Child of Darkness, Child of Light

By: Fyre Fairie Rated: R (for adult language and content) Summary: Harry finds out he has been lied to all his life. After GOF he travels to lands forgotten until he is ready to face the friends he abandoned, the love he will encounter, and the evil he must conquer. Just when he finds his true family will he survive the upcoming war?

Chapter 1: The truth comes out

Emerald Le Fey lay flat on an oak table, her arms and legs strapped down by Athorian rock, blocking her magical supply from being used in defense. The table wasn't exactly the most comfortable thing in the world and neither were the stone manacles much less what was being done to her. But this was part of the training in order to overcome your weakness you must be exposed to it. At least that's what her grandmother said. And here she was being tortured mercilessly.

The men that were hired to do this were experts. They had dealt with these things before it seems. No matter what type of torture they inflicted either magical or muggle they would clean it up afterwards not leaving a trace of it behind. It has been nearly ten years this way and she was lucky she hasn't lost her mind yet. God knows many would have and probably did in the past. Maybe it was her urge to live or maybe it was her ambition that kept her alive and kicking, she didn't know and right now it was hard to think let alone not cry out.

It seems that so many healing charms have been placed on her that without them she would have looked worse than Mad-Eye Moody. Thank Morgana beauty counted when you were a part of the royal family. The healing charms had actually had an interesting affect on her body. They seemed to have mixed with her own magic therefore having her own magic heal any wounds she had by itself. That is what led to this new experiment/torture session.

Someone amongst these gross mongrels must have watched Ex-Men far too much. Apparently her healing ability has given a spark in someone's mind because now she lay with her forearms cut wide open and bleeding while one of her so called 'trainers' fixed a mechanism with three sharp knives into both her arms and bonded it to her bone and flesh. She was told that upon her will each set would spring out between the knuckles of her fist. And that meant that the knives would first have to cut through her flesh and cause her a bit more pain every time they were needed.

'Just to keep her on her toes' as one of them said. Unfortunately there was no anesthetic or numbing potions administered and she had to bear with every single second that dragged into and hour or two. Slow excruciating pain but all she could do was let her mind drift off and ignore it. Ignore the crimson blood being soaked up by the wooden table. Ignore the burning in her flesh. Ignore the urge to vomit or pass out because she was simply not permitted and most of all ignore the smug grins the other men in the room were giving her among some of the appreciative gleams in their eyes when they looked her over like a trophy.

It was all simply sickening. She wondered why she had ever agreed to all of this. When had things gone so bad and why had she been such an idiot when given the chance to turn her back on the pain and the suffering among the attention bestowed on her.

And then she remembered when it all happened just like every time they exposed her to a Dementor so that she can hear her nightmares cry out inside her head. Hear her parents' cries and see that emerald light whiz by. If she didn't know better she'd have thought they named her after that light, after that killing curse. Hah, what a laugh that would be. Among those she'd here her origin, her family history, the very reason she was put up to this monstrosity and also the very reason her parents were mercilessly killed and her life ruined.

************************************FLASHBACK******************************* *******

Harry watched as the Weasleys rounded up in one big group and waved at him merrily, uplifting his spirits for just that moment. He winked at them and waved putting on his famous lopsided grin hoping they would buy that attempt at happiness. There was a tug at his heart as they disappeared into the crowd of muggles at the station and he realized how much the red headed family really meant to him. His first friends, and kind surrogate parents took care of him as well as the rest of their seven children, an amazing feet Harry realized considering the practically empty Gringotts Vault the Weasleys had.

Turning back to where he saw his Uncle standing earlier Harry made his way though the masses of Kings Cross towards that direction. Being shoved in every direction was no fun affair, he had to admit, but it did bring a sad smile to his face. It was not everyday that someone would just jab an elbow in your ribs and keep on walking, especially not in the wizarding world and it reminded Harry how much he missed just being ignored. Thanks to Voldemort he'd never have it again as long as he stays in the magical community.

Harry kept walking and craning his neck above the crowds meanwhile keeping his mind on entirely different issues, after all maybe it was better if he was not found by the Dursley's and by anyone else for that matter. Dumbledore must have been a few sandwiches short of a picnic the day he handed him over to them. Then again his headmaster was always a little strange and had his reasons for everything but what really got to Harry was that straight answers were never Dumbledore's way of speaking. Why did he insist on sending him to the muggles every year and why was he even being protected so fiercely? He couldn't be that important to be kept alive, it's not like he ever did anything short of getting in a mess. Or were they just keeping him alive long enough to get rid of Voldemort? It was a possibility he realized, nobody else seemed to be able to get rid of the Dark Lord. No matter how many times he asked for reasons or explanations he would always get "perhaps another time" or "I fear you are not yet old enough to know" in return. Personally he thought a thorough explanation was in order, the world owed him that much at least!

