(Naruto the No-Life-King Chapter 4)

"Thank you for your patience on this matter Alucard. I believe you will be very pleased" spoke Walter as he put a brief case on the counter and watched as Alucard fazed into the room with Seras and Naruto right behind him. He slowly walked over to Walter as he opened the case only to reveal a large black hand gun with a large black clip.

"Nice" spoke Alucard as he looked at the hand gun.

"The thirteen millimeter Jackal, a semi-automatic freak weapon, and is three hundred millimeters long and weighs sixteen kilograms, with six round magazines. This is too much gun for any human to be able to handle. Instead of the modified rounds from your 455 Cassel we have made a customized armor piercing round especially for this gun" spoke Walter as he watched Alucard examine his new weapon like it was a brand new toy. The vampire never let his shit eating grin leave his face while he waved his new gun around like a baby's rattle.

"Casing" asked Alucard as he inserted the clip in the 'Jackal'.

"Pure silver, Macedonian processed" spoke Walter as he smiled at his genius design.

"Ammunition" spoke Alucard as his smile got even larger.

"NNA9 Marvel cartilages" spoke Walter.

"Explosive or mercury charged" asked Alucard as he cocked back the slide on his gun and pointed it at the ground.

"Oh, mercury and of course they have already been blessed" spoke Walter as he looked over at Naruto and Seras as the examined the gun along with Alucard. He was pleased to see the approving looks they were giving the gun and grinned even more when Naruto pulled out 'Ebony' and had a look on his face like he wanted to test out which one of their guns was better.

"It is perfect Walter" spoke Alucard as he released the slide on his gun and looked down the sights.

"I am glad that you are pleased" spoke Walter as he looked at Alucard with a smile on his face.

"Do you think you could even kill the Paladin Anderson with this gun" asked Seras as she looked over Alucard's shoulder to examine the gun some more. Oddly, Naruto got a little bit jealous and even a little hurt when she asked this because Naruto saw Alexander as his target, not Alucard's, and for his master to ask such a question must have meant she didn't have faith that he could do it.

"It doesn't matter because I am going to kill the Paladin the next time I see him" spoke Naruto as he pulled out 'Ebony' and pointed it right between Alucard's eyes before speaking again. "And nobody is going to get in the way of me and my prey" spoke Naruto with a very serious look on his face.

Alucard just smirked and put the 'Jackal' in between Naruto's eyes and grinned even more when Naruto didn't even show an ounce of fear. "Well you better get a move on because if you continue to take your time I might just use him to test out my new toy" spoke Alucard as he looked down at Naruto.

Naruto gritted his teeth and his eyes flared a murderous red before he pulled back the hammer on his gun. "You want to bet on it. Whoever wins gets the Paladin" spoke Naruto as he gave Alucard the evil eye.

Alucard just gave Naruto a smirk that revealed all of his pearly white fangs and had a look of pure amusement in his eyes. "Oh so you want to have a go against me do you? Fine how about a quick fight down in the basement. Whoever can hit their target the first ten times wins" spoke Alucard as he looked down at Naruto.

Naruto gritted his teeth because he knew Alucard was much more powerful than him, but he wasn't going to back down especially in front of his master. "Deal, whoever wins gets the Paladin and the other can't interfere" spoke Naruto as he put 'Ebony' back in his jacket.

Before anyone could say anything else Walter decided to begin talking again because he still had to introduce Seras to her new weapon and he was sure she was just going to love it.

"Mrs. Victoria, very good I have a new weapon for you as well" spoke Walter as he struggled to lift a large weapons care off of the ground before placing it on the table.

"Oh, what is it" asked Victoria as she looked over at Walter. When he opened the case Naruto would have fallen out laughing if he wasn't so focused on his fight with Alucard. It was a freaking cannon and it would have normally made him laugh at the thought of Seras lugging such a thing around.

