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Chapter two

Arthur looked at Lancelot one last time, at his unhappy face but clearly showing that he wasn't going to stop Arthur from doing this. He ignored the tug in his chest as he thought of Merlin's blue eyes watched him with concern that morning. But he faced the stones and blew on the horn, the piercing sound echoing around the area. He breathed in and thought about his father, of wanting to see him again, of wanting to hear him again. How much he wanted to hear a parents advise right now.

The light swelled around him and took in a light breath before he walked forwards into the light. He was shocked by the icy heat that washed over him, freezing his skin and yet burning it up at the same time. He realised with a start that he was no longer walking through the light, instead the light was forming a room of some sort around him, about the size of the area inside of the stones. Gazed around awed it took him a moment to realise that there was a figure forming in front of him.

He squinted waiting to see his father finally, but blinked when the figure took shape in front of him. It was his father but at the same time it wasn't. His skin was tinged with blue, his lips colourless against his face, his eyes looked a little sunken, but he was here!

"Father," Arthur breathed out.

"Arthur," Uther nodded his eyes dispationate as they glanced over his son. Arthur wanted to rush forwards and wrap his arms around his father, he longed for one hug from him, one of the few in their lives but still he wanted it now. Instead he let his eyes drink in the sight of the man he thought he would never get to see again.

"I thought I would never see you again. There isn't a day that passes when I don't think of you," Arthur confessed softly, he could feel the tears filling his eyes a little but fought them back.

"And I, you," Uther nodded.

"There are times when I feel so alone, I wish more than anything that you were by my side," He felt he had been too young to take the throne sometimes and when the difficult decisions came, after Agravaine and Morgana, he wished his father was there to advise him.

"If I were at your side, I fear you would not like all that I have to say"

"What do you mean?" Arthur frowned something heavy sitting in his chest as he looked at his father.

"Many of the decisions you have made since you have become King go against all that I taught you." Uther scowled slightly for the first time since Arthur first saw him again.

"I have done what I have believed to be right,"

"You have ignored our tradition, our ancient laws. You have allowed common men to become knights," The sneer was one Arthur had almost forgotten, but it came right back to his memories as he fought against stepping back slightly against the words.

"They are some of the finest knights that Camelot's ever known. They would gladly give their lives for the kingdom," He had his own frown crossing his face. He had known of course what his father would think about knighting common men, he had heard exactly what his father's council thought of it and knew that his father's words would not have been much different. But he had thought that as with the council when his father saw what they were doing together, saw the tales of he and his knights that swept through the land, that he might realise Arthur had made the right choice.

"They question your decisions. They make you look weak," Uther spat out, distain clear across his face.

"Listening to others is a sign of strength, not weakness," Arthur repeated the words Merlin had told him so many times when doubt wracked his mind. He wished Merlin was here with him now, at his side through this. He should have listened to him when he had said with a knowing look in his eyes that using the horn was a bad idea.

"How do you expect anyone to fear a King who does not know his own mind?" Uther shook his head.

"I don't want my people to respect me because they fear me!" Arthur said shakily frowning, he had hoped that his father would realise that during their arguments over the years and the moments that Arthur had stood up to Uther and refused one of his orders point blank.

"Then they will not respect you at all. Your marriage should have served to form an alliance with another kingdom and you choose to marry a serving boy!"

"I married for love. I love him. More than... I can express," Arthur shot back, a stab going through his heart as he pictured gorgeous blue eyes and a smile that always managed to warm him no matter what.

"There are some things that are more important than love. It is your duty to strengthen and protect the kingdom. You have failed," Uther said disappointedly.

"I have always strived to make you proud!"

"How can I be proud of a son who ignores everything that I taught him? Who is destroying my legacy?" Uther spat out furiously.

"I have brought peace to the kingdom..." Arthur said softly trying to ignore the pain of those words.

"At what price? The peace cannot last. If you are not strong, the kingdom will fall. You must go now," His father sighed turning his head slightly as though he had heard something.

" I need more time. There is still so much I wish to say." Arthur said incredulously and a little desperately.

" If you stay, you will be forever trapped in the world of the dead. You must go now. Go!" The words were haunting and his father was looking different, weaker.

"This can't be the last time I will ever see you!" The tears were burning his eyes again.

