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After a couple of minutes of intense running we seemed to have lost the others. Slowing down, I looked around in confusion. We were deep in the middle of the forest, miles away from anything. It was pitch black, I could barely see Klaus and that was with my enhanced vision. All of sudden the slight lull stopped, Klaus had come to a halt. I raised my head up, "what are we doing here?" A smile spread across his lips, "I'll show you."

Taking another few steps, I squinted as the outline of a large stone wall came into view. The closer we got, the more I could make out. A gasp escaped from within me. Klaus just laughed a little, "I built it over a hundred years ago, but it's still useable." It was a tiny stone picturesque cottage, with ivy crawling up the walls, completed with a red wooden door.

Although it was old and the paint peeled in places, it still looked like something out of a fairy tale. "It's perfect," I whispered as he opened the clasp on the door. It revealed a dimly lit room, which was surprising well furnished. Klaus set me gently down on the couch, pulling a knitted blanket over me before he proceeded to light the many candles. When he was done the cottages beauty was even more prevalent.

It was fitted with a crammed bookcase from wall to wall, an arch revealed a small cream kitchen and another door led off to a hall where there were two bedrooms and a bathroom. Klaus sat gently down beside me. He placed an arm around me as I lay gently on his chest, "it's so beautiful, the inside was not was I expecting." The small space and candlelight made it very romantic, the perfect place to tell him my feelings, but right now I was too exhausted for declarations of love.

"It wasn't what I was expecting either. Rebekah mentioned she stopped by here for a few days a while back, that she bought a few things. I didn't realise that she had completely refurnished the place, but it is Rebekah and she doesn't do things by half." This was true, it did have Rebekah's touch. I tried to fight against the drowsiness, but it was a losing battle as my eyelids began to droop.

"Go to sleep Hayley, I'll still be right here when you wake up." I garbled something incomprehensible, not even sure what I was trying to say myself. Klaus laughed a little at this, his chest shaking slightly. That was the last thing I recalled before I fell into a deep slumber. Soon enough though my mind became aware again. Looking ahead I saw a bunch of vampires, lit up under the burning sun.

They were stalking towards me, down the muddy path from earlier. I didn't remember getting up or leaving the cottage at that. I reached behind me for Klaus, searching for him. Turning I noticed that he was no where to be seen. He wasn't here to rescue me this time. Turning back to face the oncoming doom, I was shocked to see how close they were. Marcel eyed me menacingly before giving a short whistle, a signal.

I had no time to scream out before three men were on top of me, knocking the breath out of my lungs. I struggled against them but it was no use, they overpowered me with ease. I cried out for help, but there was no one around to hear. Tears streamed down my cheeks, as Marcel came to a standstill next to me. "Do it boys." There was a tearing sensation, before I felt the agony along my stomach.

Glancing down I saw the deep crimson soaking through, I realised then what they were doing. "No stop, STOP!" It was too late, I heard the tiny little scream, the first sound of life. Weakened by blood loss and pain, there was nothing I could do but watch on in horror as Marcel held my tiny baby in his hands, "please don't, don't hurt-"

He gave me a quick wink before disappearing into thin air, my baby with him. "Noooooooo-" I was cut off mid-scream by a strong pair of hands. "Hayley calm down, your okay, your okay just wake up." My eyes fluttered open, adjusting quickly. Klaus' concern eased a little, "thank god your awake, you were thrashing and screaming for ages." I could feel the wetness on my cheeks, the salty tears in my mouth, it had all seemed so real.

Glancing down I saw my still prominent bulge, I held on to it tight in relief. "What were you dreaming about love? You were so frightened, you wouldn't wake up, I didn't know how to help you." His words caused me to burst into tears again, "it was Marcel.." Klaus just hugged me tighter to him, "he's not getting near you again, I promise."

I shook my head, "it wasn't me, it was the baby." Klaus seemed taken aback by this. "I've had this nightmare before, where Marcel attacks me, he cuts me open and takes out the tiny little baby. I watch as he holds our baby screaming in his arms and there's nothing I can do to help.. I-" I was cut off by my own sobbing. Klaus tried to reassure me, "it's only a dream Hayley, a horrible one but-"

"It's not though," I interrupted him. "That's what nearly happened today, I got out this time but what if I hadn't. My dream would have been a reality." The last word caught in my throat, as I realised how close I had come to losing my baby. Klaus was silent for a moment, glancing up I noticed his reflection in the window. His eyes burned with anger. Taking his hand I gave it a squeeze to try bad calm him down.