Sighing Harry turned back around in the other direction, walking toward platform 9 ¾. If he was lucky he might find one of his friends still there and perhaps beg to get a ride, he might as well trade a signed autograph in return for directions to the Leaky Cauldron. 'AHA'! He mentally yelled spotting a flash of red hair near the magical barrier. He exhaled relieved that it could only be Weasley hair. 'You got lucky this time Harry old boy, you could have been stuck here for quite a while' he though continuing his mental conversation. Making his way over it was now clear the figure was a woman, although much slimmer than Mrs. Weasley, he didn't pay attention to that and confidently tapped her lightly on the shoulder while putting an uneasy smile on his face. Harry all but yelped out in surprise when the woman turned to meet him face to face. He was all but flabbergasted to say the least. He stepped back hastily when she revealed pearly white teeth behind her large smile. All of a sudden he couldn't breathe as he stared into the face of his own mother! This couldn't be right though he though, he must be hallucinating. Maybe when Voldemort put the Cruciatus curse on him it messed with his mind more than he thought. Carefully examining the woman's face for any minor detail that would lead to suspicion Harry gulped rather loudly. This person looked too much like his mother to be real, after all she was killed around 13 ½ years ago or so. Could it be a trick that Voldemort devised? If it was then it was a bloody good one except for one thing, the woman's eyes were not a bright emerald green but a rather silver-gray. This wasn't his mother.

Despite the disappointment a part of him was relieved to know that both his parents were still dead. It might have sounded cruel but if they were alive all this time then that would mean they had abandoned him to the Dursleys, left Sirius in Azkaban, and Peter in the open. He wanted to run right there and then but the mystery of this strange carbon copy of his mother kept him staring into those silver eyes. "W-Who are you?" his voice was shaky and on the squeaky side when he finally spoke but the message got across clear as the red head gave the boy a look of sympathy and offered him her hand.

'Should I take it' was all that was going through his mind right then and there and his choice was made when he accepted it and followed this person out of Kings Cross onto the London streets. He realized it was probably one of his less brilliant ideas and he could be going straight to his doom, but didn't everyone always say curiosity killed the cat? And since he was that cat it meant his nine lives weren't yet over. There shouldn't be a problem being curious. Maybe there was a problem but at least it's better than going to #4 Private Drive.

He kept following the woman who seemed no older than twenty years old around while hauling his trunk and Hedwig's cage behind him. There were no words exchanged between the two but a sense of trust had started to fill his mind and body. Such that only knowing her for five minutes he'd trust her with his life. Like a cherished family member. They rounded into a dark alley between two apartment buildings not too far from the train station. The sides of the buildings were covered in grime and mold, and the garbage cans leaning up against them wafted an unpleasant odor that had Harry wrinkling his nose in disgust.

Realizing the woman hasn't spoken yet Harry stopped and almost fell as she kept going before feeling his abrupt halt. She turned around to face him once more and lifted one finely shaped eyebrow, most likely waiting for an explanation was his guess. "You still haven't told me who you are or where we're going." He plainly stated figuring it was best to stay calm and collected just incase this stranger was truly a threat. There seemed to be amusement behind her silver like eyes when spoke, amusement that seemed slightly mocking in a way. "You do not know who I am though you still allow yourself to be led away by me, you should know better my child"

There, he had finally heard this mystery woman speak. It was a rather calming voice, sweet and gentle like honey giving him a warm feeling in his heart even if her words were uttered to tease him.

First of all I am not your child like you stated earlier lady, you may look like my mum but you're not. Secondly you haven't answered me yet, how am I supposed to know who you are or where you're taking me if you haven't spoken until now?!" If he ever wanted to hold back his temper then that was a lost cause because Harry imagined his face was probably red right now and being laughed at by the red headed woman was the last thing he needed.

He'd never heard such laughter before. It was like music, so entrancing, almost familiar in a way. Was his mother's laughter the same or were looks the only thing the two women shared? His pondering was brought short when she spoke once more.

"Here lets go somewhere more private, hold my hand and don't let go, lets just say I have a proposition for you."