"Think about everything that I have said to you. It isn't too late. Now go," Arthur stumbled backwards before turning and walking back the way he had come. He paused however and turned a little when he heard the words following him through the light. "I will always love you, Arthur,"

"Do you want to talk about it? What happened at the stones?" Lance asked softly after they had set up their camp and had settled down on either side of the fire. It was at times like this that Arthur regretted that nine times out of ten Merlin could no longer travel out of Camelot with him. He missed their journeys together, their more peaceful intentions that always seemed to turn into some sort of adventure.

"It seems my father doesn't approve of the way I have chosen to rule his kingdom," Arthur said softly. Even if he did not have Merlin here he did have Lancelot, who somehow managed to be both his closest friend and Merlin's, even through their arguments, though Arthur would have to say that Lancelot was closet to him, Gwaine taking the same place at Merlin's side.

"You mean your kingdom." Lancelot corrected gently.

"The things he said about the knights, about my marriage. What if he's right? What if I have weakened Camelot?" Arthur frowned down at his hands.

"Do you really believe that? You have always done what you believed to be right. The people respect you!" Lancelot said firmly, shock quickly turning to anger across his face.

"Thank you, Lancelot," Arthur smiled a little looking up at his friend, though it was clear that doubt was still lingering in his face.

"Though as much as I respect you if Merlin asks me, I will be telling him the truth, he's much scarier than you," Lancelot grinned a little to ease the tension, something that clearly worked when Arthur snorted amused at the thought of the slender dark haired man and his legendary annoyance.

"Traitor," He mutter good naturedly shuffling down to catch some sleep before they had to ride back to Camelot.

"We covered the area from Pawlett down to Meldreth. This includes 30 troops at Bawtry. 15 at Talan. Ten at Chime. Nine at Brune. 11 at Burwelle..." Most of the table were battling with sleep as they listened to Leon's unfortunately quite drone voice reading out the notices, even Arthur was battling with his attention despite having to have sat through meetings like this from when he was a young boy. Though he and Lancelot had ridden hard and fast to get back to Camelot before they faced trouble from their respective partners.

Their sleepiness was effectively destroyed when the candelabra that hung above the table crashed down and landed squarely in the middle of the table, bits of wood fracturing off and leaving everyone blinking shocked at it. Just as all their hearts were calming down the doors of the hall slammed open simultaneously making all the knights startle and jump.

"I want the table repaired before the next council meeting. Are you listening to me, Merlin?" Arthur sighed pausing halfway down the hallway when he realised the dark haired man was no longer at his side, ignoring the annoying servant fluttering anxiously behind him after walking into Arthur at his sudden stop, he hated the new servants and how…servile they were.

"What? Sorry. I was just thinking about what happened," Merlin blinked before hurrying to fall back into step with Arthur.

"Did you get a terrible fright?" Arthur couldn't help be tease, ignoring the fact he had had been sure his heart had stopped for a moment.

"Yes. My heart nearly jumped out through my mouth." Merlin said dryly, though there was a hint of truth there.

"Oh, well maybe you should have the rest of the day off and put your feet up?" Arthur suggested.

"Really?" Merlin said hopefully before pouting when he looked closer at Arthur's face instead of glancing nervously around the hallway. "You were joking?"

"There really is no limit to your intelligence, is there, Merlin?" Arthur grinned tugging a glaring Merlin along after him.

"Why does it always take you twice as long to change out of your armour?" Gwaine teased as the rest of the knights gave small chuckles as they made their way to the door, eager to get to bed after a hard day of training.

"Because I'm twice the size of you, little man," Percival jibed back easily abandoning unbuckling his armor to take a mocking threatening step towards his lover who just laughed.

"Then why is it that your brain is so small?" Gwaine laughingly raced out the armory with the others trailing behind shaking their heads when Percival growled a little and made another step towards his lover. Grinning to himself he sat down and started taking his armor off again when he froze as he heard a noise in the armory.

"Hello? Is someone there? Show yourself!" Percival demanded standing and walking a little down the room looking around. He chuckled a little to himself thinking he was hearing things and went to sit down again before his head jerked up in time to see an axe flying towards him. He winced as the axe bit into the flesh of his shoulder.

