Child of Darkness, Child of Light

By: Fyre Fairie Rated R (For mature content and violence) Summary: Harry finds out he has been lied to all his life. After GOF he travels to lands forgotten until he is ready to face the friends he abandoned, the love he will encounter, and the evil he must conquer. Just now when he has finally found his family will they all survive the war?

Chapter 12: Pixie Shit

"Just let go, just let go."

It was hard but he did, he let go of everything and felt the beginnings of tears blur his vision this time not moving to squeeze his eyes shut to will them away but he let them gather and fall.

All three of them cried that night in each other's arms forgetting who they were but remembering their cause and what they would do to those that dared cross their paths.


Weeks had gone by since Jasmine's abduction and not one word had been heard from Desdemona, or Solomon as Emerald had hoped. There wasn't even the faintest doubt in her mind that both her 'papa' and Desa knew that her 5- year-old daughter was kidnapped from her. And she was even sure that Desa was the one to be taking care of her again.

By the time Snape recovered from whatever curse had been thrown at him the bonded trio was growing even more desperate as the seconds ticked by and Emerald was on the edge of either recruiting Voldemort to help and brainwash him into believing the Magi wanted him dead thus turning him against them or killing him to get the whole mess over with and ensure that history will not repeat. But then every time she thought of Marvolo's death her subconscious somehow reminded her if she dared do that then the Council of Magi would indeed harm her daughter, age restriction or no.

Her hoped had dwindled as well when she discovered there was a restriction on her, the Magi had restricted her access to Ambrosia and thus she couldn't use a portal either.

When asked why she would simply reply, through blood connections. It was clear that the magi activated the magic they held over her by using the serpent's mark on her back. Every time she remotely tried to create a portal it would sting and send shocks up her spine and through her body before the magic she emitted to make the portal would backfire and throw her back several yards, sometimes throwing her into the stone walls.

Removing the mark was equally impossible as it would be painful if she tried. And there was no doubt she tried every way she could think of. Potions, spells, burning it off, freezing it off, even trying to peel that part of her skin off. None worked as she healed instantly without a sign of anything amiss.

At least they all had their magic back but even the novelty in that had worn off once they realized nothing could be done to get their daughter back in the near future unless someone tried to contact them from Ambrosia or she gained access to the throne.

Other methods of communication had been tried, from asking Dumbledore if they could borrow his Phoenix, which was surprisingly uncooperative to trying to access a Dragon that Emerald had wanted to ride back to the small magical isle where she would find her remaining family. Trying to acquire a Dragon was equally frustrating as Dumbledore greatly imposed there. He had apparently for some reason changed his mind about their leaving and wouldn't permit either of the three to leave 'the security of Hogwarts' as he called it.

//Rubbish.\\ She had thought at the time. //I can bring down these ruddy walls with a single thought.\\

Her Phoenix wasn't anywhere near hatching either and no matter what she had done it wouldn't as much as budge. She'd even brought it down to Hagrid whom did his best, but alas it was spelled to hatch on July 31st just as King Solomon had said.

Not only was she restricted communication from her family so far but Emma was slowly going from depressed to stark raving mad.

The first week after their daughter's kidnapping all three, Sirius, Remus and Emerald had moped around barely eating, sleeping, and doing the basic necessities to keep themselves alive and remaining ignorant to the changes that occurred because of the bond.

The bond that apparently rejuvenated their bodies helping them grow into what they would have become without any kind of interference. One of the downsides about magic was that in some cases it restricted the body's growth. Thus leaving many wizards below average height or at average. But those cases were very rare and there were many other side effects of magic that they had overcome.

For instance, during her time in Ambrosia Emerald had gone through numerous torture sessions each time losing large amounts of blood. And although she was tall for a woman she wasn't as tall as she was meant to be. The bond had apparently laid two more inches on her making her as tall as Remus without heals and about Sirius' height with them on. She was often uncomfortable with her new height, previously she hadn't been able to fit into many small places or stay anonymous, but now it was even worse. She stood out like a palm tree in the middle of a wheat field.