"Wait a sec lady, how do I know this isn't a trap or that you'll let me go if I don't like what you're proposing?" He watched her reaction while he was talking trying to find some clue to her true intentions but her face remained devoid of emotion.

"It's simple," she said "you won't know unless you trust me, although you have no reason to trust me either." And with that she waved her hand in a circular motion. Harry watched entranced as the air started to ripple over the spot she waved at. It turned a deep blue shade of color. To him it looked like the surface of the water in the tropics from the pictures he had seen before. To describe it with one word would be; glamorous.

Before he knew it Harry was being pulled right into the blue portal and through a rippled passage which contained many different doors. The doors themselves were spaced rather closely and were each an interesting shade with golden plagues pinned right at eye level. Holding on tightly to the woman's hand and his belongings Harry read off of one of the plaques they passed. 'Slytherin Palace' it said, while another read 'Council of Magi' and another saying 'Morgana's Temple' and that's where they were headed.

Feeling it was too late to go back Harry let himself be led right up to the Golden door he just read off of. He vaguely wondered who Morgana was and what she wanted with him. The only Morgana he ever heard about was the one that lived 2,000 years ago during the time of Merlin. It was said that she lived on a magical isle somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean. She was Merlins greatest enemy, said to have destroyed millions of lives and hundreds of cities. Her reign only ended when Merlin sacrificed his own magic to banish her to where she came from causing his own death in the process. But what made him curious was, what isle she lived on? Could it have been a tropic, or some unknown land that was long forgotten like Atlantis?

As soon as Harry was pulled through the door a golden haze seemed to surround him and prod at his mind as if checking for something. For what it was checking for he didn't know and frankly it felt uncomfortable, like someone knowing all your secrets.

Being shook lightly on the shoulders Harry heard a gentle voice utter his name and when the golden fuzz lifted from his vision he saw a pair of silver eyes peering at him. Most likely trying to get him to snap out of that trans he realized.

"The dizziness will pass, it's a side effect of traveling through time and space portals" she said to him leading the still befuddled boy over to a lush scarlet arm chair with gold borders and what seemed to be pure gold legs that held it up. Within minutes his eyes were the size of Quaffles as he looked around the large hall they arrived in. This person must be rich, beyond rich even! Nearly everything was made of gold and silk, giving the place quite an extraordinary appearance. It was slightly intimidating looking up at the high ceilings that seemed to dwarf the Great Hall in Hogwarts.

Paintings of all sizes, shapes and colors adorned the walls accompanied by tapestries and glorious carvings. This was more like a palace rather than a trap set up by Voldemort. Unless that demented lunatic, Tom Riddle, had a new method of torture where in he pampers his victims first then casts the Unforgivables on them.

Although he did not know this yet, later Harry would realize he was indeed right about the circumstances with staying in the palace, but this time his own flesh and blood would be responsible for his pain.

Without further ado Harry gave his full attention to the Lily-look-alike, giving her a withering glance that most people wouldn't have thought a boy his age capable of.

As the woman stared at him she felt a shudder go down her back, she now knew why the Dark Lord had wanted to get rid of him and why she had business with the boy. His eyes possessed the kind of power that might have put Merlin to shame, and even haunted his will was strong and true, it would take a lot of effort to break such a person, let alone kill him. So with a sigh she no longer prolonged the inevitable.

"I do not wish to be rude child but I will tell you this story once and only once, you may ask questions at the end but do not interrupt me once. Understand?"

Seeing as he had no other choice in the matter Harry nodded and waited for her to tell him his so called 'story'.

"This particular story starts out around 2,000 years ago. Harry, do you who Morgana Le Fey was?" the woman didn't even wait for his answer but kept on talking practically giving a long lost history lesson. "Morgana Le Fey was a very powerful sorceress who trained her powers on the magical land of Ambrosia which used to be a part of Atlantis. It is a well-known fact Ambrosia though much smaller than Atlantis was more magical than the other lands. That is where all magic originated from and the power of the land was so high that it nullifies a regular wizards power to absolutely nothing. So as you can imagine you had to be the best of the best to achieve anything there. It is in fact from Ambrosia that you get all your muggle-borns from, contrary to popular belief magic does not appear from thin air and it is impossible for muggles to have magical children."

