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Chapter 3:

As I entered through the gates of hell, I took in the differences from the last time I was there. To be factual, I actually took in the lack of change the Academy had gone through. Everything seemed the same on the outside.

The buildings were gothic influenced just like the ones in Europe which were much older. It boasted elaborate, almost churchlike architecture, with high peaks and stone carvings. Wrought iron gates enclosed small gardens and doorways here and there. It resembled a university rather than a high school.

There were two campuses: the secondary and the primary. The primary housed and taught youngsters while the secondary was where I was being led. It was split into lower and uppers schools. Each built around a large quadrangle decorated with stone paths and enormous, century-old trees. The academic buildings and housing was in the upper schools area where we were heading.

All around the campuses was space, space and more space. We were in Montana after all, miles away from any real city. The air felt cool in my lungs and smelled of pine and wet, decaying leaves. Overgrown forests ringed the perimeters of the Academy and in the day you could see mountains rising up though Moroi day was night time due to their weakness towards sunlight so you didn't see it that often.

As well as this, the atmosphere was the same. It had the same intense feeling it had whenever I entered the campus like I was waiting for something to jump out at me and attack me. Of course I was ready for it now, but before in the months before we ran Lissa was scared, hell even I was scared and that's hard to do. This atmosphere had only turned up in those months. I could still feel the old atmosphere even if it was cloaked in this intense horrible feeling. I could already feel the rumours being spread about us finally being found – I was spilt in half about this. In one way I love that we are 'frontline news' because I love being talked about (I know, I'm an attention whore). But I also hate it because it has wounded my pride: I had thwarted the Guardians every time they had tried to find us and that had made my ego increase a lot in size.

We walked to a set of large arch doors that I could recognise anywhere with the swirl patterns going all the way around the rim of them. The commons, where everyone ate. I sighed not ready for the amount of eyes that will be on both Lissa and I. The Guardians in front of me opened the doors loudly making people inside turn their heads already. I glared at the culprits of the new stares. I feel through the bond that Lissa was frightened and I looked quickly to look at how pale she had turned from the thought of walking through the busiest area of the Academy. I smiled reassuringly at her and stepped forward willing to go first with my escorts.

As we went through the crowds of breakfast I felt the shocked stares we got from all my fellow students. The infamous Rose Hathaway and Lissa Dragomir had finally been caught. I gazed around and smirked a classic Rose smirk to them all even though on the inside it was slightly unnerving with the stares. Maybe I liked being inconspicuous from our two years away more than I thought. Oh well. I was Rose Hathaway for god's sake! If I can take on ancient Strigoi then I can take on these people!

I also felt the hungry stares of many boys making me realise I was still wearing the short dress I wore for our celebration. I tugged slightly at the length of it feeling slightly exposed.

I let out a sigh of relief when we had finally left the commons. I knew Lissa had handled it as well as me because she was trained to be. She was one of the princesses so this was part of the training. She has to be elegant and efficient.

When I sighed, Dimitri glanced to me with amusement in his eyes like he purposely led us that way instead of the many other directions we could have went to get to the head's office. I didn't feel annoyed at him though. His presence had somehow reassured me that all would be fine. He seemed to cool my constant anger inside. It confused me, but I would take anything I could get to be ready for my next awkward situation. I was meeting my best friend, Kirova…

I was to go in first to Kirova and then Lissa so Lissa was led off to her dorm so she can rest. I was little apprehensive. How long was my 'friendly chat' with Kirova going to last?

As I stood outside the room waiting for her to let me and my party of six Dhamphirs in (I was still not trusted) I glanced to Dimitri wanting to at least feel a little of comfort from his handsome face. He was standing stoically next to me with his hardened expression, but his eyes still held the same puzzlement as they did on the flight here. He was still trying to work me out. Unfortunately, I am not easily solved and I delighted myself in this doing a mini celebratory dance in my head. I smiled ahead ready to face the on slaughter that was about to come my way.

Just then the grand double doors to Kirova's office opened and in I stepped looking towards my old acquaintance that I loved to annoy once and probably will love to annoy again. My smile widened at this thought. Dimitri noticed this and murmured. "Behave."

"Hello Rosemarie, it's a pleasure to see you again." Kirova said snootily looking at my outfit in disapproval. My eyes started to glare at her obvious lack of respect towards me when I remembered Dimitri's word to me. Best behaviour, right.

"Likewise." I replied shortly knowing if I spoke too much my snarky nature would unwrap itself. I grabbed onto my chair tightly, so I wouldn't jump up at her.

"Let's get straight to business. You Miss Hathaway have broken the most sacred promise among our kind: the promise of a Guardian to protect a Moroi. It is a great trust. A great trust you violated by selfishly taking the princess away from here. The Strigoi would love to finish off the Dragomirs; you nearly enabled them to do it you insolent child." I gripped the chair harder and clenched my jaw together to stop my retorts from coming out. She was the insolent child thinking she knew the whole reason that we left was for selfish reasons. If she only knew the danger held in this Academy. "You were lucky Rose. But now Lissa doesn't need that luck anymore. Lissa will stay on and fulfill her duties as a princess." She paused for dramatic effect and I felt a sense of dread hit me. "As for you, you can't seem to understand the responsibilities of a Guardian and so you will be escorted out of this Academy and sent away." She concluded.