Their hair had stayed the same with braids mixed of three colors giving their bond away to most people that were acquainted with them. That was until Emma had figured out how to conceal them, by simply taking off her triad ring. And as the days passed she had taken to keeping it off more and more as all three of them died away.

The only signs of life that any of them had shown was when Severus came down to their rooms after recovering in the infirmary to get the status on their progress or lack there-of. To say the least it wasn't pretty having an irrational Sirius Black jump at Emerald's father ready to rip his throat open and when she and Remus had safely gotten their mate a reasonable distance away from the Potions Master, the ex-Death Eater had the gall to lay the blame on them.

That meeting didn't go very well, it ended with Dumbledore coming down and dragging his spy away before something else could go wrong and land the man in the hospital wing again. Severus hadn't come down to visit since, and Emerald hadn't sought him out either.

The following week they had grown restless with just staying inside their cooped wing, although grand could seem quite small and restricting when you spent long periods of time within it.

And so the following weeks they had all gone their separate ways in trying to cope. Where in Remus' and Sirius' case they drank heavily and did tians (injected or ingested potions used as drugs) and shag like rabbits, and in Emma's case bake and isolate herself, going as far as sleeping in a different room from her two husbands. Unfortunately for Sirius and Remus her resulting attempts at cooking had to be tested by them, and even worse her culinary skills still hadn't improved.

It was in mid June when the students of Hogwarts were busy taking their exams that the three stayed cooped in their wing doing what they each liked to do. Mostly just laze around. It was a fine day like this with the bright sunlight streaming though the windows and the cool chill of the castle walls that kept them in these conditions: currently Remus was sprawled in the middle of the living room barely conscious with a half empty bottle of whiskey in his hand, Sirius sat in a chair by the window overlooking the Quidditch Pitch singing to himself and trying to catch 'the bright little pixie women' that he claimed buzzed around his head provoking him to indulge in various sexual actions with them. Clearly he'd had to many tians again.

And Emma, well Emma was baking again, or at least attempting to. Sadly today's specialty was puff pastries.

Emerald sat in front of the oven watching the pastries rise from the little window in the oven door.

"Well I suppose it's been 20 minutes." She said idly not bothering to check the clock and lazily removed the pan from oven once again 'accidentally forgetting' to put her oven mitts on and giving herself rather bad third degree burns.

Holding the pan for a few more minutes she sighed almost blissfully as the heat coursed through her body like an orgasm ripping its way through her and feeding her fire element. All of a sudden she shuddered breathing in and let out a low blissful moan. She could practically see the streams and waves of magic when she closed her eyes as they mingled with her own magic and tickled her senses.

Both men in the living room didn't even turn a head to make sure nothing was amiss. It happened almost every day so why should they? They had also felt a small part of the sensation but not so much that would take their attention off of being miserable.

When Emma had successfully drained most of the heat from the pastries and the pan leaving both cold and practically frozen with steam coming off of them she then drained off the cold bringing it back to room temperature.

"REMUS! SIRIUS!!" she called placing the pan on the table and walking into the living room carrying two pastries and quickly sticking one in Remus' mouth which was currently open as he was about to say something and then pushing one into the darker haired man's whom was too busy chasing his pixies and singing to notice her approaching him.

As usual Remus had been the smart one despite being pissed beyond belief he simply stuck the pastry in his pocket and drunkenly mumbled something about it being good asking for another.

Sirius being in a much worse state didn't even have a chance once the baked good was stuck in his mouth he spit it out quickly. "Ughh!! He groaned with a disgusted expression pasted on his face. "What the hell was that? Pixies crapped in my mouth!!"

If Remus didn't know what was coming he would laughed himself hoarse if his mind was in proper working order. Of course his mind wasn't in proper working order and he laughed anyways at the prospect of seeing h is mate in a whole lot of trouble.

Emma was seething! She was turning redder than a chilly pepper, redder than her hair even! Between Sirius sputtering about pixie shit, Remus laughing his arse off and rolling on the floor and the mixed emotions she'd been feeling recently her left eye started twitching dangerously and she let out a low growl much akin to one of her bigger cat forms.

