(This is a start of a story but I don't know where it's going to go, I welcome idea and no it's not beta)

"Is it time." A dark hair man asked as they stood around the gold and jade green tomb, the gold coffin was half covered with green silk that swept from the roof down over the coffin, the tomb was not buried under the ground like most this one was in a room of the large castle with window that stretched on wall letting the fading sun in to the room, beautifully embroidered tapestry covered the rest of the walls of the man who lays in the coffin

"Yes, the boy is nearing of age and the dark one is close to his full power, if we want a chance to get the boy we must do this now before his own powers are realised before he reaches his age." The blond hair man said, he looked down at the coffin and ran his hand over the name, the dark hair man nods as looks at the coffin himself, he wonders if they should have taken the boy into their care before now

"Is our brother still watching over him Kale?" The blonde looked up at him

"No, he was forced to fake his death when the old man found out. We do know that the child grew a fatherly attachment to him and our brother's wolf lover." The dark hair man nodded and runs his hand though his shoulder length hair pulling it out of his eyes

"Take the collection group to where the Heir is, tell them not to hurt anyone we just want the boy and be gentle with him." The blonde said bowing to the coffin before turned around and walked out of the tomb, his plaited hair lay swing behind his back as he walked, the dark hair man turned back towards the coffin

"Soon your heir will be home my lord." He said as he walked out the tomb himself closing the door's behind him.

A week later

At Hogsmeade

The small village was littered with children running around from shop to the next shop, Harry walked out from Honeydukes stuffing his bag of sweets into his pocket as he with his friends, all, Ron started stuffing sweets into his mouth like there was no tomorrow while Hermione did the same as Harry and put hers in her pocket and took one out and popped it into her mouth "Ron if you keep eating like that you're going to choke." She tells him, he looked at her

"Thanks mum." He said with a crammed mouth of sweets, she made a disgusted look as he spoke

"If I was your mum she would have clipped your head." She said as they stood off to the side as started to talk about where to go next, the dark hair teen looked around feeling something was off, the bushy hair brunette looked around at her dark hair friend "Harry are you okay?" she asked, he turns to face and gives her a forced smiled, the same one he has been given them since he started back,

"I'm okay." He said, while his red head friend ran off to look at some broom in a shop window, the girl looked at Harry

"You can tell me Harry, you know I'm here for you…right?" She said, touching his shoulder, the teen nodded and smiled sadly

"I…I don't think Sirius is dead." He said, she looked at him and then looked around the snow covered street before pulling him away

"What do you mean not dead? We saw that... that bitch throw a curse at him and him fall." She said with wide eyes

"I know Moin, Merlin I know how it sounds…but something feels off, I can feel it here." He points to his heart, she gave him a sad look thinking he still grieving, Harry let out a tried sigh and rubbed his eyes

"Harry it normal to feel like it, but he dead as much as we wish he wasn't…"

"No no you don't understand did you see the way Remus acted after it happen, he wasn't acting like a wolf who lost his mate, not the way he Snape told us in our 3rd year." He said with a frown, she looked at him

"I don't know what to say to that Harry, what else is going on, have that family be making things hard again?"She ask,

"I spent some time in a B&B over the holidays; they couldn't stand my screaming in my sleep anymore and I couldn't take any more of my uncle's beatings or my cousin trying to sell me to his friends of 'fun'."

"Oh Harry I am so sorry, you should have owled us." She told him

"I couldn't what if a Death Eater was to get a hold of Headwig?" he said with a sad look, she nodded at that "And there is something else." He said, she looked at him as he rolled his shirt, she looked at the mark on his hip and looked back at him "I thought it was something from one of my uncle's beatings but it changed and developed into that

"That is a dragon Harry? It looks like something from one of the old family from overseas." She said looking back at him "If you want I will have a look at in the book in the library for you?" he nodded and she smiled at him.

"GUYS!" Ron yelled as he came running over to them "COME ON YOUR MISSING THE FIRE EATER!" Ron yelled, both Harry and Hermione looked at each other before they ran to the gathering crowed and looked at the man, in black and white clothes, his face was white as well his eyes has painted dark circles with lines down his face, blood red was painted on his bottom lip and his top lip was white like the rest of his face, the man's hair was pulled back into a pony tail and was the colour of fire. His eyes were black and shinning, he bowed in front of the group of students who waited for something to happen, his torches light up by themselves and he started moving his arms, the crowd cheered as watched the man.

While all was watching the fire eat spit out the fire like a dragon, the collectors in black made their move, they walked out into the street and stood around all the students and watched them, three stood behind Harry. The teen stood ridged as he felt someone was looking at him and he looked around seeing the other men around the group, he turned around and looked at the men behind him, they looked at him, one moved his hand and brushed Harry's fringe out the way and looked at the lighten bolt scar "Time to come home child." The blonde man said, holding out his hand, Harry nodded unable to say anything as they warped a dark green cloak around him and started to walk away. Hermione turned around to find Harry, and saw a group of men walk away, with a short man with a mop of black wild hair, she ran over and

"Harry?" she calls out, the teen looks back at her one of men looked at her

"Go back to your group young one, your friend will come to no harm."

The was a few screams making Hermione turns around to see the fire eater bending the fire to spin around them in a fiery dragon, a few students were screaming other where cheering him on, turning around Hermione saw that the men in cloaks and Harry was gone "Harry?" she said quietly

"Hey where is the fire eater?" Someone yelled, Hermione looked back around to find the man was gone as well.

Later that night Snape walks into Dumbledore's offices his feet weighed heavy as walked, knocking on the door he pushed it open and walked in, the white hair man looked up "Severus my boy is there any news on Harry?" he asked, the potion master walks over to the fancy desk and sits in front of it

"No sign, it seem Miss Granger is the only one sure saw what these men look like, everyone was paying attention to the fire eater, who has also disappeared, every one said that the fire eater have moved like liquid."

"Vampire?" Dumbledore said with wide eyes

"Most likely... Miss Granger did draw this, she said that Potter showed her the mark that was forming on his hip, I don't know what it is." He hand the parchment over, Dumbledore open the folded paper and looked at the dawning, Snape watched the old man looked at the drawing, he watched him frown and sigh as he ran his fingers over the sketch

"Oh I so hope that it would never happen." He sighed again "I should have listen to Sirius." He said as his place the parchment down on the desk

"What are you talking about?" the dark hair man asked

"There are only two families that have this mark, but I will rule out the first one as they are not vampires nor do they have this on their persons." He said

"If you're saying the house of the Dracu, then you must be wrong he's dead and his house as well?" Snape said, the white hair wizard looked at him

"Dracula before his death lay with an English witch, she had his child and since then his blood line lives strong in Harry's blood. I didn't believe Sirius when he told me, he said that Harry will come into his inheritance early, that the guards will come for him, I didn't believe him and I forced him to…" he stopped and looked at Snape, "I will talk to the brothers that are protecting him."

"There are is something you're not saying?" Snape said watching him

"And it's for the best, keep an eye on Hermione a part form us she the only one that have seen the mark." The white hair man said, Snape frowned

"What are you saying?"

"The story is that anyone who see the mark of the Dracu line will disappear."