"When a child is born without magic in our land it is immediately sent to the muggle world to at least have a chance. It is particularly a new custom, long ago the parents would sacrifice that child to the gods they worshipped. It is in Ambrosia that the four founders of Hogwarts originated from. You may not know this but Ambrosia has four kingdoms, Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. Each kingdom has a royal family, which is where the founders came from the royal families; they came to start a school for the children expelled from Ambrosia so that some magic could start on the outside world. While else where in Ambrosia a tribe called the Egyp had also fled the country and started their own primitive cities in Africa, you can imagine that the Egyptians actually originated from here, that's why some of our ceremonies are similar to theirs."

"Well I'm getting way off track here, back to Morgana. While Morgana came from Ambrosia Merlin came from Atlantis where the magic wasn't quite as severe remained light through and through." While she was saying all this Harry couldn't help but notice that the woman kept referring to Ambrosia as 'here' and kept saying 'ours', leading him to some strange conclusions in his head which were not all to pleasant as he can imagine where this was going. This was going into another adventure and another brush with death on his part just like always.

"Now Morgana was on a special council called The Council Of Magi. They are not only extremely powerful but they had more power and privileges than the royals and sported the right to use magic out of our lands and created maybe of our laws, they still do. Like a lot of great sorcerers and sorceresses she Morgana became addicted to the great power in her possession and saw it fit to use it any way she pleased. In her right it was to destroy many lives and cities on the outside world to gain followers and one day to control the world."

"She terrorized many people greatly and had become to much for even the Council of Magi to control. Merlin showed pity on the non-magical people and great remorse for the many losses caused. So feeling it his right, he went after her. They battled for many years and as much as people like to say Merlin was the greater wizard, truth be told he was not. Hope was almost lost until the old man gathered all the power he had left and subconsciously tapped into Atlantis' energy as well which he had learned to use. With all that built up power he bound and banished Morgana back to her temple where the council had dealt with her properly by stripping her of her membership in the Magi. Now when Merlin banished her with that energy several things happened."

"First the destruction of Atlantis when he used its natural magic and left it unable to sustain itself with such poor resources, and causing its core to explode and the city to sink bringing down many people with it. Now only Ambrosia was left. Also when Merlin bound Morgana's power he did another thing. Because he believed that magic was greatly passed down to the male side of the family he put a curse on the Le Fey blood, so now the Le Fey women could only have daughters and as a result they looked almost exactly identical with few changes going through the generations. This is the reason why the daughters of Morgana kept their mothers maiden name until marriage then their daughter would get their maiden name and so the cycle goes on. We have mostly married into noble blood as to assure our magic survives, but we needn't have worried, Merlin was wrong, a female can inherit just as much power as any male."

The woman stopped a bit to rest her throat and let that part of the story sink in. Little by little Harry put the pieces together and gasped, opening his mouth to say something when it was abruptly closed by a hand under his jaw.

Giving Harry a stern look the woman said, "be patient child I'm not done yet." She really didn't care If the boy didn't like being called 'child' that was what she would call him until she was finished.

"Right then where was I? Yes well I wanted to get back to the royals and about sixty years ago. Sixty years ago a baby boy was born to the Slytherin Princess Clarrissa but unfortunately the young prince neither had any magic in his kingdom nor a proper father. Clarissa was cast out of her country in shame. From then on she traveled to Great Britain to make a new life for herself in a town called Little Hangleton where she worked as a waitress at a local pub and later met a man named Tom Riddle."

There was a very dramatic pause in the air and you could practically feel the excitement and tension around them. Harry of course knew who this particular prince was and he had a feeling it had a lot to do with him.

"Now as you have probably figured out Tom Riddle did not stay with Clarissa and a year later she died leaving her son, our Prince Marvolo in a muggle orphanage under the name Tom Marvolo Riddle. Ten years later he received an invitation to learn at Hogwarts where he learned that he was the Slytherin heir from old books in the restricted section and newspaper clippings where he put all the clues together. After Hogwarts people say that he disappeared but he did no such thing, in fact he was really found by his biological father who was an advisor to the king and had tracked him down. Marlotte was his name. Marlotte brought his son back to his rightful place in the castle where I had first met him during a ball that the queen insisted on having to celebrate the return of her grandson."

"Prince Marvolo was very fetching. What many would say a perfect Slytherin. He was ruthless, ambitious, witty and very cunning. I remember he stood by the throne of his grandfather and over looked the whole ballroom searching for a possible spouse or mother to his child. I shamelessly got hooked into his charm, his handsome smile and sparkling green eyes, much like your eyes and your mothers," she said looking at him. Harry started turning shades of a sickly green and a steaming red between intervals and as the story progressed, disgusted and angry with much of what was told to him.