What happened next was beyond either men as their angry mate grabbed the taller of the two men by the ear as he complained about the pixies biting his ears, and stalked over to Remus with him before hauling him up by the back of his shirt and pushing them both roughly onto the couch into sitting positions.


Both men sat stunned each sporting flaming red handprints on their cheeks and each halfway coherent now feeling the waves of anger flowing off of her and through the connection that they had formed from the bond.

"I have put up with your drinking and your stealing my potions for tians for weeks now! I have put up with your throwing up and whining like little babies about it! Your moanings and groanings in the middle of the night from the side effects. And your belittlement of me! I will not take this crap anymore! You are killing yourselves and it won't help get Jasmine back. Don't you understand that this isn't healthy! That this isn't right???"

Silence greeted her ears after she ranted her case to them and waited with her hands on her hips and her right foot tapping on the ground. She felt her left eye twitch and agitated she slammed hand over it trying to keep it from jumping like that.

Finally Sirius said something. "Pretty Pixie mad at Sirius?" he spoke to her as if he was a three year old with tears gathering in his dark eyes. "Remus?" he said softly tugging on the other man's sleeve. "Why is the pixie lady mad at me?"

"Because you're a stupid git that's why!" the lyncanthrope proclaimed and started laughing hysterically again while his mate started crying silently.

"ENOUGH!! Both of you!!!" Emma screeched again and grabbed both men by the wrists dragging them into separate bedrooms and depositing them on a bed before shutting the door and stalking off into the kitchen.

"They're like bloody children!" she screamed to herself and looked down at the pastries she'd baked. She cringed with disgust realizing she couldn't blame Sirius for not liking them, they did taste like crap the redhead discovered and threw them away.

Feeling slightly guilty for being so cruel with both men she set out to make amends first starting with Remus, not only was the level headed one, but he was sure to be in worse condition, possible puking his guts out onto the floor.

Turning the handle on the door she peeked into the room she left him in and noticed it was dark, all the curtains were drawn and the only thing that would give away any signs of life were the sounds of retching. Using her catlike eyes to search the dark room she spotted her mate laying on his stomach upon the green comforter covering the bed with his head hanging off the side and vomiting into a small trashcan he must have grabbed quickly.

Quietly shutting the door after stepping inside she sat by him and pulled back his shoulder length hair rubbing his back in smooth circular motions while he continued to heave all the contents of his previous meal and the liquor he had consumed into the small waste paper basket.

It had taken around five more minutes before he calmed down and relaxed letting the basket drop to the floor before Emma was able to pull the lyncanthrope up onto the bed and tuck him in, removing any garments that would be uncomfortable to sleep in.

"Emm." he groaned hoarsely after drinking down some of the water she brought him afterwards.

"What is it Remmy?" she asked softly tucking a few strands of hair behind his ears.

"M'sorry. Didn't mean to get so pissed. Feel really bad. How's Siri?" All of this came out in a slurred jumble that she was barely able to make out.

"It's okay, we've all been a little off these past few weeks, and I really don't blame you all that much because I haven't been much better either." She paused to wipe the sheen of sweat off his forehead with a damp towel she summoned. "As for Sirius, I was just about to check up on him and his pixies. I hope I won't have any competition against them." She chuckled lightly and saw a small queasy smile greet her mate's face before he passed out from exhaustion and all the alcohol he drank.

She tucked him in rightly and placed a light kiss on his forehead before leaving the room deciding that he would be fine in the morning if not a little hung over.

Next would be Sirius' room, the pixie fanatic in other words. Why he seemed to obsess over them, Emma had no idea but she was quite certain she'd seen him talking quite a few times with the one in the painting guarding their rooms.

Just like her other mates room Sirius' was dark as well and required the use of her catlike eyes to see anything. The first thing she saw startled her a bit as the dark haired man was half sprawled on the large bed and half on the floor, face down she might add. Anyone else might have thought he was dead but through their bond Emma could still feel his minor influence, as he was still unconscious.

//If he wasn't so damn adorable I'd slug him by now.\\ she snickered pulling him up and onto the bed again to make sure that he was okay, or if she needed to use another potion to get the tians out of his system before they poisoned his brain.