"The axe must have fallen off the rack. I'm surprised that a falling axe would cause such a deep wound," Gaius frowned concerned as he bandaged the wound carefully.

"Not as surprised as I was," Percival snorted.

"Quite. You were lucky you weren't more severely injured," Gaius naturally fell into his fatherly roll with the knights as he had for the rest of the table, though never the same amount as he felt with the young man standing beside him, Merlin watching his actions with concern clearly for his friend.

"It's strange..." Percival started before drawing off.

"What's that?" Gaius could practically see Merlin's ears perking up with suspicion.

"Just before it happened. I sensed something, like there was someone there, watching me. I'm sure it was just my mind playing tricks on me," Percival grinned clearly feeling a little foolish.

"Apply a second poultice in the morning. And no training." Gaius ordered handing over the poultice.

"Thank you, Gaius," Percival smiled thankfully taking the poultice standing and making his way out of Gaius's rooms.

"Is there something wrong, Merlin? Merlin, I get the distinct impression there is something you're not telling me," Gaius raised his eyebrows at the younger man who was looking distinctly suspicious.

"No. Why would you say that?" Merlin said distractedly.

"Because there usually is," Gaius snorted amused.

"I think Arthur went to the Stones of Nemeton," Merlin sighed looking at Gaius.

"Merlin, I warned you of the dangers..." Gaius groaned.

"I don't know that he definitely went, and if he did he went without telling me!" Merlin scowled standing and pacing a little around the table.

"What is it, Merlin?" Gaius asked softly.

"After the candelabra fell, I was in the corridor outside the Council Chambers. I could sense something. It was like Percival said, a presence of some kind," Merlin frowned rubbing the back of his head distractedly.

"In the days of the Old Religion, the priestesses trained for years before entering into the spirit world. It was fraught with dangers. There was one thing they were schooled never to do. As the veil closed, they were never to look back at the spirit," Gaius explained.

"What happened if they did?" Merlin frowned.

"They'd release the spirit into this world,"

"Arthur must have looked back," Merlin sighed.

"What?" Arthur asked looking shifty and trying to frown at the same time making Merlin want to roll his eyes.

"At the Stones of Nemeton, I think that you may have released your father's spirit," Merlin repeated.

"And what makes you think that? I mean make you think that I went. Which I didn't," Arthur stammered.

"Did you look back? As the veil closed, did you look back at your father?" Merlin asked.

"I didn't go!" Arthur scowled.

"I already spoke to Lancelot," Merlin crossed his arms and glared at the blonde man.


"He sang like a bird Arthur, and it didn't really take that much pressure," Merlin said thoughtfully as Arthur groaned and covered his face.

"Damn it!" Arthur muttered.

"You told me you wouldn't go!" Merlin snapped.

"I'm sorry I just….I wanted to speak to him!" Arthur tried to defend himself.

"No! I'm angry at you Arthur, you lied to me, you went behind my back, you put yourself in potential danger by just going out with Lancelot. And you went and did something that Gaius warned you not to do!" Merlin scowled.

"Please don't be angry I…" Arthur shrank down into his seat a little. Merlin tried desperately to hang onto his anger but there was that look in Arthur's eyes that had been there since he had caught Arthur sneaking back into their chambers. Sighing to himself at his own inability to stay angry when he was faced with Arthur's sad blue eyes peering at him mournfully.

He made his way over and swept his robes neatly underneath him in a move that he taken practice before perching on Arthur lap. His husband's arm wrapped around his waist firmly and tugged him back as Arthur buried his face into Merlin's shoulder. Merlin reached up and started running his fingers through Arthur's hair, knowing that right now no matter how much he wanted and needed answers Arthur needed comfort. He dreaded to think what Uther had said to Arthur, he knew how the man had thought and acted in life, and it wouldn't matter to him that it could have been the last time he and Arthur would see each other., that his son had come to see him and talk to him one last time after he was murdered in front of his eyes. No he was sure that whatever the man had said it would not have been pleasant for his son to hear.

"I may have glanced round for a second," Arthur murmured, his face still pressed into Merlin's shoulder.

"In that second, you unleashed Uther's spirit. All these strange things that have been happening? The candelabra falling onto the Round Table," Merlin sighed, the anger draining out of him.

