Haptotrophic: Curving in response to touch.

[Stan & Gary]

A/N: Haptotrophic usually pertains to plants, hahaha. Oh, well.


"You're beautiful," Stan breathed. He ran a hand through Gary's hair.

The latter responded with a smile. "As are you. Moreso than I." He lightly gripped the other's chin and pulled him into a kiss before Stan could argue.

Both boys were curled on Gary's sofa, reveling in the temporary absence of the Harrison family, all of whom had gone grocery shopping just ten minutes beforehand. It was rare that Gary was left home alone, so the impetus to invite Stan over was the first one he felt, as well as the first one he followed. It was another rarity for Gary to blindly follow his impulses, as he was one to consider his options at length before making a decision, but, then again, his boyfriend was quite the opposite, and perhaps that mindset was beginning to rub off on him.

Exhibit A, the blond mentally noted, was that he was the one with his hands all over the other boy, when it was usually Stan that got touchy-feely first. Stan didn't seem to mind, however, if his small sighs and grunts against Gary's mouth were anything to go by. The latter could only imagine what kind of fit his parents would pitch if they knew what he was doing, and the thought very nearly made him laugh in the middle of his and Stan's kiss.

Luckily he refrained from doing so, though the way Stan's back was arching under Gary's touch was quickly destroying any sort of composure he held. But, of course, he would try to maintain his self-discipline and ignore the fact that more than just Stan's mannerisms were currently rubbing off on him. That was the plan, but the moment he pulled away from their kiss and withdrew his hands, his name left the noirette's mouth in the form of an urgent murmur.

Self-discipline be damned. Soon enough, he'd pushed Stan backward onto the couch, and the last thing he remembered thinking coherently was that he rather enjoyed the way his companion's spine curved just the slightest bit when Gary's fingers skimmed it.