"The thirty millimeter, anti-freak, Harconan cannon is a weapon made just for you. The Harconan cannon uses two types of ammunition. The first is depleted uranium shells, and the second is armor piercing incinerating rounds" spoke Walter as he stood the gun up on the butt side and Naruto almost lost it when the gun was even taller than he was.

"You aren't seriously going to make me carry that thing around are you" asked Seras as she looked from Naruto to Alucard and then towards Walter and the 'Harconan'.

"It really suits you" spoke Alucard with a grin on his face.

"Yes master it really exemplarities you power and strength" spoke Naruto, but it was obvious by the strained look on his face and the way he was obviously holding back laughter that he was just kidding with her.

Seras started to babble about how she wouldn't look good carrying it around, and about how the length of the gun was a problem, and that her strength would be inadequate for such a weapon, but Walter cut her off in mid ramble.

"Your next mission should be very interesting in deed, Miss Victoria" spoke Walter as he looked at Seras with a smirk on his face. Seras could only give a fake laugh as there was nothing left she could say. Before they all left and went down to where Naruto and Alucard were going to battle Naruto decided to ask Walter a question.

"Is my fledgling giving you any trouble Walter" asked Naruto as he looked back at Walter. He looked surprised, but Seras looked strangely jealous he was bringing her up.

"She had been a gem, although she has been like Miss Victoria her and has not been very keen on drinking blood, but other than that she is learning fast and has done everything I have told her. She has gotten the basics down on using my wire techniques, but she is still very much a beginner and won't be much help in the fields as of yet" spoke Walter as he looked over at Naruto. He was surprised when Naruto had asked him to train his first fledgling, especially on how to use his wires, but he was happy to do so as it was like passing on his legacy to the next generation.

"Thanks Walter I owe you one" spoke Naruto as he fazed out of the room and appeared in Alucard's personal room.

(In Alucard's personal room)

"This should be fun" spoke Alucard as he faded into the room. Naruto knew Seras would be coming very soon, but didn't want her stopping the fight to soon so he pulled out 'Ivory' and shot Alucard strait in the head, but to his amazement when Alucard was falling backwards he was still able to lift the 'Causal' and shoot at him. Naruto used his very impressive speeds to dodge the gun fire, and grabbed 'Rebellion' with his right hand to block the bullets he couldn't dodge. Naruto continued firing at Alucard and the vampire didn't seem to care that he was being hit left and right by a hail of gun fire, but Naruto was instantly on alert after he shot Alucard with the eight bullet when Alucard pulled out the 'Jackal' and shot a giant bullet at him. Naruto raised the rebellion and used it to block the bullet, but was surprised when it sent him hurtling towards the wall. He quickly did a quick spin in midair and planted his feet on the wall which cracked it.

"You're very fast, and you have some of the best reaction time I have ever seen. You truly are a very interesting vampire, so let's see what you got" spoke Alucard as he easily put himself back together and unleashed a hail fire of bullets at Naruto.

Naruto wasn't having a very easy time avoiding all of Alucard's bullets and he suspected that Alucard was using a little black magic to make the bullets go even faster and to refill his clips because he hadn't refilled them once and the wall looked like it was half bullet holes half brick.

'I can't keep running, I will have to attack again eventually. All I have to do is hit him two more times and I win' thought Naruto as he thought of a good idea. He pulled 'Rebellion' back like he was about to put it back on his back, but then threw it with phenomenal speeds that surprised even him. He saw the look of surprise on Alucard's face, but grinned when the sword stabbed him in the chest and stuck him to the wall. Naruto quickly pulled out 'Ebony & Ivory' and unleashed a hail fire of bullets of his own. He was happy when one of the bullets he shot using 'Ebony' blew off one of Alucard's arms, but didn't see any of the other bullets hit. He waited for the smoke to clear and when it did he was very surprised. Standing there was Alucard with his sword still lodged in his chest, but were his arm used to be was some kind of black and red stuff that was forming into a giant six eyed dog.

