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It was a hot and barren day in Africa, dusk was approaching quickly, the pride lands were cool, a light breeze sweeping the tall grasses in a deep sway, they appeared to be an ocean of moving water from a distance. The watering whole was calm, the water itself, unlike the gentle grasses, was calm and slack. Trees surrounding this pool of life rustled lightly- never daring to disturb the fluid below.
The Impala, antelope, leopard, elephant, and all other animals alike were gracefully preparing for a rejuvenating nights sleep- that would inevitably end, allowing a new day to be born unto them for their doings.
The lions of pride rock were settling in as well, it had been a happy year for the pride, Scar had been defeated, his followers banished, and an heir to the throne born for all to see. Kopa, a small and frail cub, who appeared to be nothing more than a ball of tan and orange fur.

The kings mate was a beautiful and young lioness named Nala, she looked as if she were still a single woman- who had not yet bore a cub, but she had.
Nala had been sitting down with Sarabi, waiting for her king to return to Pride rock with Kopa. They had been spending much time together, enjoying the great expanse of their lands and Simba sharing his wisdom with his small cub.

"You've got a wonderful family Nala." Said Sarabi admiringly, she reminisced in her mind the times when Mufasa walked with young Simba.

"None of it would have been possible without you Sarabi."

Nala was smiling lightly, resting her head on her paw to keep it off the cold rock that made up their den's floor.

"Oh hush now! You deserve credit! Kopa will make a fine king. The only thing left is for him to find a mate."

Nala and Sarabi chuckled at this comment- Nala had birthed her son barely a year ago, the idea of him having a mate seemed so distant.

Sarabi saw that her new daughter was distressed by this, so she spoke.

"Nala, don't worry yourself- that day is long away."

Nala perked up at this, pleased to hear that Kopa would be her son for as long as possible, only giving him up when the time came.

Both lioness' felt at ease then, continuing light small talk of various subjects, hunting, other things.


"Wow dad! Today was great, I had no idea about all this stuff."

Kopa was bouncing in his step, extenuating the word no as he spoke, his smile was large and genuine. As small and weak as he was compared to other cubs his age, he most certainly had a wonderful glow and smile.

"Yes Kopa, this is all ours."

Kopa tilted his head lightly as he looked off the the left, seeing a dark and barren area of land in the distance.

"What about over there?"

Simba had heard this question before, he had asked it to his father.
What should I say? Tell him not to go over there? What if he does anyway?

"A different pride lives over there Kopa- that's not really ours."

Simba put emphasis on the word really, knowing that by saying he didn't rule the outlands- he had contradicted himself when he said this is all ours.

"Who lives over there then?"

Children and their questions.

"Those are the people that don't like me Kopa, they're not us. They..."

Simba knew that the knowledge he was dispensing onto Kopa was heavy, and that it's a burden shouldn't be bared by a cub.

The king couldn't lie to his only son.

"They supported Scar, your great uncle, he was the one that killed my father. They're not nice to anyone Kopa- you need to stay away from there, alright?"

Simba shuttered at the thought of one of Scar's followers, a particular one at that, from doing something to poor Kopa of he were to ever wander over there.

"Alright dad." Kopa said, he knew this was a serious subject, so he was being honest, although- he was curious.

"Promise me Kopa- promise me you won't go over there."

Simba was worried, he knew that Kopa would be curious- but that curiosity could be nothing more then that. Curiosity.

"I promise dad." Said Kopa as he nuzzled his fathers front leg, lightly tripping over Simba's large paw.

Simba and Kopa had been approaching pride rock during this conversation, now- they were passing the watering hole.

"Dad, can I get a drink?"

Simba nodded happily, pushing his son lightly on the rear end as he trotted off to the slack surfaces edge.

"Simba! Simba come here!"

It was Sarabi, she stood at the mouth of the lions den, yelling for her son and king.

"Kopa, I'll be right back ok?"

Simba ran up to the mouth of the den, going inside immediately with his own curiosity as to why he was being called for.

"What's the emergency?" Said Simba, looking around frantically.
There was nothing out of the ordinary to be seen here.

"Nala and I were just talking about you when you were young."
Said Sarabi, turning around slowly as she walked into the den with Simba, Nala, and a few other lioness' who were lazing about.

"So why do I have to be here?"

"We were just wondering if there were any other lioness' in your life." Said Nala, looking at her mate- she knew the answer, and if she was wrong, this conversation would take a drastic turn.

"Why would you..."
Simba saw the look on Nala's face- answer the question or I'll pin you down in front of everyone.

Simba signed heavily. "No, there are no lions in the jungle- are we done here?"
He walked over to his mate and nuzzled her gently.

Nala was correct.

"Yes love, we're done here."

Simba walked out of the den slowly, turning back twice to look at his gorgeous mate. Just as Simba reached the edge of the den, he turned to the watering hole.

Simba said quietly as he ran to the perch of pride rock.

Simba was yelling now, he couldn't find his son.
Where is he? It's only been a few minutes!

The other lioness' came out of the den now, it was just before dark.
Sarabi and Nala were at the forefront, being the highest ranking and most driven women in the pride.

"Find him! Break off into search parties and find him!"

Simba sounded desperately confused. His mouth was open slightly, his eyes moved in all directions quickly- scanning as far as he could see.

In the distance, there was a moving mass of something, to big to be a single cub.
But possibly...

"An attack! The outlanders are here! They MUST have Kopa! That way!"

Simba pointed and the lioness' ran off in that direction at a very fast speed- staying together as they ran.

Some lioness' stayed behind. Simba himself stayed behind. He was the king, and the king wasn't supposed to leave, no matter what.

He could only watch as the lioness' ran off toward the scene, search parties all together, never having to do any searching at all.