to.." She says. I just nod. I watch her reatreating form.

"Jinx!" I know she won't hear me, but she seems to sense I was coming and turns around. I pull her in and give her a kiss. She molds her lips on mine and she pulls me closer. She threads her hands through my hair and I feel tears come down her face. I bring my hands to her cheeks and wipe the tears. I feel her saying it.

"Come back. Please." I just nod. After a while we break away and she walks inside. I take one last look at the T tower, then run.

I reach the warehouses at exactly 8:50. I take a deep breath and walk in. The door slams close behind me.

"Hello my Ducky." I hear Mad Mod say. The lights flip on and he appears in front of me.

"Now time to explain what you will be doing tonight. You have 3 hours to complete the task. I have hidden Jinx's last sense, not just somewhere in town, but somewhere in the world. When you find it, touch it, then come back to me. Then we will fight." He says.

"And I don't think I need to tell you the consequences of if you fail." He says, smirking. My fist clenches together tightly.

"No. You don't." I say.

"Do I get a clue of where it is? Is it someone corresponding to Jinx or me?" Mad Mod smirks.

"Maybe in an hour. But it's almost time my ducky! One minute left!" Mad Mod says, tapping his watch. I walked by the doors and took a running stance.

"Five..." Mad Mod starts counting down.

"Jinx... I told you someone you love would go to the ends of the galaxy for you..."

"Three..." I smirk.

"But I guess the ends of the earth will have to do for now."


"Jinx... I love you."

"Go." I am out of the door in less than a second.

My legs are burning. My head hurts and I can't breath. But I keep going. I've searched 2 out of the 7 continents. America(Including Canada) And South America. And parts of the ocean around it. That part was the hardest, because I had to be constantly running. I stopped for a quick moment to grab some food and water. Then I kept running.

I couldn't even breath anymore. I know its rare for me to be breathless, but I was. Very much. I stop and look at my watch.

"Hello my ducky! Its been an hour! Had any luck?" I hear a voice behind me. I turn around and see Mad Mod.

"You ok? You seem to be working up a sweat." He said, smirking.

"Just... Give... Me... A... Freaking... Clue." I say, gasping.

"Fine whatever. Your a pushy one." He says.

"Brotherly villains." I look up.

"What?" I say.

"Come on you're wasting precious time!" He says.

"Chop Chop!" I growl and take off.

"Brotherly villains? What does that mean?" I think as I run.

"I will figure it out as I run." I think.

I end up in Asia and begin my search. Soon it's been 2 hours and I am in Europe.

"What... is... that. CLUE!" I rage inside. I run through france.

"Ha. I remember coming here when we fought the BrotherHo- The BrotherHood!" I screech to a stop and turn in another direction.

"Brotherly Villains. It all makes sense now. The BrotherHood gathered all the villains. I'm so stupid. How did I know figure that out?!" I think. I run to the BrotherHood's old hide out and begin to search. I shudder as I pass the frozen Villains. I notice Mad Mod's empty spot.

"How did he even get out?" I ask myself.

"More importantly, why did he not free anyone else?" I think about this as I search through the villains. Then I see it. Madam Rouge. She's in a weird position. Like she was blocking the rays. But in her hand covering her face, was a bright purple color. My eyes widen and I check my watch.

"I still have 45 minutes left!" I say. I run up and touch the light. It instantly disappears.

"All right. It's now or never." I say, and I run back to the warehouses.

I arrive at the warehouses at exactly 11:35.

"I see you made it." I hear Mad Mod say. I face him and take stance.

"Yes. I did." I say. Mod smirks.

"Here is the objection." He says. He points the very end of the warehouse. Sitting there on a box, is the purple light. Jinx's hearing.

"You need to retrieve the sense before 12 o'clock while avoiding my minions." He says.

"Min...ioins?" I say. Suddenly, about 1000 robot mad mods jump down from the ceiling. My eyes widen.

"Ready. Set. Go!" Mad Mod shouts, and his minions rush at me.

"Catch me if you can!" I yell and run around them. I am hit with something that sends me into the wall.

"Well... That... Doesn't feel good." I say, falling down from the wall. I cough and stand up. I dodge minions left and right. Jumping over them and ducking. But after running across the whole world, you tend to get tired. They land a lot of hits. I feel blood coming out my nose and I think one of my teeth got knocked out.

