Hey there everyone! So, I've loved The Lorien Legacies every since the first book came out (haha, remember when the stories actually had happy endings? yeah i dont either), and after some coaxing I decided, hey, why not write some fanfic about it too?

God knows theres not enough out there...

I write strictly Canon, starting from the last point the Fall of Five left off on. In a year, when the fifth book comes out, this whole story will probably seem pretty pointless. But for now, this is what i imagine happens after the end of that horrific novel. (seriously, books shouldnt be that frustrating...so..many..frikin...deaths.)

This fic centers around Marina and her internal struggles as she process the events and losses she has experienced in the last few weeks of her life. It will take place in the present, past, and in dream. It should be pretty clear when each scene is happening, but if you are confused please tell me.

Sorry that this chapter is kinda short..i just wanted to get something out there tonight.

I intend this to be a short multi-chapter story.

So without further ado, happy reading!



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"Marina! Marina! Come look at this!" Eight called from across the room. We were currently situated in Nine's luxurious penthouse; a place I still found hard to believe was real.

"What?" I quipped back, looking up from the book I was reading. It wasn't exactly an interesting novel, but the fact that I was comfortably curled up on the couch was more than enough to convince me to stay put.

"Just come!" He continued to pester, pointing out the window with a goofy smile on his handsome face. He looked so happy, so eager to have me see what he had spotted, that I couldn't say no. It would be mean to turn down a friend.

Or at least, that's what I convinced myself was the real reason behind me suddenly so badly wanting to join him.

"Fine, I'm coming." I mumbled, putting down the book gingerly and slowly unfolding my feet. My muscles were sore from sitting for so long, and because of that, my first steps towards Eight were more of a waddle then a walk.

A strong hand steadied me as a tottered again, almost falling over my own feet. Startled I look up straight into Eight's warm eyes, that goofy grin still plastered on his face. He had teleported to my side, just in time to save me from a fall that would've caused some major embarrassment on my part. I could feel the blush creep up my cheek as he set me back on my feet, not even bothering to step away afterwards.

"You're so clumsy." Eight whispered, his brown eyes holding some sort of emotion I couldn't decipher. I wasn't even sure he was aware how close we were. If he bent down even the slightest fraction of an inch, and leaned forward, we would be kissing.

Maybe he didn't notice, but I certainly did.

"I'm not clumsy." I whispered back, my voice getting caught momentarily in my throat. I was certain that if Eight wouldn't let go of me soon, my heart would beat straight out of my chest.

"You are." Eight stated, licking his lips. His gaze flitted down to my mouth, but before I could be sure of it, he was staring at me again.

"You know Marina-" Eight started, holding on softly to my waist. "I really-"

Eight abruptly chocked on his words.

"Yes?" I urged him on, wary of the sick expression now crossing his face.

"I really-" He began again, only to stop abruptly once more. Eight looked scared for a moment, scared and so cold, and then the blood started pouring. First it was just a trickle of the red matter from the corner of his mouth, but soon he was coughing it up it big chunks, pushing me away so to save me from the horror.

"Eight!" I screamed as he fell to the ground, ice-cold fear freezing me to my spot as he fell slowly, limb by limb, to the ground. "Eight! Eight! Get up! Please Eight!"

I couldn't do anything. I knew that if I could just walk over to him, and place my hand on his chest, he would heal, and everything would be ok. But I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything except for scream. And cry.

"Eight please." I sobbed as he collapsed completely into a puddle of red. "Please just wake up."

"Marina, wake up." A voice answered me. Hope sprung up in my chest, and for even the slightest second, I let myself believe that Eight had listened to my calls- that somehow, I had saved him.

But when I looked back at Eight he was gone, not even a single shred on evidence left to show that he was ever there, or had ever even existed.

I screamed again.

"Marina, wake up!" The voice repeated, but I blurred it out through my cries.

"Marina, please!"

I gasp awake, trying hard to catch a breath I didn't even know I had lost. A dimly lit room comes into focus, fresh tears lingering in the corner of my eyes and in water trails along my cheeks. I notice Six hovering over me, a worried look in her eyes. I blink and sit up.

"What happened?" I ask no one in particular, my voice sounding raw from sobs. I remind myself that I have woken up, that it was just a nightmare, that it wasn't really me crying, but an unconscious version of myself.

From my surroundings I seem to be in a grungy looking motel room, neatly tucked into one of the beds. Nine stands by the window. When he sees me he quickly looks away, an unreadable expression on his face.

"It was just a dream, everything's ok." Six tells me, softly taking my hand. For a moment I am confused, Six isn't the one to show much compassion, or really any sort of gesture of affection in general. If she's trying to be nice, something serious must of happened. Six doesn't get worried so easily, Six is smart, level-headed. Six knows somethingā€¦

"Where's Eight?" I ask her, my heart jumping into my throat.

It was just a nightmare. It can't be true. It can't be true. It can't be true. Eight has probably just teleported somewhere, gone to get breakfast. We are on a mission after all, and he is the stealthiest out of all the Garde after Six. Five should be huddled around somewhere too, hiding from Nineā€¦

Five. Something is wrong. Five definitely isn't here. I look at Six again, silently begging her to prove my worse fears wrong. She doesn't answer, doesn't do anything. Six just turns away.

It comes back to me then, in a wave of adrenaline, hate, and cold. My limbs feel numb, and soon I'm crying again. Crying and crying until my whole bed is encased in a layer of ice, until even my tears fall frozen, until Nine has to rush to my side and break my icy cocoon to save me from my own frozen palace of guilt.

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