" He started courting me, and I fell for him, I used to think him such a good man but inside somewhere something told me he wasn't true to me. I didn't listen to my instincts and I ended up with a child. You see Tom only wanted an heir for a complex immortality spell, he always wanted to be immortal and he needed an heir powerful enough to use. He didn't know about the Le Fey family curse and we had a daughter but in order to perform the spell he needed a male heir. I don't know why I've never come across this spell myself but I was still determined to save my baby. Luckily she had no magic in Ambrosia so I sent her away to the muggle world where she would hide. I named her Lily after my favorite flower, you know?"

"Lily went to Hogwarts where she met a young man she fell in love with. I'm sorry to disappoint you though Harry the man she loved is not your father. James Potter is your father but she never loved him." By now the woman was talking in such a hushed tone Harry had too strain his ears to hear her and even then he figured he must have been hallucinating. Everyone had told him that his parents loved each other to death, literally to death.

"There is a group Harry that was created by Rowena Ravenclaw upon the request of Godric Gryffindor to fight evil in every form. That group still exists, and currently Albus Dumbledore is the head of it. The group is called The Order Of The Pheonix. Voldemort was a very dangerous threat when your parents were still alive Harry, and there seemed to be no hope for the wizarding world. He was just like Morgana had been if not slightly less powerful. Just like his ancestor Merlin that fool Dumbledore stuck his crooked nose into someone else's business and 'for the good of the light side' as he declared he asked your parents to create a child together. Why you ask?" Even though Harry didn't ask anything as he was to busy seeing red the woman was well on her way into the story and kept talking as if in a trans.

"Your father's family descended from Lord Gordric Gryffindor who was the younger of two brothers therefore had no claim to the throne unless either died. Since the Le Fey women had already married into the other three royal families there was one more left before we could achieve the ultimate heir and that was what Dumbledore wanted. He wanted to use you and he has Harry. He's been using you and lying to you since you were born. I'm sorry to say child that you are not even Harry James Potter." She said mournfully and looked deep into his eyes she reached for his hand, which he did not even snatch back due to shock and grief, and then she continued.

"Remember how I told you about the curse on the Le Fey blood, how we can only have daughters?" He nodded recalling that and already dreading the rest of the story. How could his world turn upside down in so little time? Everything he stood for and was, seemed to have vanished with his identity.

"Lily was no exception to that rule, and on July 31, 1980 she gave birth to a baby girl. But to hide the fact that she was a descendant of Morgana and hoping to protect you she placed memory charms on the mediwitch that delivered her child and quickly changed her child's gender and appearance to resemble its father. She gave it two names, its true proper name and the name she wished to hide the child under. They were Harry James Potter and Emerald Desdemona Le Fey." Silence permeated the hall which were soon shattered by a few dry sobs from the woman which Harry ironically enough still didn't know the name of but recognized as his grandmother who seemed no older than 20 years old despite being at least 60 years old.

Harry didn't know what to do. When you're told you were born a girl and are the heir of the man that murdered your parents whom didn't even love each other you just can't seem to grasp reality. Why was it always him, or rather her? At least he was fairly sure he wouldn't have to be a girl.

"All our efforts to protect you were no use though." The woman said continuing. "Voldemort still found you but at least you lived." At that moment he rather felt he should have died with his mother and father who loved him instead of having his life steadily ripped apart by everyone he knew. Was the world out to get him or did they just feel like picking on someone vulnerable? It didn't matter right now because his grandmother started speaking again.

"Your parents were not betrayed by one man Harry they were betrayed by two."

Harry's head snapped up and there was fire in his eyes. He felt like an angry dragon, a Hungarian Horntail for that matter. Whoever betray them and ruined his life would pay dearly if it was the last thing he did. "Who was it!?" He cried out "I'll kill them!" and he really felt like he would pull through with the threat no matter what.

"Calm yourself child the time will come but for now how about I finish my story." She said and gave the boy a steady glance commanding patience.

"The other traitor was that bastard Dumbledore!" His head started spinning uncontrollably now. It couldn't possibly be Dumbledore! His headmaster had always been kind to him; he had always helped Harry, right? But he wasn't so sure. After all the old man did lie to him, but god knows whom else lied. But he bet there was a shorter list of people who didn't lie to him rather than the list compiled of who did.

"By the time your parents were in hiding Severus Snape was already a spy to the light." Harry couldn't believe his ears now. Snape a spy for the light side!? He'd gladly believe anything but that greasy git being on their side.