"Siri." she whispered shaking him lightly and looming over his unconscious form. "Sirius!" she said a little louder when no response came.

"SIRIUS JACOB BLACK WAKE UP!!!!" she yelled finally smacking his face sharply but not enough to leave a mark or to hurt, jus to bring him to consciousness.

It had worked believe it or not as the man shot a foot into the air and bumped heads with her.

"God damn it!" she cursed rubbing her sore forehead and shook herself back to reality where Sirius groaned painfully.

"Emm is that you?" he asked hazily and yawned rather loud cracking his eyes open a smidge searching for her.

"Yes, how do feel? Pains, aches, nausea?" She asked automatically feeling his forehead with the back of her hand searching for fever and coming up with nothing.

"No, no, no. What time is it?" he reached for her and finding her waste he pulled causing her to tumble on top of him with a huff as he snuggled up to her refusing to let go. "Where's Remmy?" he inquired after a moment of Emerald awkwardly sprawled halfway on top of him and half way on the bed.

"Remus is sleeping, passed out from the alcohol. I suggest you do the same, some of the tians will have to wear off before I give you another potion to extract them from your system."

"Emmmm!" he groaned miserably all of a sudden and squeezed her in his arms. "I haven't seen you in weeks and you're leaving me again!"

"You haven't seen me in weeks because your bloody pixies have been taking up all your time! Now you're either going to stay here or I can take you to bed with Remmy so both of you can look after each other while I run some errands. It's your choice." Although her tone was cold her eyes betrayed her, those emerald orbs softened with a sort of pity, almost a primal love.

"What errands, you haven't left the wing for weeks, nearly a month? What could you possibly need to do?" he asked curiously and possessively clinging to her when she tried to stand up.

"I haven't done anything for this past month and I don't plan to sit on my arse any longer. I was planning on going down to the dungeons and talking to Severus, it's about time I talked to that stubborn mule. And besides I wanted to talk to him about the Lupine potion, perhaps start a project that could one day find a cure to lyncanthropy." She said with a smirk starting on her face knowing full well Sirius would let her go now. Any mention of Snape set him off.

This time though it didn't work she noticed with a frown as his eyes became wide and he latched onto her more desperately and argued with her pleaded for her not to go even. It was a half hour of pulling and violent whispering that Emma finally used a calming charm on him and pulled him up and began to move him into the bedroom with Remus worriedly.

Her worries were soon calmed when she figured that if they had each other to occupy them then they wouldn't seek out and bother her. Remus would take care of him if something happened even if he wasn't in the best state he would still find a way. For now though she didn't need them pestering her like little children.

After so many years of solitude she didn't quite crave human contact all the time but instead chose to isolate herself and snipe at anyone whom bothered her. Sirius often said she was turning into Snape with a displeased look on his face. It was funny, in a disturbing sort of way of course.

When she had finally succeeded in tucking him in next to Remus she was about to leave when he hooked his arm around her slender waist again pulling her down to face level with him.

"Emm." he whispered hesitantly and stared imploringly at her with his dark eyes. He cupped the side of her face with one hand caressing her cheek with his thumb gently as if he was afraid she'd disappear and never come back. "I love you, you know that right?" he asked desperately needing reassurance from her and asking for something back.

"Of course!" she was surprised he even doubted it. "And I love you also, and Remus. What's this about Siri?" her tone softened and her angelic voice poured over him making his eyelids heavy.

"Promise me you won't ever leave, promise me you won't ever give in."

She really didn't know what he was talking about. Sirius often said silly things sometimes. He could be entirely serious when the occasion called for it, and even used his head when someone's life depended on it. But sometimes Emerald couldn't help he was hiding something from them. He always gave the impression that he knew something underneath the surface, but he never told only spoke in riddles. Perhaps it was the power that they now shared slightly amplifying a latent gift.

"I promise." But by the time she answered he was long asleep giving into his exhaustion and the calming charm he was placed under and Emerald carefully extracted herself from his arms placing a small kiss on his forehead and leaving the room.