"Yes, because the chain broke," Merlin rolled his eyes at the petulant tone in Arthur's voice, he wasn't really believing what he was saying, he just had to argue.

"The axe falling on Percival?"

"It was an accident,"

"Was it?" Arthur grimaced when he looked up and saw that Merlin was giving him the eye brow look that he had learnt from Gaius, the one that made you feel as though he was looking right through you.

"Do you really expect me to believe that my father's spirit is responsible for these things?"

"The Round Table represents everything that's changed since you became King. Lance told me how Uther disapproved. He's angry with you and that makes him dangerous," Merlin said as gently as he could manage, but he could still see Arthur bristling.

"I know my father. He wouldn't do these things!" Arthur frowned.

"I think he'd do anything to protect his legacy. Who know what he's capable of?! Arthur I know you don't want to believe that your father is doing this, that he would do this. But we both know that he would never agree with the way that you have chosen to rule, and when it came to his beliefs and his legacy…we both know that he was more than capable in life of doing terrible things to maintain it, he's not going to be different in death," Merlin tempered his voice with a steel that his husband needed right now, gripping Arthur's face to make him meet his eyes.

"Leave me now!" Arthur snapped turning his head away from his husband.

"Arthur!" Merlin tried to keep the hurt from his voice, but he knew he failed miserably.

"Now!" Arthur snapped, wincing as he looked at Merlin and caught the expression on his face. Except before he could say anything Merlin was on his feet and sweeping out the room, their room, slamming the door behind him with a bang that Arthur was fairly sure he had magnified with his magic. Sighing he dropped his head into his hands and tried to think this through, he knew…he knew that Merlin was speaking the truth. But admitting to himself that his father disagreed with what he was doing so much that he was doing all this?!

"My Lord!" Arthur wasn't sure how long he sat at the table for, waiting for Merlin to come back from where he had likely gone to Gaius's chambers as he did when they had a fight. But he frowned when he realised the time, Merlin always came back so that they could make up before bed. Something Hunith had always said to be about never going to sleep on an argument.

"What's happened?" Arthur was on his feet fast enough the frantic looking messenger actually startled back.

"King Merlin, he was attacked and locked in the kitchens," The messenger panted out.

"Did he manage to put it out?" Arthur asked shakily.

"He was knocked unconscious sire, Lord Gwaine and Lancelot saw the smoke and got him out," Arthur was rushing passed the messenger before he could finish. "He is in Gaius's chambers My Lord!" The messenger shouted after him.

Arthur had never moved so fast in his entire life, he was sure of it. He raced through the corridors uncaring of who saw him, grateful that as part of his courting gift to Merlin and a general thanks to everything that Gaius had ever done for him, he had had the physician moved closer to their corridor and given much nicer rooms. There was a serious looking guard on the door outside who quickly let Arthur into the room and there he froze as the guard closed the door behind him.

Merlin was lying on the bed, unconcious or asleep but most likely the former, soot marring his beautiful moonlit pale skin, a small frown on his features even now. Gaius, Gwaine and Lance were in the room but Arthur had eyes for no one but his husband, his husband who had left him and been injured after an argument, and argument in which he knew Merlin was probably right, but his own pride would not allow him to admit it, and that childhood longing for his father to just accept him!

"Arthur, he's ok. He inhaled a little smoke but his magic is already healing him," Gaius assured him with a hand on his shoulder.

"This is my fault," Arthur shook his head.


"I should never have gone there to speak to my father, and Merlin…I didn't listen when he tried to tell me, I…I told him to leave and he…I've always known my father could be cruel, but why would he do this to Merlin? He knows how much I love him. Gaius. What do you know about ghosts?" Arthur sighed turning to look at the old man.

"We must force Uther's spirit to return to the other world before he does any more must use The Horn of Cathbhadh to reopen the veil between the worlds. But we must remember one thing...only the person who summoned the spirit can force it from this world," Gaius told him softly.

"Then we do it, is there anything that can be done to help us see him?" Arthur managed to ask before the door to the room was slamming open and a jumble of people tumbled into the room, quickly kicked out the way by a furious and heavily pregnant brunette who swiftly made her way to Merlin's side.

