Warning: slash, sex scenes, strong language.

Chapter one

A month after the battle of Hogwarts, Harry was still at the Hogshead. All the funerals were finally over, the hardest for Harry had been the one for Remus. Harry and Remus were getting close before they had that huge argument at Grimmauld place, but Harry knew Remus had forgiven him. When he turned up at Hogwarts that night, Harry was glad to see him, but he was also scared for him, like he had been for everyone. Just like with Sirius, Harry never got a lot of time with Remus, now he was gone, but he also left behind a small baby boy. Harry had gone to see Andromeda Tonks and Teddy, they spent a few hours together, just getting to know each other then worked out times for Harry to visit his godson.

While he was staying at the Hogshead, Harry got to know Aberforth a little better and even though he was so different from his brother, Harry liked him and found him straight forward and never held back saying what he thought. Harry never had anyone speak to him like that before, they always kept things from him or were worried about him so they never liked to tell him things in case it hurt Harry more or they thought of him as a kid.

The months after the battle, Harry only saw Hermione and Ron twice. First time was at Fred's funeral, then once more when they bumped into each other in Diagon Alley. Harry had been in there looking around at all the shops that were finally repaired and open. Hermione and Ron had been there to get the rest of Hermione's money out of Gringotts so she could go find her parents. Harry felt a little let down when they couldn't even spend a few minutes with him, saying they were in a hurry. Harry did a bit of shopping then headed back to the Hogshead where he ended up in his room with a bottle of Firewhiskey. He'd gotten used to having the odd glass as Aberforth had always given him one when they sat and talked, but this time Harry had a fair few glasses. He did go to the Burrow a few times, but ended up talking with Charlie and Ginny as Ron and Hermione were never there or the one time they were, they ignored Harry and just kept talking quietly to each other.

Another month went by with Harry finally buying his own place, but couldn't move in for another week as they paperwork needed to go through. Harry thought it was beautiful and big, he was so used to having so much space around him that even though it would only be him living there, he still liked the idea of having all that to himself and with what Sirius left him, Harry had no problem affording something so big and lavish. So Harry got a storage shed and started to buy the odd bit of furniture for his first home so he could store it until he moved in. He thought he'd be more excited about having his first home, but nothing seemed to get Harry excited anymore and he had no idea what to do about anything. For the first time in years he was alone, but more importantly, he wasn't in any danger and Harry wasn't sure how to live with this new life, going from one extreme to another, from danger to safe, from tense times to calm in an instant, from having Hermione and Ron with him, to being alone most of the time. The only thing Harry did look forward to we're his visits with Teddy apart from the time he spent with Charlie.

During this time Harry had to be a witness in a heap of trials, some death eaters which naturally got sent straight to Azkaban, some which never wanted that life, like Draco Malfoy who was released with restrictions placed on him for five years. Lucius Malfoy got life, where his wife Narcissa got ten years. Most of the death eaters got life, only the odd few got ten to fifteen years like a lot of Voldemorts supporters.

Two months after the battle of Hogwarts, Kingsley Shacklebolt who had been offered the full job as minister for magic, he declined saying he would rather run the auror office and train new aurors since a lot died either during or before the fighting. Minerva McGonagall accepted the job as headmistress of Hogwarts and had started to work on what the school needed to replace before it could open again for students. The wizarding world was finally moving on from their dark times and their war.

Harry was a bit of a celebrity, when he was out in public he always had people shaking his hand and taking his picture. At first he was surprised but he finally got used to it, even signing autographs which still made him uncomfortable. He always got asked questions from all types of people that wanted to know more about their hero, and of course from reporters always wanting to know more about his personal life or how he feels now Voldemort was gone. Harry always ignored the reporters but did speak with the people because they were genuine and really interested in what Harry was really like and not what they had read or heard about him over the years.

Harry finally moved into his home, it took him a long time to get every room furnished the way he liked, then he started to fill it with more personal things. He'd been into his parent's home and got some of their belongings, he did go back to Grimmauld Place and retrieved the few things that Sirius owned and Andromeda Tonks let him take a few things that belonged to Remus. Harry also had a huge library that he had started to fill with books, which he loved to sit and read in front of the fire on cold nights. After a while, Harry started to get depressed, but thanks to Charlie, he finally started to enjoy his home and new life. One room at the house, Harry thought it was another living room, there were four of them, he turned into a fitness room and filled it with all types of muggle exercise equipment and weights. Harry found he liked to keep himself fit and realised he could eat anything he wanted because he could work it off. He also had a huge indoor pool, so after working out in his room, he went for a swim, usually he did ten laps, but there was also a pool outside for when the weather was warm. As you walked in the front door and into a foyer, the large sweeping staircase greeted you that led to a landing with doors to other rooms off that. But there were lots of doors on the ground floor all leading to different parts of the house. The kitchen was almost the size of Hogwarts kitchens, but Harry only used a small part for himself. It had eight bedrooms, so most of them stayed closed off, but Harry did use two, one in the cooler months and one in the warmer months because he loved the different scenery from the large windows that his rooms had that overlooked his property, which was also large. Harry would fly a lot, there was plenty of room that no matter how high or far he flew, it was still over his property.

Even though he had his home, Harry still went out to eat almost every night, sometimes with a couple of his friends, but mostly with Charlie and Ginny, if it was early enough, he would spend some time with Aberforth before heading home to worked out, then a went for a swim, before sat in his library reading until he finally went to bed. One thing Harry knew for sure, he was lonely. He saw Aberforth a lot, Charlie all the time since they had become close, Ginny occasionally, Neville and Luna also occasionally as both of them were trying to get their lives in order as well, but they always stopped by Harry's, even if it was just for an hour or so, but they were the only friends Harry ever saw out of all his friends. He would bump into other friends occasionally, but they were usually too busy getting on with their lives now the war was over and again it made Harry feel like he didn't know what to do with his life anymore. Most of he's female friends seemed to like to spend time with him, so if they bumped into each other, usually they would sit and chat for a few hours, telling Harry what they were now planning with their lives.