"He turned his back on Voldemort when he realized the woman he fell in love with still loved him despite agreeing to marry another man. You see what really turned the poor man was the loss of your mother to your father. He hated everything to do with Dumbledore and James. Voldemort offered something greater than being a pawn for Albus and he accepted. I guess then you wouldn't be surprised that Severus witnessed Peter Pettigrews initiation as a Death Eater. He was determined to save Lily so he went to your beloved headmaster and told him of the Pettigrew."

Snape knew then and so did Dumbledore. But why didn't they stop things, or tell his parents? With a heavy heart Harry realized that he had been betrayed by a man he considered to be his grandfather. The sadistic bastard would pay soon very soon. Or at least he thought.

"You became a threat to Voldemort, your powers were amazing even as an infant and your mind was much more advanced than many others'. But he couldn't wait to long to kill you otherwise you would gain the upper hand when older. To bad for Tom he didn't grow up in Ambrosia, otherwise he would have know of the protection the Le Fey's can bestow upon their children until the age of 15 when it would be broken. That is not the only reason you survived though Harry."

"When Severus came to Dumbledore informing the old man of Wormtail Albus saw the perfect opportunity to reel you in on a hook. If Lily and James died and if he got Sirius out of the way he would ensure that you would be his little pawn in the future." She said pausing and let the bitterness of the situation set in. "I imagine that Albus would be a very good chess player, he always thought ahead 3 steps or more. "At least he had the decency to apologize to Snape before placing a memory charm on him."

Harry listened as she went on telling him of the rest how Peter was made secret keeper to him and his parents and how the owl that bore a letter of their switch from Sirius to Peter was sent to the headmaster and then burned to cinders when it arrived. She told of how Voldemort killed his father who was trying to protect the woman he married and his child who he was not aware was no son at all but a daughter. She told of how Voldemort didn't want to kill Lily and that's when he started paying more attention again.

"Lily begged him to leave you alone and take her instead but Tom had no use for his daughter, he warned her to step aside but she never relented. When Lily was hit by the killing curse she left an ancient protection over you not even knowing it through her desperation. But you knew. Like I said your mind was far advanced and you felt that protection set in you felt your mothers love. Strong as it was Lily could not cast it right without training and to tell you the truth Avada Kadavra should have worked on you that night but it didn't."

"When the curse hit you in the forehead you felt it sucking away your life. Nobody had yet been able to fight off the killing curse but you. Do you know why?" He shook his head 'no' and let her keep talking, curious as to the reason of his fame.

"Because people don't understand what life really is and have lost hope of it by the time the killing curse was coming but you didn't. As young as you were you hadn't had a chance to experience really living but when you felt your mothers love your subconscious must have understood how good life can be if someone had cared about you that much, if someone can feel the things she did. As a result when you felt the curse tugging on your soul you latched onto something, anything. That something was the curse itself."

"When a wizard or witch casts a spell on someone those two people have a temporary connection until the spell has taken effect. What you did that day was worthy of Morganas power. It was extraordinary. You latched onto the connection and you pulled with your own power. With your mind you read the waves of the curse that was sent and diagnosed it separating the power to kill and the raw energy itself and you started to suck Voldemorts power out of him through the connection. You sucked so much out that he was left nearly powerless. That's when you gathered the power you collected into a ball and set the power of the killing curse hurtling back toward him with it."

"Unfortunately the connection that you had helped him as well, he latched onto you to stay in some form well.alive. That scar on your head happened to be his magical signature, which is now yours through the connection. His has changed as well into the dark mark. And the rest you up until you were eight years old when our dear friend the bumblebee came to visit you." So there it was, his life story all in all it was full of deceit. One little lie can lead to so much. He'd definitely be peeved the next time someone decided to with hold information from him. But he had several questions now, several important ones at that.

"I can't believe this," he whispered and watched as the woman nodded her head in acknowledgement. "I can't believe Snape and my mother were in love! I can't believe Dumbledore would do such a thing to anyone! I can't believe I'm a girl! I can't believe my heritage! But most of all I can't believe I've had real family out there somewhere but instead I was sent to the Dursley's! The DURSLEY's!!!" He yelled turning the shade that usually occupied Vernon Dursley's face when mad.

