Infirmary 5

Some of you guys made me feel soo bad! Not in the bad way though…that doesn't make sense but still! I was looking at some of the reviews I got and realized that this didn't have a very developed ending. Even if only like two or three of you said something about the abrupt ending, it still knocked some sense into me so I wouldn't drift into the writer's block sea. Arigato my fans!

When Naruto woke up, he was aware of a sharp ache in his lower back. Opening his eyes blearily, he yawned and sat up stiffly in his blankets. He stretched and just so happened to glance to the side where…Sasuke laid, staring at him with amused dark eyes.

"Good morning."

Now Naruto would deny this to the day he died but, he screamed like a fucking girl.

He tried to jump off the bed but a hand around his waist made that impossible.

"Where are you going?" Sasuke growled lowly. The thick husky voice must have snapped something inside of Naruto because he grinned and scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

"Oh, hehe, good morning Sasuke." The dark haired boy rolled his eyes and stretched out on his stomach much like a cat and he swung his legs to the other side of the bed before standing up in all his glory.

Naruto coughed lightly as the light made Sasuke's skin seem even paler. They were in such a rush last night that Naruto hadn't gotten to fully admire the body taking him and he was astonished that Sasuke had been chasing after him for what, six years? Naruto wasn't exactly ugly but he certainly wasn't the prettiest thing out there so why would Sasuke spend all that time just looking at him? Not even trying to talk or ask him out. Naruto shook his head and jerked slightly when a cool, pale hand cupped his chin and angled his face upward.

Seeing Sasuke's eyes up close was always a treasure because the dark haired boy always tried to hide how he felt and it was worth it to search deep in them to find those feelings.

"I would very much like to kiss you right now but my morning breath would probably scare you off, so I'm going to go home, get ready for school, and by the time I walk into that building," He trailed his hands down Naruto's chest, rubbing the dark nubs with his thumbs.

"I want your tongue in my mouth." Then he reluctantly pulled away, chuckling at the way Naruto's body trailed after his. He walked into the living room with ease and smirked at his clothes that were strewn across the room. He reached over and picked up his boxers; he pulled them on and continued to get dressed.

When he was done, he looked around and noticed Naruto's baby blue boxers.

Slowly, a mischievous grin formed on his face.

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Naruto exited the steamy bathroom and heard the front door close softly. He sighed and limped slightly to the living room where he noticed the state of the room.

"Should I clean this- nope, I'll get to it later." He decided quickly. Walking back into his room, Naruto made a move for his clothes drawer and pulled out a dark blue pair of shorts and a white t shirt followed.

'I slept with Sasuke Uchiha, the most wanted guy in the school. I had his dick in my ass. He has been in love with me for six years and now we are probably going out.' He thought. A stupid smile formed on his face and he hopped a little before he stopped, his eyes straying to the clock.

8:30 a.m.

What the hell?

"Shit." He hissed. Picking up his pre-packed backpack, he ran out his door stopping shortly to lock it before racing down the street.

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Sasuke walked into the front door and hissed as he was tackled to the hard wood floor.

"Get the hell off me Kiba." The brown haired boy chuckled as he was pushed off rather roughly on the floor.

Kiba pouted and followed the scowling boy into his room.

"Why the hell are you so pissy this morning? I thought you got some." Sasuke rolled his eyes and dug into his drawer for clothes.

"Why are you not at school?" It was Kiba's turn to roll his eyes as he sat in the computer-desk chair.

"I, unlike you, am ready for school. I just wanted to make sure you didn't go to meet Uzumaki and end up getting kidnapped or some shit." Sasuke, having picked his clothes, made his way to the bathroom.

"Was he good?!" Kiba yelled down the hall.

Sasuke turned back to smirk.

"Damn good."

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Naruto walked into the school building and stomped his foot as a thought popped into his head.

"It's a fucking late day!" He yelled. Several kids looked at him annoyed but he simply grumbled under his breath and made his way to the commons.

He had forgotten that Tuesdays were late days and that you didn't have to be at school until 9:45. He sighed as he sat in one of the benches and pulled out his school issued laptop. It had his homework on it, something he failed to finish while waiting for Sasuke to call him.

