She stares with pride at her face

She smacks her lips, lipstick in hand

She bats her mascara coated lashes, dark eyes gleaming

Perfect face, flawless skin

She grins at her reflection

Straight white teeth.

Plump lips curve, a smirk mirroring her

But all is fake, a cover

Pretty nails, prim and cute

Slender fingers curl through her shining blonde hair

Perfect shade of yellow


But all just a cover

Pain, love, horror

Too much of it

Her brown eyes stare into the ones that reflect back

Her confidence she wears falters

Her smirk of arrogance falls

Dirty blonde oily hair, hanging limp and straight

Thick, white rimed glasses

Blemished and scared skin

Raw, chipped finger nails

Chapped, dry lips, pressed in a firm line

Big brown doe eyes

Tear stains run down

Broken soul, lost hope

Dying girl.

The beauty stood in front of the mirror

Her face bowed down

Her fist clenched tight, bringing white to show

Short skirt swishes

High heel boots clad in black clank

And her pale hands impale the thin glass

Crimson blood drips

Her ruby red lips tremble

Her perfectly coated eyes shut tight

Her plucked eyebrows narrow

And her skin wrinkles

She lifts her fist

Her brown eyes open

They gaze over her scarlet hand, watching the hand drop to her side

She looks up

A broken mirror is what she sees

Cracked and shattered

Like her heart

Her memory reels back







"What do you think you're doing. Ugly bitch. Nobody wants to see you, nobody likes you." She repeats.

"Just get your face out of here, whore." She growls

"I hate you."