Looking around the living room area for something to do Emma realized that she was completely clueless as to what she would occupy her time with. She didn't really want to visit her father she didn't exactly want to forgive him yet for blowing up at her and her two mates. One part of her knew that he hadn't exactly meant what he said about them being so careless as to forget about their child, Snape was just a bitter man still mourning over the death of his lovers and holding a grudge over Voldemort for luring him into his service.

Yet the other part of her wanted to hate him, wanted to take all her pent up frustration and rage on him, wanted him to yell at her before she angered enough to make him scream, to make him bleed and most of all to make his lifeless eyes feel something other than the coldness that they usually portray. But most of all she wanted him to hurt her too.

//God Damn It!\\ She slapped herself hard on the cheek trying to get those violent thoughts out of her head. What was happening to her? Were a few weeks without constant pain finally making her crack. Ever since she left Ambrosia the constant promise of daily pain that she went through plagued her mind and teased her to the point where she would cut herself. And even cutting herself wasn't anywhere close enough to what they did to her. It was slowly driving her over the edge just as magic had almost done.

That day that she fought Desdemona to the near death was a relief. She couldn't help feeling satisfied when she broke the woman only to put her back together again and make her feel grateful for it. It was then that Emerald decided that there was something wrong with her.

When Desa had practically taken her soul apart and put it back together again to her liking Emerald had the distinct feeling that she messed with her head a little. //Perhaps you're looking for an excuse as to why you feel the need for pain. Perhaps you don't want to face the fact that you became a monster.\\ she told herself and sighed realizing she was talking to herself now.

If she wasn't mad enough she didn't need her subconscious speaking to her and taunting her the way it was doing now.

One thing was certain; she had to do something before she hurt either Remus or Sirius. They simply wouldn't understand this burning need for blood, no matter how much she loved them she couldn't expose them to it either but she knew someone who might be able to understand her though.

Walking into her daughter's old room which she now occupied she sorted through her closet full of newly bought robes and muggle casual clothes. She quickly picked a pair of black slacks that seemed to be of the masculine variety but looked equally good on her accenting her long legs. Followed by a plain black t-shirt and regular black lace up boots that held no heels. She struggled with her hair for a few minutes before doing the simple solution and using a spell that she remembered from the book her papa had given her. With a few words her hair was cropped a few inches above her chin and slicked back with a charm. Her eyes were shadowed and illuminated at the same time from the contrast of the black eyeliner that was applied to surround her eyes thinly. She looked different, not as sweet and charming as the charmer part of her made her out to be but dangerous and down to the point.

But then again whom was she trying to impress? //No one!\\ she grudgingly thought reprimanding herself from even thinking further on the subject. It was early afternoon and she had no doubt that midterms were probably being taken by students all over the school. She'd just send a simple note by owl requesting her father's audience later and leave.

And with that thought she fished out a sheet of parchment and self-inking quill scratching down a few words and blowing on the elegant script letters before rolling the parchment up and sealing it with a wax seal of the Slytherin family crest.

She couldn't tell what time it was exactly without either the sun or a clock to aid her so rifling through her jewelry chest she dug up an old muggle watch that told her it was safe to go into the halls that time of day, and that if everything was the same as when she went to Hogwarts then lunch would be in an hour.

Looking back in the mirror once more, she felt like there was something missing something on her face that she had grown accustomed to not having. Curiously she took out her wand and transfigured one of her loose pieces of jewelry into a pair of oval shaped black glasses. Completed with regular glass so they wouldn't hinder her site.

That was it then. She realized. She didn't look anything like her old self or her new self. She wasn't Harry Potter or Emerald Le Fey. She could just be Emma. With a last smile at her own reflection she left.

Through the familiar hallways she walked silently staying in the shadows most of the time even if there was no one to avoid. Everyone was busy with classes and even the ghosts were off socializing somewhere or wrecking havoc in Peeves' case.

It was a long walk from the deserted part of a large castle to the tower on the other side of the castle where the owlry was kept with moving staircases and trick hallways, it took quite a while for Emerald to leisurely walk her way down avoiding the school ghosts and keeping out of site of most of the portraits. It wasn't that she was paranoid of being seen, it was the excitement of the actions that fueled her.

