Lovino was furious. 'How could my brother do this to me?' His sweaty palms grasped the wheel. He was coming from his brother's apartment, which he had promptly stomped out of when he heard the news.

Bad, bad news.

Veneziano is in a romantic relationship with that potato creature.

His vision was a little blurry. Couldn't his stupid-ass brother see that Ludwig just wanted him for his body? It's the most obvious thing. God, he was just gonna chop Ludwig's fucking balls off. He knew, just knew that macho potato bastard was bad news. The raging Italian took a hand off the wheel to run his fingers through his hair. He inhaled and exhaled, trying to calm himself down. No use. White knuckles groped the wheel again.

He heard a sound from behind him, muffled and constant. He looked in the rearview mirror. A police car. How fast was he going…?


60 in a 45.

Lovino pulled over to the side of the road in pure shame, and put his head in his hands. "God, I'm so stupid." He thought out loud. He raised his head to watch the police officer walk to him. The shameful Italian rolled down his window and prepared for the whole safety speech. The officer was visible through the window, and his first words were: "Sir, do you know how fast you were going?" Though Lovino couldn't focus on his words.

He was focusing on his emerald green eyes, which sparkled enough for Lovino to be mesmerized. Which contrasted perfectly with his tan skin, almost like caramel. The way his chocolate coloured hair just tells so perfectly over his forehead… His muscles… He could notice them, even through the bulky uniform. God, was this man even real..? "Sir, Are you okay..?" Oh God. He had a Spanish accent. Lovino could feel it getting a little hotter. Fuck. "I-I'm fine… I was speeding, right?" The tan officer gasped and leaned in a little more. "Speeding, yes! 15 miles per hour above the limit, to be exact, amigo." His accent responded.

Oh God, please don't come any closer to me. The Italian blushed deep red. "I'm sorry, I was just angry about something stupid.." Lovino bit his lip. The officer's eyes flashed. "Are you blushing..?" He had a stupid grin on his face. "N-No!" Lovino sputtered. "You are! That's so cute!" The police officer squealed. 'What the fuck? Weren't police officers supposed to be stern?' The red-faced Italian thought. 'I'd like him to be stern with me..' He thought, blushing even harder. "Anyway, I'm afraid I'll have to write you up.." Lovino snapped back to reality. "That's okay…" 'Come on, Lovino… Make the move…' He told himself. "Er… What's your name?" The Italian finally asked.

The police officer looked up from his pad and looked at Lovino with a confused gaze. ".. Me?" He asked. Lovino looked away, blushing. "Is there anyone else here?" He managed to get out. The officer smiled. "It's Antonio Carriedo. What's yours?" Lovino managed to smile a little. "It's Lovino. Lovino Vargas." He sighed in relief, glad he didn't come off as a freak. Antonio resumed writing up the ticket and tore it from his pad in one swift move. "Here~" He said joyfully. Lovino took it from his hand. His olive-green eyes scanned over the ticket. Yep, normal. Except… He had Antonio's number written at the bottom, followed by the words 'Call me~' Lovino looked up at the man. Antonio waved at him, and with a wink, he scurried back to his car. Lovino snorted.

'What a stupid bastard.'

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