"Tic Toc! Only 2 more minutes!" Mad Mod yells over the noise.

"I'm not even halfway there!" I think frantically. I get a sudden surge of energy and I run towards the light. I get about 3/4 the way there, when I am pinned down to the ground.


"Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap." I think. I shove the robots off my and begin taking them out.

"30!" I kick them fast.

"25!" I finally get some of them off me, and I try running again. While fighting, the robots knocked over a box that gasoline in it. One of them pulled out a box of matches and light it on fire.

"Just what I need." I think.

"15!" I run towards the sense, getting attacked again.


"No. I'll never make it."




"I'm so sorry."


"I love you.."

"Annnd times up." The robots laid back and tossed me to the ground. I coughed and curled up into a ball.

"No... No..."

"Well looks like poor little Jinxie- Poo is going to lose more than just her senses. She's going to lose her boyfriend to." He says. I growl and in an instant I am up and I lunge at him. But the robots grab me.

"I will find a way to her one day! I will!" I yell at him. He smirks at me.

"How are you going to do that if she isn't alive?" He says. I feel my blood run cold.

"No.. No no no.. That wasn't part of the deal!" I yell as a group of robots leave.

"Oh it wasn't?" He says, smirking. He leans in close to me.

"Now tell me: Since when has a villain ever actually followed the terms of a deal?" My eyes widen.

Then suddenly I see something. On the corner of my right eye. I see a flash of pink behind a box. I see Jinx's head peak out from a box. She puts her pointer finger to her lips, telling me to be quite. Actually the look she gave me was more a "Be-Quiet-Or-You-Will-Die." Look. Good old Jinx. I swallow and look back at Mad Mod, who was ranting about... something. I noticed his cane off to the side, unattended. He sends the rest of the robots out and handcuffs me.

"Power prohibitors. So those pesky powers won't get in the way." He says. Jinx quietly comes out from the boxes, sneaking. I continue watching Mad Mod, trying to keep Jinx's presence known.

"You still will work for me, those robots are just stupid." Jinx is right behind him.

"Psst." She says, and plunges a hex into his back. He falls to his stomach.

"Jinx! The cane!" I yell at her. She runs to the cane and is about to grab it when suddenly a body slams into hers. She fly off to the side and hits the wall with a loud "Thud!" And she falls limp to the ground. I grind my teeth. Mad Mod gets up and dusts himself off. He walks to his cane. I growl.

"You.. hurt. Jinx." I say. He laughs.

"Yeah my ducky. That's what villains do. They hurt people." He says.

"You. Hurt. My. JINX!" I yell. I stand up and rip the power prohibitors off. I don't know how I did, but I just did.

"YAHHHHHH!" I lunge. But not at Mad Mod. I lunge at his cane. In a moment I have it. I run over to the fire and stand in front of it. Mad Mod's couldn't have been any wider.

"This is what you get for hurting my Jinxie!" I say, and throw the cane into the fire. As soon as the cane hits the fire, it bursts into particles. And so does Mad Mod. In an instant, they are both gone. All seems to go dark for a moment. Then, a purple light floats in front of me. I touch it and everything turns normal again. The light slowly goes over to Jinx and enters her body. I see her stir and roll over. I am next to her in a second.

"Jinx? Are you alright?" She is silent for a moment, then her hand is grasping my shirt.

"Say that again." She says.

"What do you mean say th-" Then it comes to my head. She can hear me. She couldn't hear before. She jumped up and start dancing around.

"I can hear! I can hear!" She says, squealing like a little girl. I stand up and she turns to me. I see tears in her eyes.

"Kid... Wally." She says. We stare at eachother for a moment, then we both start walking towards each other. We are soon next to each other and staring into each others eyes. She leans into my lips.

"I love you." She says, then kisses me.

No one know where Mad Mod and his cane went, nor how he even got out of his ice prison. All the robots that were on there way to kill Jinx mysteriously disappeared. Jinx now appreciates life and people more now that she has had this experience. Her and Kid are very happy together.

Yay! Sucky ending yet again! I'm so sorry I had no idea how to end it, Its 12 at night, I am tired and so this is the best you are getting. Sorry. Also, I have a couple ideas for longer stories, but those won't be for a little while. Question for the story:

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