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Lucy dreamed of black fire in the darkness. It burned and seared so that she felt it would disintegrate her flesh and scorch her soul until there was nothing left. The flames were dark shadows that licked at her face and over her hands that she held protectively in front of her.

Heart racing in her chest, she tried in vain to push the flames away and escape, but they engulfed her on every side for what seemed like days. She fell to her knees, defeated, and resigned the flames to take her so that her misery might end.

As she was giving up, a noise filled Lucy's mind and echoed all around that her jarred her out of her despair. It was a cry of torture so fierce that it shook the ground and rumbled in her chest.

All thoughts of herself and the searing flames ceased. Her heart tripped and quickened its frantic pace. Time seemed to stop as realization set in. Only one word filled her entire being: "Natsu!"

These are Natsu's flames! But...they don't feel right. What's wrong with him?!

Lucy scrambled to her feet and listened hard for the direction the sound had come from. "Natsu! Where are you!?" she screamed with all her might, but her voice was drowned out by the roaring of the flames.

She pushed forward and found that even though the flames were agonizing and burned, her body held against them without being damaged.

"Natsu, where are you!? Answer me!"

Another deep cry filled the air. With a gasp that scorched her lungs, Lucy turned and pushed her way towards the sound.

She quickly made it to a clearing where the flames were no longer dancing on every side. They pushed outwards from a source in the center of the clearing and fed the surrounding abyss of flames.

In the center of the flames was Natsu's shadow. Lucy stared in bewilderment, trying to comprehend what she was seeing. The figure was slumped over on his knees in a defeated stance. She was sure it was Natsu, but like the flames, he was a black shadow.

Looking down to inspect herself, she could plainly see her own body. Is this…..Natsu's soul? Why is he like this?

"Natsu?" Lucy called, but there was no response over the tremendous roaring the flames made as they spilled out of the fire mage unrestrained.

Squinting against the heat, she could see him shaking and wrapping his arms around himself, as if seeking comfort. Her heart broke, and she frantically began pushing her way to him.

Pushing against these flames that flowed so angrily out of Natsu was different than the flames that danced free. She felt a great pressure on all sides that threatened to crush her, but she had to reach him. Her progress was slow, and she could feel her body weakening with every moment.


She tried over and over again to reach him with her voice, but there was no response. She could only steadily push on the best she could against his indestructible force.

Suddenly, Lucy felt her body giving, finally burning away. It started with her hands she still held out in front of her. Wincing against the heat, she watched in horror as her body turned to shadow and disintegrated. To her, it looked like sand being blown out of a solid form, swirling away from her.

Lucy hugged herself tightly and shut her eyes. She was sure her body was gone, yet her consciousness remained. Opening her eyes, she was amazed to find that even though her body was gone, she still held a shape. Holding a hand in front of her eyes, she could see that a filmy, white being had taken her body's place. She emitted a soft, bluish light.

Her physical eyes and ears were gone, and she didn't feel too much other than the pressure from Natsu's flames. But she was still able to see, hear and touch with her mind's perception.

My soul?

Lucy tested her ability to move. Slowly taking a step forward, she was ecstatic to find that moving was now somewhat easier. Natsu's flames blew through her with some resistance.

She eagerly pressed forward in her excitement to reach the him.

She had made a good amount of progress, but when she didn't have far to go, the flames intensified. It was suddenly very difficult to move against the strength of the mage's turmoil.

His soul is rejecting me. Lucy realized with heartbroken terror.

"Why?! Don't shut me out!" Lucy yelled above the howling of the wind and flames.

Natsu's only response was a low growl.

Lucy held her ground and gazed down at him. I love this person more than any other. No matter the cost, I will not leave him alone.

"I won't leave! I'm not going anywhere. …..Natsu…please."

Natsu still did not acknowledge her presence or her words. He can't hear or see me.

Lucy took a deep breath and pushed against him. She would force her way if she had to.

Her movement was slow, but she was closing the distance between them little by little. With each forward push, the resistance became greater, and Natsu become more agitated .

Lucy was finally moments from reaching him. The wind and flames howled through her and threatened to break her apart entirely. Grasping her resolve as tightly as she could, she fell to her knees in front of Natsu. His eyes were tightly closed, shutting everything out, and his expression was one of pain.

"Natsu…." Lucy reached out and placed her soul's hands on either side of Natsu's face. She immediately felt a jolt of agony rip through her, a despair so deep that it threatened to drown her in darkness. Gasping, Lucy couldn't believe the feelings he was combatting within himself. Her soul burned where she was in contact with Natsu.

Lucy felt helpless as she tried to keep her heart above the darkness and not lose herself to the pain that Natsu was emitting. She understood that she could not push these feelings away. She learned that the only way to overcome such sorrow was to accept these feelings and allow your heart to depend on others for strength.

Natsu is always supporting and protecting everyone else. He never allows others to protect him. I will protect this person, no matter what. I will take the sorrow from him and show him that I'm strong enough to stand beside him so we can fight the darkness together.