Just outside the door Emerald could already make out the foul stench of birds. She never really liked the owlry much, neither did Hedwig for that matter but at least she was well fed and looked after there. The sound of other owls greeted her ears as they hooted eagerly when she stepped in, each ready to be of service and carry the letter she had clasped in her hand.

She was just about to tie her letter to the leg of a regal looking brown tawny owl, no doubt one of the school owls when a white blur almost flew into her face and she had just a second to duck. The said white blur was an owl, a snowy owl hooting happily for all the world to know and circling her head over and over again.

Hedwig had remained faithful to her one and only owner. Seeing no one else in the owlry Emma held out her arm for her old familiar to land on and smiled feeling it's talons sink into the flesh of her arm awkwardly yet blissfully. The owl hooted and screeched much like Emerald would have if Voldemort had miraculously dropped dead. There were no words to describe the meeting of long separated friends. Hedwig had been her first gift from her savoir and the only one to stick with her ever since she found out about the wizarding world. The loyal creature hadn't left her without some force being applied to her and now she came back to her with vigor.

Reaching out with a shaky hand Emerald gently stroked the bird's white feathers smiling softly when she made appreciative noises and rubbed her soft plumage against the redhead's cheek.

"I see you've been taken care of." She spoke like to a person and continued to stroke her. "I've missed you terribly you know. It's been lonely without someone that understands and you always have." She developed a faraway look in her eyes as she remembered clearly how Desdemona had took actions to ensure that Hedwig would be transported safely to Hogwarts with the guarantee that she wouldn't be able to find her way back to Emerald. She had cried for days after that earning herself punishments from the Earth to the Moon.

A soft hoot brought her back to the real world and Emerald smiled softly. "How'd you like to go back to work for your old master?" A soft peck to her ear reassured her that her pet was still loyal and carefully she attached the scroll that she'd written onto the owl's leg before giving her one final stroke and sending her on her way out the window. She knew that somewhere in the castle Severus Snape would be receiving a snowy white owl interrupting whatever he was doing.


"You have ten more minutes to complete your exam." Severus sneered at each and every student currently in his classroom. Their heads all bend over their parchments and sweating from the exertion they were putting forth into getting a good grade. Which in Severus' opinion wasn't much effort at all. They scribbled madly away at his warning hoping to finish their exams and receive a passing grade.

If only they knew that he was required to pass them no matter what. He supposed the fact that they didn't know only fueled them further. If it were up to Snape at all he'd give them all the grades they deserved. Especially that brat of a Malfoy. That little blonde annoyance had been playing off his father's name and money since he was born and the dark haired man doubted he'd stop anytime soon.

As for Longbottom, he thought brushing past the young man and sneering at the poor results he was exhibiting in his potion. It was a pity he had to be so harsh with the poor boy. After all if Neville was so good in Herbology he should be able to excel in Potions. Then again Professor Sprout always was too sweet and caring for her own good. If Severus ever stooped down to that level he would hope someone would be there to put him out of his misery.

Probably Voldemort or Malfoy. He snorted in disgust.

He was just about to call time up when there was a light tapping on his door. Scowling he strode past the students ready to tell off the fool that dared interrupt his exams.

About to go off on a tirade he realized he would have been yelling at an owl. A snowy white owl with big yellow eyes and a letter tied to her feet.

"HEDWIG?!" Turning on his heal so fast he almost gave himself whiplash Severus' dark eyes scanned for the perpetrator that had called out only to land on Ron Weasley who was being shushed by a very excited Hermione Granger.

"SILENCE!!!" He roared watching the whole class go back to being quiet. "Mr. Weasley are you familiar with this creature?" He pointed irately to the animal that had proceeded to circling his head and hooting its lungs away.

"Yes Professor."

"Then pray tell Weasley," He spat the boy's name out as if it was vermin. "What is it doing here of all places pecking at my door!??!!!!" He screamed.

"Perhaps," began another voice but he quickly shot a glare in the person's direction.