"My Lady, you're supposed to be on bed rest!" Gaius sighed sounding so exasperated that even Arthur's couldn't stop his lips from twitching.

"I am perfectly capable of walking!" Morgana huffed.

"You are due in three days!" None of them had ever heard Gaius so close to a whine as he was now.

"Exactly! Not like I am in labour right now, so I am perfectly capable of walking around, even if it does feel like my ankles are the size of watermelons and there are a few dozen bricks sitting on my spine," Morgana huffed.

"Is he ok?" Gwaine asked tugging himself loose from the jumble of Elyan, Leon, Percival, Mordred and…heavens three of the servants, two cooks and Morgana's hand maid! Arthur would never understand how Merlin managed to inspire such loyalty and never being aware of it.

"He's going to be perfectly fine," Gaius smiled.

"And we have something to do, armour up and get ready," Arthur instructed, his tone icy in a way they had only heard when he and Merlin had first started courting and one of the new knights had mistaken it as Merlin being…a bed warmer.

"Yes sire!" His knights were on their feet and ready in seconds, reminding him of why exactly he kept the idiots around.

"Where is Gaius? How long does it take to make a potion?" Arthur grit out pacing his room. He wanted to be with his husband, but Gaius had kicked him out of the rooms for distracting him while he was trying to brew the potion that would allow them to see Uther's spirit. He could no longer even think the word father after when he had done to Merlin. It made him feel sick to his stomach that his own blood had tried to so viciously kill the man that he loved.

"These things take time if they're to be done properly," Leon sighed trying to calm him down where the others had just given up. They were all in his rooms, not taking the suggestion to wait else where. He was about to say something else when Elyan jumped and looked suspiciously as the door.

"What is it?" Percival asked, already jumpy from realizing what had attacked him in the armory.

"I heard something behind the door!" Elyan hissed.

"You're imagining things," Gwaine snorted but he was eyeing the door himself. They all jumped when they heard something and almost as one started edging towards it as they grit their teeth.

Arthur wasn't really very proud to admit that what proceeded was a lot of eye signals between them all for one of them to pull back the curtain covering the door and a lot of signals back that clearly said 'no, you!' In the end with a huff Arthur silently drew Excalibur and used it to tug the curtain aside. They all jumped before sighing when they saw the mouse blinking back at them, probably terrified at the sight of a group of knights staring down at it.

Geoffrey was definitely not hearing about this to put in that damned book of his! Honestly who the hell named their book le Morte De Arthur while their King was still alive! Never mind that it 'had a good ring to it'.

"There's your ghost, Elyan," Mondred snickered. Blushing Elyan flipped him off before they all turned and proceeded to jump of their skins at the sight of Gaius standing behind them looking like he was wondering if they had been at the monnshine. Again.

"The potion will allow you to see Uther in his spirit form. Once you are in his presence, you must blow the horn. It is the only way you can force him to go back to the spirit world," Gaius explained from where they were all sitting around the table with a vial of the lime green potion sitting in front of them.

"Is it safe?" Leon asked eyeing the potion suspiciously. They all watched slightly horrified as Gaius paused, Paused! Before looking sheepish.

"I can't say I'm entirely sure," He shrugged.

"What are you waiting for?" Gwaine glared when Arthur didn't lift his vial with the rest of them.

"To see if it's safe," Arthur smirked.

"So, if we don't die, you'll take yours?" Gwaine snorted.

"Its our job to lay down our lives for our liege Lord willingly and…"

"Shut up Leon!" The other groaned before knocking back the potion. Arthur waited a few beats but when none of them dropped dead he sighed and lifted his own vial.

"Well, at least we know it doesn't kill you instantly. Eurgh! That... That is the foulest thing I've ever tasted!" He spluttered seriously contemplating trying to ring his tongue out.

"Sorry. Did we forget to tell you about that part?" Lance smirked while Gaius just rolled his eyes.

"There!" Mordred suddenly called making them all jump and turn towards where he was pointing, Arthur already raising the horn to his lips.

"Where?" Arthur demanded.

"Oh, it's just our shadows. Ow!" Mordred yelped and glared when he shadow puppet impression was stopped by Arthur smacking him over the back of the head.