Lucy had been steadily holding her being together by pushing against the waves of despair and darkness. She surrendered completely now, closed her eyes and allowed herself to drown with Natsu.

"To overcome sorrow, accept it. But know that you are not alone…" she whispered to herself.

She invited wave after wave to assault her. It battered her heart and mind. Time did not mean anything in this place. She did not know how long they continued this way, but her hold on Natsu continued. She would never let go. She took every sorrow from him into herself; this is what it meant to love someone.

After what felt like an eternity, Lucy had finally grown accustomed to the power flowing through her, enough to open her eyes. Natsu still sat frozen in his kneeling stance. As she tried to move, her soul felt brittle. From the prolonged exposure to this world or the raw power she absorbed, she couldn't be sure.

Gently looking around, she could see the howling flames and wind were no longer; although, they were still in the darkness. She didn't know how much longer her soul would last in this form, but she didn't want Natsu to wake up alone. Still holding his face in her hands, Lucy was relieved to see that he was no longer shadow, but back to his usual self.

"...Natsu…" He shifted slightly in response to her call, but did not open his eyes. Leaning forward, she rested her forehead against his and breathed in this moment, perhaps her last with him.

Her weakening condition making her bold, she placed a feather soft, chaste kiss against his warm lips. She felt Natsu stir against her and whisper her name against her mouth, making her chest flutter where her heart should be.

Pulling away and dropping her hands, she looked at Natsu with a soft smile. The mage opened his eyes in a dazed shock, and looked at her perplexed.

"Where are we? Why do you look like that, all white?!"

Lucy responded weakly, "I don't know. I woke up here, and you were unconscious and hurting. We've been here for some time." Lucy spared him the details of how she came to be this way.

Natsu thought a moment as realization sunk in. "My mind was locked away in the dark. I felt only suffering and despair. No matter how hard I fought and how much magic I expelled, I couldn't break free. Then, I heard your voice, and the pain and darkness began to fade."

Natsu studied Lucy intently. "What did you do?" His voice was intense.

Lucy could feel that her light was fading and she was becoming weaker. She smiled weakly, looking into Natsu's pleading eyes. "I did what I had to."

Natsu looked her over in alarm, and Lucy could feel that her soul was dissipating and beginning to break apart, flickering in and out of existence.

"Lucy! What is happening?!"

"Natsu, it's ok. You're not alone. Depend on the strength of those that love you. It's ok to lean on others for support."

"Lucy! What are you talking abo-"

"Don't be sad. I don't know what's happening to me, but it's ok. I'll be ok. Where ever you go from here, you take my heart with you."
Natsu continued to stare at Lucy with a panicked look on his face.

She felt a little panicked herself. She didn't know what was happening to her, but she didn't want to waste a single moment with Natsu, just in case she really was dying or something.

Lucy leaned forward and once again claimed Natsu's lips with her own. She snaked her arms around Natsu's neck and molded herself as tightly to him as she could. He immediately responded, deepening the kiss, fiercely tangling a hand in the hair at the base of her neck and wrapping the other as tightly around her as he could without fear of breaking her.

Lucy never knew a feeling like this existed. Even though she didn't have a heart, she felt it hammering away right in her chest where it should be. She felt like it might explode from happiness. She wanted this moment to last forever.

Natsu held Lucy to him as tightly as he could, never wanting to let her leave his side again. He wanted her with him always.

Lucy's soul began to emit a bright light, and Lucy, feeling that the end was nearing quickly, broke her kiss with Natsu. Natsu searched her eyes desperately.

Lucy laughed a broken sob, leaned her forehead to Natsu's and whispered, "I love you!"

With a shaky laugh, she squeezed him to her in a fierce hug, and before Natsu could reciprocate, a bright light exploded from Lucy's chest and filled the darkness.

The burst of light dissipated, and Lucy's soul faded, leaving small fragments of light evaporating in the air.


Lucy woke up gasping for air. Her heart was slamming against her rib cage, and she was shaking, covered in sweat. She looked around in the dark trying to find where she was. She quickly came to the realization that her hands and feet were bound. The memories of the dream she had just been having and what had happened that day burst into her mind. She shivered as the dream clung to her still, Natsu and her lost in the darkness. "...Natsu…"

Her eyes adjusted to the dark. Looking up, she was startled to see Jecco's face so close, watching her. "Bad dream?" he asked, amused.

Somewhere in the darkness, Natsu's body lay in a tent with his Fairy Tail comrades gathered around him, asleep. He had been unconscious all night, even with Wendy's skillful watch. The sky dragon slayer was asleep in the chair next to him, a candle lay on a small chunk of wood near the ground.

Natsu writhed in his sleep, sweat poured from him, and his breathing was rapid and unsteady.

He had been dreaming. Lucy was in his arms, but she shattered into a thousand light fragments before his eyes.

He jolted awake with a gasp. He looked around seeing his comrades and no Lucy. He lay back trying to catch his breath and ascertain his condition. Was the dream a result of the poison? It seemed so real.

"Lucy…." he whispered to himself.