Veduta: Panoramic view of a town.

[Clyde & Bebe]

A/N: There's a certain line in this that I used in something else I wrote in the past, but I can't remember what that previous thing was, so here it is again, hehe.


"Hello, South Park!" These words, which echoed in the air and sent birds scattering, rang out across the tops of the buildings as easily as the laughter that followed them and put a wide smile on one Clyde Donovan's face.

His friend Bebe, the hearth of the phrase aforementioned, was now content standing against the breeze that had just stirred. She flung her arms out to her sides and yelled again, this time simply voicing a sound.

Clyde couldn't help but stare at her, silently admiring the vivacity that had settled on her soft, pretty features. He wished he had done this sooner, because the way his friend's face lit up at the sweeping view of the town beneath them was positively enchanting. Seeking solace on the roof of the mall wasn't exactly allowed, but none of the employees had ever cared enough to stop him in the past—which was how he got so much time to himself during his lunch breaks—so today's break entailed sitting on the edge of the brick with a girl fascinated by not only the mall itself, but also by the view its rooftop provided.

"Clyde, come'ere!"

It took the teen a moment to realize he'd been called by the grinning blonde, but he was quick to shuffle to his feet and join her, nonetheless. "Let's take a picture together." Presently, the girl withdrew her cell phone and hit the camera button, already aimed and posed before Clyde even thought to smile. "We gotta get the cityscape behind us," she informed him, which he laughed at and received a wrinkled nose and a tiny frown in response. "What's so funny?"

"I was just thinking—I mean, what cityscape? Our town has about four buildings."

Her expression eased back into a smile, though she did stand to scoff at the brunette. "Oh, shut up. I know that. Doesn't mean it can't look pretty with the right photographer. You trust me?"

"More than anyone," he replied, sounding much more collected than he felt. He considered the fact he should've just said "yes" and kept it at that, but the words were already spoken and Bebe seemed happy enough with them, so he kept his mouth curved into an awkward smile and didn't open it again.

"Ready?" the girl asked.

Clyde nodded and, at last moment, slid an arm around her shoulders. He felt his smile relax into a more natural one when Bebe giggled.

"I got it!" With that, she turned back around to face the town, ardently tugging on her friend's jacket sleeve so he would do the same. He watched her slide her phone into her back pocket, then quickly averted his eyes.

"Uh, my shift ends in two minutes, so…" The awkward smile was back, not that the girl noticed, for all her attention was focused on the sky that stretched in front of them, only inhibited by the subtle slopes of colored rooftops and a sparse freckling of birds. Her response to his announcement came in the form of a brief nod, and, with her following words, she speedily digressed. "Isn't it gorgeous, Clyde?"

He answered without thought, though his eyes didn't leave her for a moment. "Beautiful."

Something in his tone must've caught her attention, because the blonde's gaze met his with a frightful suddenness that had Clyde's face flushing quicker than he could look away.

"Clyde," Bebe began, her own tone morphing into one of playful accusation. "Don't tell me you're sweet on me."

He fought hard to maintain a smile while he spoke around the lump in his throat. "Nahhh— I mean, you're really hot and stuff, but— Ah… I'm sorry. I meant that you're really…uh, yeah."

She raised one eyebrow and put her hands on her hips. Her smirk was one unmatched, he thought nervously, trying his best not to look at her and failing miserably in his attempt. "I'm really 'yeah,' am I?"


All evidence that she was joking left her face: her smile still remained, however, though it had become much softer. "Thank you. That's sweet."

He all but stammered when he felt her hand brush against his. "Is it?"

"Very sweet. Y'know what else is sweet?"


"Remember that bubblegum lip gloss you bought me the other day?" she questioned, letting her smile curl into a mischievous grin.

Clyde didn't think his face could get any redder. "Yeah?"

There was no verbal response before she wound her arms around his neck and pushed up onto her tiptoes to kiss him, startling him out of just about every thought aside from the self-issued commands to get over his nerves and kiss her back. After this fleeting moment of shell-shock he did just that, calming himself enough to set his hands on her hips.

She pulled back after a moment, letting her hands drift downward to grasp his forearms. "Thanks for taking me up here, by the way."

The brunette hoped his smile wasn't too incredibly dorky, but he couldn't seem to suppress it. "Hey, no problem. Any time—lunch break's the same time every day."

"Speaking of your break," the girl started, suddenly looking worried, "wasn't that over, like, five minutes ago?"

There was a stiff pause, then Clyde shrugged. "You know what? Fuck 'em. They can wait."