"Amazing you really are a little genius when it comes to being a vampire, but let me show you how real vampires fight" spoke Alucard as he put his hands together and the entire room went black. Naruto really wished he still had his sword, but having 'Ebony & Ivory' in hand really helped calm his nerves. He was really surprised when eyes started to pop up and open all around the darkness and Naruto was sure that Alucard could see out of them.

"This is how real vampires fight" spoke Alucard as the giant dog took off towards him at break neck speeds and by the looks of it, it was going to try to eat him.

Naruto stood his ground and waited for the dog to get close enough. When it did Naruto quickly shot the dog in the head with 'Ebony' thus making it stop for a second and howl in pain as a giant hole appeared in its head. When it did this Naruto used 'Ivory' to shoot out all six of its eyes. While the demon dog was howling in pain Naruto used some black magic he learned an poured some of his own blood out of his body and willed it to enter his guns thus refilling them with blood magic bullets. Naruto pointed his gun at the giant dog and blasted it one good time which completely liquefied it and then turned his guns on Alucard and blasted him all over the walls. When that was over Naruto put his guns away and picked up 'Rebellion', but before he left he looked over at the smear that was Alucard and knew he would pull himself together in a second and spoke.

"The Paladin is mine. I might not get him today, or tomorrow, or the next day, but eventually I will kill him not you Alucard. I will prove to my master my own worth" spoke Naruto as he left the room.

When Naruto was gone Alucard pulled himself together and when he was done reforming he couldn't get the grin off of his face. "Oh yes Naruto you are very interesting" spoke Alucard.

(In Integra's office)

"A MI5 agent that was investigating the artificial vampires has been found dead" spoke Integra as she looked out of her window that was directly behind her desk.

"That is absurd. Back in my day people had more respect for MI5 agents. Nobody would have ever resorted to such a brazen attack" spoke Walter but he was cut off by Integra's annoyed voice.

"That is beside the point Walter" spoke Integra as she continued looking out of the window.

"Madam" asked Walter in a confused voice.

"Thanks to this incident forces all over England have begun accessing what sort of action should be taken" spoke Integra although she didn't sound particularly happy.

"A round table meeting must be held musnt it" asked Walter as he turned his head with a look of though on his face.

"I believe it must, and soon" spoke Integra as her face hardened slightly.


"According to reports by the local police, those people being attacked are some kind of religious cult. Reconnaissance says they may have illegal weapons" spoke the old man as he looked at Integra as they both stood beside an armored truck.

"No need to beat around the bush. Ghouls or not we will be dealing with some especially dangerous scum tonight. Humbly accept your orders, and may god and her majesty be with you" spoke Integra but like always she wasn't looking the person she was talking to in the eyes. She was just staring at the side of an armored truck with that unmoving face.

"Amen" spoke the old man as he and his men got in the armored truck and took off.

(With Seras, Naruto, and the human troops)

When Naruto and Seras got to their destination the quickly ran out of the armored trucks with the soldiers and kicked down the door to the building. Inside was one ghoul which Naruto quickly took care of and watched as the humans began to look around. He found it odd that they only found one ghoul and used his third eye also known as his mind's eye to search the building. That was how he found the bomb that was quickly counting down.

"Everyone run, there is a bomb in the building" shouted Naruto as he and Seras ran out of the building followed by the human troops. When they were a good distance away the building exploded but thankfully nobody was inside that they had come with.

(The old man on the phone with Integra)

"It was a trap, but thankfully Naruto was able to detect the bomb and get everyone out of there before anything bad happened to them all. I am very sorry mam" spoke the old man as he talked to Integra.

"Damn freaks, how dare they underestimate my organization" spoke Integra as she slammed the phone onto the place where the phone rested.

"Is my master alright" asked Rose as she and Walter waited by Integra's desk for further instructions.

Integra looked at the girl, but then schooled her facial features before responding. "Yes Naruto and the rest of them are fine, luckily they were able to find the bomb and get everyone out of the building before it went off" spoke Integra as she looked out the window.

"Oh thank god" spoke Rose as she placed her hand over her heart. She was now wearing slightly different clothing then she had been in the past. She was now wearing

(Integra's office)

"Sir Integra" spoke Walter as he walked into the office room were Integra was staring at a picture of her father.

"Yes" spoke Integra although she didn't look at him.

"The knights have arrived and are ready for the conference" spoke Walter as he stood strait up with a look of pride.

Integra fixed her tie and followed Walter to the conference room. When she got there she and Walter saw an rectangular table with men sitting on all sides, and another man sitting at the very end. Integra took her place at the head of the table as it was her place.

"It's rare for the knights of the rounds table to wear their swords" spoke Integra as she looked at all of the men that were in the room.

"Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing, the knights of the modern world have more effective weapons than swords" spoke the man who was obviously in charge of the meeting. "Sir Integra according to your reports many of the creatures you have been encountering recently are manmade vampires made due to these implanted 'FREAK' chip devices" spoke the man as he continued to look at Integra. He didn't look snobby nor did he seem to be blaming her for anything, just simply stating facts so Integra responded in turn.

"The mission of the Hellsing organization is to end all earthly activity of all non-human creatures. In the process of completing this mission we are expected to have many meetings and battles with vampires, but it is not our mission to investigate the mechanism of this chip or to determine who is distributing it" spoke Integra as she looked at a man with a balding problem who didn't look happy at her calling him out like that.

"We are doing an investigation on the chips" spoke the man although he looked disgruntled.

"An investigation in which you let your man get killed. They even stuck a union jack in him" spoke Integra but the man just grunted.

"You miss understand your situation Sir Integra. We all attend the round table conference to share our power and knowledge with each other out of a loyalty and reverence to her majesty" spoke the head of the meeting from behind his interlocked fingers.

"I understand" spoke Integra but her facial features didn't change at all.

"No Sir Integra you do not. You see your actions have become a bit to flashy as of late. Non-human creatures have existed since ancient times and Great Britain has been able to keep this controlled and contained up until recently. Your Hellsing organization is leaving a stain on our illustrious history. Hellsing has been too loud and to public. One could wonder if you are qualified for your job" spoke another man, but this time he was a bit more heavy set and wore an ugly suit much like Integra's.

"The enemy is armed with powerful weapons, I have had no choice. As for information control I believe that is your job" spoke Integra as she looked at the man with uncaring eyes.

"That is beside the point. There is a limit on how much information can be suppressed" spoke the man as he looked more and more unhappy as he spoke probably due to the hard time he had been having suppressing all of the info as of late.

"So you're telling me that the round table members are not powerful enough to handle the situation" spoke Integra as she looked at the men sitting around the table.

"You're over stepping yourself Integra. Your father would have never been so irresponsibly brash" spoke the man as he looked at her like she was a serious thorn in his side.

"My father was my father" spoke Integra as she looked at them with cold eyes.

(With Seras, Naruto, and Rose)

"So you won't drink blood either" spoke Rose as she looked at Seras with new found respect as she scooted closer to Naruto's side. Seras got a tick mark on her head and scooted in closer to the other side of Naruto.

"Yea I just can't bring myself to do it. I feel like I will lose myself if I drink the blood" spoke Seras as she leaned against Naruto's shoulder causing a tick mark to appear on Rose's head.

"I know how you feel. Master how was it you are able to drink blood with such ease and uncaring" spoke Rose as she placed her head on Naruto's shoulder and sighed happily. She locked eyes with Seras and they began shooting each other death glares.

"I lost all of my memories and I was found by Seras and Alucard with a giant hole in my chest. They turned me into a vampire to save my life sow when I woke up and didn't have any memories of my past self I was basically 'born' a vampire since the only memories I have are being a vampire. Drinking blood is just natural for me I guess because of the nature in which I became a vampire" spoke Naruto as he grinned from ear to ear at the scene that was playing out before him. Maybe if he was luck something very hot would happen that was a part of every man's fantasy. As Naruto began to woo the two girls on his shoulders something happened that really pissed him off.

