A/N-This is my second fic here and I'm pretty happy with the other story, so I decided to add this one. Just to let you know, this is pure FLUFF. There isn't anything non-fluffy about it! I will be adding more, but it might be slow because I'm more involved with my Claudia story. Hope you like it!

One Whispered Word

Parvati rolled her eyes. Seamus was telling his stupid jokes again.

"Have you heard the one about the man with a wooden leg named Smith?" Seamus said, looking at Ginny.

"Um, no?" Ginny replied weakly.

Parvati giggled. Ginny was head over heals for Seamus, it was as plain as the nose on her face, but Seamus was to blind to see it.

Parvati let her eyes wander to the other tables in the Great hall. The Hufflepuffs were talking and eating their breakfast, as were the Ravenclaws, but most of the Slytherins were paying close attention to Draco Malfoy.

Draco Malfoy was not welcome with the people Parvati was friends with. He hated all the Gryffindors, especially Parvati's gang, mainly because Harry Potter was part of it.

"I'm definitely not on his list of favorite people," she thought sadly. "But why does he have to be so damn good looking?! Maybe if he wasn't I wouldn't be as attracted to him!"

Parvati sighed. "Oh well.I guess I can just get over him."

Draco looked over at the Gryffindor table. He spotted Harry Potter. "That evil little good for nothing." He thought bitterly. "And all his stupid friends." But his gaze stopped at Parvati. "God, is she gorgeous." He thought. "Hell! She's probably the hottest girl in this school! Definitely the sexiest.If only I could get her alone! Maybe after breakfast."

He let his mind wander for a minute, and then decided to talk to her when he was finished eating.

He saw her stand up, and started to get his things together, still wondering how he was going to get her away from her friends.

"Draco!" he heard Pansy Parkinson whine. "Aren't you going to stay?"

Draco just rolled his eyes and walked away. He wasn't going to waste his breath on her.

He saw Parvati turn down the corridor towards Transfiguration.

"I have to stop her!" he thought urgently. He did the first spell that came into his mind.

"IDiffindoI" he muttered. Parvati's bag split.

"Oh perfect!" He heard her say angrily. Draco rushed forward.

"Let me help you," he said.

Parvati looked up. She looked surprised to see him, of all people there, but smiled.

"Okay," she said shyly.

He bent down and helped her pick up her book and parchment. Her blouse hung loosely around her shoulders, you could look right down it and see everything.

"It wasn't bad to look at either" Draco thought smuggly. He looked at her face, into her big brown eyes. "She really is beautiful," he thought.

Her eyes met his. "What!?" she asked.

Draco looked down. "Oh, um, nothing."

Their hands reached for the same book and touched. They looked at each other. Draco looked into her eyes. He could see it, she was practically telling him to.

He leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. She returned his kiss. He felt her lips part just enough, and he did what she wanted him to do. They kneeled there for about five minutes, kissing softly.

Finally Draco came up for air.

Parvati started to gather all her things. She seemed nervous.

"What's the matter?" He couldn't believe he had just asked that. Like she'd actually tell him.

Parvati almost didn't answer, but she felt like she could tell him anything right now.

"Well, we're not really from the same circle of friends," she said slowly. "I mean, what if someone had saw us. I know Ron or Harry would have murdered you on the spot."

"Stupid Potter." he muttered.

She looked sternly at him. "My friends mean everything and more to me. If you can't deal with that, then this won't be happening again." She stood up to leave.

"No Parvati wait!" She stopped abruptly. It was the first time he had ever called her Parvati, not just Patil or Hey you!

"I know I can learn to deal with Pot- with Harry and Ron. If it means I get to be with you, I'll do anything."

Parvati melted. No one had ever said anything romantic like that to her before. She fell into his arms.

"Oh of course you will," she murmured.