The Leman's Alphabet

A/N: This was created for three reasons: 1) I was bored one day at 3 a.m. 2) I've always wanted to do an ABC-themed chapter fic. 3) I felt like trying my hand at some couples I don't normally write for. This chapter is Clebe, the next Stary, then Gregstophe; it continues in that pattern throughout the story.

I used The Phrontistery as inspiration. I found each chapter's word and its definition on that site.

So, after much stalling on my part, I bring to you The Leman's Alphabet! As of today, exactly half of these oneshots have been written, so this story should be updated once a week, and I hope to do so every Friday. After the first thirteen are posted, updates will continue as usual unless I don't have the chapter written yet, in which case it could be posted on any given day.


Abatjour: Skylight or device to direct light into a room.

[Clyde & Bebe]

Clyde took delight in rare miracles. Living in South Park meant that miracles were hard to come by, anyway, but he was supremely blessed with the rarest of them in two separate forms now, as he stood not ten inches away from the gaping mouth of a great white shark, only divided from its glinting teeth by a pane of specially-made glass.

The aquarium itself was nice, but the first miracle wasn't so much the location as the emptiness of it. For once, Clyde thought, living in a small mountain town had its benefits. There weren't many people to bother him—only a lone female tourist, then Wendy and Stan, who, thankfully, were quiet and kept to themselves, bypassing Clyde without a second glance and focusing instead on swinging their joined hands between them. He was able to stand there in blissful silence, bathed in a blueish light from the water on the other side of the glass.

Though the silence was broken some moments later, he wasn't bothered. In fact, the voice that had drifted through the air was from his other miracle, a girl named Bebe. She asked him if he'd seen the smaller shark in the back of the tank; he shook his head, moving so that he was at her side.

She grinned and pointed the shark out to him, then wandered down the dimly lit hall with the accompanying sound of clicking heels.

Clyde watched her with a fond smile as he followed, enamored more by the way the sun shining through skylight above them made her hair glow gold than by the marine life he had actually come to see.

When he sighed, Bebe turned around to grab his hand and ask him what the matter was. The only thought that occupied his brain was to lean down and kiss her, so that was exactly what he did, only pulling away for a brief moment to murmur the answer to her question against her lips.

Satisfied that there wasn't anything wrong, Bebe wound her arms around his neck and jerked him down a bit, earning a startled grunt from the brunette when their lips met with more force than before. She didn't seem perturbed by this, so Clyde simply settled his hands on her hips and followed the movement of her mouth.

He thanked God for his favorite miracle, who, his subconscious reminded him—as if he'd forgotten for a second—was the most breathtaking girl that ever did stand beneath the skylight's offering of muted sunbeams.