"Somebody forgot to find me." Naruto lifted his head from his report with an exasperated look.

"I wasn't looking for you Sakura." He said in a bored voice, directing his attention back to his work.

The pink haired girl's face twisted in an ugly sneer and before Naruto could react, she had snatched his face in her clutch.

"I already asked you to help me win Sasuke-kun's heart and you agreed. What the fuck is this reluctance now?" Naruto growled and snatched his face out of her hand.

"I'm not about to fucking help you win his heart when he obviously doesn't give a shit about you. Oh, and just so you know, the only reason I ever agreed to help you is because I felt sorry for your desperate ass. You act like some rabbit in heat, sit the fuck down and piss off." He said in a low angry voice. She looked at him with watery emerald eyes and Naruto was slightly surprised to feel arms wrap around his neck from behind.

"You should have been waiting for me at the door."

Naruto turned around, completely disregarding Sakura's presence.

"Sorry, had homework to finish." He explained with a grin. Sasuke's dark eyes gleamed at him heatedly and he leaned forward, their lips meeting in a chaste kiss.

"Sasuke-kun!?" came the startled reply from behind them.

They turned around and Sasuke looked at the girl with threatening eyes.

"There something you need?" She looked between the two of them, her lips quivering.

"Sasuke-kun? Y-you're gay?" She stuttered. He rolled his eyes and pushed his lips aggressively into Naruto's. Hands tangled in hair and Sasuke skillfully slipped his slick tongue into Naruto's waiting mouth. Their tongues tangled for dominance and saliva dripped down their chins at the intensity of the kiss. They separated; both of them panting for breath, and Sakura stared on with wide, horrified eyes.

The whole commons area was quiet as they held their breath for Sasuke's answer (though it was pretty obvious) and Sakura's reaction (which was also predictable)

"Yes, I like dick as much as you like dieting…a lot." Sakura stared between them and wailed loudly. Her face contorted into a snotty mess and tears leaked from her eyes like a faucet as she ran out of the area and Sasuke couldn't help but feel déjà vu at the situation.

He turned to Naruto and was shocked to find a concerned look on his face. Naruto noticed his look because he winced.

"Do you think she'll be okay?" He asked. Sasuke stared at him blankly before he grabbed Naruto's hand and dragged him out of the resting area.

"You are the only person I know who will care about a person's feelings after throwing your change of sexuality in their face." Sasuke said shaking his head.
Naruto shrugged and suddenly found himself pushed up against a wall.

"I'm a special breed."

Sasuke nipped at Naruto's full lips and pulled on the bottom one with his teeth. He grabbed a handful of Naruto's ass with a naughty smirk.

"Very special indeed."

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Sakura walked out of the bathroom sniffling with a tissue in her hand.

"Stupid Naruto, stealing my fucking boyfriend." She sniffed again and looked down the hall where she saw Sasuke's stupid friend.

"Kiba-kun!" She yelled her voice thick from crying.

He turned around with a shocked look on his face.

"…the fuck?" She dropped her tissue and began to walk quickly toward him.

"Kiba-kun, can you talk some sense into your friend?"

He scoffed and turned back around and began walking off with his hands in his pockets.

"Don't talk to me girl." She pouted and crossed her arms, pushing out her chest.

"Kiba-kun please? I'll do anything." He turned around, his brown eyes narrowed in boredom. He 'tched' and waved her off.

"Bitch please."

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"Ah!" Naruto moaned breathlessly and collapsed on the bed. Sasuke pulled out of him and tiredly made his way to the small bathroom to get a towel and clean them up. He rubbed the white towel on Naruto's huffing chest and smirked as he went lower to clean the mess he made in the blond haired boy.


He wiped his member and threw the towel to the floor.

"What?" He asked as he laid down next to him. Naruto shifted but his attention was focused on something on the other side of the bed.

"Why the hell are my boxers here?" Sasuke looked at him confusingly before he smirked and looked at the bright blue boxers sitting in his open desk drawer.

"It's a keepsake."


Was that ending satisfactory? I'm having a hard time concentrating on my het pairing fanfic so, you never know, there could be a sequel. I'm not promising anything but it's a possibility.