Shutting his eyes fur a brief second, he looked down at me with concern and love. "Your dream will never come true, Marcel will pay for what he did. We have a plan to make sure he never hurts you or our baby again." I just nodded, laying my head back on his gently heaving chest. We stayed like this for a whole, as he rocked me gently in his arms, wiping away the last of my tears. I was still tired, my sleep hadn't exactly need peaceful. But I was relaxed now, I felt safe with him.

His arms were like home to me. But there was still something else niggling away at the back of my mind. One name. Caroline. Moving one arm out from under the blanket, I moved my hand lightly across his hard stomach. Using my fingers I traced tiny circles along his abdomen. His breathing fluttered slightly at my touch, but he steadied himself so quickly it was barely noticeable.

Clearing his throat, he spoke up. "You seem agitated?" I was surprised he had picked up on this, I had been quite subtle. Or so I had thought. "It's stupid really.. " He began to run his fingers soothingly through my hair, "nothing's stupid if your upset, tell me Hayley." I didn't reply, he huffed a little. "I think I know what it's about." I pulled my head back at this, looking him straight in the eye.

"Klaus I just don't know what she is to you, what I am to you." His brow furrowed as he listened to my words, "I mean where do we stand? What is this that we have, because we need to figure things out before the baby comes. It's okay if you don't feel that way, but you need to tell me, right here, right now." That wasn't what I had planned to say, it had come out all wrong. I was supposed to tell him how I felt.

As the seconds passed Klaus stayed mute, that was his response then. I had exaggerated the whole thing, he didn't feel this way at all. Shifting slightly I edged to slide off the couch, just wanting to be alone. Just as I was about to stand up I felt his hand clasp around my wrist. Twisting me around I saw the light in his eyes, "Klaus-" Whatever I was saying would have to wait.

As Klaus pressed his lips firmly against mine, I felt the exhaustion leave my body, replaced with a feeling so wonderful it was indescribable. Every time we kissed the passion seemed to grow stronger, every touch caused fireworks to explode within me, even his scent mesmerised me. I grasped a hand around his neck trying to pull him even closer, running the other down his spine feeling his shiver of excitement.

His strong hands rested lightly on my waist, grazing off the bare skin beneath my shirt. I felt his tongue slide smoothly along my lower lip, heard every intake of breath, felt his frantic beating heart against my own. I was so caught up in the moment I didn't even realise he had turned me on to my back. His hands slid slowly down my thighs, as he continued to kiss me as if his life depended on it.

I searched up under his torn shirt, ripping the last of it away before resting my hands against the small of his back. A moan escaped from deep within his chest, his breathing becoming heavier. A loud noise caused us to break apart very unwillingly, Klaus sat up abruptly listening carefully. Then we heard it again, men shouting, they were close. Within seconds Klaus had darted around the room, leaving extinguished candles in his wake.

He had me pressed up against the far wall, signalling to keep quiet. My hammering heart was the only audible noise in the deafening silence. My body relaxed a little, they must have passed us by. Then there was a loud thump, as two men appeared at the window. Their faces clearly visible as they searched the room. I let out a fearful squeak before Klaus covered my mouth, keeping it contained.

Their eyes continued to scan the site, one set resting on the couch. They flickered quickly to us, I shut my own eyes convinced that we had been caught. A couple of tense moments passed. Finally one of the men hollered to the others, "nothing here, keep moving boys." He gave one last glance before clearing off with the rest.

I felt Klaus' body relax, but mine remained rigid with fear. "Hayley it's okay, they're gone. They're not coming back." He ran his hands up and down my arms, trying to coax me out of my stupor. I felt his warm sweet breath, "your safe with me." My eyes fluttered open, his face was right there, a small smile spreading across it.

"I know I am," I whispered gently. My eyes flickered cautiously to the window one last time. I had faith in Klaus, he could protect me. A little doubt had crept in at the sight of those men, but that was just due to the nightmare. Klaus was still grinning at me, my cheeks flushed red. Leaning in I felt his cheek brush off mine, his unshaven stubble scratching ever so slightly.

Against my ear he whispered lowly, "how about we get back to what we were doing before?" I giggled pushing playfully at his chest, he just leaned in again touching his lips against mine. They had barely brushed off when a loud creaking caused us both to jump. It was more of a twitch for Klaus, but whatever that noise was had certainly startled me.

