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A low tremor rumbles through the ground, and ungracefully, I fall on to my butt.

"Marina! Focus!" Adam yells from his spot about a hundred feet away. I grimace but get up. Ever since John had agreed to let us go, Adam has been adamant on making us train, so that no screw-ups will occur. As much as I love getting up every day at six in the morning to run five miles and jump over gaping cracks in the ground, I could really use the extra sleep.

"Sorry." I mumble, dusting off my clothes. I breathe in and close my eyes, stepping back into formation. This time though, when my eyes snap open, I am more than ready.

"Okay. Drill five, let's go!" Adam calls, and with a rumble, I feel the earth below me begin to move.

Even though I've seen it a dozen times before, it still amazes me every time Adamus uses his legacy. (Even Nine, though he'd never admit it, is impressed by Adamus's power.) The fact that One, my own fallen sister, was strong enough to transfer her only power to a Mogadorian, gives me a sort of warm hope. Enough to maybe even believe that our plan will work…

I quickly jump to my right, landing on one foot before the ground below my feet crumbles. Again I swiftly duck and kick, this time sending a wave of icy chill through the air. As I straighten up again I hear Adam yelp as the cold hits him, and the ground ceases to shake as he looses his mental grip. I grin.

"How was that?" I call, shaking some hair out of my face. Cold sweat trickles down my neck, but I don't mind. Actually, right now, standing in the middle of a cold and damp forest, I actually feel good. It's a feeling I had been missing for quite a while now.

It's only after Adam fails to answer me that I bother to look in his direction. Horrified I notice that instead of the young Mogadorian I have started to think of as a good friend, stands a hunk of ice, a single pale arm outstretched towards me.

"Oh my God, Adam!" I yell, sprinting over to where he is. Adam, who I can now see is thankfully very much alive, looks at me through the ice with wide eyes. "I'm so sorry. Wow, that was a lot stronger than I expected."

I chuckle softly, but Adam does not look amused.

"Oh yeah, I'll unfreeze you now." Smiling apologetically I place my palm on the ice, and in a matter of seconds, all that is left of it is a puddle of lukewarm water. Adam gaps and falls to his knees, taking in several large gulps of air.

Cringing slightly I bend down to him, offering my hand.

"Do you need me to heal something?" I ask, biting my lip. Adam doesn't answer immediately, his head still hunched towards the ground. For a moment I'm afraid that he is mad at me, but then he turns, and I notice that his dark eyes are sparkling.

"That," He rasps, water dripping down his face. "Was awesome."

"You should've seen her! We were working on some defense today and suddenly she let out this massive kick, immediately encasing me in a hunk of ice. Her aim was perfect." Adam describes to Malcolm and John later in the evening. After finishing training, Adam and I had headed back to the motel to do some last minute preparations for our journey, and then it was time for dinner.

At least with training my appetite has returned.

"The sad thing is, that if a fortnight ago you would've told me that Marina had done something like that I wouldn't have believed you." John laughs, clapping Adam on the back. "But now, I'm surprised she didn't manage to do it before."

Malcolm nods in agreement and I tune out their heated conversation, instead opting to shift my gaze to Six and Sam who are sitting together a few feet away. They are huddled over, talking in soft whispers. Sam's hand rests on Six's knee, and well, she doesn't seem to mind.

I feel a quick pang in my heart, a longing to fill the emptiness that has begun to fester inside of me. It's no help though, and I try to avert my thoughts to something new. Thinking too much and too long about Eight causes me to loose myself, and right now, it's the last thing I can afford.

Nine isn't anywhere to be found. Lately, he hasn't been around much. John worries about him- we all do- but I trust that Nine is doing whatever is best for him.

I can't and don't want to start imagining what kind of horrid emotional turmoil he's going through.

For now John is the only one who knows of Adamus and I's plan. We intend to keep it that way. There's a feeling in my gut that tells me that Six is suspicious of something too, but what can I do. She knows that if something will happen, it'll be for the best.

Not that I know when something will happen- we could leave tonight or in a month. Adamus just told me to always be ready and that when it's time, I'll know.

It's chilly outside, and a bit ironically, I shiver. I wonder to myself who's idea it was anyways to have a bonfire outside- won't fire and laughter just call more attention to us?

"You look cold." A voice says, startling me out of my trance. Looking up I see that it's Adam. I smile but shrug.

"Here, take my sweater." He says, offering me the brown zip-up hoodie he almost always wears. Underneath he is wearing nothing but a thin t-shirt, but the cold doesn't seem to affect him much.

"Thanks." I mumble, gladly taking the garment. Quickly I put it on, thankful to be encased in a layer of warmth yet again. "Who knew it could get so chilly in the wilderness of Maryland?"

"You'd be surprised." Adam chuckles, and I find myself wondering how often I've actually seen him smile. Adam's grin adds warmth to his face, and for a moment, he looks almost human.

Of course there was nothing wrong with him from the beginning- Adam isn't necessarily scary Mogadorian looking. Messy black hair, tall lean body, a boyish yet sharp face. Dark eyes, pale skin. But there's always been something hard about his gaze. As if he's seen and done things we could only dream of in our worst nightmares. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually has. I mean, haven't we all?

"I lived around here for quite a while, and you never really get used to the weather." He continues, looking up at the stars. I follow his gaze. I wonder if somewhere, out there between the million of bright specks in the sky, lays Lorien- dormant, asleep, waiting for us to return.

I hope so.

"Is it weird to be back in the area?" I ask Adam, knowing well off that he has gone through some very unpleasant things in the place he used to call home.

"Not really." He replies, looking back at me. His eyes are once again dull. "Everything has been weird lately, nothing really surprises me anymore. Hell if Six decided to turn sides and kill us all I don't even think I would flinch."

I purse my lips in understanding. I get it- everything he said is true. It has to be if we even want to dare to think that our plan might work.

Its quiet for a moment, and then Adam speaks up again.

"You are all a lot younger than I expected." Adam says to no one in particular. "It's just- I know that I'm only three years older than you- but I expected you guys to be grown. Warriors maybe. Young adults."

To this I don't know how to answer. Does Adam think that we are weak, that we don't stand a chance? Is he having second thoughts?

"It's not that you guys aren't strong- your powers are pretty amazing." Adamus continues, this time looking straight at me. "It just isn't fair."

Now I get it, yet I can't find it in myself to answer. Adam looks around uncomfortably for a bit, and then gets up.

"Good night." He says, walking away before I can answer.

I raise my hand in a half wave, and then quickly return to my thoughts. Adam's statement stings more than I expected it to. It's true, it isn't fair.

Since when is it fair to let a handful of teenagers fight a war?

"Do you believe in love?"

"I don't know. I guess I do."

"That's not a very good answer."

"Fine, I believe in love-

-do you?"

"I didn't use to, and then…"

"And then what?"

"And then I met you."

A sharp knock on the door wakes me out of my dreamless sleep. I sit up and blink the sleep-induced haze out of my eyes, thankful for the light snoring that is Six next to me. She snuck back into the room late last night, after having spent some quality time with Sam.

I'm really happy for her.

Quietly I get out of the bed, tiptoeing over to the door. Even though I am not expecting any late night visitors, I have a feeling that I know who's going to be on the other side.

I unlock the hatch and softly turn the knob, swinging the door open. In front of me stands a surprisingly alert Adamus, even though it must be three in the morning. There's a bag back slug over his shoulder and keys in his hand.

"Good morning." Adamus says, smiling curtly. "It's time to go."

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