"BBBOOOOOOOMMMMMMM" went a loud sound as the entire manor shook from the force of the impact. Seras and Rose were on their feet instantly trying to figure out what happened, but Naruto was just thinking about the wasted opportunity and how he was going to mutilate whoever ruined this moment for him.

"What was that" asked Seras as she looked back at Naruto who looked oddly angry.

"I don't know, but whatever it was or whoever it was is going to die. Seras you go find Walter and help him with whatever it is he needs. Rose I want you to go and protect Sir Integra, and I will find the old Cyclops and see if he needs my help" spoke Naruto as he grabbed 'Rebellion' and hauled as to find out whoever caused this.

"I love a man that can take charge" spoke Rose as she ran off to follow her master's orders.

"Yea, my fledgling really is something amazing" spoke Seras as she emphasized the word 'MY' and glanced over at Rose he looked unhappy about the way she said it.

(With the Cyclops)

"What's going on, give me a status report" spoke the Cyclops as he spoke into his microphone. He then in contact from Integra as she wanted to know what was going on.

"What's going on" asked Integra over the intercom.

"We are being attacked. It seems to be an unknown number of ghouls all fully armed. They are disorganized so we are having difficulties predicting their movements. They have already broken into the compound at several key points" spoke the Cyclops as he spoke to Integra using his walky talky.

"It's a disaster" spoke Integra as she looked anything but pleased.

"Integra" spoke one of the Knights of the Round Table.

"Good lord they are attacking the Hellsing House I can't believe it" spoke Integra as she looked down.

(With the old man)

"All outside units report to the third floor. We must protect it at all costs" spoke the old man, but then the sound of munching could be heard so he turned around and saw two ghouls feasting on one of the dead soldiers.

"Good lord they have already made it this far" spoke the old man as he went for his pistol, but then another voice entered the room.

"You know I thought the Hellsing manor would be much more difficult to destroy than this, but what can you expect from humans" spoke a man with long black hair, gold eyes, and pail skin. He was carrying a large shotgun, which was made in America, in one hand and was scratching the side of his face with the other. He saw the motion towards the man's hand gun and decided to stop him right there. Before he could shoot the old man with his shotgun though the tip of a large broadsword pierced his heart courtesy of Naruto and his bad mood when Naruto basically stabbed him with 'Rebellion'.

"What the fuck" spoke the man as he looked behind him and saw the pissed off look in Naruto's eyes.

"You ruined possibly my only chance for a threesome, so for that you can get raped by demons in hell" spoke Naruto and he ripped his sword out of the vampire's heart thus turning him into dust. (I know this is different from the Hellsing anime and OVA, but trust me later down the line you will see why I did this). Naruto looked over at the old man (For those who are still wondering who the 'old man' is, it is Fergasen).

"You look like shit" spoke Naruto as he looked at the beaten up look the hold man had on his face.

"Ha well I guess I have looked better. You need to hurry and get to the third floor. The vampire said that there was five of them while he was talking so there must still be four more" spoke the old man as he found a chair and sat down.

"One went down towards Alucard's room so he is as good as dead, and Seras and Rose are with Walter so they should be plenty enough to take care of the trash that is infecting this manor. I will go check on Sir Integra and make she is alright" spoke Naruto as he left the room.

"That is a solid plan. I will coordinate our actions from here" spoke the old man as he got on the microphone and started giving orders and watching the monitors in the room to help the humans.

(With Naruto)

When Naruto arrived at the scene he saw that all of the ghouls and vampires had already been killed by Seras, Rose, Walter, and Integra, but Seras seemed to be stuck in her bloodlust and started attacking everyone.

"Mr. Naruto please help us" spoke Walter as he restrained Seras with his wires.