Klaus turned slightly, into a somewhat protective stance. I glanced tentatively over his shoulder. The front door was slightly ajar. Pushing me behind him, Klaus edged forward. Throwing it open, I watched as he coiled ready to pounce. But there was nothing there bar the trees swaying in the breeze. "Just the wind," Klaus stated shutting it firmly.

I took a deep breath trying to steady myself again, Klaus looked concerned. "Your shivering, hold on" pulling the blanket off the couch he wrapped it tightly around me before sitting me down. "I'm just a bit on edge, I'll be alright." Klaus shook his head in disagreement, "your clearly not comfortable with this threat, I can't have you worrying." He stood up briskly, "Klaus wait it's okay, theres nothing you can do."

I didn't want him getting worked up over something he couldn't fix. I had seen what it could do to him. He started towards the bookshelf, "yes there is." I watched in confusion as he scanned the rows, before pulling out a thick black book. It was a bible of all things. Joining me again, he flipped through the thick worn parchment pages, the bible was extremely old, the handwritten script was hardly visible.

With a sigh of satisfaction he ran his fingers down the page before ripping it right out. Handing it to me, he watched silently as I read it through. "It's the deed for this house." I breathed out in relief. I hadn't known what he had been planning, this wasn't dangerous at least. "Yes I acquired it many years ago, it's never been signed," he flashed me a crooked grin. "I want you to have it."

Before I could even try to protest he continued, "think of it as a gift for all the trouble I have caused you, besides it will keep you safe, no vampire will be get inside." I shook my head in disbelief, who gave a house as a gift? Caressing his cheek I looked him in the eye, "I'll sign it but I can't possibly take it, it's yours. None of the past few weeks were your fault, these things happen and we deal with them together."

Now it was his turn to protest, I stopped him abruptly with a quick kiss. "Together?" He smiled, "together." Reaching over I picked up a pen from the nearest table. Klaus stood up, "hold on one second." I stopped scribbling watching as he dashed across the room, flinging open the door before stepping outside. "Go ahead," he gestured.

"What are you doing?" I asked finishing off my signature. He leaned lazily against the door frame, "this house is now under your name, therefore only you can invite me in." I stood up, going to face him. "Maybe I don't want to invite you in, I'm quite content here on my own." He chuckled a little, wiggling his brows. "Your not going to make me beg now, are you little wolf?"

I paced a little, pretending to think about it. "Give me one good reason why I should let you in?" Jokingly he gestured to himself, "well I'm gorgeous for a start." I laughed at his funny yet true joke. For the first time ever I saw Klaus blush, as he glanced awkwardly to the floor. "But I'll answer this one seriously if you'll listen to me."

I was taken aback, not sure what he was referring to. He glanced at me once before continuing, "I was attracted to you immediately when we were first met, I admired your bravery, your loyalty even your stubbornness. But most of all I couldn't get over how beautiful you were. That night we were together was like electricity. There was something about it that I couldn't understand. For weeks after I went on with my life, but you were always there, always on my mind."

I was mesmerised by every word he spoke, I had never know that he had felt like that back then. Even though he had offered me his protection, I had always thought that he had hated me, at one point I had even hated him. He gauged my reaction for a brief moment before taking a steadying breath and continuing.

"One of my biggest regrets was how I treated you after I found out you were pregnant with our child. I didn't know how to react, how to deal with it. And I want you to know how sorry I am, if I could take it back I would. Because I realise now that you and this baby were the best thing to ever happen to me. I don't deserve you, I don't deserve any of this but I need you. You make me want to be a better person."

I was completely and utterly stunned. My limbs remained rigid as I stood glued to the floor, listening in awe. "Hayley you are what makes my life worth living, in the past one thousand years I have never been as happy as I am with you. When you smile I smile, when you cry it breaks me. Especially when it's my fault. You are my life now, my family. I have never been so sure about anything in my existence as I am about my feelings for you."

"Come in," I whispered. Taking my hands he stepped inside, resting his forehead gently against mine. In the silence I could hear his heartbeat, his shallow breathing matching my own. "I love you Hayley. My little wolf." His smile lit up my own lips. Placing my hands on his face, I looked into his eyes and in that moment I realised I had found what I had been looking for all my life, I was no longer alone. "I love you too."

This kiss was softer than those we had shared before, but it was full of passion and love. Mostly love.