"Believe it child it is true." She answered in response. "As for having family I and the Council of Magi were the only Ambrosian's who knew of your existence as one of us. I was banned from your world just like the rest of the Le Fey women born in this country thanks to a mistake Morgana made two thousand years ago. I wasn't permitted to go into your world until now and you weren't permitted to be here because you were born there, many believed it would dwarf your magic if you grew up in Ambrosia so I had to wait until you were nearly fifteen. I had to wait until you were ready for all of this and most of all I had to wait until you were old enough to make an important decision on whether or not you want to stay and train with me or go back into the little world of lies built for you."

"You said that I met Dumbledore once when I was eight." She nodded to him. "Then how come I don't remember and why would he come for me then?" He asked her suspiciously. The look on Harry's face was disbelief when really on the inside he was believing every word and growing deeply raged and depressed.

"Yes he did, you don't remember because the fool is quite good with memory charms, I think he does these kind of things just for the hell of it." She answered scowling and letting her eyes get glazed again as the warning for another of her lengthy stories. Harry was starting to suspect whether they were just stories made to brain wash him but they'd be a hell lot less convincing if she didn't look like his mother, it would have been easier for him to shrug them all off.

"When you were eight right after you finished the second grade the Dursley's decided to go on a three week vacation with Dudley. Do you remember that?" Harry thought back and nodded steadily.

"Yeah I remember they sent me to Mrs. Figg while they were away, she may have smelled like cabbage but at least it was better than staying with the Dursleys." He answered.

"Well when Albus brought you to the muggles when you were a baby he stationed a retired Auror just across the street to keep an eye on things. The Auror's name was Arabella Figg, Harry. So the old lady with all the cats you remember was really a former student at Hogwarts and an Auror that he knew well. In order to stay under cover she had to hide anything magical. As luck would have it though she happened to forget to put away her old photograph album. When she ushered you into the living room you spotted the Hogwarts Crest on its cover and I'm not completely sure but something inside your mind was just released. I've brought this matter up with the council of Magi and they believed that your mothers memories surfaced from your connection and thus through that connection a memory flood issued in your head and you started to say things you never would have known and not only your mothers memories but Severus' and Sirius' as well. You kept yelling out for Sirius and Arabella had no idea what to do."

"She tried stunning you with her wand but you kept dodging and putting up shields at eight years of age! She went ballistic and flooed Albus. From there you practically went crazy you didn't want to talk to him you kept calling him a traitor. He tried talking to you and while he was doing that, checked on the blocks he set on your power after Lily and James died. They weren't there. It took both of them to knock you out at which point the clocks were set again and memory charms were administered to you and Arabella."

Harry watched her tell the story, her face no longer scrunched up but calm and pale. Though certain anger was evident in her eyes he wondered what her part in all this was. "Excuse me." he said almost shyly not really knowing how to talk to this woman, his supposed grandmother who could have passed for his aunt or sister the way she looked. "Excuse me but if you know all this then surely you could have stopped it all, and how do I know you're not lying? How do you know all this and what am I supposed to do now that I know? You have to admit this is pretty outrageous." He rambled off hysterically searching for some explanation.

"I know all this because the Council of Magi keeps a good eye on you and I'm part of that council. But because of my power potential and the fact that I was born in Ambrosia I'm not allowed free reign on my magic anywhere else in the world. They are afraid I'd turn into another Morgana. Up until now I wasn't permitted to make a move, the council works mostly on what the Eternals want and nothing else. The Eternals saw fit for Voldemort to rise and fight you and in order for that to happen you needed to be Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived. Just like old Albus they play their cards right except the Eternals cheat a bit they have glimpses into the beyond, child and they have chosen you as their representative on Earth."

Wide eyed he shook his head making his scruffy black hair toss across his head and reveal his scar for the world to see. "Wait a sec lady, first of all who are the Eternals and what do you mean they've chosen me as a representative?" Another explanation and another exaggerated sigh from the red heads direction.

"This is turning out to be quite a story isn't it, well here goes. The Eternals are godlike beings. They have existed from the beginning of eternity and shall exist till its end. They watch over us and maintain the balance between good and evil. Every once in a while they send down their seeds either evil, light or neutral to control the balance although some of those seeds don't turn out right like Voldemort didn't but you did. Voldemort was supposed to be a representative to stop Grinwalde but turned evil himself. I believe that Dumbledore was afraid you'd turn, after all Riddle and you grew up in very similar circumstances."

Dunfounded he just nodded and scratched the back of his neck, one of his nervous habits while thinking of another question to ask. "So what now? Now that I'm here, now that I know the truth what am I supposed to do? I'm only one person aren't I? What makes me so special even if I was chosen?" Asking those questions were probably the stupidest things he'd ever done. He already knew the answer and in some way would regret it in the future. Could he still trust his 'grandmother' or was she like everyone else, a traitor?

