Josephine Wood and her theatre troop left Concord Dawn soon enough, and never returned. They traveled other worlds to entertain. Despite Fett's warning, Josephine never forgot the Mandalorian she loved for a short time.

The city of Lexington, despite mourning the loss of their three original lawmen and Journeyman Protector, became stronger for their ordeal with Dervnik, and the presence of the Mandalorian who defended them. Spurred on by Fett's encouragement, the town organized a well-armed militia, which kept the town safe from thugs, smugglers, and other criminals. Additionally, influenced by the theatre troop that visited them, Lexington also formed a small community of thespians.

The Exchange was just another group in the list of organizations that had come after Fett, and failed. They wouldn't cross the Mandalorian warriour again. Fett, to this end, had grown stronger since the last battle of the Mandalorian Wars. Where once he was lost, Fett had found direction: though the life he wanted to live on Concord Dawn was impossible, he instead had chosen another path. Fett, with money earned from his saloon cuts, paid off his own bounty, and joined the profession of those who had hunted him. Fett became a bounty hunter, to compete against adversaries, and strike fear into the hearts of those who once targeted him for death.