Harry walked with the group into the castles, the cold wind whipped up around him making him shiver as he held the green cloak close to him, he looked up to see man standing at the large old wooden doors looking at him "Sirius?" Harry called out, his voice echoing the lonely mountains around them, the man smiled an open his arm as Harry ran over to him, Harry ran to him and into his arms and let the man pick him up holding him close "You're a live I knew you were alive!" Harry said

"Its okay pup, I'm sorry about very thing I didn't want to do it and it will never happen again." He tells him Harry looked at him and smiled

"Is Remus here?" Harry asked, Sirius chuckled

"He is he's a sleep, it was the blue moon last night." He smiled as he brought him inside "You are shivering to the core." He said as he looked up at the group who collected him "Didn't you think to put a heating charm on his cloak?" he asked

"We're vampires not wizards." One said Sirius gave an animal snarl before they all walked in.

Harry was lead to a large room, the fire place lit up as they walked in and Harry ran over to it and sat on the floor, Sirius walked in after him and pulled a large fur blanket off the huge sofa and placed around the teen and sat cross from him "How much do you understand what is happening Harry?" The older man asked, Harry shrugged

"Not much at all." He said "I know you're a vampire, I saw you once drinking blood from Remus." Harry said, Sirius shook his head and sighed

"I bet that scared you sorry cub." Again Harry shrugged "Okay Harry the truth, you are the last heir to the Dracu line." …oh driving right in wonderful… Harry thought to himself

"On whose side of my family?" He asked him


"What about my aunt?" Harry asked

"Not going to happen, an heir can be female but Dracula promise his heir would be male when the time came." Harry sat there holding the fur blanket around him and looking at him

"I'm Dracula's heir as in Dracula the count, the king of vampires, that Dracula?" Harry chocked, the dark hair man chuckled and touched his shoulder

"Harry calm down there is nothing wrong with being Dracula's heir; it makes you more powerful than Dumbledore and Voldemort together." Harry tilt's head to the side and looked at him.

"Why did you do what you did?" he asked, Sirius reached out and touched Harry's cheek whipping away the pink tears, he let out a painful sigh

"I didn't want to, I went and told Dumbledore about you being the heir and he didn't believe me he thought I had gone shit bat crazy and thought I would put thoughts in your head, he forced my hand."

"THAT FUCKING OLD GIT!" The teen yelled "H…H…He took you away from me!" He cried, Sirius pulled Harry into his arm and let him cry into his shoulders.

Over the next couple of day Harry learn what is role was as the Heir of the Dracu thrown, Sirius told him that him and his two other brothers are to watch over him until he was of age, Harry frown he was told his real birthday was Christmas day and he was still 15 not 16 like he thought he was it was another reason why he starting to hate Dumbledore. Then when they moved onto markings Harry's eyes widen "What are these markings?" he asked, Remus was joining them he looked so much younger than he Harry has ever seen him, gone was the speckled grey hair and hardship lines around his face but there was a young 20 something dusty blonde man sitting cuddled in next to Sirius, they had been wearing glamour spell for the best for of their adult life, even Sirius had worn one they look like how they were before Harry's mum and dad died, young and care free and beautiful.

Remus smiled at Harry and moved next to him showing him a large book "See all the Vampire Markings are here, this one is the Black's Markings it similar to the Dracu one but with one difference."

"What's that?" Harry asked him

"My dragon is all back." Sirius said "It covers are arms, only our mates can see them." He smiled to Remus who grinned at him "Once a mate see them they have to be with you, they start to get the same marking as your but theirs would be a different colour."

"So yours is black and that mean's Remus one is white?" Harry asked

"No gold, you would never see white on a wolf." Remus said, "It effects people differently, if I was human it would be white, if I was another vampire it would grey." The wolf told him touching his hair he saw the look behind Harry's eyes "Someone has seen you Marking?" he asked Harry nods, Sirius it's up and looked at him with a smile on his face

"Who?" He asked

"Hermione." He said looking at the book where marking is lay on the page

"Hermione as in Hermione Granger you best friend?" Sirius asked, Harry nodded and looked up at his godfathers

"I wonder how she will take it." Harry asked out loud

"We need to get her here now Harry, it's important for you both to be here." Sirius tells him, Remus stand up

"I will talk to our friendly dungeon bat." He said as he headed towards the door as Sirius groaned, Harry took seconds to realised what he mean

"SNAPE! You mean the man who hate's my guts with very fibre of her being Snape!"

"Yeah that Snape." Remus song out as he walked down the hall, Harry turn to Sirius, the older man looked at him and shrugged

"He's one of us?"

Week later

Hermione Granger woke up and rubbed her eyes, sitting up she winced at the itching burning pain on her side, getting out of bed slowly she made her way into the bathroom and undressed, there she sees a gold and red markings on her stomach that leads up to her chest and neck the same way Harry's had done, she looked in the large mirror at the marks and saw they made a dragon…it's the same dragon… she thought as he touched it, it was sore and she let out a hiss. Hearing some of the other girls coming into the bath room Hermione ducked into a stall and had a shower.

She had planned on looking up Harry's markings any way, heading to the library she avoided Ron and his sister and using Harry's map. She walked in and headed for the book that held old family markings and meanings, there she sat for hours going though the book, until she found an area in the book that read 'Old Vampire Blood's And Their Mate's' she paused and thought about the men who took Harry and decide to go through that chapters, she found the Black's markings and she thought of Sirius and Remus and realised that Harry was right about them, she found a marking in there and blinked the words read 'The Noble Family Of Nigrum Anguis' "The Black Snake, Riddle? No no not him Malfoy not vampires Veelas maybe. Snape?" she asked out loud to herself.

Moving thought the book she found Harry's dragon and stopped 'The Noble Family of Dracula' "Dracula?" she gasped as he looked at the page 'As the dagger was drove into his chest he yelled that his heir of lighten will take his thrown and being life back to the house of Dracu' she read the passage to herself "Harry is the heir?" she turned the page to see if there was any more information on Dracula's Marking when she found a page on mates "Only mates can see the Family Markings, if they the other can see these Marking they in turn will have their own the mirror image of their mate's the a opposite colourings." She blinked blankly at the words in the book and looked up to see Snape looking at her

"I think it's time for you to come with me." He said, she nodded

"Should I…"

"No, you can't tell anyone this is how it's mean to happen."