Hello all my fellow die-hard Duesers. I can't tell you how sorry I am that this fic is taking so long to get from my head to paper. Muse was missing and life's been difficult. But I hope if you're still reading you like this next part. We're almost to the finish line….

Meg stared out the window into the dark and shivered, despite the fact it was still warm out. He was out there. She knew it just as she now knew he was the one who was behind all the mishaps over the past few months at the Consulate.

Without the maintenance files, without being able to prove that Orvitz was the one who took the files, she amended, they'd never be able to prove Fraser was innocent. She knew the men were going to search his apartment, but really, she didn't think he was stupid enough to leave the files there. A sick feeling went through her when she realized that there was nothing from stopping him from destroying them. Indeed, if she'd been in his place that would have been the first thing she would have done.

No. They had to lure him out. Make him over-confident then maybe he'd slip and reveal something they could use against him. But what? There was no reason behind his resentment that she could tell, other than herself…

Meg closed her eyes and shuddered again as she wrapped her arms around herself. She knew what she had to do.

Meg turned her head to see Turnbull glance quickly away; the look of concern on his face quickly shuttered into a bland mask.

"Turnbull," Meg turned to face him as he stood to attention. "Ad-ease, Turnbull. I need to get a few things from the store."

Turnbull puffed out his chest eager to be of service. "Yes sir! I can go in a jiffy. What is it you need?"

Meg paced back to the window and looked out at the night sky. What exactly was it she needed? Time. Luck. A miracle. "Just some groceries; for dinner. You decide." She replied off handedly, already thinking of what else she needed for her plan to work. She had a mini digital recorder that she could tuck into the waistband of her jeans. And a knife – a gift from Ben a couple Christmases ago- she could put in her boot.

Turnbull snapped off a quick salute. "Yes sir! I can make a wonderful braised chicken with a lemon herb sauce, or a nice pot roast? Oh! Or I could make –"

"Turnbull" Meg cut him off. Now that her mind was made up she had to act while she had the nerve. "Just use your best judgment."

She listened as he got his hat and moved about her apartment, staring unseeing at the Chicago skyline. A moment later the door closed behind her. Knowing she didn't have much time before he returned she went to the desk in the corner and reached for a piece of paper and a pen.


"You've got to be kidding me." Ray Vecchio grumbled as he backed the Riv out of the parking lot. "We wasted all that time in there and he wasn't even there?"

Ben opened his mouth to reply but before he could say anything a snort came from his right. "You're just upset no one thought you were date worthy." Kowalski smirked at the dark haired man.

Ben watched as Ray's expression hardened and cleared his throat. "Gentlemen, please. Now's not the time to—"

Ray Vecchio's cell phone rang in three short chirps stopping Ben in his tracks. It was the tone he'd assigned to Thatcher's house and Ben took a deep breath. They had agreed that, incase the house phone was being tapped; it was only to be used in extreme emergencies. Otherwise, Turnbull went to the corner to use the payphone.

"What's going on?" Kowalski asked and was waved silent by Ben.

"Vecchio." Ben watched his friend answer the phone, then still. He knew whatever it was it couldn't be good. "Are you sure?"

"When?… Don't worry. We'll meet you there."

Ray was flooring the Riv as he stuffed the phone back in his pocket. He took a deep breath before he glancing at his friend. "Thatcher's missing. She sent him to the store and when he returned she was gone. She left a note. Apparently she felt if she used herself as bait to lure him out we could nab him."

"Fraser…" Ray took a breath and forced himself to tell the worst part. "Turnbull became distracted at the store. He was only to pick up a few things and ending up doing major shopping. In the note she figured he'd be right back and gave him instructions for us to meet at Orvitz's apartment."

Kowalski listened to all this in silence, then noticed how the Mountie's hand curled into a fist. "So let's go." The blond said as he looked at the two men. A moment later they were speeding down Hamilton Avenue.