"I can't help you. She is my master so it is impossible for me to go against her will even if I wanted to, but I think I have an idea" spoke Naruto as he walked right up to the front of Seras as she tried to force her way out of Walter's wires. When she saw Naruto she went to roar at him, but stopped instantly when Naruto kissed her. She left her rage instantly and went beet red and passed out.

"Well I guess that always works" spoke Walter as he released Seras from his wires and looked over at his apprentice Rose and saw that she had an extremely jealous look on her face. He raised an eyebrow at that but figured she probably had some kind of feeling for Naruto but that it was best to keep his opinions to himself.

Naruto reached down and picked Seras up off of the floor and carried her princess style back down to her room where he put her in her coffin so that she could get a good night sleep. Before he left he told her his goodbyes. "Sleep well my precious master" spoke Naruto right before he left the room.

The next day Seras, Walter, Rose, Integra, and some of the men that had survived went to a funeral for the men that had died in the line of duty. Naruto didn't feel like going and decided to continue he ventures in learning black magic and everything else those books had to offer. Alucard didn't go because he didn't see the point in it as he had no sympathy for the dead and felt funerals were a 'human' thing so he was not interested.

(The next day in Integra's temporary office)

"Let us now consider the personnel that we still have available. Of the one hundred and ninety two personnel staffing the London head office we have fifty seven soldiers that have survived of those twenty four are wounded" spoke Walter as he looked at Integra as she went through her paper work.

"Why are Alucard, Seras, Naruto, and Rose not included in this report" asked Integra as she placed the papers on her desk.

"Well I imagine listing them among the dead would be redundant" spoke Walter but there was a funny grin on his face as he said it.

"And what of Fergus's condition" asked Integra as she looked at Walter.

"His lower jaw is broken, and should take three weeks to heal, but he will be fit for duty in two days' time" spoke Walter as he looked down at Integra.

(The next day in down town London)

Seras and Naruto were chasing down a rogue vampire that was running across the roof tops and quickly shot him down. When it hit the ground it tried to attack a homeless man, but Seras quickly killed it turning it to dust.

"Target is down" spoke Naruto into his head peace as he used his vampiric powers on the homeless human through eye contact to make him forget what he saw.

"Leave cleanup to the district station and proceed immediately over to High Park. It seems like the host is on the move. We will rendezvous with you there" spoke the man on the speaker phone.

(In Integra's office)

As Integra was going through her lets she noticed a white letter with the words 'Not Bomb' on one of them and a wax seal with the Vatican special thirteen seal on it. She instantly read it and was so angry she stabbed the wax seal with her letter opener.

(The next day at the National Gallery)

Integra was looking at a painting of two armies lined up ready to attack and kill one another when a man with long silver hair, glasses, and a thin build showed up accompanied by another man with shot white hair and a cross around his neck.

"Pardon me. So sorry to keep you waiting" spoke the thin man as he stuck out his hand and waited for Integra to take it. When she didn't he was obviously angry but schooled his features and tried to hand her some yellow flowers although he was acting like it was a joke. They continued after that to argue back and forth until finally Maxwell was tired of the fake civility and began to insult Integra. When that happened Alucard fazed into the room and started talking about how all romans wanted was to rain over the world of man, to write its laws, to help those he were of faith, and be merciless to those who didn't obey. After that he went to shoot Maxwell, but then they found out the paladin alexander was in town and he was going to try to kill their soldiers so they quickly went to try to help their people

(With the humans, Seras, and Naruto)

When Naruto and Seras entered the train that they had followed their target into they saw that all of the ghouls he had with him were impaled by bayonets with pages out of a bible stuck to their bodies.

"It can't be" spoke Seras as she started to tremble and look around nervously. Naruto quickly pulled out 'Ebony & Ivory' and got ready for a fight to remember.