"Ok, split up into four groups, take a corridor each, and shout if you see him," Arthur sighed when they reached one of the more maze like parts of the castle. He, Gwaine and Leon crept alone the moonlit corridor relying on their torch to see. They all froze and waited expectantly when they saw a shadow from under the door, all three of them ready as it swung open only to reveal…

"My Lord, Gwaine, Leon,"

"Sir Oswin," They nodded simultaneously, all of them trying and failing not to look guilty if the look they were being shot was anything to go by.

"Is everything all right, my Lord?" Sir Oswin asked slowly.

"It's perfectly fine. We are... Leon. Tell Oswin what we're doing," Arthur smiled a little forcedly as his frazzled mind failed to come up with anything.

"We're... we're teaching him some poetry!" Leon blurted out before his eyes widened in slight panic as Arthur turned to stare at him incredulously. Gwaine was looking a little busy trying not to wet himself laughing.

"Poetry?" Oswin asked slowly looking more than a little bemused now.

"I...love poetry!" Arthur grit out, mentally wishing Leon to burst into flames with the force of his glare. Honestly this was something Merlin would do to him!

"I was as surprised as you are. He can't get enough of it!" Gwaine of course jumped on the band wagon won. "And Merlin apparently loves to hear him read his sonnets to him!"

"I'll leave you to your poetry, then, my Lord," Oswin said completely bemused before wandering quickly away. Then Arthur could turn the full force of his glare onto a now openly wincing Leon.

"Poetry? That's the best you could come up with?"

"What did you want me to say?" He pouted.

"I don't know. Something that didn't make me sound like a love struck girl!" Arthur said exasperatedly before turning to Gwaine. "And you…"

"What was that?" Leon hissed as something caught all their eyes.

"It was my father. I never thought the day would come when I would be hunting my own father. When I became King, more than anything, I wanted to make him proud. What is it?" Arthur said grimly as they quickly made their way down the corridor.

"You've always done what you believed to be right even if you knew your father would disapprove of it. Do you not see how different you are to him? Camelot is a better place since you became King," Gwaine said firmly, his face unusually serious for once.

"Gwaine is right Arthur. You were chasing and in love with Merlin long ago, knowing how your father would feel if he found out. And you have made a Camelot that the people had dreamt of," Leon nodded.

"My father clearly doesn't think so," Arthur sighed.

"The people believe in you, Arthur. It counts for nothing if you don't believe in yourself," Gwaine shook his head. They all froze once again when the torch went out and then they heard noises from either end of the corridor.

"Check the storeroom," Arthur ordered them both leaving no room for argument as he quickly turned and made his way through the corridors, following the lingering sounds. He should not really have been surprised when the sounds led him into the throne room, really his father always did like big dramatic gestures.

"Father? I know it's you, Father. Why are you doing this?" Arthur spat out into the emptiness of the room. Feeling a little foolish, but he knew his father was here, he could feel him.

"I did not spend my entire life building this kingdom to see my own son destroy it," Uther appeared, lounging in his throne. No in Arthur's throne!

"You tried to kill Merlin!" Arthur spat out, fury radiating from every pore.

"For your own good. How can a serving boy understand what it means to be consort? No! You would never have made this decision, to bring magic back! He has you under an enchantment!"

"Merlin is wise, and strong, and I trust him more than anyone. The people love and respect him, as do I! No spell Father, much as it may pain you to hear. I love Merlin of my own choice and free will, I love him with everything that I have. More than Camelot," Arthur said firmly meeting his father's eyes steadily.

"And that is your weakness. You put too much trust in other people. You, and you alone must rule Camelot," Uther spat with a vicious sneer across his face.

"I would rather not rule at all, than rule alone," Arthur shook his head.

"Your whole life, I tried to prepare you for the day you would become King. Did you learn nothing?" Uther hissed furiously.

"I watched you rule, and I learnt that if you trust no-one, you will always live in fear. Your hatred came from fear, not strength,"

"How dare you!"

"I loved, and respected you. But I have to rule the Kingdom in my own way. I have to do what I believe to be right," Arthur straightened his shoulders as he met his father's eyes.

"I will not allow you destroy all that I built," Uther was radiating fury as he stood from the throne.

"Then you will have to kill me. I am not you, Father. I can't rule the way you did," Arthur said sofltly, he needed to know…

"Camelot must come before all else. Even you," Uther shook his head before looking to the right and forcing a shield from the wall towards Arthur's head.