I sat there for a second trying to come to grips with what she said. Anger then settled over me. "I am her Guardian. You can't do this to me!" I shouted in her face. I felt myself be pushed down in my chair.

She flinched slightly but continued on. "You are expendable and don't deserve to be a Guardian."

Knowing I was being held down I gave her a deathly stare. "Why don't I deserve to be a Guardian? Do you know anything that has happened over these past two years to me? You don't even know why we left in the first place. You're just taking assumptions. You don't know anything Ellen." I spat at her.

"Why don't you enlighten us then Rosemarie?" I looked at her blankly. I couldn't tell her anything, she wouldn't believe me. Hell sometimes I didn't believe what has happened.

"I-I can't." I said rubbing my tingling neck. The Moljina marks were making themselves known to me wanting me to spill one of many secrets. I had been hunting Strigoi since I met Rob to make sure I never felt powerless. My list of Moljina marks was amazing for an experienced Guardian, let alone a novice. I had eleven small tattoos on my neck to count each Strigoi I had killed.

Rob had had contacts so I was never missing out on my marks and also so whenever I did kill one an alchemist would be there to clean up the mess (they were humans who knew about the vampire world and kept it discreet – they had a golden flower tattoo on their cheek placed by the elements and a bit of compulsion). I had one constant alchemist, Sydney Sage - A woman who hates all 'creatures of the night' but has taken a liking to me even though she knows me only by my alias name, Sophia Williams. That's the name that is registered to all my kills.

"Well then Rose, you will be escorted by the same Guardians who brought you here." My face falls. I didn't know what to do. I had to be here to protect Lissa. I had to get her away from the danger again. As my mind started panicking, a sultry voice spoke up.

"They have a bond." Dimitri low accented voice broke the heavy tension in the room. All of us turned towards him. I gaped my mouth wide open. How had he noticed that? He stood at the back of the room looking like a cowboy with his duster on. He also looked powerful and demanding. "Don't you?" He stared at me. His confusion had disappeared from before because he had worked out one of my many secrets and one of the main ones.

"N-No that's not possible. That hasn't happened in centuries. No." Kirova garbled clearly overwhelmed by this information. I averted my eyes from Dimitri's eyes down to my lap in case he figured something else important.

"It's obvious," he said. "I suspected as soon as I started watching them." He then added something surprising. "Only the best Guardian's had a bond in the stories."

"Yes Guardian Belikov, stories. How can we know they are true and are you suggesting we should keep her here?" I watched the tennis match between the two respected individuals, right now Dimitri was winning by thirty – fifteen.

"We know they are true because the evidence is in front of us." Forty – fifteen. "Besides she deserves to be here just for her skills. She is already tactful and escaped from our grasp many times and then when we did finally find she would have beaten me if I hadn't have had back up." He paused, properly adding the weakness from Lissa's bite in his head. "I haven't seen a novice before like her. We need her." He finished staring at me with an intense look in his eyes.

Kirova sat stunned in front of me. "You almost beat Guardian Belikov?" Her eyes went wide. And game to Dimitri.

"Yes. What can I say when you have a body this hot you don't want it to go to waste." I explained grinning at her. I was beating her with the help of Dimitri. She snapped out of her awe quickly.

"This still doesn't mean you will be coming back to this school. You have absolutely no sense of responsibility. That isn't Guardian material." Kirova looked desperate and was grasping at straws.

"I will volunteer to teach her and help her with her training, including helping her with her attitude problem" He said. I glared at him. I don't have an attitude problem!

"So she goes unpunished for kidnapping the princess?" My icy stare moved to Kirova.

"Find some other way to punish her," answered Dimitri. "Guardian numbers have gone down too much to risk losing another. A girl, in particular."

His unspoken words made me shiver reminding me on never wanting to become a 'blood whore'. Few Dhampir girls became Guardians anymore which was just wrong. I watched Kirova carefully as she stared out of her window thinking. She sighed. "I Miss Hathaway stays, her continued enrollment is strictly probationary. Step out of line once and you are out Rosemarie. You will attend all classes and required training's for novices your age. You will also train with Guardian Belikov in every spare moment you have – before and after classes. Other than that you are banned from all social activities except meals and will stay in your dorm. Are we clear?"

I nodded eagerly, happy I could stay with Lissa so we could plan our escape.

"You are dismissed. Go straight to your dorm and stay there until lunch where we will hand you your lesson time table." She then spun her chair officially ending the conversation.

I started to walk to my dorm with my escorts feeling considerably lighter. I couldn't believe I had gotten out of that. All because of Dimitri, the Russian God. Remembering the USSR, I decided to give Dimitri a nickname.

I caught up with him. "Thanks Comrade. You are a lifesaver." I said sincerely.

"Comrade?" He questioned confusedly.

"Yep." I answered shortly not bothering with an explanation. I wanted him to stay puzzled with me and if this was one way to make him confused I'll go with it. "Come on Comrade, I'd like to get to my dorm and start unpacking before I eat. Which reminds I'm starved because I didn't get any breakfast. That's your fault Comrade." I playfully glared at him and continued strolling towards my dorm. I might as well have fun while I am here and puzzling/annoying Dimitri can be of those fun things I do.