"You are what the Ambrosians call the Child of Light and Darkness. There have been prophecies written of you thousands of years ago, you were destined to lead and free us and your own world. If you accept then I will train you. But bare in mind that you will feel pain beyond any other, I shall take your soul apart and put it back together as I see fit. In a manner of speaking I would say you'd be born again. Into your new body, all your habits and hobbies will be gone and replaced and you will be perfect. Beyond perfect, a grounded Eternal with the power to control the Immortals and the Elements. Do you accept your birth right and this challenge, Harry, will you accept to be Emerald Desdemona Le Fey, Princess of the Slytherin Empire in Ambrosia and the savior of our kingdom?"

There it was. The skeletons were finally out of the closet, at least for now that is. He'd have to become a girl! And not only was he the savior of the Wizarding world but now the savior of both worlds. Everyone expected so much of him, but he was only one person. God, was the world out to get him or something. It seemed no matter how hard he tried to be normal some force would ruin his life. And now he'd have to do the impossible which was most likely possible now thanks to the bloody Eternals. But there was no other choice, no other way to rid the world of Tom Riddle and bring that sadist Dumbledore six feet under. The warnings of the amount of pain and suffering he would go through didn't even register in his mind with all of his other thoughts whirling around like a tornado. His need for vengeance was far higher than his own well-being or safety. He only had one question left.

"How long will this take?" The woman's lips twitched and a full smile appeared on her face if somewhat disturbing it was still a smile.

"Time is a funny thing Harry wouldn't you say? Where we are now I have slowed time so that ten years may take place here only affecting your mind while two years passes on the outside world and your body will age 2 years as well instead of the ten. When you will be allowed to return your friends will be starting their seventh year at Hogwarts. So will you take this challenge?"

He'd completely forgot about Ron and Hermione during all this time but now he was a bit reluctant to leave them and Sirius. Speaking of Sirius he'd probably go nuts with worry when they found him missing. But what had to be done had to be done and he couldn't avoid this dilemma.

"Count me in." Was his simple reply. He wondered if she'd give him time to say goodbye to his body now after all god knows what he'd look like later. Most likely like his mother.

"Wonderful" she sang out. "You may call me Desdemona"

Oh so his middle name was after his grandmother. "Can I call you Desa or Mona instead?"

A frown fit her face as she considered it. "Desa will be fine but if you ever call me Mona I'll most likely feed you to a dragon." She chuckled lightly ruffling his already scruffy hair.

Harry grinned. 'Perhaps this won't be so bad after all. At least I won't have to live with the Dursleys that's an upside.'

**********************************END OF FLASHBACK********************************

Emerald snapped back out of her reverie when she was slapped across the face hard. Wordlessly she glared at Kamian, the man who'd sliced her arms open and was now openly smirking at her. When she was dismissed she'd get him before she left for Hogwarts.

Kamian was a tall broad man. Standing somewhere at 6'8 and having the biggest set of muscles next to Hulk Hogan Emerald had ever seen he was quite intimidating had she not been reading his emotions right then. One of her first lessons was to know her enemy and having an ability to read magical waves she could easily read emotions, which were projected in those waves. Right now Kamian was feeling immense fear despite the fire in his amber eyes his pupils were almost completely gone showing how much he wished himself in another part of the world.

"What's the matter Kamian? Are you done yet, because I have very pressing matters to get back to." Her voice was steady and calm like the wind sweet like honey and she knew that she was charming them all into the palm of her hand. One of her recent developments. A Charmer, classically identified as a woman with the ability to charm men with her looks, voice, scent and dance. You could almost classify them as Veela but leaving out the monster tendency.

She glanced down and saw that her arms had healed completely and there wasn't a mark on them. "Come on Kamian you can't honestly say you want to hurt me more do you? Be a good boy and let me go." She said in the same tone as before putting a sweet smile on her face.

Kamian watched her with a new gleam in his eye and Emma vaguely wondered if she'd said the wrong thing. After all she didn't want to be raped. But surely Desa would have their heads on pikes if they dared do it.

She obviously wasn't getting anywhere with them, perhaps the binding that Desa placed on her combined with the Athorian rock blocked the charming ability as well. If that was true then she was in trouble because Kamian and the others were like Vampires, they thrived to watch blood flow.