Anderson made himself known by speaking a verse from the bible as he began pulling bayonets out of places Naruto really didn't want to know about and then threw on at him and his master. Naruto quickly shot two rounds out of 'Ebony' and completely destroyed the two bayonets which seemed to piss Anderson off something fierce.

"Looks like you haven't forgotten me after all. I see you like special hello's so how about mine" spoke Naruto as he leveled 'Ebony & Ivory' and pointed the both at Anderson and started unleashing bullets at him like it was raining.

Anderson was able to dodge many of them, but a few go through ripping wide holes in his body, but he was able to regenerate fairly quickly and when Naruto reloaded very quickly Anderson felt the need to speak.

"Bout time you showed up vampire" spoke Anderson as he rushed towards Naruto as blinding speeds.

"How about a fight to the death Judas Priest" spoke Naruto as he dodged the swings and stabs Anderson sent his way as he tried to kill him with his blessed bayonets.

Naruto pointed 'Ivory' at him and started unloading shells but all the holes he made using it just filled themselves back in because of the man's regeneration blessings. Anderson seemed to flee with fear and Naruto quickly took chase, but when he entered another compartment a book was thrown at him so he shot it with 'Ivory' but when he did that pages started to come out of the book and quickly restrained Naruto. When the happened Anderson quickly ran at him and cut him and the train in half.

"Naruto" shouted Seras as she ran up to him and picked up his head. She was crying hysterically and looked ready to faint, but then Anderson towered over her and tried to cut her head off as well, but she dodged it and ran down the train tunnels. Anderson quickly made chase and when he finally caught up with her started talking trash.

"Is that all the Hellsing organization had to offer? A pity I couldn't play with him more" spoke Anderson, but the head in Seras's lap started laughing and then all of the blood transformed into bats and quickly started to form together to form Naruto who was completely fine.

"You dirty monster" shouted Anderson as he gritted his teeth and stared down Naruto.

"Then what does that make you" asked Naruto as he pointed 'Ebony' at Anderson and shot a single bullet that took off his right arm. "A man" asked Naruto as he shot 'Ebony' again and blasted off his other arm. "Or a monster" asked Naruto as he shot another bullet intended for Anderson's head, but he dodged it and ran at him like a mad man. Naruto was surprised when he picked up one of his bayonets with his teeth and ran at Naruto like he was hoping he could pierce his heart with it. "Your fun" spoke Naruto as he aimed 'Ebony' at the bayonet in Anderson's mouth and shot a bullet which destroyed the bayonet. When Anderson stopped he and Naruto were face to face. "Shut up you cheap black magician of Hellsing" spoke Anderson as he looked hatefully into Naruto's eyes. "Run back to the Rome you Vatican whipping boy, or what are you going to chew me to death" asked Naruto as he grinned down at Anderson with a smirk on his face. "You haven't seen that last of me vampire" spoke Anderson as pages started to swirl around him before he disappeared.

"Naruto are you really alright" asked Seras as she rushed into Naruto's arms and buried her face in his chest.

"Of course, that man could never kill me, as I have far too much to live for" spoke Naruto as he lifted Seras's chin and looked deeply into her faded red eyes. This made her smile, but then she looked at him questionably when he picked up both of Anderson's arms.

"What are you doing Naruto" asked Seras as she watched Naruto bite into one of Anderson's arms and drink the blood which surprised her.

"Anderson does have nano bots in his blood, but to get the type of regeneration he has he would need to have been a natural regenerator in the first place. You should drink some of the blood as it will greatly increase your own regeneration powers" spoke Naruto as he handed Seras on of the arms. She looked like she wanted to say no, but then took a bite out of the arm and drank some of the blood. She wanted to be useful to Naruto and Hellsing, and her hunger was getting the better of her so she decided to drink the blood to hold her over so she wouldn't try to drink a living person's blood.

"Hmmm, his blood tasted better than I thought it would. Ok Seras lets go get the men and head back to H.Q." spoke Naruto as he and Seras started walking towards the other human soldiers.