"Get away from him, Uther! You've caused enough harm. You don't belong here. You must return to the other world," Arthur felt the familiar warmth of his husband's magic before he heard his voice, the shield flying away from him. Merlin and Morgana were standing in the doorway radiating fury and magic, as well as slight disbelief in what Uther had just done which Arthur wished he could possess. But no, he had always known that he was nowhere near the top five priorities for Uther.

"This is MY kingdom! You think you can drive me from it? You are nothing but a serving boy!" Uther laughed.

"I am much more than that," Merlin smirked. "I am King Consort of Camelot, lover and husband to your son, and father to the future heir of Camelot," Merlin smirked looking to Morgana who looked cheerfully vindictive as she rubbed her hand over her swollen belly.

"What…no…what is going on here…you…this is disgusting! You slept with your husband's sister!" Uther spluttered.

"Oh Father do stop being so dirty minded. No, Merlin and I created a spell that allowed Arthur and Merlin's sperm to mix together, with a little potion ingredients and some of my blood as a female Pendragon to create the baby, and then I am carrying it. We aren't creating it out of nothing so no sacrifices needed," Morgana explained happily.

"Our son or daughter will carry on the line, will carry on the good that Arthur is doing to wash away the cruelty and injustice of your reign. Arthur it ten times the King you were, and he will be remembered for the rest of time as the greatest King that ever lived. In thousands of years people will still be writing books on him and singing songs of him, remembering the greatness he possessed and the things that he achieved," Merlin said with so much pride that despite himself and the situation Arthur felt himself blushing bright red, much to Morgana's amusement.

"You've had your turn. Now it's mine, ours," Arthur said softly raising the horn to his lips.

"No Arthur please," Uther suddenly begged as though he hadn't just tried to kill his son! Arthur just met his eyes sadly before drawing in a breath and blowing the horn. The three of them watched as the spirit of Uther disappeared from their sights.

Then Merlin yelped in shock when Arthur's arms wrapped around him tightly, lifting so he had to wrap his legs around Arthur's waist. They both heard Morgana muttering about going to bed but barely realised she had left as they clung tightly onto each other.

"If you ever do something as stupid as that again Arthur Pendragon I swear I will magically bind you to my side!" Arthur became aware of Merlin muttering into his hair making him smile.

"I am so sorry," Arthur said a little brokenly as he hugged Merlin tighter.

"I know you are, just…can you stop sending me away whenever we have an argument. That really hurts," Merlin asked softly, keeping up the soothing stroking of his fingers through Arthur's hair to show he wasn't angry.

"Never again, I swear," Arthur said firmly, gently tugging Merlin down to kiss him. He kept the kiss short considering Merlin had been unconscious from smoke inhalation not that long ago, but both were more than content to just hold each other tightly and soak up the presence of the man they both knew they would love for eternity. Well at least until…


The two of them blinked at each other before Arthur was racing for the doorway, completely forgetting to put Merlin down as he raced to his half-sister, who's curses were worryingly imaginative. His family was about to grow, and it couldn't be more perfect.

"Congratulations, you have a son," Morgana was fairly beaming with pride as she eased the baby into Arthur's arms, the blonde King standing so that he and his husband could peer down at their so, awe written across their faces.

"Have you thought of a name?" Gaius asked, radiating pride himself even though he looked exhausted.

"Yes actually," Arthur said softly, getting shocked looks from everyone, including Merlin. "How do you feel about Balinor Gaius Pendragon?"

"Arthur are you… I thought…" Merlin stammered staring with wide tearful eyes between Arthur and their son.

"I want him to carry the names of strong men, who never give in on what they believed. We agreed on a family name, that's the family I want," Arthur said with a smile pressing the baby into Merlin arm, the shock of blonde hair against moonlit pale skin looking gorgeous already.

"Balinor Gaius Pendragon," Merlin tested the name with a smile. Behind them Gaius gave an almighty sniff, Morgana not faring much better though she was trying to hide the evidence.

"Welcome to our family little one, you are going to be so loved!" Arthur smiled as he bent to brush a kiss over his son's forehead before pressing his lips to Merlin's who laughed happily.