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Seven Heroines

Chapter Twenty Four: Onward

After the meeting was adjourned, the other queens as well as their respective groups left Medaka's kingdom except Queen Henrietta's group. Day turned into night and they turned in However Medaka still needed to talk to the chosen seven so she summoned them to her throne room. Since it was night, most of them were in their sleeping wear. Erza was wearing pink pajamas, IF in her black tank top and shorts same with Jo only hers was grey. Raidy wore a blue nightgown, BRS was wearing an oversized shirt, Kan'u was wearing a yellow robe and Sora was wearing a white T-shirt with blue sweats.

The youngest Heroine yawned. "What are we doing here anyway? It's late and I want to sleep."

Medaka opened her fan. "I apologize for this late summoning but this is important to talk about."

"So what is it?" Jo asked.

"To tell the truth, Tifa the Elf Queen was supposed to tell you this but thanks to that interruption, she couldn't tell you all."

"So what's so important?" IF asked as well.

Medaka took a deep breath. "It's about our war with Rias. It's been going on for three years."

Silence filled the room until Raidy spoke out. "Three years? That's how long this war has been going?"

"Yes indeed. When Rias first attacked, our kingdoms tried to take her on separately but failed. The first kingdom to feel her power was Galette. Galette and Biscotti barely held off the attack and they lost both civilians and soldiers. It was then a pact was formed. The joining of several kingdoms that opposes Rias. In the beginning it was only my kingdom, Galette, Biscotti, and Tristian. Forland didn't join until a year later with Alita the Forland queen."

"So how did the alliance work for you all?" Kan'u asked.

"At first we had to put our differences aside and focus on the real enemy. Our own forces could deal with her foot soldiers. However her Devils of Darkness proved to be more challenging. Time after time, our most trusted soldiers would battle them. Their power would match our power which resulted in draws they barely survived. Our little victories comprised of saving small villages from them and disturbing some communication. Other than that it's been a struggle these past three years."

"So where do we fit in all of this?" Erza said.

"It came from Alfnia. As you know, the people in Alfnia are skilled in many types of magic. However one day, on accident a book was found in the ancient library. A book of summoning and with that book came with a prophecy. Whenever the land is threatened by evil forces, seven chosen warriors will be summoned from different worlds and act as the last line of defense."

"Meaning us." Raidy stated.

Medaka nodded. "Yes and after what happened in Alfnia, you all are indeed what we need." She smiled. "However we will still do our best to aid you in this endeavor."

Erza smiled. "We thank you for your help Queen Medaka. We will defeat Rias and your land shall know peace once again."

Medaka closed her fan. "I expect no less from the leader."

The sword master was a bit confused by that statement. "I'm sorry but I'm no leader. If we're a team, then we will defeat Rias as a team."

"And I think that's why we need a team leader." IF spoke out.

"I agree. If anyone is qualified to be the leader it should be you Erza." Kan'u said with confidence.

Erza turned around to face the rest of the group. "You all think so?" Everyone nodded. The scarlet haired woman smiled. "Well since you all agree, I accept."

"Great!" Medaka cheered. "Now that all of you know the full story, we can take on Rias and win this war!" Everyone cheered. "I'll see you all in the morning." Before everyone could leave, Medaka had one more thing to say to them. "Before you all leave, there is one more fact you should be aware of." The seven chosen wondered what else could be talked about.


Morning came to the kingdom. Two carriages were ready to go and waited for the people to board. Meanwhile said people were just done with breakfast. Some of them went back to their rooms for some last minute preparations. Raidy herself was looking at herself in the mirror observing her new look. "It looks good." Raidy's outfit had a minor change. It was roughly the same except the two piece armor set was now a one piece that still showed her cleavage accompanied by a dark red skirt that's mid-thigh beginning on the sides and ended long at the end knee length. Along with the new outfit is a yellow cloak off to the left. "It's very nice." The maid nodded in agreement. "Thank you." Raidy said and then left the room.

The maid smiled. "Happy to help."

The castle doors opened with Medaka and Henrietta exiting out of the castle. Following behind them was Ferris and Agnes. The Tristian queen smiled. "Thank you for your hospitality Medaka."

The other queen puffed her chest. "It is of no importance Henrietta the Tristian Queen. I'm sure you would do the same for me."

Agnes and Ferris were having their own conversation. "So what will you do now that Queen Henrietta has ordered you to take the seven chosen to Bodum, will you miss her?"

The other woman groaned. "I told you Eris I am not in love with the queen."

"Fine deny yourself to something that could be the best thing in your life."

A vein popped up in Agane's forehead and clenched her hand. "I'm restraining myself to saying something vulgar to you Eris."

All of them reached with two carriages. One to return to Tristian, the other to the seaside town of Bodhum. Right now they're waiting for the chosen seven appear with Agnes being their driver to Bodum. Said chosen were sitting on the sofas in one of the large living rooms of the castle. While they were waiting for the older woman, all of them had other thoughts about what Medaka told them.

"It's insane to think someone from our side could be Rias' side." IF stated.

Sora had also had an outfit change. Thanks to Erza destroying what was left of her school uniform, she had to wear alternate clothing. Her new outfit consists of the top half being white with a section of black vertically down and long sleeved with the cuffs half white and half black. The lower half is a pair of shorts with large black stripes going down. Final touch is that she was wearing black socks below the knee and red shoes. "What I think is more crazy is that I think we met the person before."

"It is quite disturbing. To think someone you trust betrays you. It's unforgivable." Erza snarled.

"So what's taking…Raido so long?"

The brunette sighed. "Her name is Raidy Jo. You've known her for almost a week and a half." The other girl just shrugged.

Speaking of the older woman, she entered the living room. "Hi sorry about the delay."

Erza smiled. "It's no problem. Now that we're all here we can leave now. We shouldn't keep important people waiting." Everyone nodded in agreement. They all left the room and exited out the castle doors.

They all went to the two queens and Henrietta's group. "Are you all ready to go?" Medaka asked.

"We are." Erza replied for the whole group.

"Good. May the goddess of the heavens look over you on your journey." Before everybody could enter the carriage, Medaka had one more thing to give them. "Before you all go, I would like to give all something" She pulled out several cards from her cleavage. She threw the cards at them and most of them caught them. Sora dropped hers but picked it up. "These passes make all of you honorary citizens of this land. They show your age, hair color and anything else that is important." She smiled. "Good luck."

The seven smiled. "Thank you queen Medaka." Sora said.

"Agnes, take care." Henrietta said.

The other woman nodded. "I will my queen."

Ferris sighed. "Just say you love her already."

Kan'u walked up to the long blonde haired woman holding a box. "Here you go."

Ferris took the box. "What is it?"

"Dango. One time I had to help out in the kitchen and a friend of mine showed how to make them. I heard you like sweets."

The other woman smiled. "Thank you."

Kan'u nodded and went into the other carriage. The other chosen entered the carriage as well.

"That was nice of you Kan'u." Raidy said.

Kan'u closed her eyes and smiled. "Aisha."

Everyone looked at her. "I'm sorry what?" IF asked.

"I consider all of you my friends so I should tell my given name. Perhaps I should reintroduce myself." She cleared her throat. "My name is Kan'u. My style name is Unchou but my given name is Aisha"

Sora smiled. "I like that name. I think it suits you better."

IF nodded. "I like it too."

"Well it's officially nice to meet you Aisha." Erza said.

Agnes took to the drivers seat and commanded the horses to move. "OPEN THE GATES!" The gates opened and the two carriages were moving. Cheers could be heard from the outside. The carriages went out the kingdom and soon went their separate ways.

In the other carriage, Ferris opened the box to reveal four sticks with three balls of dumplings. "What is that?" Henrietta asked.

"Dango. I've never tasted something like this before. She took one and took a bite out of a dumpling. Her eyes widened with shock. "DELICIOUS!"


In a dark room that is only filled with the light of the candles, several shadowy figures could be seen.

A giggle could be heard in the room. "I heard our newest member ended up in the medical wing. Poor thing."

"Since when did you give a crap about newbies? Speaking of which I heard we're getting another one."

"Enough both of you!"

"What's wrong? Angry cause you haven't spent enough time with your lover?"

"Don't you ever bring her up!" A small tremor shook the floor.

"Ok jeez calm down."

"Ara ara, you're so sensitive."

"Also keep it down. Psycho girl is holding that freaky head of hers again."

The door opened and Rias entered. "Good afternoon."

"What do owe for your presence." A different voice asked.

Rias smiled and walked to the middle of the room. "I'm sure you all heard what happened to Yukio. Shame really but I was the one to tell her to hold back."

A music box could be heard in the room. "Why is that?"

"I thought it would be a good run."

"So it was for your own amusement?" Another voice said.

The demon queen chuckled. "I wouldn't say that. I'm sure you heard that we have seven pesky flies buzzing around."

"We heard about Alfnia. You were testing how much a threat they are."

"So are they?" The music stopped.

The devil queen gave a sly smile. "What do we do when we see flies buzzing around your home?" Rias asked.

"Easy, we swat their ass or exterminate them."


"So does this mean we're in the fight?"

"Yes. It's time for my knights to come to the board and destroy the other pieces." She turned around and headed to the door. Before her hand reached the handle she slightly turned her head. "Oh yes, you will accompany Bouquet and Himari to their home."

The voice chuckled. "Isn't that a bit overkill?"

"Not really. Oh yes another thing I would like to add. Two of these flies caught my interest. It would be delightful for one of you to capture them."

"What do they look like?"

"One is silent with clear blue eyes while the other has long brunette hair with green eyes." Rias opened the door and left the room

"Finally we get on the action now. I've been dying for some blood. No offense."

"Your remark doesn't bother me."

"Plus I can finally look for that little brat."

"Oh you're still looking for her?"

"Of course I am and when I do find her, I'll show her true potential."

"So who's getting the two Lady Rias mention?"

"I'm guessing its first come first serve."

A chuckle could be heard. "Our time is now." A new voice called out. Everyone looked to where the voice came from. "Now we enter the fray and a new world of darkness shall begin with our queen ruling all."

Rias continued to walk in the hallway and smiled. "Now that I'm sending out my Hell Elite, it will soon be checkmate. She giggled to herself. "No matter what you all do, in the end I'll win. I think I'll have with nice orgy to pass the time."

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