"I did not ask you Granger, I want to hear what Mr. Weasley has to say."

"Well." A red-faced Ron began to speak and looked down not being able to meet the Professors face. "There are no windows in the dungeons Professor, it had to come in somewhere."

"I did not want a smart alack response.THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE STILL WRITING MAY STOP! I will ask again.whose creature is this and what is it doing here during exams when everyone knows mail comes in the morning?"

He watched with satisfaction as a few frightened students threw down their quills and turned over their papers as if they were made of fire.

"Well EXCUSE ME PROFESSOR, I believe it came here from outside the school without specific directions as to when it was supposed to get here."

"20 points from Gryffindor for your insolence and for raising your voice Weasley. Whose owl is it?" Obsidian eyes almost rolled heaven ward in exasperation at the redhead's stupidity. Of course he knew it wasn't a scheduled owl.

Gritting his teeth Ron looked around the room to find everyone was watching him and expecting an answer. He turned to Hermione to find her gesturing to her neck. Shaking his head in confusion he answered.

"It's Harry Potters sir."

Then the room went into an uproar. Students discussing what this could mean, Hermione yelling at him for his stupidity, Slytherins throwing things at the owl, which consequentially got on Snape because Hedwig was flying around his head still. In the end a very peeved off Potions Master ended up yelling at them once more and deducting points.


Silence still had not come and Severus was forced to do something he hadn't done in a long time, if ever.

"15 POINTS FROM SLYTHERIN!!" That got them quiet. "Now hand your papers in, clean up and get out!" He dismissed them with the wave of a hand before snatching the message attached to the snowy owls leg almost taking her leg in the process. He still hadn't gotten over getting yelled at by Emerald and her two mutts. Nor did he approve of their arrangement.

Whatever was in the letter it better be good.

Waiting until the last students to leave the room Severus entered the room adjacent to the potions lab where his office was located and sat down on a soft armchair near the fireplace opening the letter on his way there. For a moment he traced his thumb over the seal longingly. How lucky his daughter was to be able to bear the Slytherin title.

Dear S,

I hope this finds you healthy and as grouchy as ever.

Upon reading the first line of elegant script the man scowled darkly clearly not amused at how Emerald began the letter.

I didn't write this to upset you, or to discuss issues long past. Nor am I seeking your forgiveness for anything I have done over the years, for I know I will not receive it so easily.

Firstly I wanted to apologize for our quarrel. I know that we both said things that we shouldn't have. And Sirius and Remus didn't make it any better. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Believe me when I say I do not find you at fault for Jasmine's abduction. There wasn't much anyone could do.

Secondly I think you're right. Wallowing away won't bring her back and I'm ready to take some real action as soon as I get some help.preferably from you.

Severus blinked and rubbed his eyes wondering if perhaps he needed some extra rest. He couldn't believe Emerald was asking for his help.

No, you're eyes are not deceiving you; I know what's going through your head. The great Emerald Le Fey asking Severus Snape for help. Preposterous you say? Or is that a smirk I see on your face?

Wiping the smirk off his face Severus cursed himself for being so obvious.

What kind of help do I need you're wondering? I doubt this will surprise you much, you knowing how much of a masochist I am. You are aware of my records in Ambrosia? I'm sure Dumbledore's told you of all my offenses and dealings with the council.

The point is that I can't hurt myself without Sirius and Remus knowing. Because what I do, they know. But what someone else does they can't tell. I don't think anymore words need to be spoken here. The message is quite clear but I want to speak with you. Send me message back with a time and place and I'll be there.

Yours, Emma

//Damn that woman! Damn the council! Damn Desdemona! Damn those mutts!!! And damn Dumbledore!\\ Severus raged burning the letter to ashes with a flick of his wand and summoning a piece of parchment and a self inked quill.


My chambers. Tonight when your pet dogs have gone to sleep.


Rolling the parchment up and going back to the lab where Hedwig was still patiently waiting he tied the letter on her leg and opened the door for her.

//Damn myself for being a softy!\\

Gathering the exams from his desk he went back to his office and began grading them over a nice glass of brandy.