Chapter nineteen

'It seems I am to stay here and start work, but Molly, what do you wish to do. Stay at home like you have done for the past thirty years or do what you really want to do in your heart, open your restaurant, because that will now be approved.'

'I would love to Arthur, but I would require help to get it started.'

'Then allow me mother,' Percy stepped forward, 'I used to think I wanted to work my way up through the ministry and hope one day to hold the job as minister. But I now know I am not suited for such a job. Let me be part of your enterprise.'

Molly hugged her son, 'If that is what you want Percy, then of course you can. But that will begin tomorrow.'

'That's right, for now, let's all go back to our place and celebrate we finally have a minister and a ministry that we can trust and put our faith into,' Charlie said as he put his arm around Harry and got nods from all their friends.

'I would love to Mr. Weasley, but I must return to Hogwarts and have Minerva's office ready for her return,' Filius shook Harry and Charlie's hand then gave a bow to Arthur, 'You will do your job well Arthur.'

'I plan to Filius,' Arthur smiled then turned to his children, 'I will see you back at the house after I have sorted our my office,' Arthur kissed his wife, hugged his children including Ron, then left with the Wizengamot and governors, as the staff of Hogwarts also left.

'I will need to gather my things from your home Harry, thank you again for everything and for allowing me to stay.'

'To me Minerva, you're family so you can stay anytime,' Harry hugged her, 'Now let's go home, I'm starving, plus I want some time with my man here.'

'Oh now that does sound good,' Charlie picked Harry up and threw him over his shoulder to loud laughter, 'Let's go or I might take him right here.'

Harry pulled out some parchment and handed it to Molly, 'Show that to everyone mum or they won't get in, then all of you have fun, I know I will be.'

Harry, Charlie and Spirit with everyone following left the ministry of magic and headed to his home. Spirit who walked between all the people while they ate some of Molly's cooking or drank some of Harry's alcohol and howled happily, even at Ron and Hermione who had been invited back to the house.

Minerva had gone to gather her things, including Albus Dumbledore's belongings, sent everything back to Hogwarts, hugged Harry and Charlie before leaving. Then Harry and Charlie raced up the stairs to whistles and crude comments because everyone knew what those two men were going to do.

Harry and Charlie were pulling at each other's clothes, when they were naked, Charlie pushed Harry onto his knees.

'I think I deserve a good suck for all the times you scared me, so man or mine, suck.'

Harry laughed and did exactly what Charlie wanted, he sucked, but he also licked and played. His mouth never stopped until he felt Charlie's juices shooting down his throat, sucked again, before bending over the bed.

'Now it's my turn for the scare you gave me my love, so fuck me.'

Charlie laughed this time and did exactly what Harry wanted, he fucked him. He started slow, he wanted to feel this as much as Harry did. But between how scared they had both been on losing the other and how busy they had been over the last few days, neither men had thought of sex once, so now they just couldn't control themselves until Charlie was thrusting hard into Harry and Harry forcing himself back onto Charlie.

Downstairs in different parts of the house, friends and family were having a great time. Neville led the group of their age into the pool room where for some unknown reason, they all stripped off naked and jumped into the pool. Ron and Hermione stood there not knowing what to do.

'Come on you two, if you're going to be friends with everyone again, then do what we all do, get naked and have fun,' Neville called out.

Ron and Hermione saw the large group in the pool smiling, so they looked at each other, shrugged, then took their clothes off and joined in on the fun.

Molly, Bill, Fleur, holding Victoire, Percy, and Aberforth all sat around the large dining table discussing how their world would be now Arthur was in charge. They knew one thing for certain, he would work for the people and not for himself.

Many hours later just as Charlie and Harry made it downstairs, Arthur, Kingsley and Martha stepped into the house, Kingsley instantly hugged Harry and Charlie at the same time making both men laugh.

'I'm sorry for the way I treated you, but you now know I never wanted any of that.'

'It's fine Kingsley and I'm glad to finally have my friend back. But we never spoke about how long they had your wife.'

'A few months after I decided to return to the aurors, he told me he took Martha and then told me his plans. I had no choice but to play along or he would have killed her.'

'Blimey, I never knew it was that long. Why couldn't you have trusted us to find her Kingsley, you know we would have done everything we could to get her out?'

'It was only a few weeks back that things changed. He used an animagi, a beetle to stay with me at all times. The only time she wasn't with me was when I used the bathroom.'

'Skeeter,' Harry growled angrily.

'Yes, I had one of the aurors take her to the cells after he made sure she couldn't transform. That was luck actually, I went to the bathroom and he came in at the same time. Something about seeing men pissing that she didn't want to see. So I spoke to him and explained the situation. Finally we put together a plan to capture her without Pickford finding out, but even then I was still being watched, just not as closely and then Ron turned up, it all fell into place after that.'

'I can't believe how far he was willing to go, how much he wanted me to show him support. Fine I killed Voldemort, but that's the only thing I did and really when it came down to it, a lot of that was luck and a lot was all of you and my friends. I couldn't have done that without everyone's help.'

'We know Harry, but it's you, like your parent's house, it gives people hope, you give people hope. Just hearing your name, seeing you, that gives everyone what they need. We all know our world will always have some that loved the dark arts, but if everyone has someone they can look to, that's all they need to do what is right. You are that symbol Harry, you have been since you were a year old and will be long after you have left this world. Your name will carry the generations through whatever trouble happens to be at the time. Pickford wanted all that to himself, not for the people, for himself. But now he is going to live out his days in Azkaban and we, all of us can work together for the people, not ourselves. So let's start by enjoying our time together and celebrate our win, what do you say saviour?' Arthur grinned at Harry.

Harry shook his head, then shook the new minister's hand, 'I say let's do it…Minister.'

From that moment on, the celebration of people that thought of each other as family went on late into the night. There was lots of laughter, lots of snogging, lots of food, lots of talking, but most of all, there was lots of love at the Potter home because everyone that was there was family.

The end: