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"Yami are you going crazy!? You're giving your puzzle away!!" Jonouchi yelled, staring at Yami. 'What's wrong with him!' he thought. 'Something's wrong. Yami would never give up the puzzle. Yug' worked too hard on it.'

Yami looked at Jonouchi sadly. "I have to Jou. Maybe he'll finally let Yugi go." He muttered.

Pegasus' eyes flashed. 'The spirit's more of an idiot then I thought. Of course I won't give little Yugi up.' he thought. "Of course I'll give Yugi boy back to you. I know you miss him." Pegasus smirked.

Ryushi shifted uncomfortably. Pegasus couldn't be telling the truth. He needed Yugi's soul to parish in order to use it to revive Cicilia. But why was Yami going along with it? He fround. 'I didn't come all this way just for Yami to give up!' he thought angrily.

Yami walked slowly towards Pegasus the puzzle clutched tightly in his hand. He had to give the puzzle. It was the only way.


"Yami!?" Ryou yelled, shaking Bakura. "Yami answer me!"

Honda rushed up next to Ryou. "He took a bad hit." He murmured. Looking at Bakura he could see the blood oozing out of his fresh wound. "I don't think he'll make it."

"Of course he'll make it. He's just a spirit. He probably can't even feel it." Anzu shrugged. Not even realizing Mokuba was there. Mokuba blinked but said nothing. He'd question them later.

Ryou was shaking. Honda couldn't tell if it was from sadness... ... ... or was it something else? Ryou stood up, gently setting Bakura on the ground. He walked slowly over to Anzu and slapped her hard across the face. Anzu gasped and staggered back. Needless to say, Honda was surprised.

"What was that for!?" Anzu screeched.

"Don't you EVER say that about my Yami again." Ryou said, his voice strangely low and dangerous. Honda had never heard Ryou talk like that. Ryou quickly rushed back to his Yami and took off his cardigan (God I hate his cardigan. He looks a lot better when he's in Battle City.). He started ripping it into strips and started wrapping them around Bakura's stomach.


Jonouchi watched in horror as Yami stepped in front of Pegasus, holding out the puzzle for him to take.

"You've made a smart move spirit." Pegasus sneered, reaching out for the puzzle.

Quick as a flash Yami swung the puzzle, smashing it into Pegasus' sneering face. Pegasus yelled in pain and fell off his chair. Yami quickly put the puzzle back on. He was happy to see hadn't broken after it's encounter with Pegasus' ugly face (Actually Pegasus' face isn't ugly. He looks good for someone who drinks wine every 2 minutes. But I just felt like putting that in there. ^^). The guards were dumbfounded. Jonouchi took this opportunity to rush at them. Punching one of them in the face, he heard the audible sound of bone breaking. The guard crumbled to the ground with a groan of pain.

"Behind you!" Came Ryushi's voice and Jonouchi whirled around, kicking his would-be assailant in the gut.

By this time Yami had already grabbed Yugi and the gun from the floor. Leaving Ryushi to look after Yugi he stepped over to Pegasus and pointed the gun at his bleeding face. "Looks like the game's over." He smirked. "Now I think it's time you let Yugi go before my finger slips."

Pegasus wiped some blood from his mouth. "I have many more guard then you think, spirit." He quickly snapped his fingers again and four more guards rushed in.

A guard with spiky blonde hair pulled out a gun and aimed it at Yami. He pulled the trigger, smirking insanely.

Yami's eyes widened. He had no chance to move! He closed his eyes. //Yugi. I'm sorry I couldn't save you.// After a few seconds of feeling no pain he opened his eyes. Jonouchi was crouched on the ground, holding his bleeding arm. "J-jou!?" Yami gasped.

Jonouchi smiled at Yami from the floor. "You okay buddy?" He asked. Yami glanced up at where the guards were and saw them all on the ground, Ryushi standing over them. He moved to help Jonouchi but he shook his head. "I'm fine! You look after Pegasus!" Jonouchi said.

Yami turned back to Pegasus. "Now let Yugi go."


//Yugi. I'm sorry I couldn't save you.// Yugi's eyes snapped open. 'Yami!?' he thought. Looking around wildly and seeing no sign of his twin he tried to calm down. 'I know I just heard Yami. What's going on? Is he hurt? .... ... ... No what if Pegasus got him!? I have to help him!' He stood up quickly. So much was his feelings for Yami that he started to unleash his locked up powers. A flash of bright white light lit up the whole Shadow Realm. When the light disappeared the small tri-color haired boy was gone.


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