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A Safe Place to Sleep:

EPILOGUE: Morning Sweetness

"Hey Eren, Commander Erwin sent me down to get you up," Armin called through the brunet's door, "it's not like you to sleep in so late." When he received no reply, Armin lightly tapped on the door. Doing so caused it to open further which the blond wasn't expecting. He slowly pushed the door open wider, cautiously poking his head into the room. "Eren?" Sky blue eyes widened.

The bed was vacant.

Armin burst in and dove into a thorough search of his friend's room. There weren't many places to look, however, and once he exhausted the couple less obvious spots, Armin bolted out of the room and up the stairs. Thankfully, he was quickly able to locate the taller blond he was looking for.


Erwin turned when he heard the call directed at him. Armin looked up at him and gave a brief salute before continuing.

"Eren is gone, sir."

"Gone?" Erwin seemed taken aback for a very brief moment, but regained his composure almost immediately. "Well, where's Levi? He's supposed to be supervising Eren."

"I haven't seen him today." A subtle furrow in Armin's brow silently illustrated his growing concern. Erwin noticed this and set a comforting hand on the shorter blond's shoulder.

"I'm sure he's just trying to skip breakfast again," the man shook his head with a quietly concerned sigh, "which means he was probably up late again." He muttered more to himself than to Armin. "In that case, I'll go look for Levi in his office and see if he knows where Eren is. You go eat, alright?"

"Yes sir." Armin gave one final salute before making his way to the dining hall where the rest of the Scouting Regiment was currently eating their breakfast.


It wasn't a long walk to the stoic corporal's office—maybe five minutes if taken at a leisurely pace. The door was securely shut which wasn't unusual on days when Levi had important work to do. Erwin tapped lightly on the door; when he was met with silence, he knocked a bit louder.

Still nothing.

"Levi?" Erwin called through the wall, turning the knob. Unfortunately, the door refused to budge when he leaned into it. If the door was locked, that meant Levi was either at breakfast, or still in bed and Erwin knew the former was automatically ruled out.

But, Levi never overslept.

Erwin quickly made his way to the shorter man's room and impatiently rapped on the door. When he didn't get a response, he silently opened the door and peered in, slowly opening the door wider.

"Levi?" Erwin's eyes darted about the room and finally came to rest on the bed. Sure enough, there he was, tangled in the blankets and sleeping soundly save the way his eyebrows knit together slightly. Erwin approached the side of the bed and was getting ready to shake the other man awake when he noticed something strange—a head of messy brown hair tucked comfortably underneath Levi's chin. Upon closer inspection, Erwin could tell who the mussed up tresses belonged to.

"I suppose you two don't need to wake up just yet. I'll just come back in a half hour." He back tracked to the doorway, pulling the door shut before making his way back to the dining hall.


As soon as Erwin entered the room, Armin ran up to him, his face quickly distorting with worry.

"Did you not find them?" The shorter blond asked, a bit confused as to why his commander didn't seem more troubled.

"They're both safe and sound. There's no need to worry."

Armin let out a deep sigh of relief, but after a moment, he raised a curious brow.

"So wait, you found them in the same place…?"

"They're safe and sound, let's leave it at that."

Armin shrugged and asked no further questions.

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